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Sept. 14, 2020 - Trump v Biden, Find out the Likely 2020 US Election Result Today
  Sep 14, 2020

Question #1
Decided Voters - President of the United States -Election November 2020. Which of the following political leaders have you decided to vote for this upcoming US. Election for President?
Donald J. Trump, Republican    52.55 %
Joe Biden, Democrat    46.19 %
Question #2
Which of the following response choice issues in your opinion is most central to your focus and concern for you, your family, and your country?
Law & Order-Safe, Peaceful City Streets    34 %
U.S. Economy - getting America to 1st place again    30 %
Coronavirus- the health of the nation    23 %
Global Warming-reducing fossil fuels to International standards    13 %
Question #3
The United State originated from Revolution. At this time in its history, which of the following political leaders would you say possessed the more revolutionary style of leadership at the Oval Office in the White House?
Donald J. Trump, Republican    58.67 %
Joe Biden, Democrat    39.20 %
Question #4
Do you see 1st Lady Melania Trump in a more positive or more negative light?
More Positive    62.05 %
More Negative    20.01 %
Undecided/Donít Know/All Other    16.15 %
Question #5
Do you see former 2nd Lady Jill Biden in a more positive or more negative light?
More Positive    52.31 %
More Negative    22.13 %
Undecided/Donít Know/All Other    24.90 %
Question #6
Recently, President Trump engineered an artful International Peace Deal between Israel and United Arab Emirates, one which even the presidentís critics would agree is a huge peace deal for the region. Anonymous sources assert the President will be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. As an American Voter would you support your President winning the Nobel Peace Prize?
Yes    62.62 %
No    23.36 %
Undecided/Donít Know/All Other    14.02 %
(National RSR POLL - (1) data from limited No. of States noted below, with RSR algorithm applied from a number of perspectives including by Ethnic - Race- by 2016 Party Vote and other factors proprietorial. (2) Outcomes from data and algorithm taken to 2016 # of voters @ 138,000,000 then grossed up by 12,000,000 with each of Biden & Trump allocated 6,000,000 each to total vote @ hypothetical 150,000,000).
By 1st Five Highest Populous States involved in Data for this RSR POLL (measured to 98%), California: Joe Biden (54%), Donald J. Trump (44%). Biden down (8%) - Trump up (12%).
Decrease to Biden, Democrats Nationally (1.12%), increase for Trump, Republican Nationally (1.68%).
Texas: Donald J. Trump (55%), Joe Biden (43%). Increase to Trump, Republicans Nationally (.24%), Biden flat from 2016. Florida: Donald J. Trump (54%), Joe Biden (44%). Increase to Trump, Republicans Nationally (.41%), Decrease to Biden, Democrats Nationally (.24%). New York: Joe Biden (53%), Donald J. Trump (45%). Decrease to Biden, Democrats Nationally (.37%), Increase to Trump, Republicans (.42%). Pennsylvania: Donald J. Trump (51%), Joe Biden (47%). Increase to Trump, Republican Nationally (.17%), Joe Biden, Democrat Nationally - flat to 2016.
1st Five States of Highest U.S. Population from 2016 for decided 2020 Voter: Donald J. Trump, Republican Increases Vote Nationally (2.92%). From these five States alone Donald J. Trump, Republican National support goes from 46.4% to (49.32%). RSR ROBBINS has Trump ahead in 3 but behind in 2 States in the 5 most populous States overall. Decrease to Biden by (1.73%) or Biden, Democrat to (46.59%) Nationally from these 5 most populous U.S. States.
Trump is having success throughout large population Counties.
The 2nd Five States of Highest U.S. States involved in Data for this RSR POLL: Illinois: Biden (54%), Trump (46%). Biden is just less than flat as compared to 2016, while Trump Increases National support by (.29%) from Illinois. Ohio: Trump (58%), Biden (40%). Trump Increases National support by (.30%) from Ohio while Biden is just less than flat. Michigan: Trump (53%), Biden (46%). Trump Increases National support by (.30%) in Michigan while Biden is just less than flat. Georgia: Trump (54%), Biden (44%). Trump Increases National support by (.16%), Biden flat. North Carolina: Trump (55%), Biden (43%). Trump Increases National support by (.18%), Biden flat.
2nd Five States of Highest U.S. Population from 2016 to decided 2020 Voter: Donald J. Trump, Republican Increases support by (1.45%), Biden Decreases support (.46%).
Following data from 10 Most Populous U.S. States - 2016 to 2020 Trump will increase from 46.4% to (49.32%) after 1st 5, then increase again to (50.42%) after 10 Most Populous. Additional smaller U.S. States from which data is collected include: New Hampshire: Trump (50%), Biden (48%); Minnesota: Trump (52%), Biden (46%); Wisconsin: Trump (53%), Biden (45%).
By Ethnic Background & Race (with adjustments): White Vote: Trump (61%), Biden (37%); Trump - White Male (69%), White Female (51%). Black Vote: Biden (80%), Trump (18%); Biden: Black Male (63%), Black Female (95%). Latino/Latina/Hispanic: Biden (53%), Trump (45%); Biden: Male (46%), Female (65%). Asian: Trump (53%), Biden (46%); Trump: Male (60%), Female (45%). Other (includes small pop groups): Jewish/Muslim & Aboriginal: Biden (58%), Trump (40%).
By Gender: Trump: Male All Races: (61%), Female All Races: (45%), a < (53%) National Support Average for Trump based on Gender and application of RSR ROBBINS proprietorial algorithm.
Edison Research for Pew Research in their suggested 2016 exit polling indicates that Trump beat Clinton among White Male U.S. voters overall by -12%-. This RSR POLL suggests Trump will thump Biden among White Males by (22%) or a (7.8527%) National lead for Trump over Biden based on White Male American Voters (alone).
Biden wins with women in this RSR POLL overall by (8%), while Clinton (according to Pew Research vis a vis U.S. Election 2016) won the female vote by -12%-. Biden claims back (2.32%) Nationally from Trumpís (7.8527%) White Male lead, or net (5.53%) advantage for Trump after calculating White Males versus the All Females difference between he and Biden.
RSR ROBBINS has Trump ahead of Biden by (24%) among All White Decided 2020 Voters. Edison Research for Pew Research indicates that their post 2016 Exit Polls reveals Trump ahead of Clinton with Whites by -21%-, a (2%) National increase in support among White Voters for Trump for 2020 as compared to the Edison/Pew Research numbers on exit poll Circa 2016.
(Let the Cowboys ride).
According to Pewís suggested exit percentages Clinton beat Trump by -80%- among Black Voters in 2016. This RSR POLL suggests Biden will win by (62%) with the Black vote, a loss of (6.94%) of Black vote for Biden, likely enough - isolated on its own - to declare a Trump re election particularly in pressure to win States with high Black populations.
Pew suggests Obama had an 87 percent win with Blacks in 2012. Using RSR numbers, Biden is (19%) lower in support among Blacks than Obama was with US Voters in 2012 versus Mitt Romney. As a consequence of the Black vote alone, comparing 2016 exit polling to current RSR Polling - Biden has lost (2.2%) Nationally from Obamaís 2012 vote outcome of {51.1%} (or to (48.9%) or (1.5%)) from Clintonís 2016 U.S. Election total of {48.2} (or (46.7%)).
According to Pew Research from Edison Research Exit Polling Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump -66%- to -28%- an absolute beating of -38%- among Hispanics (Latino/Latina). This RSR POLL suggests this -38%- lead among Hispanics had nearly evaporated to just (8%), a decrease of (3%) Nationally for Biden among Hispanics alone based on comparison of 2016 suggested exit polls and this RSR POLL.
Joe Biden & the Democrats are a day late and a dollar short in my professional opinion.
Four response choice issues. Random is 25 percent or 100% divided by 4 response choice. Sixty four percent of respondents choose either Law & Order or U.S. Economy. Thirty six percent choose Coronavirus or Global Warming as ďmost central to focus and concernÖĒ.
(Ninety two percent) of Trump support in this RSR POLL is placed by respondents to Law & Order and U.S. Economy while (thirty three percent) of Democrats place their focus and concern on Law & Order and U.S. Economy.
Trumpís support is like a great big fist coming hard at your nose. Something is likely to break.
Trump is branded as the conservative while Biden is the progressive. Being progressive doesnít apparently mean your ďstyle of leadershipĒ is seen as ďthe more revolutionary styleĒ. Trump is thus the revolutionary conservative - a contradiction of ideological terms it might seem, but likely an abstract reason Trump will be re-elected.
The reader may ask why does a political poll so close to an election include the 1st Lady and former 2nd Leader? In the 1st place, I did not expect any mainstream news to even consider this type of question as important, no disrespect to the position of the 1st and former 2nd Lady of the country. Let me explain my reasoning.
In the 2016 US Election for President my private polling post both conventions had Trump ahead of Clinton by (6-7%). My data indicated that Clinton was held back by unresolved Bernie Sanders supporters. I believe Clinton then clawed her way back to Trumpís support helped in large measure by her gathering her supporters to her through September, the hot mike scandal with Trump, and the third untoward appearance of Comey near the end of the Election period.
In contrast, the mainstream press said Trump was behind by (7%) in August-September and he caught up, the Mainstreamís awful polling just missed his comeback by quite a lot.
Once again in this 2020 Election Race, the mainstream press Fox News Polls - part time conservative - some time conservative plastic - has Donald Trump behind the Democrat candidate Biden heading into the final turn of the Race -ahead by -5%- while RSR has Trump ahead by that percent and more.
The point connecting this point in time from 2016 and to the support (or lack thereof) of the 1st Lady Melania Trump, and former 2nd Lady Jill Biden is to show how poor timing (and a shoddy inefficient campaign) can cost an Election. The Dems were too late to the Show in 2016 and it bit them in the behind against candidate Trump who - to be honest- wasnít one tenth the quality of politician he is now - forged in vicious battle for four years.
(All of the women in my family remark on how Trump appears to be the first US President who hasnít aged in Office). (Remember when Obama began looking like Uncle Ben - from Uncle Benís rice).
In this 2020 United States Election cycle the President and 1st Lady appear to the unbias viewer (cable news) to be equivalent powers of personality. Trump is without doubt a major personality presence, however Melania can handle his power and appears to manage it easily, with grace and dignity- the couple is balanced.
My polling numbers suggest Jill Bidenís high decided positivity is similar to Melania Trumpís impressive positivity but Biden is not as well known - (Melaniaís Ďotherí by anecdote are more Undecided and will rise and fall with balance of Election). Joe Biden is not as perfectly known to Americans as Donald Trump is (former VP status notwithstanding). Jill Biden is less well known. Joe didnít get a good look through Coronavirus. So Jill didnít get a good look.
Trump and Melania like them or not - got all of the looks over the past 3 months. Big power and lots of looks attracts voters at Election cycle. In a legitimate media environment - where a political actor is Big Power but involved in Ďmuch negativityí - there is a diminishment of the Big Power factor. There is no Ďmuch negativityí anywhere near Donald or Melania Trump. By Ďmuch negativityí I mean a substantial problem such as Donald Trump shooting someone on a New York Street.
Trump is nowhere near a point of Ďmuch negativityí, no matter the desperate attempts by media to suggest (promote) the opposite. There is simply no legitimate grounds by which the press can stop Trump because he is fully adorned of Big Power - and his wife Melania actually appears even stronger, particularly now when Trump is appearing very presidential - as the nuisances in the Republican Party and on controlling news- have been begging - if I were a betting man I would strongly consider Trump winning (55%) of the 2020 Vote and take the odds.
In the psychology of the Voter, particularly the Undecided or Swing Voter - an image must be conjured in their imagination of who best suits the White House, this will include the spouses. If the image is too vague because of a lack of exposure, the brighter image will win by default. Joe and Jill Biden are too behind having their brand impressed upon the voting public. Blame it on the pandemic or the Bossa Nova - they are behind the Trumpís and unlikely to catch up. Trumpís campaign at (52.5-53%) in my Books the second week of September, Election Year 2020 is valued at (56%) any other campaign.
Despite the racket that is the mainstream media, a powerful couple like Donald and Melania Trump will defeat a strong couple out of power for some years now 97/100 times. The Trumpís look 1st place because they are currently in 1st place as incumbents, and they act it. The Bidenís and I mean Joe more particularly here, is not acting like he believes the polls stipulating that he is ahead, (when there is also simply no bona fide evidence to properly suggest that he is).
If he were - he would be on every Cable Show (including Fox) looking for audience penetration.
The onus is on the challenger to take the prize from the champion no matter the plastic press narratives to the contrary. Trump is the current champion - and I fully expect him to be there post Election.
Joe Biden simply isnít the draw Trump is, and Jill Biden is not as well known as Melania the latter exuding easy and elegant class each time the camera is on her, while Jill Biden also a class lady is more like most Americans, like my family filled with Teachers. This is positive and nice, but it isnít powerful enough. Itís too common to resonate sufficiently beyond I like her - but no passion.
The Nobel Peace Prize is important in my opinion to understanding why Americans will vote to re elect Donald J. Trump for a 2nd term. Ignore the high ďYesĒ response at (62.32%), the (23.46%) ďNoĒ is the percent that catches my eye.
Americans in the vast majority would like to support their President in a nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize - less than one in four are against it. If one only paid attention to mainstream news the prospect of Trump winning an International Peace award would seem impossible. Actual American Voters donít think so, and US Voters are big supporters of good news coming on the Middle East. Americans are thirsting for positivity. Once again, its all about timing. Everything is about timing. (Patience should be a required course at University lof).
During the polling period President Trump was nominated for a 2nd Nobel Peace Prize. American Voters - even many who donít support Donald Trump want their president to win a peace prize. The fact the nominee for the peace prize is Donald Trump - and the grounds for him winning are in place without a bit of doubt is very ironic and Americans like it.
I implore the reader to understand that in the 2016 U.S. Election - I polled Americans who literally thought Donald Trump was half crazy, but did not like Secretary Clinton at all - and were fundamentally against the continuation of the status quo.
Ironically - the Revolution in Modern US politics began with Barack Obama, but he failed. The election of a Black president was considered revolution enough. The real American Revolution in Modern US politics took off with Donald Trump - who saw the hollowed shell left from Obama and saw an opportunity to make it a reality.
Here is what the mainstream press doesnít want you to know. Americans on average donít strongly dislike either Donald Trump or Joe Biden as they did in 2016 between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The pandemic - the lootings and murders - and the never ending press propaganda have the public fed up with high drama and anxious plastic media narratives.
This is an RSR POLL commenced at September 3, 2020. As noted below is fundamentally based on Survey material and then treated by algorithm and other actions. Accordingly, a Margin of Error would not be appropriate. Nevertheless, in my professional opinion if this RSR Survey were considered like a Random Poll - random the operative work, I would place the Margin of Error at 0.925% - less than 1 percent - for what it is worth. The more important point is that I declare with 97% Confidence that these percentages would turn up 97/100 time in a truly independent and properly adjusted and weighted poll.

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