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July 2020 - Trump/Pence vs Biden/Obama vs West Kardashian, Education, Economy, Environment Mult. Issue Q,, Israel for State #51
  Jul 16, 2020

Question #1
(Entertainment Poll Question) From which of the following US Presidential Election 2020 tickets is your current choice for President and Vice President 2020?
President Donald Trump & Vice President Mike Pence    51.07 %
Former Vice President Joe Biden & Former 1st Lady Michelle Obama for Vice President    39.53 %
Rapper Kanye West for President, his wife Kim Kardashian for Vice President    5.61 %
Question #2
Is it time for American children to return to school?
Yes    65 %
No    29 %
Question #3
The U.S. has indicated it will cease to fund the World Health Organization based on what the Federal Administration believes is a failure by the WHO to provide accurate and timely information to the U.S related to Coronavirus. Do you support this defunding?
Yes    58 %
No    33 %
Question #4
Do you support defunding the police?
Yes    8 %
No    90 %
Question #5
Which of the following issues is a preference of yours (from a rather long list) (pick one or two)?
Economy    20.51 %
Health Care/Coronavirus    17.09 %
Law & Order    15.98 %
Environment/Global Warming    11.97 %
Educating America    10.51 %
Build that Wall    9.55 %
Dollars for US Infrastructure    5.70 %
DACA - a path to citizenship    4.84 %
Black Lives Matter/Human Rights    2.56 %
Raises in Pay $ for US Congress    1.42 %
Question #6
Which candidate for US President do you trust more on the economy?
Donald Trump, Republican candidate    72 %
Joe Biden, Democratic candidate    26 %
Question #7
Is it important for the United States to reduce regulation to ensure American energy independence?
Yes    62 %
No    38 %
Question #8
Do you support the State of Israel becoming the United States 51st State of the Union thus lowering the cost of the U.S. supporting Israel?
Yes    29 %
No    48 %
From U.S. (17) most populous States translated through data from those and applied/adjusted to remaining based on internal assumptions. Margin of Error declared at 1.7%, 95% confidence.
Trump/Pence 2020 - National Support: “Male Caucasian” (25.99%) to Biden/Obama (2020) (6.50%) “Male Caucasian”. “Female Caucasian” Trump/Pence 2020 (17.33%) to Biden/Obama (2020) “Females Caucasian” (16.70%)
Biden/Obama (2020) - National Support: “Female African American” (4.21%) to Trump/Pence 2020 (0%). “Male African American” ((3.25%) to Biden/Obama (2020) & (1.02%) to Trump/Pence 2020.
Trump/Pence 2020 National Support: “Male Hispanic/Latino” (2.78%) to (2.14%) Biden/Obama (2020). National Support: “Female Hispanic/Latino” (2.55%) to Biden Obama & (2.11%) to Trump/Pence 2020.
Trump/Pence 2020 National Support: “Asian Male” (1.02%) to Biden/Obama (2020) “Asian Male” (.50%). Trump/Pence National Support: “Asian Female” (.82%) to Biden/Obama (2020) (.72%) National total.
Kanye West/Kim Kardashian *(2020) National Support: Male Caucasian (1.8%), Female Caucasian (1.4%); Male African American (1.2%), Female African American (0.4%); Male Hispanic Latino (.03%), Female Hispanic Latina (0.5%), Asian Male Female (0.2%).
U.S. President Trump/U.S. Vice President Mike Pence simply 'orange crush' the former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden/former 1st Lady Michelle Obama among “Male Caucasians”, and hold a lead over Biden/Obama among “Female Caucasians”.
With African Americans the opposite is true. Biden/Obama win easily over Trump/Pence among Male and Female African Americans, with *West/Kardashian (*West announced he won’t run at the end of polling data coincidentally) sucking a plethora of African American from Biden/West particularly in places one might expect - Los Angeles Counties and in New York.
Trump/Pence 20 basis points or so ahead of Biden/Obama among Male and Female Hispanic/Latino/Latina voters.
With Trump/Pence totals among Asians far ahead of Biden/Obama (no communist China here lol), Asian American Males and Females will deliver just less than (1%) more to Trump/Pence totals Nationally. In our polling the West/Kardashian influence combined with New York and California States in perpetual confusion and grief, Trump/Pence would have a chance to win both of these States.
I had not expected that the return of American children would appear to be more net positive then everyone returning to work. The American people value education and those pundits that make a connection in the value of the economy and American children returning to school are on the mark in my opinion.
The World Health Organization has appeared along with China to look like the Devil over Coronavirus. In more recent polling Americans blame China to the level of (70%) and higher. The WHO for many has been complicit with China in causing much harm to the United States and the World. On the other hand a noteworthy minority of US Voters see the WHO as an important institution.
No wonder Democrat leaders are reinventing their rationale for changing the policing system. Defunding the police ranks up there with the biggest losers I have ever polled.
If one gives all of the Economy, Law & Order, Build that Wall in sum total to Trump/Pence their ticket would have (45%) support based on these 3 issues. Certainly Trump/Pence will ultimately score well with Health Care/Coronavirus, and based on recent work through the polling period on Educating America, the overwhelming percentage of Voters who want children back to school, and his announcement in support of DACA serve to provide Trump/Pence with an a real opportunity to attract voters to the level the mainstream news & polling team ascribed currently to Biden/(Obama).
Donald Trump pulverizes Joe Biden on the Economy. A stock market soaring prior to Coronavirus then suppressed to 18,500 now and nearly back to original totals in nothing short of miraculous. That congratulations were not forthcoming to the President for this effort by so called mainstream news is simply more evidence of why the President needs to find a way to change Media in the US. It is in my professional opinion not only bias but unequivocally manipulative and dishonest, an assessment I am comfortable applying across the ideological spectrum.
Mainstream polling has Trump and Biden even on the economy - that should be enough to make even the most staunch Biden defender say what is up with US Media & Polling.
Well lookie lookie this ain't no dad’s cookie - two in three Americans are willing to reduce regulation to ensure American independence. One can see that nothing has really changed with Americans (or any other country under historical pressure i.e. wars and such). Protect the energy from the Bolsheviks (lol).
Democrats have nearly lost the environment as an issue to use to hit Trump over the head with. (38%) of US voters are picking Trump/Pence in question 5 with Undecided at (12%).
With the District of Columbia seeking State status - I devised a cheeky question to delight the rising tide of US Voters who are increasingly becoming more cynical of all institutions and many foreign nations. The State of Israel fits the bill perfectly with a Decided (40%) willing to take on Israel as a new American State.

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