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July 2020 No.: 4 IRobbins v Cambridge, Glen P. Robbins v LSocietyBC - Sea to Sea Supreme Court Perfidy - Demand to Can Judicial Council for Inquiry v Hinkson CJ, Fenlon J (primary) (2nd) (Davies, Smith, Grauer JJ, Bauman CJ) (3rd) SCC Wagner --Abella, Rot
  Jul 11, 2020

continued from No.: 3
*So, Glen P. Robbins has control of setting down the Trial Date following the April 7, 2014 hearing date where Bakonyi/Cambridge wants a half day hearing (more than 2 hours) and Glen and Ita Robbins want one full day.
*Trial Scheduling has indicated that neither the April 23rd 30 minute or April 24, 2014 30 minute hearing can accommodate the half day or full day (by legal inference). *Justice Kloegman has included a Stay of Execution Order April 7, 2014 until April 30, 2014.
*This Stay of Execution Order (repeat, rinse, repeat) is noted at 10:50:37 AM of the April 7, 2014 hearing as noted that it continued to 11:19:23 AM. This order occurs at 2 hours and 20 minutes of the 2 hour and 50 minute hearing. Kloegman J. provides Glen P. Robbins with control of setting a new hearing date on page 28 of 28.5 pages total.
*Keep in mind on this matter of time for hearing of all of the matters, the enclosed Requisition-General filed April 2, 2014 by Bakonyi/Cambridge accompanying his application for his Vacant Possession application asserted 30 minute hearing (with no discussion with Ita or Glen Robbins as he is supposed to do). What would Baloney Bakonyi know...for he is a cheater.
The April 7, 2014 adjourned hearing actually takes nearly 3 hours, constituting Trial Scheduling Rules, a full day. Thirty (30) minutes is not the half day Bakonyi/Cambridge agreed to, nor the full day Glen and Ita Robbins recommended. (It likely would have taken 2 full days of Hearing unavailable for 5 months hence with GPR in full control of setting down the Hearing), perfecting leverage against Bakonyi/Cambridge - time runs out and judges have to rebook the rest of the hearing often 6 months to a year later).
*On clear balance of probabilities both the Order for Stay of Execution and conduct of post adjournment order of April 7, 2014 (“Orders”), Glen P. Robbins (Ita Robbins & Another) are clearly responsible for establishing the subsequent Hearing Date.
*Unfortunately Slippery (z) Bakonyi/Cambridge is given custody of the filing the Orders. Here then is an account of court fraudster Bakonyi/Cambridge’s conduct of court filings actions following the April 7, 2014 hearing: On April 9, 2014 Bakonyi/Cambridge filed a Requisition-General. Bakonyi/Cambridge stipulate that:
“Pursuant to the Order of Madam Justice Kloegman of April 7, 2014, reset the Petitioner’s application previously set for April 7, 2014 to April 24, 2014…” Bakonyi/Cambridge have no legal authority to file this Requisition. April 24, 2014 is the date of Ita Robbins appeal of the Conduct of Sale order hearing. Furthermore, Bakonyi/Cambridge further indicates in the Requisition that:
“The applicant (Bakonyi/Cambridge) estimates that the application will take sixty (60) minutes.” We know that at the April 7, 2014 hearing Bakonyi/Cambridge accepted a half day hearing to Glen and Ita Robbins one full day hearing and we know it required 3 hours on April 7, 2014 (a half day).
A half day hearing is any hearing more than 2 hours - cannot be set down at Chambers, and MUST be filed at Trial Scheduling which clearly from Trial Scheduling to the Court Clerk “KO” - whose reputation is on the line too as collateral damage as it is she who tells Madame Justice Kloegman on Transcript that Trial Scheduling cannot accommodate either April 23, 2014 or April 24, 2014.
“My Lady, she says that is a back week for the 23rd or 24th.”
How would the Reader interpret the information Court Clerk “KO” provided to Justice Kloegman on April 7, 2014? Trial Scheduling definitely wants to schedule this hearing on either or both April 23, 2014 April 24, 2014; Trial Scheduling doesn’t want to book any hearing through that “bad week”.
I can assure you 98 out of 100 rationale people would say B is the correct choice. (GPR says: Did you know that in Sweden a lawyer must be a Court Clerk before they can become a Judge - SCC Justice Dickson says most miscarriage of justice is in the document filing processes and procedures).
Why did bad faith on steroids BC Court Services Intentionally accept the Requisition from Bakonyi/Cambridge for a reset of the April 24, 2014 Chambers date controlled by Ita Robbins (Glen P. Robbins)?
The Civil Filing BCGEU employee would have easily seen that on April 9, 2014 when Bakonyi/Cambridge filed the Requisition-General he did not have any application or application response filed, and no order to substantiate why he/it was filing the Requisition resetting the hearing date. In fact as you can see Bakonyi/Cambridge filed his court ordered Application Response on April 17, 2014.
The April 9, 2014 Requisition Bakonyi/Cambridge files is invalid, and is another clear breach of due process of the BC Civil Rules, the evidence trail of his Intention to act in Contempt of Kloegman J.’s Stay of Execution Order.
Bakonyi/Cambridge files An Order Made After Application “Entered” at BC Supreme Court Registry April 14, 2014. He fails to include the Court Clerk notes of “KO” along with his Draft Order which he MUST do to satisfy the BC Civil Rules - (which have the same force and effect any Statute).
(GPR says: Another fraudulent court document from the ‘do as they please’ South Granville ‘lawyer-people’)
*Had Bakonyi/Cambridge included the Court Clerk notes (printed off most recently 27th of June 2019) along with his draft Order the BC Civil Registry would have noted the Court Clerk’s reference at 10:28:38 “tab 13 - Application (Glen & Ita Robbins)”... ...seeking an order for stay of proceedings and then near the end of the Hearing at 10:50:47 “So I would make the order...stay of execution..April 30th...give time…” and (again) @ 10:53:35 “not (sic) enough order a stay of proceedings” both the Civil Filing Registry and the Judge signing the document (supposed to be vetted by the court registry for the busy judge) the”Log of 6011CR072 on 2014-04-07” “Description Case #: H130330”.
What are Stays of Execution and Stays of Proceedings?
A Stay of Execution Order like the one Kloegman J. ordered from April 7, 2014 valid until midnight April 30, 2014 ‘has a similar effect to a stay of proceedings, but in terms of execution of judgments.’ ‘No step may be taken to enforce a judgement when a stay of execution remains.’
According to Hall Ellis solicitors of the United Kingdom from ‘dictionary entry’ a stay of proceeding order is “a ruling by the court in civil and criminal procedure, halting further legal process in a trial or legal proceeding.” “Stay of proceedings are governed by the Civil Procedure Rules. In criminal trials they are governed by the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985. ‘The scope of power of a stay of proceedings order includes: (1) the whole or part of any of the litigation; (2) the litigation permanently or temporarily; (3) pending some related court event.’
Both the conduct of sale order and vacant possession order obtained illegally on April 24, 2014 are enforcement orders obtained by Bakonyi/Cambridge in contempt of the Stay of Execution Order of Kloegman J. made April 7, 2014.
Kloegman did not properly hear Glen & Ita Robbins Stay of Proceedings arguments - the May 28, 2013 Order Made After Application is a clear fraud.
The Reader can see that on April 24, 2014 Entered an Order Made After Application from Mr. Justice Smith {with any number of Court Orders ill gotten on that day}. Please also note-that the vacant possession order obtained through joint Bakonyi/Cambridge + BC Court (smile and file) Services DOES NOT include an order for the Royal Canadian Police Department to attend with Bailiffs to Enforce any order.
(This ‘improper copper’ RCMP mistake is a breach of Nathan Smith’s errant orders]. Smith J. did not approve the RCMP (Federal) accompanying the Civil Bailiffs (BC).
Smith J. will receive a copy of these complaints and 172 page analysis - what will he do when he becomes aware that his errant order was not only a fraud on the court but also added to by Bakonyi/Cambridge to ensure an advantage for himself and his client both sub State actors? Abuse of Power.
“But for” the very stupid and Intentional RCMP attendance, the most serious act of the home invasion by Bakonyi/Cambridge would not have occurred.
Please also note that the BC Justice giving- Bakonyi/Cambridge his orders that day - Nathan Smith (Martin, Paul) Intentionally signed the order April 24, 2014 in the courtroom.
GPR believes Smith J. Intentionally crossed the line into the realm of Abuse of Power assisting Bakonyi/Cambridge in evading the reality that he must first file the Order as is prescribed by the BC Civil Rules - at court registry with Court Clerk notes.
Our Complaint to the CJC against Nathan Smith is that he knew he was helping Bakonyi/Cambridge and corrupt partners Kleisinger/Hinkson subvert the Rules and commit fraud.
Let’s see what Nathan Smith does about it eh? Which side of the right and wrong track does he reside? Was he tricked or was he in on the tricking (dlol)?
Glen P. Robbins takes the determined position that Nathan Smith is a Hinkson CJ/LSBC member “confederate” participating in the overall object to defraud Ita Robbins of her property, her possessions and her Constitutional Rights.
Please note that on July 14, 2014 Bakonyi/Cambridge filed another Order After Application at the BC Court (so called) registry which is essentially a duplicate of the April 24, 2014 Order Made After Application. July 14, 2014 is the day of the Bakonyi/Cambridge + BC private bailiff - RCMP illegal home invasion at Ita and Glen Robbins Honeysuckle Lane home.
Please also note that Legal cheater-crooked Bakonyi/Cambridge on July 14, 2014 filed an Order Made After Application relating to Glen P. Robbins application to be added as a party for April 23, 2014.
The Reader will again note that this Application is controlled only by Glen P. Robbins and reset by Kloegman J at April 7, 2014 hearing to whatever new date to be set by Glen P. Robbins as his pleasure. (Remember, a party to an action does not need to communicate any further court activity he or she takes in the proceeding once the party serves with documents (demanding a response) fails to respond).
Keep in mind that Glen and Ita Robbins contacted Trial Scheduling Manager Sue Smolen the first week of May 2014 as is the policy of the court registry at Vancouver registry, to order the earliest hearing date. It cannot occur before the first week of the subsequent month.
Smolen refuses to comply with Kloegman’s order and does so based on Hinkson CJ’s vexatious litigant order against Glen P. Robbins *S111171, despite the fact that there is no order on H130330 Ita Robbins case, which the Hinkson order would relate to.
Evidence of Intent (Collusion)
On March 22, 2014 following the Abuse of Power hearing before Hinkson J.,GPR had called Smolen regarding the estimated time for Hinkson CJ to produce the reserved judgment. On Court Transcript, Hinkson is heard saying, ‘there is a lot to deal with here, it may take some time to arrive at judgment’. Smolen estimates 30-90 days for a judgment on the basis that the Chief Justice is busy.(GPR says not to be too busy where an Abuse of Power/Office is concerned).
Hinkson’s order arrives April 10, 2014 20 days later and he admits he never read Glen P. Robbins Application from hearing (though GPR filed and paid the application fee of $80.00).
Hinkson provides no Reasoning in his Judgment. He officiated Canada’s 1st Bona Fide Kangaroo Court.
The Complainants assert that Chris Hinkson knew Bakonyi had a vacant possession application filed (March 20, 2014) in H130330 Cambridge v Robbins, knew it went badly for Bakonyi/Cambridge (April 7, 2014), and rushed his judgment from a hearing produced through Abuse of Power, Abuse of Court Procedures from so called Independent Superior Court Justice Intentionally, in order to assist Bakonyi/Cambridge with its fraud on the Court and upon Ita Robbins and Glen P. Robbins.
This action considered in conjunction with other acts in relation to this unheard application to be added as a party H130330, thus enabling Glen P. Robbins opportunity to be self represented Legal Counsel under both 35772 Ita Robbins v Cambridge and 35302 Glen P. Robbins v Law Society of BC. @ Supreme Court of Canada. (An astute “Reader” might (also) wonder why Bakonyi-Cambridge waited until the day of the Honeysuckle Home Invasion (HHI) July 14, 2014 to file this order he apparently received ex parte from Davies J. on April 23, 2014)?
As the old adage goes - if the crooks Bakonyi-Cambridge, Ellis-BMO et al had put as much effort into ‘lawyering’ as they did into cheating Ita & Glen Robbins and the BC Courts - they might not have been ‘crushed’ so badly by Glen P. Robbins.
What would possess Constitutionally appointed Justices earning $300,000 per year with massive benefits, and no valid proper public scrutiny of their appointments to go to such lengths as they did, clearly wrong, to assist in these massive frauds committed not only against two unrepresented parties in Ita and Glen P. Robbins, but also against the Institutions they are sworn to uphold?
Was it solely intended to cover up State sanctioned Usury in violation of Canada’s Interest Act?
What were the Reasons for denying the Stay of Proceedings order when the completely fraudulent Order Made After Application May 28, 2013 was under Kloegman’s nose - she could put a stop to this mess too?
Ita Robbins (Glen P. Robbins) were seeking a Stay of Proceedings order at the April 7, 2014 before Kloegman on the basis of the (1) sham foreclosure hearing (dealt with later) before Fenlon J. May 9, 2013 and (2) the completely fraudulent contrived made up Order Made After Application of May 28, 2013 filed by legal fraudsters Ronald Bakonyi (Cambridge Mortgage) and Robert Ellis (BMO).
Ita and Glen Robbins wanted the BCSC case petition for foreclosure H130330 dismissed for good with great prejudice and even greater compensation ($$$$$).
Glen and Ita Robbins application for stay of proceedings has not been heard as yet.
Ita & Glen Robbins would like to see the Court place a stay of proceedings order on H130330 permanently for April 15, 2014, the date following the submittal of draft order made after application filed April 14, 2014, where no court clerks notes were provided to Civil Registry and where orders of Kloegman J of April 7, 2014 were not included, and where the Civil Registry failed to demand them as they must do. (Readers should keep in mind that at all times in relation to judicial orders the Court Transcript must be ordered and paid for from outside parties. They should also (again) keep in mind the final decision of ‘what is what’ is what the presiding justice says on the tape).
Kloegman J. is unequivocal on court taped recording ordering a Stay of Execution Order April 7, 2014 valid until April 30, 2014.
In Glen P. Robbins Affidavit of provided to Brown J. of the Supreme Court of Canada and provided to BC Supreme Court submissions to former Assistant Chief Justice Cullen and new Assistant Chief Justice Holmes he swears that he has attended to the civil desk at Vancouver courthouse and heard Justice Kloegman on tape April 7, 2014 making the order.
Any one of these justices cited - competent (honest) journalist, politician could determine the same thing in half an hour.
Legal cheater Ron Bakonyi had plenty of time to produce a proper order reflecting Kloegman’s Orders including the Stay of Execution Order if he wanted to. He would have had the Court Clerk’s KO’s notes of the proceeding by not later than Wednesday April 9, 2014. He could have listened to the dicta from proceedings affirming this order being made on the 9th as well.
Legal cheater Ron Bakonyi has all of Thursday, Friday and the weekend to think about his next steps before he submitted his seriously deficient and contemptuous order on April 14, 2014. This is evidence of Intent.
As a matter of fact, Legal cheater Ron Bakonyi on behalf of his client Cambridge Mortgage filed a Requisition-General under H130330 on April 9, 2014. In this Requisition he resets the hearing of Adjourned April 7, 2014 to April 30, 2014 to April 24, 2014 a date.
Only Ita Robbins and Glen P. Robbins are able to reset the hearing. However they are unable to do so until the first week of May 2014 because of the way the Vancouver Supreme Court sets Trial Dates.
Bakonyi knew when he inappropriately (intentionally) took responsibility for resetting the adjourned hearing date by Requisition (outside his legal jurisdiction) on April 9, 2014 that he was going to act in Contempt of Kloegman J. 's Orders. Bakonyi/Cambridge had heard the court dicta tape from April 7, 2014, seen the Court Clerk’s Notes and knew he and his client were done for, and decided upon a course of criminal action and further unpecedented miscarriage of justice. When Legal cheater Bakonyi/Cambridge attend before Justice Smith on April 24, 2014 - cheater aider and abetter Smith J. orders as follows:
When Legal cheater Bakonyi/Cambridge attend before Justice Smith on April 24, 2014 - cheater aider and abetter Smith J. orders as follows: “The Petitioner (Bakonyi/Cambridge) be granted an Order for Vacant Possession on or before noon on April 25, 2014 (the next day); Commencing on or before noon Friday April 25, 2014 the at liberty to force entry to the subject property...enforcing the Petitioner’s rights under the Order made in this proceeding Dec 9 2013; The Petitioner... is at liberty to retain a Court Bailiff..” Nothing about the RCMP being permitted to attend in Smith J.’s order.
Again - what are you going to do about this “Nathan Smith”? Smith J had them coming out the next day. We’ve got his number. The squeeze on the State from Glen and Ita Robbins is from all sides and unrelenting.
Here is the proof of knowledge and awareness of the Supreme Court of Canada, Justice Brown from Google v Equustek 36602 where the criminal activities of the predominantly British Columbia lawyers and lawyer/justices are presented to him:
October 28, 2016: “Motion for leave to Intervene (Book Form), (includes motion to extend time and other motions) (Also includes four Volumes Book of Authorities, Reasons, Affidavits and Exhibits - Volume one and two)”. Glen P. Robbins November 7, 2016: “Reply to the motion for leave to intervene, (Letter Form)”. Glen P. Robbins November 9, 2016: “Decision on the motion for leave to intervene, Br, UPON APPLICATION by Glen P. Robbins for an extension of time to serve and a file a motion for leave to intervene, for leave in the above appeal….AND THE MATERIAL FILED having been read; “IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT: The motion for extension of time is granted….by Justice Brown (“Br”).” Glen P. Robbins
The Supreme Court of Canada had all of the information they required to be aware of the court fraud and involvement of Judges -- Read by Justice Brown Supreme Court of Canada. He KNOWS everything by 2017.
One of the most conspicuous criminal acts from the point of criminal and civil law (and more particularly the subject of abuse of court Rules, procedures and processes by those persons responsible for their ongoing viability) is the Order Made After Application planned & prepared jointly between Bakonyi/Cambridge and Robert Ellis Roadburg/BMO Bank, and then filed at BC Court registry -”on or about”-May 28, 2013 under H130330.
A fraud involving due process of the court aka Abuse of Power in fact, evidenced by the filing of a document of an event that never occurred for the basis of committing further fraud (the conduct of sale order).
Brown J. is “aware” of the criminal fraud, it follows that the entire Supreme Court of Canada must also be said to be aware. Shouldn’t Brown J. a Stephen Harper appointment be taking “independent” action to address these matters with the authorities? Aren’t people who swear an Oath (allegiance, or kneel at the flag) in Law, particularly Judges supposed to report crimes?
Oh, I forgot the police are involved in the crime. As former Heavyweight Boxer Mike Tyson might say. ‘What a conundrum!’ The (1) Order Made Application is a complete fraud from stem to stern (H130330) (S.C.C. 35772) It’s a criminal fraud. The beneficiaries of the fraud include the State & sub State actors revealed herein. Bakonyi/Cambridge act with contempt of the (2) Stay of Execution Order (H130330)- made April 7, 2014 valid until April 30, 2014) -where court orders are obtained April 23, 2014 and April 24, 2014, including one forcing the eviction of Ita Robbins from her property with hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity, and loss of property insured for a similar amount.
Why has no one been arrested or detained Ron Bakonyi, the owners of Cambridge Mortgage or Robert Ellis of Ellis Roadburg law firm?
Brown J. of the Supreme Court of Canada has Read these assertions and allegations made in the Intervener application of Glen P. Robbins in Google v Equustek (36602). The allegations are well supported by documentation. This application was served upon Google legal defence as per the Supreme Court of Canada Rules.
Everywhere one looks in these submitted cases - no due process, abuse of process and procedure and Abuse of Office. Until remedied all levels of Superior Constitutional Courts in Canada should be considered in Contempt of their own Orders and Rules. Is all of this OK with the Supreme Court of Canada?
A California court in Google v Equustek overruled the Supreme Court of Canada. (The State of California overruled the order of the Supreme Court of Canada in Google v Equustek invoking a historical precedent to International Comity).
The Beals case from the State of Florida to Province of Ontario Appeals Court to Supreme Court of Canada (36602) serves as potential basis for amending the Law relating to Sovereign Nations and indemnity to provide jurisdiction for US lawsuits against China over Coronavirus). ‘Bad Apples’ = Neglect, Reckless Conduct, Participation in fraud on ordinary persons, the Courts, and the Constitution of Canada (Charter Rights).
In this disturbing account of irrefutable FACTS and LAW, we’ve got a ‘murder’ of Judges involved in the case evidence supporting Our Complaints, who aren’t measuring up to any constitutional snuff test (and much worse). Constitutionally appointed Judges- lifetime appointments.
Glen and Ita Robbins and their family want to know what you are going to do about it?
...Just as Grauer J.’s Reasons for Judgment (S111171) (SCC 35302) are recklessly ignored by Fenlon J. in Cambridge v Ita Robbins foreclosure H130330 S.C.C. 35772 May 9, 2013; AND Bakonyi/Cambridge, Ellis Roadburg/BMO file a completely fraudulent Order Made After Application May 28, 2013 H130330 35772;
AND Kloegman J.’s April 7, 2014 Stay of Execution Order placed against all parties under BCSC H130330 valid until the end of the day April 30, 2014 is ignored Intentionally by Bakonyi/Cambridge and others.
AND Just as the Hinkson CJ (Harper, Stephen), LSBC Kleisinger “Team Law Cheaters” perpetrated Court fraud File No: *S111171, caused a fraud on multiple levels upon Glen P. Robbins at Supreme Court of Canada (35302) (S111171), + Smith J.’s order dismissing Ita Robbins appeal of the conduct of sale order H130330 35772, does not receive a fair hearing….
...WE can see from the Court Docket of the Supreme Court of Canada 35772 that the Hinkson/Kleisinger fraud on their own Courts is exacerbated by the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada’s Roger Bilodeau, an employee of the Province of Ontario, who ‘sells’ the vexatious order court fraud to then Judge Wagner (Harper, Stephen) (now Chief Judge Supreme Court of Canada) from the following entry under 35772, thus implicating the Province of Ontario in the Court fraud as well. On August 8, 2015 the Court Docket of Ita Robbins v Cambridge Mortgage Investment reads as follows:
“WHEREAS the Registrar, after receiving a document from Ms. Robbins..on February 23, 2015 and other documents thereafter, sent Ms. Robbins...a notice under Rule 67 of the Supreme Court Rules (vexatious proceedings) of Canada; AND WHEREAS the Registrar has requested that a judge (Wagner J.) issue an order under Rule 66 (2)....; AND HAVING considered the material filed; AND GIVEN THAT I am satisfied that the filing of further documents would be vexatious (proceeding); I HEREBY ORDER THAT Ms. Robbins (and another) are prohibited from filing documents relating to this proceedings (only). The documents received on Friday 2015, and after that date are not accepted for filing and shall be returned to Ms. Robbins.” Wagner J.
We can see from this entry, evidence that the corrupt vexatious procedure order of Hinkson CJ, intended as cover/sword for the Bakonyi/Cambridge Ellis/BMO frauds, is filed by crooked Bakonyi/Cambridge under 35772 providing fellow court employee of the Province of Ontario Roger Bilodeau the opportunity to further utilize Hinkson CJ’s vexatious procedure order to deceive Wagner J. the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada,...
And keeping Wagner J. from becoming aware of the Stay of Execution Order made April 7, 2014 not disclosed by Bakonyi/Cambridge in any of his defence filings under 35772 H130330.
Glen P. Robbins is not included in this order by the way. In we go - through here!
Stay orders encompass some of the Court’s most emphatic orders. In law Stay means literally stopping everything. Inferred to cease and desist. This Stay of Execution Order of Kloegman J. (Chretien, Jean) H130330 made for the benefit of Ita and Glen P. Robbins has not yet been filed in the Court.
A Writ of Mandamus may be required to fix this obvious court fraud.
As at 2019, the BC Supreme Court has refused to accept its filing predicated because of Hinkson’s corrupt order against Glen P. Robbins *S111171. Did Wagner J. know about the Stay of Execution Order as yet unfiled at 35772 as Bakonyi/Cambridge was obligated to do under the Supreme Court of Canada Rules?
Were he and Registrar Bilodeau somehow colluding with the corrupt/contaminated vexatious orders from BC in order to help their judicial and legal colleagues in their scam to steal Ita Robbins property and cover up a criminal act thereby protecting dozens of BC Lawyers filing fraudulent mortgage registrations at the Land Title Office?
If so, this is evidence of the BC Court to Supreme Court of Canada Court fraud under 35772. If Wagner J., the current chief judge of that court is now aware of this massive fraud against a Canadian women who has worked hard to purchase two homes in her life, and HE isn’t doing anything about it, is it then fair to conclude that the Supreme Court of Canada Judiciary endorses fraud upon itself.
Wagner J. is advised by Registrar Bilodeau. What did Bilodeau tell Wagner J..? Is the Province of Ontario (responsible for Bilodeau) also responsible for damages? Let’s consider the BC Supreme Court of BC Judges Barry Davies (Chretien, Jean) and Nathan Smith (Martin, Paul) with their participation in the fraud of Ita Robbins H130330 35772 which (also) ultimately leads to the fraud on the Supreme Court of Canada.
I/We allege that both Davies J. and Smith J. were briefed prior to the hearing dates April 23, 2014 and April 24, 2014, knowing of the frauds and agreed to participate. Alternatively, they were duped and need to reconsider their decisions in light of the truth of the allegations. One cannot have it both ways.
Another order provided by Kloegman J. H130330 was that Glen P. Robbins (Ita Robbins) would have control of establishing earliest Trial Dates with Trial Scheduling with the first opportunity to achieve this commencing the 1st week of any calendar month, in this instance 1st week of May, 2014.
For the reader, these April 7, 2014 Determinations of Justice Kloegman, effectively procedurally killed Bakonyi/Cambridge Mortgage’s H130330 foreclosure against Ita & Glen P. Robbins for reasons self evident upon the facts and law provided herein, and to the registry of documents governed by File No. 's disclosed hereunder, notwithstanding the criminal fraud allegations.
These Orders and Directions of Kloegman J. are Constitutionally made by an Appointed Superior Court Judge (Kloegman J.) in the (GPR says alleged) nation of Canada and have yet to be satisfied 6 years later.
There is clear enough evidence of criminal activity on the part of State and subState actors to make a Writ of Mandamus application under the Supreme Court of Canada Rules available to Ita and Glen Robbins, notwithstanding the Rules only reference criminal cases.
No Application relating to Glen P. Robbins was ever filed, and no Substantive hearing ever took place relating to Glen P. Robbins right of audience matters H130330.
The Order Made After Application’s joint preparation and filing by Ron Bakonyi for the petitioner Cambridge H130330 and Ellis Roadburg for the nominal respondent BMO Bank, is a 100% premeditated fraud on the BC Courts, the court registry and upon Ita and Glen Robbins intended to steal Ita Robbins property.

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