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2020 @ June 19, 2020 IN SIGHT Poll - Donald Trump v Joe Biden, Americanism v Globalism
29 Palms Robert Plant  Jun 19, 2020

Question #1
Which of the following candidates for U.S. President 2020 do you support?
Donald Trump, Republican    53.162 %
Joe Biden, Democrat    44.791 %
Question #2
Americanism is a term used to describe people who believe that U.S. policy should consider American interests 1st and always, while Globalism is used to describe U.S. policy that considers the interests of the World 1st. Do you support Americanism or Globalism more?
Americanism    57.17 %
Globalism    30.62 %
This RSR ROBBINS Poll features a Margin of Error of 1.7% with confidence at 98% meaning currently Trump is headed for major win in November 2020.
Poll predicate States for response include California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan and in this poll Washington State (Snohomish, Whatcom, Franklin Counties).
In our May 16, 2020 we scored "Donald J. Trump", Republican at (52.26%) and Joe Biden, Democrat at (46.84%).
(60.36%) of Caucasians support Trump currently.
(17.36%) of African Americans support Trump based on a stunning (30%) of African American male supporters.
(46.41%) of Hispanic respondents support Donald Trump.
(51.22%) of Asian/Other supporters support Trump.
Donald Trump is scoring gains in support across every racial demographic.
Democratic challenger Joe Biden scores (38.14%) among Caucasians, (73.21%) among African Americans, (43.54%) among Hispanics and 44.32 among Asian/Others.
Sixty six (66%) of (net) Caucasian Trump support chooses Americanism over Globalism, while (60%) of African American support, (50%) of Hispanic support and (56%) of (net) Asian/Other support chooses response choice Americanism over Globalism.
Joe Biden's Caucasian supporters choose Americanism to (46%), while African American support chooses Americanism (54%), Hispanic support (45%) Americanism and Asian/All Other scores Americanism at (48%). Globalism attracts (37%) Caucasian, (25%) African American, (28%) Hispanic,(25%) Asian/Other.
Last two weeks.
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