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Confidence in BC Gov re Coronavirus, NHL hub city Vancouver?, Trump/Trudeau - China, Sick days for all? RU wearing your mask?
  May 26, 2020

Question #1
What is your general perception of the BC Government’s handling and management of the Coronavirus?
Good    54 %
Not so Good    38 %
Undecided/All other    8 %
Question #2
Would you support 20 NHL playoff hockey games being played in Greater Vancouver and around the province where the best ice is located?
Yes    57 %
No    21 %
Undecided/All Other    22 %
Question #3
Given the harm that Coronavirus has caused to workers particularly those in smaller businesses and restaurants or pubs, would you consider a proposal whereby the provincial and federal governments sponsor a mandate to pay for 7 sick days per year as a minimum number sick days for all workers @ 24 hours per week or more?
Yes    55 %
No    33 %
Undecided    12 %
Question #4
(Push) US President Donald Trump banned travel from China and specifically those areas worst affected by Coronvirus on January 29, 2020 more than nine weeks before Justin Trudeau even considered any such action, and while Democrat nominee for President Joe Biden and Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi called him a racist. Then former Obama VP Biden weeks later turned about and said that President Trump did the right thing banning travel from China. Which of the following statements best describes your sentiment and/or position about the country China from the statement of political facts provided (mentioned)?
U.S. President Trump made a bold decision and for certain saved American lives    43 %
Canada is different than the United States, in context Trudeau made the right decisions    36 %
U.S. President Trump isn’t afraid to confront China or any other country for that matter, Trudeau is afraid, or else doesn’t think he has to (confront China)    21 %
Question #5
Are you now wearing a mask when you socialize or go shopping in the community, or do you plan to?
Yes    37 %
No    63 %
This is a decent result for the BC government. Nearly Sixty percent ‘decided’ “Good” in ‘anything to do with politics’, (particularly in British Columbia) is just shy of divine intervention.
A crisis is a crisis and any crisis that has people lining up to get food, or their money out of the bank, or wearing a coronavirus mask whilst strolling the boulevard and shopping, or being forced to stay a great distance from others, is not in our social DNA. The novelty/terror soon wears off.
But when you are unsure or afraid, an ounce of prevention appears more attractive than a pound of cure. Like their American cousins, Canadians resident in British Columbia for ten years or more want to get back to normal. There is a perceptible minority of respondents in the higher populated lower mainland who are still afraid of Corona however.
For question 2
The NHL playoff question was lowwww hanging fruit, but not everyone loves hockey (I think). Some people don't even like sports. (You heard me!) This is an easy winner for NHL hockey and Greater Vancouver.
For question 3
Coronavirus changes perceptions about sick days. Employers in small businesses or restaurants and pubs, the latter reputed to operate with narrow profit margins anyhow, hadn’t fully considered the social value of sick days relative to overall cost to loss of other workers infected by one sick worker, apparently owing to cost.
The social cost to government (tax payers) because of the pandemic is huge and has proved the case that providing sick days to employees is of great value to government, industry and ultimately the people (tax payers).
This question attracts over (60%) approval of provincial and federal governments sponsoring a 7 day per year sick day mandate.
Like any government proposal giving away money, “The Devil is in The Details ®”. Small business sees this type of government mandate as more administrative overhead. The U.S. is placing a 25% administrative fee to business for their part in brokering government cash flow to their employees. No word from Trudeau’s plan.
Some small business people ae saying if sick days introduced they “won’t get any work done”.
Having just made an announcement for 10 sick days for all - this poll calls for 7, PM Trudeau would have to give assurances to small business that they will be compensated for implementing his political policy (and that this isn’t an opportunity for further intrusion in their private affairs).
For question 4
In my most recent US poll published,I have Trump ahead of Biden (53%) to (47%), a (6%) lead. The perpetually incorrect mainstream pollsters have him losing to Biden by a similar amount.
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) and this British Columbia Political Jury (“B.C.P.J.”), combines with adjustments derived from fairly well known demographic composition in the Lower Mainland of B.C., (from a number of 3rd party sources online) and further, subject to introductory question of 10 years residence in British Columbia, to produce a real sweet poll.
I believe for context of public interest, that this requirement does not detract from its ‘Randomness’ and may in fact enhance the over accuracy of the percentages suggested. Also, remember in this smaller sample poll the margin of error is 3.87%. This does not mean one percentage represented is -- higher or lower as normally misconstrued by press. It simply means from the confidence measure in this case 95% confidence that the percentages themselves are accurate.
For me, ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) first intends to be accurate. “We pick the President of the United States”. I am also heavily invested in the historical fortunes of Canadian Prime Ministers. I believe my Research (1998) Company ® is the best in the World if picking right on big subjects is the criteria.
I have conducted hundreds of polls in British Columbia. I have spoken with over 25,000 people on the telephone myself, in BC, across Canada, as often as not, cold calling through phone books.
To point, in my view polling isn’t so much about randomness and science - its about whose right at the end. Who is the closest to the final outcome, the Election. Who predicts the outcome and who does it the earliest in time. That is all that matters. Polling for political ad sell denies the possibility of early predictions. Why would they, when it is in their self interest to stretch out the contest. Mainstream polling would respond that it is impossible making early predictions, anything can happen. I would reply that although this response is fair and true, sometimes, often, the die is caste.
Gallup pulled an upset decades ago with an against the wind presidential prediction. God itself, likely despises 'braggards' like me, but every contest needs an objective. I say you can often pick the winner early.
With a view to ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) reviewing possibilities in the commercial markets I am reminded of a Canadian title retail store franchise owner - who, many years ago, said he didn’t want to know what the public actually thinks of his business. He told me that home office produces all the market research for his franchise through the public relations and media arm of the company. He added he was a member of the Better Business Bureau.
That’s no standard. The public interest should be a higher concept than common law. The Better Business Bureau is also not a real standard in this ‘day and age’.
Assess Trump at (54%) affirmed from this question (estimated at (12%) from last response choice, and (44%) for Trudeau relatively speaking. Both acceptable percentages for each leader.
From question 5
A high minority of respondents are either wearing masks now or intend to. The clear majority of British Columbians in the more populous lower mainland are not inclined to wear a mask.

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