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April 23, 2020 - Trump leads Biden by 10 percent, 80 percent say Trump saved tens of thousands of lives - Trump has shot to win every State in the Union
Poll written while listening to Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin - its what I got for mainstream pollsters intent on making me look so good lol  Apr 23, 2020

Question #1
At this point in time who do you imagine is most likely to win the Office of the President of the United States in November 2020? (Shown to 100%)
Donald Trump    55 %
Joe Biden    45 %
Undecided    8 %
Question #2
President Trump stopped travel from China into the United States in January 2020. Do you think that this action saved 10’s of thousands of American lives?
Yes    71 %
No    18 %
Undecided/All Other    11 %
Question #3
In your mind who do you believe is responsible for the Corona Virus from the limited response choices offered? (Shown to 100%)
China    47 %
WHO World Health Organization    30 %
President Trump    15 %
All of the Above    7 %
None of These    0 %
Question #4
In your opinion America should go back to work - when? (depicted to 100%).
Now/Tomorrow    32 %
Very Soon    18 %
Soon    18 %
A little later    12 %
Much later    20 %
Question #5
Should the United States continue to send $3 Billion per year to Israel who receives more in aid every year than any other country, an amount of money 3 times what the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th countries receive altogether?
Yes    47 %
No    50 %
Decided Totals by State:
Donald Trump: California (49%) Undecided (6%), Texas (56%) Undecided (13%), Florida (57%) Undecided (9%), New York (46%) Undecided (14%), Pennsylvania (56%) Undecided (8%), Ohio (63%) Undecided (3%), Michigan (53%) Undecided (8%).
For the Record and posterity, RSR numbers completely different than Fox News!
Joe Biden (Decided): California (51%), Texas (44%), Florida (43%), New York (54%), Pennsylvania (44%), Ohio (37%), Michigan (47%).
Conventional Media has Biden approval {5%-7%} ahead of Trump in contest for President November 2020.
RSR ROBBINS has Trump ahead of Biden by (10%). A difference between conventional polling and RSR of (15%} on the subject of presidential popularity.
Our RSR ROBBINS Poll of April 10, 2020 revealed “Support” for Trump @ 55%, Biden 43%.
During the same period of our RSR ROBBINS Poll April 16-April 20, 2020 Real Clear Politics averaged Biden ahead of Trump by {6} percent on basis of “Approval”.
Overall, Real Clear Politics over the past couple of weeks reflects Trump Job Approval at {47%}, a similar percentage I disclosed in the April 10, 2020 for Joe Biden's highest approval possibility. In two polls now I have Trump at (55%) decided, (51-52%) net. In this RSR Poll we have Joe Biden at (43%) decided and (41%) net.
Our Poll herein is offered at 2.0% Margin of Error the same Margin we offered in the April 10, 2020 Poll. So we say Trump is (51%-57%), Biden is (41% to 45%).
This RSR Poll doesn’t ask respondents about Support or Approval but rather who Americans imagine will win 2020.
I note that In May 2012 Pollster Nate Silver compared favourability to approval relating to former President Obama percentages:
“Right now, the Real Clear Politics avg. shows 50.6 percent of Americans with a favorable view of Mr. Obama, versus 45.1 percent with an unfavorable one. That contrasts with his approval ratings, which now show 46.8 percent as approving his job performance and 48.7 percent as disapproving it.”
In the 2012 presidential RSR ROBBINS as in 2008, 2004 and in 2016 predicted the winner of the US Election for President. In 2016 predicting Trump’s winning outcome within one tenth of one percent while predicting Obama in 2012 within 75,000 votes.
Using Silver’s point in time comparison and applying it to Joe Biden today we might draw the conclusion that Joe Biden’s approval is (47%} and Donald Trump whose Real Clear Politics (decided to 98.5%) is also (47%} - would thus translate to Donald Trump’s favourability reasonably concocted to {51%}, similar to percentage of vote received by Barack Obama in 2012. It also infers a pretty tight scope of margin of error @ (2%}.
Donald Trump is desirous of beating (a) Obama’s 2008 Vote of beyond -53%-, and thereafter beating Ronald Reagan’s 1984 stunning Election total of of -59%-.
This allows us to discover how many American Voters will choose Trump because they believe he is the one who is likely to win the election, freeing them from the more direct judgment of him contained in the “favourability” and “approval” language.
This method of discovery suggests as most of our RSR Polls have predicted that President Trump through one method or another will obtain (50% or better) of the popular vote in 2020, and Joe Biden (will receive less than 50%).
On a decided basis 8/10 Americans believe Trump’s January 28, 2020 Order to block travel from China saved ‘tens of thousands of American lives’ 30% higher than the percentage of Americans predicting Trump will win in November 2020.
Nearly (80%)) of Americans from both candidates (96%) -Trump will win-, (53%) -Biden will win- (from Question 1) hold the position that Trump saved thousands of thousand of lives keeping the Chinese.
A similar percentage of Americans (8/10) are blaming either China or WHO for the Coronavirus with about one in six Americans blaming Trump, a weak return on investment for 50% of US media which persists in applying 100% of blame against President Trump.
We are suggesting that the percentage of Americans who imagine Trump will win in 2020 is estimated at (70%) of the percentage who believe Trump saved lives or who blame China or the World Health Organization.
In our April 10th, 2020 RSR Poll we asked when respondents expected a return to work with response choices of now, one week, two weeks, three weeks and more. Nearly two thirds suggested two weeks to three weeks. These percentage suggested a return to work commencement at April 20-27, 2020.
This RSR Poll doesn’t include definitive time periods, rather we provide response choices of now, very soon, soon (the ‘very’ separates the more decided sooners from the less decided ones). This poll captures April 19 to 22, 2020. One in 3 want to go back to work April 19-23, 2020. Another one in five is estimated to want to go back to work from April 24-April 30, 2020.
On a decided basis over (50%) of Americans do not believe that ‘the United States continue to send $3 Billion per year to Israel..’, while (47%) believe it should.
Our question and response about massive funding to Israel while Americans are out of work, many in deep down and dirty dire straights, while Israel takes money hand over fist, detonates another important issue in the US Politics During Coronavirus Period In Time (CDPIT) ®, whilst reports of distribution of money to American businesses - and the ordinary average American occurs.
With America’s Borders well and sealed off - and questions to be asked about the efficiency and efficacy of the Federal Government’s response relating to the context of discussions of where the money goes - (this point buttressed most particularly by President Trump’s pledge to cut off money to the WHO for its part in the holding up of evidence), (to Donald Trump politically) - the idea that $3 Billion per year is going off to Israel has a bare majority of Americans reexamining the payment (altogether).
Nearly 7/10 Biden imaginers do not want $3 Billion heading to Israel every year while nearly 3/10 Trump supporters feel similarly.
I like Trump with 10 points over Biden and Cuomo at 47/51 with Pence. This VP hypothetical makes 2020 huge. Really huge. That Biden is leading is the absolutely wrong narrative - without obvious prima facie evidence. Biden’s barely in the news because of Corona.
One anecdote from Biden supporter says ‘Trump created the virus in order to have an excuse to fund stock market companies’. Another anecdote suggests ‘Trump’s Corona Team doctor Fauci is the smartest person in US and is telling Trump what to do and Trump won’t listen’.
Margin of Error offered at 2.0%. Last 4 days before today. Landline 65% Random also Lists.

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