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Trump v Biden, Is Coronavirus a War - is China responsible for deaths? Mark Cuban Robotics - R Americans Positive on Reboot and Rebuild America (R) + More
  Apr 10, 2020

Question #1
Support For President of the United States 2020? (candidate % shown to 98%)
Trump (Republican)    55 %
Biden (Democrat)    43 %
Undecided    6 %
Question #2
(Push) How long to you believe it will take for America to begin getting back to work and to “Reboot & Rebuild America” ®?
One week    4 %
Two weeks    35 %
Three weeks    31 %
Four weeks or more    15 %
Question #3
(Push) Is it an exaggeration for U.S. President Donald Trump to declare the fight against Coronavirus to be a War?
Yes    25 %
No    68 %
Question #4
Please rate U.S. President Donald Trump’s professional performance as Commander In Chief in combating Coronavirus on behalf of all Americans?
Good    64 %
Fair    26 %
Poor    5 %
Question #5
Is the country of China responsible for the deaths of Americans due to Coronavirus in your opinion?
Yes    72 %
No    15 %
Question #6
Do you agree with Mark Cuban, Billionaire owner of Dallas Mavericks basketball team, and star on Shark Tank entrepreneurial TV Show - who predicts that the new American economy following Corona will soon feature many industries moving to robotics?
Yes    41 %
No    33 %
Question #7
Our you more positive, more negative or neither of those/Undecided about the future of the US Economy particularly as this relates to Coronavirus being defeated sooner than later?
More positive    70 %
More negative    16 %
Neither more positive or more negative/Undecided    14 %
States involved in producing this National estimate from baseline 2016 US Election, Clinton 48%,Trump 47%: California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio & Michigan.
By Race/Ethnic Background:
Trump Thumps ® Biden (61% to 39%) among Caucasians, (52% to 43%) among Latino Hispanics, and (56% to 31%). Biden beats Trump (51% to 29%) among African Americans.
What chance does Biden seriously have versus Trump? Lucky Biden was VP under Obama, otherwise Americans would have forgotten him completely in large part to the Coronavirus, and now there still remains a chance that former US President Obama will acknowledge him.
The mitigating angle to this - is that Joe Biden hasn’t been very good - but look where he is after all that stumbling?
Trump beats Biden among all racial backgrounds except African Americans, where Trump has nonetheless burrowed great inroads of increased support from his (9%) total achieved in 2016. {11%} is a high African American total for Republicans in modern Election history.
I hold that US Donald Trump is 11-12 percent higher in American Voter 2016 support than Biden. Trump has taken full possession of some of Hillary Clinton’s support - across every State canvassed.
Mainstream polling has Biden and Trump generally equal, Biden slightly ahead, or finally Biden wayyy ahead of Trump. These results are a big difference from ours.
I note that mainstream polling results (derived from “RCP” reveal popular support average(s)) to (98%) of total vote, that President Trump has crept up to {47.56%} approval, which on balance, projects another win for Trump.
Over the last year my polling suggests support for President Trump at (50%) and more often (52%) or slightly better. The closer we are to November’s 2020 US Election - and with Coronavirus and the Economic Recovery to follow - predicted by Americans- will crowd out other discussion.
I have a Decided vote in 2020 going to Donald Trump to the tune of (55%) looking seriously at Ronald Reagan’s 1984 (59%) Vote.
Donald Trump’s net totals from this RSR ROBBINS poll have him at (53%) similar to the Vote Outcome for George H. W. Bush in 1988.
I would suggest that Joe Biden grab up Kamala Harris Senator from California if for nothing else but to try to shore up African American support. The Democrats do not want to lose New York or California to Trump 2020 - but the clocks a ticking.
Which entity is actually writing the accurate narrative of the American political experience: 2020 US Presidential Election - America through the Corona Virus War - “The Long Winter 2020” ® - US mainstream media & cable news or RSR ROBBINS Sce Research (1998).
Response outcomes to this question suggest that a majority of Americans expect to get back to work in two to three weeks (66%) although (46%) believe the time frame for return (despite the cheer leading) is three to four weeks or more beginning April 4, 2010.
Given that the polling period disclosed is April 4-8, 2020, and the outcomes from the “Two weeks”, “Three weeks” respondents (66%), than the 1st eligible date back to work (different States - different experiences) would be estimated by RSR ROBBINS at April 19, 2020, and thereafter at April 20, April 21, April 22, April 23, 2020.
“Four weeks or more” presumes the 1st feasible return is early in the first week of May 2020 through to May 10, 2020 and possibly later than that.
Quite obviously only a minority of respondents are predicting the “Four Weeks or more” response, at most one in 20 American Voters 2016.
My best guess is that the American psyche cannot take it much longer than the time prescribed by their collective determination as suggested in this RSR ROBBINS Poll.
The Good news is that Americans have now experienced what needs to be done in a moments notice. That memory will live sufficiently to permit the nation to produce another defence if the way back proves a little slippery.
Seven in ten Decided American Voters 2016 do NOT believe it is an exaggeration for US President Donald Trump to declare the fight against Coronavirus to be a War.
To a pollster observing Modern American Politics 2020 (MAP 2020) ® any percentage attained to the positive or the inferred positive, but not in any way the negative to a target subject is significant, over 60% fabulous, but once at 70% and above WoW - American Voters see the fight against the virus to be a War.
Trump’s beginning to attract a lot of 60’s, here and there-starting to be everywhere not only with this polling firm, but others as well. A lot 60’s - Hello Ronald Reagan ‘84.
In this question the 7/10 ‘support’ is derived by that majority of American Voters holding the position that the fight against Coronavirus is a War.
Trump’s professional performance ‘support’ is increasing from 60% approval on Coronavirus by this pollster and another (2 times by us now, 1 time Gallup - > one week ago).
Asked in a different way with a push ‘on behalf of all Americans’ Donald Trump’s performance support marches forward to (64-65%) for assessing the President’s professional performance combating Coronavirus.
I know its macabre to say, and I apologize in advance, but the Corona Virus has tested America - its still doing so - and tested US President Donald Trump, who came to politics a tough competitor from the New York skyscraper business - forged to harder steel by the Mueller hoax and by the Impeachment hoax, both endeavours unmerited raw political attack and now this.
Only the very rump of societies cynics will continue to defame Trump should America continue its way out of this dark foreign tunnel - to the light beyond.
I cannot envision any professional pollster in America NOT deriving (50%) and higher approval for President Trump (given that most of the mainstream assessment of Trump is approval or disapprove).
I believe (as I have hinted) Trump’s chance of attaining (60%) of the Total Vote in November 2020 to be quite good. I say this despite being short an impression of new eligible voters from 2016 or to those who did not vote in 2016 who may vote in 2020.
From previous sampling I have done - I am confident in saying that Trump will attract (50%) of these non 2016 Trump v Clinton Voters but have not included this speculation into this suggested ‘Poll” in any event as Trump is fast becoming a young adults favourite bobblehead.
As the number of Americans WHO die as a consequence of Coronavirus -- increases - over the next two weeks - the percentage of American Voters who are displeased with China continues to Tsunami toward 100%.
An apology from China to the United States and to the rest of the World ASAP may go a long way to slow the resentment of China by American Voters and among other truly freedom loving nations.
China’s Corona Virus (“CCV”) ® Infecting The World (“ITW”) ® - placing American lives and livelihoods on hold. It has also caused Socialism to swirl down the bowl along with Bernie Sanders and his candidacy versus Joe Biden for Democratic nominee to challenge Donald Trump.
The visual of people lining up at proper regulatory measure - looking for milk and toilet paper - hording amounts to a traumatic experience - real fear - for many Americans, and like right wing rocker Ted Nugent asking on behalf of Donald Trump “How do you like me so far”?
If the hysteria had persisted on crazy cable news - to the degree abject worst case scenarios beyond any need to provide scope were warranted had continued to be promulgated - anything could have gone wrong. Gasoline on the wrong fire.
That President Trump was tough was never in doubt, that he honestly performs better in each crisis (all {possibly} man made) is not at all in doubt among a Super Majority of American Voters.
During the polling period - President Trump averted some of the heat off China by blaming the World Health Organization either on its own or in conjunction with China, though it is clear to me Trump surrogates and Trump supporters on moderately conservative Fox Cable made the conjunctive claim with more ferocity than the President.
Trump/Pence 2020 are up 17-0 with eight minutes to play and Coronavirus with the ball 1st down on the Trump/Pence 45 yard line. Hold Coronavirus to a field goal or nothing suck up the remaining time with ball control and good time management.
The 41% “Yes” seems high to me, I was only guessing- thought it might be -25%- or something like that, and haven’t made myself an expert on robotics like Mark Cuban (yet).
The 33% “No” and high Undecided percentage likely makes the 41% hold up as reasonably valid as a Suggested Polling Percentage (“ROBBINS Suggested Polling Percentage” ®).
Suddenly the philosophical concept that life is (too) short has been introduced in one fell swoop upon the World - by an invisible force (creepy) China virus.
Will that robot replacing ‘me’ guarantee me a cheaper car -? Ford said his workers should be able to afford the vehicles they make.
I doubt that contract ever gets signed. Does that robot replacing me guarantee a monthly stipend, tax free from payroll deductions-permitting me to work elsewhere as I please? This might occur with stress on social security and such. That’s another battle another day.
Acceptance of change is a positive thing, and Americans know how to do this. Its impressive to observe.
I wonder what China will learn about itself? China needs its own 12 Step Program for interfering with everyone’s freedom with their greasy wet markets and who knows what else?
‘No Soup for You’-- China (sic).
Of late, there seems to be much more positive information published, and spoken about in media, in relation to medical progress being made with Coronavirus (flattening of the curve as they say) - whether from the mitigation perspective, or more particularly many wonderful reports of faster testing methodology, and to the C word (Hydroxy), and to plasma antibody transfer, and to absolute virus discussed over the polling period. More positive in the 70%.
The net ‘more positive’ (more positive minus more negative or (55%)) outcome is positive proof that Americans are getting their rhythm in getting through the day and being disciplined about it, with previous carefree social behaviours have a stay against them.
(Oddly), it seems to me that Americans are more positive now under these dire circumstances than I have known them to be over the last many years (Obama too) particularly as this relates to confidence in Elected Officials and government generally.
Speaking of quick growth:
The US federal government grew in employment by 20% through this Coronavirus period while unemployment skyrocketed across the rest of the nation because of it. Conservatives within the Trump- Republican Party may start to ask questions when the dust settles on Corona (China Virus) (or sooner).
Is this 20% growth of government at federal level due in large part to the Coronavirus? How much of this new employment is permanent?
Trusted at 2.0% MOE

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