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Glen P. Robbins - Trump/Pence 2020 v *Biden/Sanders, China compensation $$, American Fear, NY Gov Andrew Cuomo
Out on the Tiles - Led Zeppelin  Mar 29, 2020

Question #1
Which President & Vice President Team 2020 both real and hypothetical would handle the Coronavirus the BEST today?
Donald Trump, President & Mike Pence Vice President, Republican 2020    55 %
Joe Biden, President & Bernie Sanders, Vice President Democrat    34 %
Question #2
The Coronavirus aka Coved 19 aka China Virus originated in China. It will likely result in Trillions of economic loss to the United States of America. In your opinion should China pay the U.S. reparations as compensation for US economic losses through no fault of their own?
Yes    59 %
No    22 %
Question #3
Do you believe the United States Economy can bounce back from Coronavirus?
Yes    61 %
No    21 %
Question #4
Which frightens you more?
Coronavirus    29 %
Global Warming/Climate Change    11 %
Neither of those two frighten me    55 %
Question #5
Are you suspicious about the true origins of the Coronavirus in China and the motive behind the virus coming into being?
Yes    26 %
No    48 %
Question #6
(Entertainment Question) - (Push) Is it your opinion that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (Democrat) did a good job of communicating well the facts of New Yorkers needs (American needs) as it relates to the Coronavirus?
Yes    41 %
No    18 %
There’s a little spin to the question and a bit of cheekiness in the outcomes likely because of it. Simply put some of the very flattering Trump Pence 2020 ‘support’ is because (1) Trump, Pence are clearly in charge of the country right now, an assertion which may have had some noteworthy detractors a couple of months ago.
The Biden Sanders 2020 ‘hypothetical’ is severely depressed for a number of reasons including (1) unsettled business between them going into Coronavirus; (2) little to no attention to them during the Coronavirus; (3) excellent job by Trump Pence Team (see also Gallup published at Fox News (March 25, 2020) support for Trump performance on Coronavirus {60%}; (4) proximity to November 2020 Presidential Election.
My question attracted Undecided/Other of (11%). I have had lower Undecided of later but those Polls estimated Margin of Error at (2%) or even less. We place MOE at 3.0% more in line with mainstream polls.
Trump/Pence are at or over (50%) in every State outcomes from the following United States: (1) California, (2) Texas, (3) Florida, (4) New York, (5) Pennsylvania, (6) Ohio, (7) Michigan - than nationalized as a total.
This response on Coronavirus and China will matter (Q2) - it represents 7/10 US Voters looking suspiciously at China, a similar ratio picked up in a British Columbia, Canada Poll we conducted a week or so ago on the question of ‘who’ is to blame. The respondents in that BC Poll identified as 70% split between Democrat (New Democrat) and Liberal. This US Poll moves from blame (causation) to compensation.
To the extent the compensation question preceding this question impacts upon response to whether or not American Voters believe the economy can bounce back cannot be known for certain, but this response shows 7/10 Decided respondents who believe the economy can bounce back from Coronavirus. This is in line with the {60%} confidence in Trump on Coronavirus among Americans from Gallup mainstream polls. (Gallup was the original polling guru wayyy back, before Robbins became Robbins lol & everything changed.
On what frightens - American Voters - nearly 6/10 in this RSR ROBBINS Poll (Decided) are not frightened by either Coronavirus or Global Warming/Climate Change. This contrasts a recent Poll published by Cable Political Television (“CPT”) known as “F” that had 70-80% frightened or somewhat frightened. A news broadcast from that station today suggests 6/10 Americans polled believe overhypes negative news on Coronavirus.
More than one in three Decided US Voters is “suspicious” about the true origins of the Coronavirus in China. The number of “Yes” responses when added to Undecided/All Other produces a (52%) total.
Andrew Cuomo New York Governor obtained significant daily coverage providing New York State’s point of view, valuable because New York State has more trouble with Coronavirus than most other States. Cuomo’s sense of reasonable cooperation with the White House and more particularly President Trump, after 3 years of irritating incessant howling from Democrats every day on ‘their’ Cable shows - was refreshing. His speaking ability, personal nature and quasi cybernetic approach (“close the valve”) to communicating the daily events to New Yorkers and to Americans plumped his numbers up higher than support for Biden/Sanders versus Trump/Pence in Question 1. Notably the numbers against Cuomo’s ‘good job’ is rather low, and Undecided (“don’t know who he is”) is also high.

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