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RSR ROBBINS March 14, 2020 Party support, Confidence in US/Canada v Corona, who is to blame and redress $$ One Billion $ from Horgan for BC, Corona housing
Monkey Man - The Rolling Stones  Mar 14, 2020

Question #1
Support for BC Party?
BC New Democrats    32.76 %
BC Liberals    34.76 %
All Other BC Parties/None Of these, Undecided    33.82 %
Question #2
Confidence in North America (Canada and US) Health Care and Infectious Disease to deal with Coronavirus?
Yes, Confident to fairly confident    61.13 %
No, Not Confident    18.73 %
Unsure/Undecided    16.25 %
Question #3
Which of the following countries/regions of the World - do you consider to be responsible for the onset of the Coronavirus upon ‘the World’?
China/Asia    71.29 %
Europe    16.99 %
United States/Canada    0 %
Africa/Middle East/Israel    6.03 %
North and South America    2 %
Undecided/Don’t Know    2 %
Question #4
If the Coronavirus can be shown to have become a worldwide problem (*now pandemic) because of the negligence and recklessness of any country, should that country (or countries) be made to pay reparations to other countries who have lost Billions to hundreds of Billions of dollars to the economy because of the negligence and recklessness estimated by Glen P. Robbins to be(come) $800 Billion (dollars) Worldwide?
Yes    72 %
No    23 %
Question #5
Would you support BC Premier John Horgan’s New Democrat government’s investing $One Billion (dollars) in BC Health, Infectious Disease, and to workers and small businesses in BC as a response to economic losses related to Coronavirus?
Yes    56 %
No    17 %
Question #6
The Coronavirus has produced a circumstance in BC’s housing market where sales month to month are quite low - where Interest Rates have been dramatically lowered as a part remedy/response to Coronavirus and accompanying economic concerns. Given this information is factual which response best reflects where you believe BC’s real estate and housing market is headed?
The real estate market will see sharp declines in final selling prices particularly among higher end detached homes    51 %
The real estate market will stay the same or increase in final selling prices    31 %
The low sales per month (liquidity problem) makes it difficult to know if its a buyers or sellers market    18 %
BC NDP: Vancouver (42%), Surrey (38%), Victoria (42%), Burnaby (41%), Abbotsford (28%), Kelowna (27%), Port Coquitlam (38%). BC Liberals: Vancouver (38%), Surrey (37%), Victoria (25%), Burnaby (36%), Abbotsford (40%), Kelowna (43%), Port Coquitlam (36%).
BC Liberals take lead over BC NDP Government for the 1st time since the most recent 2017 British Columbia General Elections, although both the BC NDP and BC Liberals have support from BC’s most populous cities below the Election Outcomes they achieved in 2017. This Poll does not include Party Leaders John Horgan & Andrew Wilkonson.
Of the (33.82%) of ‘All Other BC Parties/None of these, Undecided’ minus the BC Green Election Outcome in BC General Election 2017 -17%- this means to my estimation that about (17%) of BC Voters are Undecided, Indifferent, or want a 3rd Party. Based on my most recent Poll establishing Cowichan’s Sonia Furstenau - leadership candidate for BC Green Party @ (11%) a sharp decline from outgoing Leader Andrew Weaver’s record BC Green Election totals, I might suggest my (17%) estimate is likely more like one in five.
If mainstream pollster Angus Reid’s John Horgan support is at (46%) - - then I anticipate that both Horgan and BC NDP - and Wilkonson and BC Liberals are both around (34%-35%) in support provincially.
BC NDP lower support in Surrey and Port Coquitlam - the latter generally a win for BC NDP - suggests a sort of anything can happen in politics in BC - post Coronavirus (serious) distraction.
I observe that the combined BC Liberal and BC NDP support is higher than the net number of respondents who have some degree of confidence in Canadian and US governments ability to handle Coronavirus problem. This could mean, despite the lower support levels for BC Liberals and BC NDP from 2017, that (by indirect inference) there really is more confidence in Government health institutions than there isn’t.
The group of respondents on the fence could whipsaw confidence however.
China is clearly scientifically responsible for the origins of Coronavirus, and there is some information of negligence and recklessness at the original point of the Coronavirus onset.
Thereafter, those countries which were weak in response may have to be held responsible as well - in a sensible way- if they impacted on economic loss to other countries.. This can be dealt with once the problem is contained/resolved.
US Cable and Other mainstream news - doubts China’s numbers on Coronavirus at all - some in the US suggest bigger numbers than reported in that country - in any event, China is suggesting that its situation - where it all started -- is rapidly improving - while Europe is awash in the problem - and US is on the cusp of great success or unknown.
China is claiming according to one Cable News article that a US soldier started what International Pollster Glen P. Robbins is calling the Sars Superman Disease (“SSD”) (Coronavirus) from China. (suggesting that China isn’t denying Corona started in that country - the country is just refusing to take responsibility).
Sensing the ‘free play on spending’ by western countries and general citizen compliance - and later claim for liability from China’s big cash reserve over One Trillion Dollars, a double pump of the economic engine - combined with anticipated lower gasoline costs and other money such as payroll relief could juice up each American wallet beyond the $5,000 per year Trump has been reported to have won for the benefit of the average American annually to date and - US could come out of this in pretty good shape.
FYI the $5,000 measures against the $48,000 earned by African Americans, $53,000 by Latino/Hispanics, $62,000 earned by Caucasians and $90,000 per year earned by Asians or a raise of about (8%) across the Board of Demographics similar to Institutional and Pension targets of (9%) annual growth.
According to Financial Samurai online “roughly 52% of all Americans own stocks, down from a high of 66% in 2007”.
According to “As of 2019, the top 10 percent of Americans owned an average of $969,000 in stocks, the next 40% around $132,000 on average. For the bottom half of families, it was just under $54,000.”
Again, from Financial Samurai: “A really good rate (sic of return) on investment for an active investor is 15% annually.”
According to a good rate of return on Interest for $1,000,000 is $14,579 per year - a return which is below the average annual current rate of inflation or 2 percent trending toward 2.5 percent according to
Although former President Obama did not achieve economic growth, current President Trump has, inflation during Obama’s time in Office was 1% per annum.
Shaking down China for a couple of hundred Billion or so for creating the economic cost - will help with US Treasury debt - or could swing back into economy post the Coronavirus that has put the Global Warming/Climate Change argument at the back of the (diesel) bus for now.
Trump will go even deeper into energy independence - and pressure will be brought to bear to ensure no further strategic dependence on Chinese supply chains. But what this response to the Chinese economy teetering on stagnant growth.
Even though respondents do not see North and South America as the source of Coronavirus - the problem does anecdotally bring Donald Trump’s border protection into more angelic light - and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s perceived weakness of migration into Canada as (even) weaker.
My March 8, 2020 RSR ROBBINS Poll (United States) revealed similar confidence in the US Federal Government (Trump Administration) of (62%) with (28%) not confident in government dealing with Coronavirus - as the (61%) identified in question #2.
This poll (consciously) attempts to unify Canada and US confidence among BC respondents - through the inquiry - brings up fewer non confidence respondents than the US Poll, however, the size of respondents in “Unsure/Undecided” when added with “No, Not Confident” is quite threatening, (not entirely the fault of Donald Trump) if anecdote matters.
Point is this: Citizens are basically unified and want to win this battle against the Coronavirus - in BC (Canadian Polling Jury) for the United States (and BC/Canada) of course.
China/Asia (as country/region) is perceived as responsible for the Coronavirus by better than 7/10 British Columbians from the Cities involved in this ‘study’. United States/Canada response attracts zero percent (officially less than one half of one percent) of respondents. Anecdote of respondents choosing Europe - are thinking border (insecurity).
China has a severe public relations problem among British Columbians (in a poll that features (24%) Visible Minority population). First the real estate fraud - China/Carnivorous - and now China/Coronavirus. As television ‘political scientist’ Jed Clampett of Beverly Hills might say - ‘Pitiful, just pitiful’.
If I had to speculate on the conspiracy theory groundswell among British Columbians - I would assess it at (6%). Africa/Middle East/Israel (6%) - higher minority percentage that North and South America and Undecided/Don’t Know combined (4%).
Anecdote suggests that those who don’t support the reparations to one degree or another sees the $800 Billion against a country or countries would then cripple that economy. Most respondents however see this as a situation where a country or countries (mostly China/Asia) responsible and want redress for it.
There is substantive reporting that China failed to advise when they were 1st made aware of it. This early narrative suggested that a Chinese doctor/scientist discovered the virus, was hushed up, became sick and died though a young man. This narrative when pressed will likely inflate conspiracy stories overall - I would suggest upwards to (12%) of Voters.
In normal times, most Americans and Canadians do not expect the Government to make everything free. In difficult times this resistance dwindles - and perceived bad actors like China are easy marks for blame and financial redress.
We could have reached out to every Voter in the Province of British Columbia and achieved (70%) “Yes”.
After swallowing the $800 Billion prosecution of (mostly China/Asia) - nearly ¾ of Decided respondents will support BC Premier John Horgan coughing up a cool Billion $$ in BC. What will other provinces with BC @ (14.2%) of Total.
I would assess that about one in three BC Voters has confidence in the BC housing market to stay the same or increase in final selling prices - with the heavy weight of those who see Corona as the final nail in the housing crisis coffin - or see the market through doubting or dismal eyes anyhow against it.
If as reported in Vancouver, BC mainstream news - half of Asian buyers (again) are not in the market, this suggests a drop to me of an estimated sales per month of 2 or 3 hundred homes many hundreds of millions in direct and indirect economic loss.
(BC’s Finance Minister Carole James is not running again due to reported illness).
During our polling period Federal Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced $10 Billion national response to Coronavirus - this “Yes” support for BC Premier John Horgan announcing One Billion suggest to me Canada will need at least $17-$24 Billion immediately from Provincial and Federal Governments.
This number from Canada suggests a $170-$250 Billion need in the United States, but if I heard correctly the US has $400 Billion in Private Public Partnerships. To date I have heard $50 or $60 Billion in funding through news of the Emergency Declaration by US President Donald Trump. I anticipate the numbers in relation to economic aid and other will need to be clarified in the coming week.
US deal making may be ahead of Canada at this point in time relative to all things Corona.
This is a Glen P. Robbins, RSR ROBBINS 'POLL' conducted in recent days - non random but assessed at 2% Margin of Error to percentages provided.

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