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January end 2020 RSR ROBBINS Poll - State of Texas, Trump, Clinton, Biden and Bernie all here
  Jan 31, 2020

Question #1
Question #1 (Baseline State of Texas 2016 U.S. Presidential (Actual)):
Donald Trump    52.2 %
Hillary Clinton    43.2 %
Gary Johnson    3.2 %
Jill Stein    0.6 %
Question #2
Question #2 (Baseline State of Texas) (Dallas Fort Worth) (see specifically“Tarrant County”)
Donald Trump    51.74 %
Hillary Clinton    43.14 %
Question #3
(Poll ‘today’ Dallas Fort Worth) If the U.S. Election for President of the United States were held today who would you vote for from the following two (2) choices?
Donald J. Trump    54.21 %
Hillary Clinton    37.62 %
Question #4
(Poll ‘today’ Dallas Fort Worth) If the U.S. Election for President of the United States were held today who would you vote for from the following two (2) choices:
Donald J. Trump    55.61 %
Joe Biden    37.19 %
Question #5
(Poll ‘today’ Dallas Fort Worth) If the U.S. Election for President of the United States were held today who would you vote for from the following two (2) choices?
Donald J. Trump    54.26 %
Bernie Sanders    35.42 %
Question #6
(Poll ‘today’ Dallas Fort Worth) Do you support the Constitutional right for Americans to bear arms?
Yes    67.45 %
No    29.30 %
Question #7
Do you support State sponsored abortion at any time in a women’s pregnancy?
Yes    32.60 %
No    64.21 %
Question #8
Do you support the Impeachment and Removal of Donald J. Trump, and the overturn of the 2016 Election results?
Yes    23.2 %
No    72.4 %
Question #9
From the following response choices how would you currently assess the strength of the United States economy?
Good    65 %
Fair    34 %
Poor    1 %
Question #10
Should denying the Holocaust ever occurred be considered a criminal offence in Texas as it in some places in Europe?
Yes    18.44 %
No    81.19 %
Question #11
Entertainment Question: Which NFL Team would you personally like to see win the Super Bowl this year?
Kansas City Chiefs    39 %
San Francisco 49ers    26 %
Undecided/All Other    35 %
Background Notes: Average Republican vote for in State of Texas since 1980 (Reagan)-49.1%. Average Democratic vote in Texas since 1980-40.71%.
So, on average Republican candidates for President beat Democratic candidates by {8%} in U.S. President Election Cycles in the State of Texas since 1980.
Hillary Clinton’s 2016 ‘4th highest (%) in the State of Texas, while Donald J. Trump’s 8th best (%) in Texas over the same period.
In the 2016 Democratic primary Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders combined for nearly {100%} of the total Democratic vote, while Ted Cruz and Donald Trump combined for {73%} of total Republican vote.
Clinton and Sanders {98%} translated to {43.2%} Democratic vote in Texas, while Cruz and Trump {73%} translated to {52.2%}.
Recent RSR ROBBINS Polls:
January 7, 2020 RSR - State of Minnesota “Donald Trump, Republican” (53.6%), “Joe Biden, Democrat” (37.4%).
December 19, 2019 RSR - State of Pennsylvania “Donald Trump, Republican” (56%), “Joe Biden, Democrat” (41%); December 19, 2019 RSR - Pennsylvania amend U.S. Constitution English as 1st language “Yes” (52%), “No” (31%); December 19, 2019 RSR - Pennsylvania ‘Do Jewish people receive better treatment than other races including minorities- “Yes” (56%), “No” (22%); December 19, 2019 RSR - Pennsylvania ‘What should U.S. Senate do with Impeachment’: Dismiss as nonsense (45%), Full and Complete Senate Trial (35%), Impeach on one Count (17%), Impeach and Remove (3%).
December 10, 2019 RSR - State of Ohio “Republican Trump/Pence” - (51.62%), “Democrat Clinton/Kaine” (43.09%); December 10, 2019 2019 RSR - State of Ohio ‘Support re-election of Trump/Pence’- (52%); December 10, 2019 RSR - State of Ohio ‘Trump/Pence 2020’ (59.78%), Biden/Klobuchar 2020 (38.78%), Party Brand Support Ohio - “Republican” (46%), “Democrat” (40%).
November 26, 2019 (National RSR Poll): “Trump/Pence 2020”-(51.83%), “Bloomberg/Klobuchar 2020” (39.17%); November 26, 2019 (National RSR Poll): “Trump/Pence 2020” (52.57%), “Warren/Yang 2020” (42.02%); November 26, 2019 (National RSR Poll) (Support More?) “Trump/Pence 2020” (53.70%), “Biden/Buttigieg 2020” (39.17%) November 26, 2019 (National RSR Poll (Hypothetical/Entertainment) “Donald Trump” (52.64%), “Barack Obama” (41.61%). November 26, 2019 (National RSR Poll) (Who looks worse on Ukraine) “Donald Trump (17%), Joe Biden (30%), Neither (22%), Both (14%).
November 26, 2019 (National RSR Poll (Hypothetical/Entertainment) “Donald Trump” (52.64%), “Barack Obama” (41.61%). November 26, 2019 (National RSR Poll) (Who looks worse on Ukraine) “Donald Trump (17%), Joe Biden (30%), Neither (22%), Both (14%).
In the State of Texas President Reagan (R) vote increased {14.99%} (from baseline of first election total) from 1980 to 1984. Clinton (D) increased {11.74%} from 1992 to 1996. “W” Bush ® increased {3.01%} from 2000 to 2004. Barack Obama (D) decreased (8%) from 2008 to 2012, yet 2008, 2012 and 2016 were the 1st, 4th, and 2nd best efforts of Democrats since 1980.
A ferocious, but ultimately contrived effort by Democrats (with more than a little help from disloyal Republicans) (nothing worse than disloyal -I take my psychological mentor G. Gordon Liddy over Adam Schiff) to unseat President Trump - from rancor to Mueller to faux Impeachment - a distraction in mass media clearly designed to steamroll the psychology of American Voters in 2018 Midterms - buoyed Democratic political hopes that Texas might be within their grasp forever thereafter.
This RSR ROBBINS Poll State of Texas pushes back - and says “I don’t think so”.
Trump 2016 {5%} lower overall than Mitt Romney (2012) in the State of Texas, Hillary Clinton about {2%} above Barack Obama who got ‘murdered’ in Dallas in 2012 - double digits below his (winning) national (winning) average versus Romney.
In 1980, Ronald Reagan won Dallas Fort Worth (Tarrant County RSR SCE) by {17%} with the 6th highest Republican score between 1980 and 2016. In 1984 Reagan ‘curbed’ Walter Mondale by (30%) for 1st place while Mondale secured the 9th best vote outcome of any Democratic candidate over the same period.
In Election Cycle 1988, George Herbert Walker Bush (one of America’s greatest fighter pilots in World War II-a goddamn American hero), Reagan's VP in the 1980 and 84, contributing to wipeout of Democrats, beat Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis in Dallas Fort Worth by {20%} with the 3rd best Election Vote total of the 1980 to 2016 Election Cycles ----again with Dukakis ranked 6th under Democratic list of 10.
In 1992, after 3 Republican Presidencies, Herbert Walker Bush was confronted by Democratic challenger Bill Clinton (a very handsome man with a great big brain and charisma for sale), Independent Ross Perot scoring 10th place over the period under {40%} in Dallas Fort Worth, and {7%} of Bill Clinton who also performed 10th place.
The Bush family IS TEXAS, imagine how HW Bush felt after losing to Clinton, with Ross Perot claiming to be Independent, and growing rich from predominantly government contracts, screaming about government debt, good lord, I am indebted to Jeb Bush for his unbelievable treatment of my family more than a decade ago as Governor of Florida - (would love to locate RSR ROBBINS SCE Research International Polling Surveying and Blacksmithin in Texas - with his blessing). (LOL love Gunsmoke and Banaza).
Calling Moscow from Texas for a public opinion survey just seems like the correct thing to occur.
Bill Clinton's national average(s) from 1992-1996 were a few percentages lower than Hillary Clinton’s national score of {48%} in 2016, notwithstanding Independent Ross Perot’s totals in Bill Clinton's Election Cycles. (my mother told me a few times- I reminded her of Slick Willy) - wow, Frued truly called it all straight.
In 1996 Republican Bob (the Gentleman) Dole did not perform much better than HW Bush at {51%} in Tarrant County, {9%} above President Bill Clinton who achieved the 3rd top highest vote outcome of any Democrat candidate in the Election Cycles captured in this RSR ROBBINS Poll.
(NB for journalistic interns): Slick Willy says It bends just a little to the left said the former President, who like John F. Kenney was a hot President to the women voters. Both men had Wilt Chamberlain type taste (1,000 different women WC - can you imagine?) for the women and attracted the female vote with their hot manly sexuality. It is difficult for a woman to win on sexuality but my money would stack up Tulsi Gabbard with $40,000 of phoney cones et al you know), have her candicacy raise money from Tulsi might love lady Viagra - Sanders should phone Gabbard yesterday to replay - sex this machine up baby lol.
We can clearly see that Texas is a Republican State. Both HW Bush and (Gentleman) Bob Dole cost the Republican Texas average Election Total to wither a bit affected somewhat by interloper Independent Ross Perot (and Republicans seeking a 4th straight term - pretty audacious in America - and then there’s Bill Clinton and that charisma.
Put Bill Cinton’s sweat in every bottle of new women’s perfume - Charisma -”I did not have sexual….relations with that women - with Slick Willy winking on the perfume. I love it.
Since 1980 and President Reagan’s inaugural win - I would assess in the State of Texas - out of 100% - Republicans (56%), Democrats (44%) with ‘Other’ overall (5%).
Accordingly, Donald Trump’s 2016 Election Cycle results in State of Texas placed him exactly where he wanted to be within the Universes orb of a 5.5% increase in support (de minimus).
In 2000 George W. Bush the son of former Vice President and President George Herbert Walker both Texas sons brought the Republicans into the winners circle with a magnificent {60.74%} Election Total in part of good job as Governor of Texas including keeping his word of executing bad criminals.
I am a War President said “W” - and Texas said metoo.
Keep in mind about 7% of society is prisoner material - 4% of society is a waste in terms of criminal recidivism. I would like to see IQ studies of prison inmates - and grouped to degree of seriousness of offence.
Year 2000 when US really got its foot in the door in Iraq and the Middle East --”W” achieved the 4th highest total of the Dallas Fort Worth vote since 1980, and {24%} above the Election total of Al Gore buried at 8th place. Remember back to the 2000 US Presidential Election Cycle - hanging Chad in Florida State - decided by the US Supreme Court - in W’s favour. Gore nearly wins Florida.
Trump owns the State of Florida Electoral College now 20 years later.
And again in 2004 “W”. crushed opponent for US President Democrat John Kerry by {25%} in Dallas Fort Worth representing a 2nd highest total for the Republican candidate since 1980 Election Cycle and the 7th highest for a Democrat.
In 2008, John McCain achieved {55.4%} of the Dallas Fort Worth vote good for 7th place over the studied period, beating the man who became President, Barack Obama by {11%} - the latter achieving the highest vote outcome of any Democrat since 1980.
In 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney obtained {57.12%} in bellwether Dallas Fort Worth, good for 5th place overall in Dallas Fort Worth results since 1980 US Presidential Elections, crushing Barack Obama by {15%} who himself achieved the 4th best vote total for Democrats following his 1st best vote total in his inaugural presidential win.
Texas is a Republican State.
In 2016 - Donald J. Trump became US President obtaining {51.74%} in our SCE market of Dallas Fort Worth (Tarrant County) the 8th best total since 1980, beating Hillary Clinton by {8%} in this market - who herself achieved the 2nd highest vote total in the time period studied in relation to these suggest RSR ROBBINS Poll results.
Beginning with the 1980 US. Election for President in Dallas Fort Worth Republicans won by the following margins {17%}, {30%}, {20%}, {7%}, {9%}, {24%}, {25%}, {11%}, {15%}, and {8%}.
Democratic candidates in Texas US Presidential Election Cycles (TUSPEC) scored as follows relative to other Democratic candidates beginning 1980: 5th, 9th, 6th, 10th, 3rd, 8th, 7th, 1st, 4th, 2nd. In contrast Republican candidates easily stronger in Dallas Fort Worth - ranked as follows commencing 1980: 6th, 1t, 3rd, 10th, 9th, 4th, 2nd 7th, 5th, and 8th (Donald J. Trump).
From November 2019 until today through MInnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania & Texas including one National Poll RSR ROBBINS reflects Donald Trump or Trump/Pence 2020 defeating Joe Biden or Joe Biden/Other on average by (15%). The mainstream has Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump by {7%}, a difference of {22%}. In light of these percentages, mainstream also repeatedly says Trump numbers highest they have been.
Even CNN - MSNBC - late evening talk show Cable says Donald Trump’s support numbers are up, and by and large these more left Cable webs - (at least missing something in the center) say Trump’s numbers are higher whether or not a pollster uses approve disapprove (likely the dumbest of criteria - but God bless) - or other mechanism of determining support for a candidate.
Fox is trying to hold the President back from realizing his goal of (60%) of the US Vote in 2020 (you heard it here first).
(Mathematically this would presume MONSTER (place sponsor drink ad here lol) numbers for Joe Biden, at the same time he is barely breathing among Democratic candidates. ROBBINS MONSTER Polls - company on Race Cars -Lindsey Graham CEO $10 mil and points - K Conway 2. ROBBINS Middle East Polling Surveying and BlackSmiths from Tel Aviv).
Media is so crazy it can’t keep its own narratives straight.
Make sense to you? - doesn’t make sense to me, or my RSR ROBBINS {Juultimate} Polls. (So called) Conservative Cable Polling Fox News has Biden ahead of Trump by {8%} Nationally. Laugh out loud - a difference between Independent Conservative Pollster RSR ROBBINS and Fox News of (23%}. Greed never helped Gallup at one time the very best in the World.
Democratic Party leaning ABC News has Biden ahead of Trump by {4%} - a difference between Independent Conservative Pollster RSR ROBBINS of (19%}. Long time Republican Pollster Rasmussen has “President Trump Job Approval” @ {50%}, and Disapproval @ {49%}, while (so called) Conservative Fox News shows Trump Job Approval @ {45%}, and Disapproval @ {54%}.
In my opinion Rasmussen like Republicans scare easy sometimes - and that just isn’t right. It isn’t right alt all. The alt right isn’t the KKK, its mostly academics - and free speech proponents - confronting mainstream - streamedlined and sterilized free speech debate that picks winners and losers - and doesn’t let merit too much in the picture. The alt right is very powerful in and around social media worldwide. They have no interest in baby boomers believing we all have PTSD - are irrelevant. Way it is. If they were to vote - I would assess alt right support at around (6%) and its much younger people. My RSR ROBBINS polls generally capture the average age of 47-49 much higher than the average age of eligibile voters in the U.S, in high 30’s.
(In 2008 RSR was the 1st pollster in the World to place candidate Barack Obama ahead of Hillary Clinton - the poll cost me US37,000 +, was told Big Daddy - nobody gonna vote for that ‘Barack Obama’ - Hillary’s going to take it - don’t publish it. Then on goes the TV - Obama squeezing out charisma to huge audiences - like Donald Trump’s are now---mainstream had HIllary up 12-20 points lol - I put Obama in the lead. Shortly thereafter so did every other pollster in the USA).
This RSR ROBBINS Poll from Dallas Fort Worth (Tarrant County) suggests that Donald Trump’s current support is (83.85%) of respondents who see the Economy as “Good”. WOW Watchout -
Trump current support in Dallas Forth Worth is suggested at (80.80%) of the respondent support for the right to bear arms, and {84.88%) of the respondents against women's right to abortion at any time during pregnancy.
History will show that no US President - not even “W” or “HW” or Reagan loves the unborn child more than Donald Trump (well maybe not W or HW). How this impacts on his overall 2020 campaign for President is a matter of debate - the Jewish leadership love him-but will Adam Schiff and Gerald Nadler prevail in retaining the Jewish Vote in America - 70% Democrat - 30% Republican.
Again, if the Jewish vote doesn’t come his way this Election - enough is enough - includes Israel. How much is the US paying Israel and what is the return of investment for that investment?
A man or woman who love their family, their community and their life need some higher power (Jewish Monolithic God) from time to time. I add this because I believe that No profession is more difficult than politics. Not even close. Its like getting up in the morning and sparring in the boxing ring, often fun, but more often - not. The average American Voter does not want to do this job.
Based on 3.011 telephone calls from Survey Lists (no random/no bona fide scientific declaration) and subsequent adjustment of numbers to permit for 2016 comparison measured against 668,514 Voters, RSR ROBBINS suggest a Margin of Error for that sample at 1.7% plus or minus, and overall for the State of Texas as under 1.5% Margin of Error (estimate) and Value of Data compilation to proprietor of RSR ROBBINS SCE Research at US $167,230 exclusive of commentary & spin to underscore interpretation of POll.
( For Media) This RSR Poll iBBINS continues to defy the Mainstream Media - their own Polling and other Institutional Polls in suggesting that Donald J. Trump, Trump/Pence 2020 will easily win the 2020 Election against any Democratic candidate, in particular Joe Biden, and win that Election by a much larger difference than he did in 2016 versus Hillary Clinton.
These State of Texas RSR Results only Seal the Deal for President Trump.

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