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Glen P. Robbins writes Assistant Chief Justice Heather Holmes letter of August 16, 2019 - and To: SCC CJ Richard Wager (IRobbins v Cambridge)
IRobbins v Cambridge - World's largest State Sanctioned Private Property fraud.  Jan 14, 2020

Madame Justice Heather Holmes, Assistant Chief Justice - BC Supreme Court, 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2E1
And To: Chief Justice Court of Canada - Richard Wagner, 301 Wellington St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A OJ1
Re: Ita Robbins et al v Cambridge Mortgage Investment (S.C.C. 35772); H130330; Unfiled Stay of Execution order made April 7, 2014 by former BC Supreme Court Justice-Mademoiselle Deborah Satanove Kloegman.
Attention: Madam Justice Holmes
This letter is sent to you on the basis of "unique circumstances" established by the Supreme Court of Canada, and as a sequential reply to the response in recent letter from your Court. The facts will satisfy any question as to my standing.
The Supreme Court of Canada would be the next step after you in pursuit of remedies of this matter. (Federal Court of Canada as well - no limit on damages). I Would speculate that the Supreme Court of Canada might prefer the BC Courts to clean up its mess.
(Ed: the next 'step' will be fully loaded complaint to Canadian Judicial Council). (A complaint will also be made to Canadian Human Rights on religious discrimination). {will be amazing}.
I note for your edification that the following unique circumstances are advanced and thus acknowledged in BC Supreme Court, 800 Smithe Street's ("SS") (Trial Division) 'Special Counsel's' letter of July 8 (included herein to all parties to ensure transparency and swift accountability. SS's circumstances are focused upon Practice Directive of Chief Justice Robert Bauman that letters to judges - be advanced only in such circumstances.
I would ask that you (also) edify yourself of Bauman CJ's Practice Directive of 2010 wherein he directed that all documents filed in the Court registry be checked by staff for compliance with the rules.
In this specific context, I would stipulate that "but for" the reckless bad faith of BC Supreme Court registry @ 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC accepting documents for filing by Ron Bakonyi, lawyer, on behalf of Client Cambridge Mortgage Investment Inc. (Peet & Cowan Financial Services complicit sister company (contrary to the Competition Act) (Canada), this disaster might never have occurred.
Smithe Street registry habitually explained the reason they excepted document filing irregularity is that the AG policy was to simply 'smile and file'.
I introduce the unique circumstances as these are determined by the Supreme Court of Canada to display our position that a Practice Directive is not the equal of a court order such as the Stay of Execution order produced from Hearing by Justice (Satanove) Kloegman ("JSK") April 7, 2014 over 5 years ago.
This Stay of Execution order, despite clearly being made by JSK on tape dicta and being denoted in the court clerk notes has not (been) filed as unique circumstance 1.
I/We ("We") have exhausted every point of communication through institutional escalation of these unique circumstances which we believe add up to criminal malfeasance at the highest office.
As you can plainly see from submissions, in November 2018 we submitted an offer (note in binder analysis) to Premier John Horgan (who I went to the same elementary and junior/high school as) for $22,000,000 (Canadian) on condition an apology be made in the BC Legislature.
(Ed: The BC Legislature went to shit about 3 days after the service on Horgan).
John Horgan was served personally (twice) as was the Premier's Office with Offer, and the 'Binder' of history/legal analysis - you now have.
We take the position that John Horgan was the correct person to contact at that time -9 months ago as Executive Cabinet (following the Ombudsperson failure to act on the documents actually filed at the court registry that should not have been (permitted) filed. (Ed: In British Columbia the Ombudsperson is the ultimate arbiter of BC Government administrative function or malfunction as the case may be), with the addition of course of other negligence, recklessness and malfeasance from State and sub State actors. We did not receive the courtesy of response from Horgan.
In February 2019 IRobbins (sic) (We) submitted a second Offer to Settle to John Horgan/Cabinet for $14,500,000 (Canadian) where settlement would be confidential AND Glen P. Robbins would not pursue any actions at Federal Court or any other Court for damages (indemnify). Again no response from Horgan - (just a lot of dysfunctional conduct in and around the BC Legislature (distraction).
Many weeks ago We (also) made direct Offer to Settle on behalf of Ita Robbins et al with Justin Trudeau again to him personally (awareness) and as Prime Minister on behalf of the Federal Government of Canada for $11,000,000 (Canadian). The Federal government is responsible for Interest Rates (higher in authority than pipelines), and this responsibility is intended to cover all Provinces of Canada. (We are unaware of the Province of British Columbia opting out). Again, not even the courtesy of a response.
Once all of the unique circumstances have been consumed and digested by you, I would suggest that constitutional law of inherent jurisdiction, as well as your equivalent authority as a BC Court of Appeal Judge (under BCCA Rules), permits you to file the outstanding April 7, 2014 order of JSK made April 7, 2014 (H130330), and then, compel all of the necessary filing adjustments made necessary by the filing with the objective of making Ita Robbins whole, returning her to her home at 1355 Honeysuckle Lane, Coquitlam BC and providing additional (and significant) damages to Her, and others impacted emotionally and financially.
I might add that home insurers Wawanesa were provided with all necessary documents on the basis that in good faith Ita Robbins had insured her home and belongings for $900,000. The 2017 high value of the home and property was about $1,600,000 as set out in the 172 page 'legal analysis' provided by GPR, exclusive of an estimated $300,000 in lost property including a valuable stamp collection her late father had been developing since the 1930's.
I would also add that Ron Bakonyi for Cambridge Mortgage et al obtained his orders by virtue of fraud on the court when (our) daughter "V" was legally under the Infant Act. Ita's home, all of her possessions, including a significant collection of personal momentoes, pictures, collectables and other matters important to her and her children was taken by what is tantamount to a State sanctioned home invasion and misuse of RCMP two days after "V"'s 19 birthday.
We take the position that Special Counsel's unsigned letter stipulating that on or about April 10, 2014 order made by Chris Hinkson CJ is quite obviously, an entirely different matter than H130330 involving the Law Society of BC and Glen P. Robbins (S111171) is the pretext for documents being considered for filing amount to a continuation and exacerbation (in fact) of the reckless bad faith inflicted upon Ita Robbins et al by BC Court Services and others.
(More simply - the Stay of Execution order is made April 7, 2014 and involves GPR, IRobbins and others, while and the order from Hinkson is made April 10, 2014 and involves Glen P. Robbins in separate completely unrelated matter).
For your (further) edification Glen P. Robbins points out the fact that Michael Kleisinger of LSBC, a former law partner of Chris Hinkson Chief Justice (ED: plot thickens) obtained a Trial Date from Trial Scheduling (once again 800 Smithe Street) on the basis of BC Civil Rule 8 (interlocutory filing) under file No.: S111171 Law Society of BC v Glen P. Robbins (SCC 35302) where the lower court (Grauer J.) made order October 3, 2011 pursuant to Petition under the Legal Professions Act.
The April 20, 2014 order claimed as bar to Applications provided to the Court, was thus based on an erroneous application Rule 8 involving an entirely different matter already determined by the Supreme Court of Canada, when as it was brought under BC Supreme Court Act should have been commenced by way of Petition and filed at Chambers Division.
This process irregularity in rush to judgment in a court short of judges (see Hinkson "gazette") wherein Glen P. Robbins was 1st served with application March 8, 2014 for hearing March 20, 2014. A Petition would not have been heard until months later (Ed: less rushed better preparation from Law Society of BC ambush).
*(Glen P. Robbins had informed Michael Kleisinger in written letter October 2013 that he intended to seek Default Judgment from a 2000 case filed against the Government of British Columbia for BCHRT erroneously depicted him as pedophile from a HR case where the allegation was staring. GPR's rights were subverted in that case when his lawyer John Motiuk (JM) originally made application to sever trials of 5 very stupid complainants, had it adjourned, and then failed to remake the application following orders for application without telling GPR (client) - who had clearly found to be lying. GPR claimed in 2000 court filing that JM informed him too late that he did not file the application as directed by his own lawyer - Chris Hinkson who was defending him in a case against him before the Law Society of BC - told him not (inform GPR) and lose the application on purpose. In the LSBC case against JM it was discovered by 2 psychiatrists that he was severely manic depressive and off his meds). Ironically, JM also butchered an Appeal of IRobbins 1999 personal injury case - whilst he was not in his mind. (ED: Plot thickens with Cover Up Chris - LSBC's go to judge).
H1303330 involves foreclosure of property, fraud, criminal interest rates, court fraud, document filing fraud etc., S111171 involves injunctive measures relating to imagined issues of vexation advanced by the Law Society of BC ("LSBC"). The order for Stay of Execution was made 3 days before the Vexatious Procedure order. (Ed: vexatious litigant a defamation made up by the you know lawyers).
Desk 5 of the BC Supreme Court (Smithe Street) insists that court clerk notes were available from April 7, 2014 Hearing on April 9, 2014. Further "We" did not have say in the filing of orders, the petitioner Cambridge and lawyer Ronald Bakonyi had sole custody of the filing (and used the opportunity to cheat both the courts and IRobbins et al).
We include the letter of Special Counsel ad admission of evidence in support of unique circumstance 2.
A Practice Directive on court procedures should not be sold by Special Counsel acting on behalf of the administration, and in particularly the offices of the Chief Justices, Assistant Chief Justices, (and the entire Court of Appeal and all other justices) in the BC Superior Court system - as a rationale for not filing an order of a constitutionally appointed justice like Satanove Kloegman (Chretien 1995) - as it immediately brings the administration of justice into disrepute by inference.
Ita Robbins et al ("We") first sought to have the "Triable Issues" related to a loan agreement made between Peet & Cowan Financial Services ("PC"), IRobbins and another (sic) ("We") at 98.7% Annual Percentage Rate, later 'laundered' through a 2nd company Cambridge Mortgage ("CM") owned by the same two men and filed with fraudulent intent within the Federal Box for declaring APR's (Interest Act Canada) and subsequent filing at Land Title (BC) as 8.9%/9.2% at the original Hearing for Order Nisi.
(ED: Remember, the criminal interest rate declaration made by Peet & Cowan Financial @ 98.7% is the lenders Declaration in the designated spot for so matter the lender making this Declaration would be obligated to obtain the actuarial report on the APR, which Cambridge lawyer Bakonyi promised to do at BC Court of Appeal with then IRobbins (actual) lawyer. {who quit out of the blue}.
This matter of Triable Issues is made well on Court Transcript by GPR at the original foreclosure Hearing, as well as the April 7, 2014 Hearing before Satanove Kloegman (Ed: The BC Justice who made the stay of execution order April 7, 2014).
I would also advise this Court that on April 10, 2014 at New Westminster courthouse - in a related matter (We had filed he action there that further captures Hinkson malicious intent in March 2015) opposing counsel Anthony Leoni indicated before Justice Ball that the matter of the Triable Issues could have been addressed with a $4,000 payment to a lawyer inclusive of disbursements. The fact that no Hearing of the obvious Triable Issues took place, these are thus outstanding as well. This in unique circumstance 4.
We also note that in the H130330 matter, CM and Robert Ellis (Roadburg) Bank of Montreal filed a Notice of Hearing that predicated on the information provided on the face of the document should have rendered it unacceptable by the court registry as it was filed prior to the extinguishment of time for filing a response to (the) petition, and included information that the Hearing would require only 5 minutes and other fraudulent representations of fact (Ed: Likely the reason Cambridge added BMO as respondent, still no explanation, maybe BMO retained the base loan and should have declared it??).
We also note that both Bakonyi for CM and Robert Ellis filed a fraudulent Order Made After Application on May 28, 2013, where no substantive Application was ever made, and where no evidence was ever adduced. This fraudulent document should never have been accepted by Civil registry as there was no predicate Application on the court grid necessary for an Order Made After Application to be received.
This fraudulent Order Made After Application by Cambridge Mortgage and BMO attorneys, (Ed: Members of the Law Society of BC) was later used (apparently) to 'dupe' BC Supreme Master Tokarek at Hearing of Application for Conduct of Sale into believing (apparently) a procedural order obtained, is the same as a substantive order. (Ed: the latter requiring all types of filings to substantiate at subsequent hearing like this, the former an error in the administration of justice intended to be identified at this next stage in the process).
'But for' the fraudulent Order Made After Application document, Master Tokarek may have had the opportunity to send the matter over to Trial Scheduling for hearing based on the obvious problems with the 98.7% criminal loan agreement (later - Registrar of Mortgage Brokers called it a clerical error, once again affirming the onus on the lender to remedy the existing criminal loan).
The "irregular" Notice of Hearing document and the fully fraudulent (desperate) Order Made After Application document and the perversion of administrative and natural justice (access to justice) as provided as unique circumstance 5.
(Ed: In theory Section 15(1) of the Legal Professions Act (BC) permits any person to be a lawyer, with the only exception being that those persons who have not passed the Bar Exam and met further legal requirement may charge money or receive some other benefit. So a 'non lawyer' could take as many people to court as a paid lawyer - in theory).
It is the position of IRobbins et al (We) that the application for stay of proceedings made before Madame Justice Satanove Kloegman (JSK) April 7, 2014 as an effort to mitigate the train wreck of damages about to occur should be made by you now subsequent in chronology to the April 7, 2014 order for Stay of Execution.
We base this position (in part) on case citations R v Askov (1990) (SCC case file 20560) where "an appeal was allowed and a stay of proceedings directed owing to unreasonable delay" presumed to be unreasonable." The presumptive ceiling is 18 months for cases tried in the provincial court, and 30 months for cases in the superior court."
We would also point out that historically court decisions involving delay related to criminal cases, but should note in Jordan no distinction was made between criminal and civil cases only the level of the court. Obviously too much time has gone past, the actions of the petition (respondent BMO) and (co) counsel are clearly criminal acts (as established in Glen P. Robbins Intervenor filing in Google v Equustek (2016) a detailed version of application of Criminal Code to conduct in this case), of fraud and Ita Robbins et al have not had a Hearing (Ed: Save for the one where a stay of execution was granted, and a stay of proceedings denied). This is unique circumstance 6.
The reckless behaviour of LSBC member Bakonyi for CM turned up several criminal degrees following his decision to ignore the Stay of Execution made by JSK April 7, 2014 occurring with his unilateral and illegal attendance to Smith Street courthouse and judges chambers for orders April 23, 2014 (dismissal of GPR's Application to be added as a party) (H130330) (consented to by respondents Ita Robbins and Frana Matich), and April 24, 2014 (dismissal of Conduct of Sale order and Vacant Possession orders) in clear contempt of the order of JSK for Stay of Execution April 7, 2014 in authority over H130330 until April 30, 2014.
In context of and conjunctive to the unique circumstance(s) 5 & 6, We assert the fraudulent orders obtained April 23, 2014 and April 24, 2014 to exist as unique circumstance 7.
Given the assertion of criminal activity and court fraud We would assert unique circumstance 8-arguments of criminal motive in the matter (available at SCC Google v Equustek Intervenor application of Glen P. Robbins and read by Brown J. of that Court).
We believe these actions were taken in May 2013 (just prior to 'surprise' Provincial Election win of Christy Clark and BC Liberals) and 2014 were intended to cover up the criminal fraud in the matter as this relates to criminal interest rates and constructive fraud (Federal fraud) of knowingly filing an Interest Rate known to be false at Land Title (BC). (Ed: Another lawyer (yet) had to sign off on the fraud and how badly has this infected the massive real estate fraud in BC). Had an order been provided as it would have - had Triable Issues been heard as they ought to have been - the public would have been aware then of the problem) (sic) through the press (Ian Mulgrew of the Sun had already written an article about the Law Society of BC v Glen P. Robbins) and the public interest, and may have interrupted the greater real estate fraud on its way as former Assistant Chief Justice Cullen is alleged to be dealing with under role as Commissioner for Public Inquiry.
That 'Special Counsel' would utilize the completely unrelated Order of Hinkson CJ of April 10, 2014 (itself another fraud on the court processes (Practice Directive indeed), as a bar for achieving long awaited relief and remedy for persons not party to that action (IRobbins et al) is itself disturbing and would add that it takes a pretty brazen attitude of compounded bad faith to conflate the two. This constitutes unique circumstance 9.
Moreover, We assert that the Court registries conduct, given the information immediately available to them and in context of knowledge that this is a matter interweaving both federal and provincial jurisdictions of law infers a breach of Section 9 Conflict of Interest Act (sic) (S.C. 2006, c.9, S.2) as the anonymous Court Special Counsel de facto represents former Chief Justice Cullen, as well as Hinkson CJ, as well as administration of Constitutionally made Superior Courts in the Provinces (B.C.), and should thus be construed as using the Office(s) "to improperly further the private interests of a third party" most particularly the interests of the Court registry at 800 Smithe Street (being found out), the proper scrutiny of a number of Justices of the Superior Courts (contempt of Courts/Judges Act/Constitution of Canada), the Office of the Attorney General of British Columbia acting for the Government of British Columbia, the Law Society of BC and class of members participating in the filing of fraudulent or otherwise illegal documents in the Courts themselves and Land Title Office in order to enrich themselves and their friends or to avert paying for the consequences of their actions.
Unique Circumstance 1- the (yet unfiled) Stay of Execution order of Justice (Satanove) Kloegman.
The Transcript Record of the April 7, 2014 Hearing before JSK clearly reveals the presiding court clerk at the direction of JSK (Justice Kloegman) unable to secure a hearing date from Trial Division in order to accommodate all matters. The April 23 and 24, 2014 court dates controlled by Glen P. Robbins (23rd) and Ita Robbins et al (24th) (no response by CM filed and served) were Chambers Dates.
It would thus be impossible to find an excape portal for Bakonyi and CM that might explain his showing up (for hearings by himself) during a Stay of Execution upon any reasonable person reading the Court Clerk notes.
Practice Directives for obtaining a Hearing Date from Trial Scheduling at BC Supreme Court, 800 Smithe Street demand that any half day, full day or more be obtained during the first week of the month. The April 7, 2014 date did comply with this Practice Directive and JSK was correct to give it a try. It was her intention to give all parties a Hearing Date as soon as possible. (ED: Remember, it is Glen P. Robbins and IRobbins et al who have custody and absolute control of the April 23 & 24, 2014 dates - their applications with no defence filed despite service).
(However) Given that JSK (Justice Kloegman) adjourned the April 7, 2014 application by Bakonyi/Cambridge for Vacant Possession and placed custody of obtaining the Hearing Date from Trial Scheduling with Glen P. Robbins, IRobbins et al, who controlled the application process from beginning.
(Ed: Bakonyi of Law Society of BC - and his client Cambridge are as dead as Suleimani (legally) here - for context)
The first opportunity to obtain a hearing date from Trial Scheduling based on the Rules of the Court would be the first week of May 2014. Well aware of Bakonyi/Cambridge's predicament We were aware that earliest half days, full days etc., were two months or more down the road. (Ed: Leverage gone for Bakonyi).
Following the directives of Justice Satanove Kloegman from April 7, 2014 Glen P. Robbins/IRobbins et al acting of Good Faith contacted Trial Scheduling on the first available day in May 2014 and spoke to Trial Scheduling Manager Sue Smolen (see affidavits filed in Google v Equustek), to secure (a hearing) date.
We assert that Sue Smolen and Chris Hinkson CJ were aware that Ron Bakonyi and Cambridge had intentionally acted in contempt of the Satanove Kloegman J order of April 7, 2014 and attended to court on April 23, 2014 and April 24, 2014 and were themselves interfering with the administration of justice to enable the cover up of these criminal activities.
Where the Criminal Code is not applied to this event in denying Ita Robbins et al at a fair hearing, We assert that the same unethical behaviour captured by Section 9 of the Conflict of Interest Act applies given that BC Superior Court Judges (and their charges) are representing the Constitution of Canada and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In addition we assert this Conflict as Unique Circumstance 10 with linkage to Unique Circumstance 1.
In terms of the vacant possession order obtained (in the courtroom) by LSBC and Bakonyi/Cambridge - this type of order is linked to a Writ of Possession. The Writ of Possession currently on file stipulates that no enforcement action be taken. The Writ of Possession document provided at the door the State sanctioned home invasion occurred was also a fraud.
The record of document filing will also show that private bailiffs and RCMP attended to enforce the document, that Glen P. Robbins did speak with a spokesperson for his nephew Ryan Dalziel (a former court clerk S.C.C.) with RCMP and Private Bailiffs and Glen P. Robbins did inform them that they did not have valid legal cause to take the action they were taking, and demanded they contact their superiors. Both the bailiffs and RCMP officers refused to investigate the possibility of mistake, instead phoning Bakonyi for Cambridge, who when confronted with his problem, offered to have bailiffs and RCMP leave him (GPR) and his family alone if he would agree to a Conduct of Sale of the property (Ed: Following his obtaining fraudulent orders during Stay of Execution).
When GPR refused to go along with Bakonyi, Bakonyi then directed the Bailiffs to demand the RCMP detain Glen P. Robbins who was ordered by threat of force to go across and stand on (sic) the other side of the street while his family home was looted.
An entire fraud upon the Court was undertaken i order to negotiate a settlement aided and abetted by a Federal Police Force (Ed: RCMP with no legal justification to attend, also note deep security check on Glen P. Robbins in Senate application and recently by BC non profit reveals clean bill of health - according to S.C.C. a person has to be a violent monster for RCMP or police to attend in civil proceedings.
Obviously this matter is a debacle and in a healthy democracy, persons would be charged with crimes, or alternatively pay restitution (Ed: as quickly as possible) to IRobbins et al for that fraud, misusing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to improperly interfere with civil matter without justification, an anxious effort by the federal police to act unethically (illegally) in breach of the Conflict of Interest Act (jurisdiction). This as well as the detaining of Glen P. Robbins and the additional threat of detention of his wife and daughter amounts to a cause of action in our opinion.
We anticipate that relief and remedy will be undertaken by yourself under your inherent jurisdiction and ask you to note other persons to whom this letter is sent including a copy to the Office holder in the United States on the basis of the (cover up) of Institutional Interest Rate fraud (sic) - and knowledge that the USMCA deal between the US and Canada is being held up (Ed: now completed).
(I note) that Justice Satanove Kloegman presided over a case involving former (Republican) President George W. Bush involving International law (Comity)-which she ultimately dismissed declaring it a political hit job.
I also note that the State of California dismissed the matter against Google and the order of the Supreme Court of Canada. (Ed: Think about it).
In context IRobbins et al and Donald Trump (as he was then) have much in common with our concerns about the credibility of (our countrie's mutual) Justice system(s). The proof is clearly evident in the pudding.
Lastly, I note that you were appointed in 2001 (as was former Assistant Chief Cullen) by former Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Hinkson CJ was appointed by Stephen Harper.
Justice Satanove Kloegman was the senior of the group appointed in 1995, again by former Canadian PM Chretien.
In the history of Constitutionality appointed justices to BC's Superior Courts I would place Kloegman J's body of judicial decision making in the top 30 and Chris Hinkson's in the bottom 10. (See Trinity Western LOL).
Delivery of this letter, the Applications already provided to the Court (resubmission) and all other materials is also being sent as it is to Her Honor to the following persons:
BC Attorney General David Eby, Room 232 Parliament Buildings, Victoria, BC PO Box Stn. Provincial Government; Attention: Mr. David Eby "In Personam";
David Lametti, Attorney General of Canada, 180 Wellington Street Office-609 House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario K1A OAG;
Richard Wagner SCC Chief Justice in his capacity as Chair Judicial Council of Canada, 150 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1P1;
Carole James, BC Finance Minister constituency office located at 1084 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3K4; Attention Ms. Carole James "Personal and Confidential";
Privy Council Office, 85 Sparks Street, Room 1000, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A3; Attention: Ian Shugart, Clerk of the Privy Council;
Board of Governors Law Foundation of British Columbia 1340-605 Robson Street, Vancouver BC V6B 5J3; Attention: Mr. Geoffrey White;
Kennedy Stewart, Mayor, City of Vancouver - Chair Vancouver Police Department, 3rd Floor, City Hall 453 West 12th Ave., Vancouver, British Columbia V5Y 1V4
Copy: US President Donald Trump, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500.

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