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RSR - State of Minnesota - Trump versus Klobuchar, Biden and Sanders, Immigration & Impeachment - role of Fed government
  Jan 07, 2020

Question #1
If the 2020 Presidential Election were tomorrow which of the following candidates from the following response choices do you most support right now?
Donald Trump    49.4 %
Amy Klobuchar    46.3 %
Question #2
Who do you believe is stronger on foreign policy?
Donald Trump    54.2 %
Joe Biden    37.4 %
Question #3
Who do you see as Best on the Economy?
Donald Trump    53.6 %
Bernie Sanders    43.8 %
Question #4
Which of the following two response choices Best reflects the job of the Federal Government?
Protecting Americans and their property    52.1 %
Ensuring funding for Education, Health Care & Entitlements    38.4 %
Question #5
Support for Federal government responsible for immigration and refugees - establishing legal criteria and specific numbers of immigrants and refugees permitted in the country each year?
Yes    64.6 %
No    32.5 %
Question #6
Which response choice Best reflects your opinion on the future of the House Impeachment of Donald Trump?
End it    62.4 %
Keep it going    23.2 %
From 1960 to 2016 US Presidential Votes for each main party Democrat and Republican is about even (47.5%) to (47.5%) from 1980 to 2016 Elections the advantage rises by basis point to Democrats on division of average popular vote.
(Makes one wonder why mainstream pollsters fail so badly in predicting Election @ 3-4% Margin of Error).
The Elections we focus on in this RSR Robbins include 1980, the commencement of the Reagan decade including a three peat for Republicans the third presidential win by Reagan’s Vice President George H.W. Bush to 2016 and the Election of Donald Trump to U.S. President, Republican.
The target market for this Poll in the State of Minnesota through these Elections, the more micro focus also include specific Counties in the State of Minnesota which provide us with opportunity to match baseline votes and additional data acquired. One important baseline is Minnesota’s US Election vote for each main party, and comparisons of those percentage to the National outcome average National Election Totals (1980-2016).
One important baseline is Minnesota’s US Election vote for each main party, and comparisons of those percentage to the National outcome average National Election Totals (1980-2016). We place the State of Minnesota Voter averaging just less than {50%} Vote for Democrats and just more than {43%} for Republicans (1980-2016). At least {2%} higher for Democrats and at least {3%} lower for Republicans based on National Election totals through those Elections. The State of Minnesota Voter profile clearly reflects a historical inclination to lean Democrat.
In 2016, Hillary Clinton, Democrat obtained {46.44%} of Vote while Donald Trump obtained {44.92%} in the State of Minnesota. (Note in Election 2012 Mitt Romney obtained {44.96%} of the Vote) + (Counties of value to this Poll from that Election based on specific Romney Vote 2012 are employed in furtherance of baseline) and final projections. In the State of Minnesota and US Election averages since 1980 Clinton and Democrats in 2016 are at least {3%} below Democrat average in that State, while Trump and Republicans are a percentage point and more above Republican Minnesota average, and nearly exact to Mitt Romney numbers (2012). (Note Mitt Romney obtained {47%+} national vote 2012, Trump half a point less than Romney.
On support, stronger on foreign policy and Best on the EconomyTrump scores above (52%) + versus three Democratic candidates. This average is (8%) + Republican Vote average in State of Minnesota from 1980 through 2016. Using the same calculation method the Democratic Vote candidate score is (at least) (7%) below the State of Minnesota average.
In one more populous Minnesota Country where Trump recieved {28%} of the 2016 Vote, our RSR Poll has him at (39%), an (11%) increase straight up and (40%) growth. This achievement is also (3%) above Republican Mitt Romney’s totals in 2012. This outcome is most influential in our overall conclusion of suggesting Donald Trump is likely to win the State of Minnesota in 2020.
Our December 19, 2019 Pennsylvania Poll I have Trump (15%) ahead of Joe Biden. In our December 10, 2019 Ohio Poll I have Trump/Pence 2020 ahead of hypothetical ‘Biden/Klobuchar 2020’ by (20%).
In our 8 State (largest States) Thanksgiving Poll November 26, 2019 I have Trump/Pence 2020 (13%) above hypothetical ‘Bloomberg/Klobuchar 2020’. I have Trump/Pence 2020 (14%) above hypothetical ‘Biden/Buttigieg 2020’, and (11%) higher than hypothetical ‘Warren/Yang 2020’. Voters in Minnesota see Federal Government job as protecting persons and property - an outcome which tends to favour Republicans over Democrats.
Minnesota appears to favour better organization at Border including transparent planning of who may come in when. Continuing on with Impeachment is a loser proposition in the State of Minnesota, with support continuing on with with it at about one in four Voters, similar outcomes I have discovered through the process at the point in time in the House. My numbers in favour of impeachment have been much lower than the Mainstream press and Cable Television in the U.S.
U.S. President Donald Trump appears ready to increase his College numbers in 2020 possibly adding Minnesota to the list. I base this on his high support against front runners like Biden or Sanders. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar runs closest to Trump based on my Margin of Error declaration of 2.2% plus or minus @ 95 confidence.

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