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RSR - December 29, 2019 Political name recognition from Trump to Trudeau, ICBC homeowner insurance, Immigration limits, media concentration, and more
  Dec 29, 2019

Question #1
“Eligible Voters” able to vote in provincial general elections in the Province of British Columbia, Canada (Voter Turnout 60%). Support by Party:
BC New Democrats    31 %
BC Liberals    29 %
BC Conservatives    14 %
BC Greens    10 %
Question #2
Can you Name the following political personalities? (President Trump) (1st and last):
Donald Trump, Could    92 %
Donald Trump, Cannot    7 %
Question #3
Prime Minister of Canada
(Justin Trudeau) Could    72 %
Cannot    28 %
Question #4
Democratic candidate in 2016 US Election:
(Hillary Clinton) Could    64 %
Cannot    36 %
Question #5
Premier of British Columbia:
(John Horgan), Could    23 %
Cannot    77 %
Question #6
Leader of the Official BC Opposition:
(Andrew Wilkonson), Could    9 %
Cannot    91 %
Question #7
Leader of the BC Green Party (retiring):
(Andrew Weaver) Could    14 %
Cannot    86 %
Question #8
Former Premier of BC
(Christy Clark) Could    37 %
Cannot    63 %
Question #9
Support for ICBC selling house insurance to compete with rising private insurance costs for homeowners including particularly townhouse and condo owners?
Yes    50 %
No    29 %
Question #10
Support for Federal government responsible for immigration and refugees - establishing legal criteria and specific numbers of immigrants and refugees permitted in the country each year?
Yes    62 %
No    30 %
Question #11
(Entertainment): Based on research and intelligence studies of US and the World, which 2016 US candidate for President do you believe possessed the highest voter Intelligence average?
Donald Trump, Republican    40 %
Hillary Clinton, Democrat    44 %
Question #12
Perception of BC Medical & Health Care treatment based upon personal experience, experiences from friends, family, and others, including media?
Positive    39 %
Not so Positive    53 %
Question #13
Perception of state of BC Economy under BC New Democrat Party?
Positive    42 %
Not so Positive    53 %
Question #14
Would you support a massive oil pipeline constructed from Edmonton to BC’s Northern Coast to help both Alberta and BC’s economy, particularly given the job shortages in the north of the province because of weak forest industry growth?
Yes    56 %
No    40 %
Question #15
Support for small group of people from the same ethnic group owning or otherwise having control of 90% of BC political news/media?
Yes    18 %
Younger BC Drivers have had their rates sky rocket based on risk of that age classification, though it is clearly older drivers particularly those with good jobs and incomes, more favourable to contingency fee based BC Legal Industry, receiving inordinately high settlements who nearly bankrupted the Crown Corporation.
This question involving Federal Government jurisdiction - Immigration & refugees falling under legislation of annual allowances of numbers of persons permitted is supported by those respondents on the left and the right. Unlikely that mainstream press would acknowledge this reality. The public obviously demands it.
This question (Intelligence US Election) captures a pretty decent response percentage from expectations, but is passively intended to expose actual popularity of the 2016 candidates. British Columbians - like many Americans now do not criticize Donald Trump as they once did - based primarily on a type of back handed sentiment that suggests ‘he didn’t blow everything up - and everything else is going pretty good’. This is not dissimilar from the President’s own recent statements ‘whether you like me or don’t you need to vote for me - (economy-etc.)
Health Care is always an important issue - we haven’t heard much of particulars about why BC Medical is not considered “Positive”, but could be impacted by BC’s free medical - which isn’t free in the province (yet), and by many others who complain about long waits at Emergency, longer waits for surgery, difficulty in obtaining doctors, doctors under prescribing necessary medication because of the fear of addiction and well publicized deaths of persons who (then) seek the drugs on the street, a bunch of whom have died subsequently.
BC’s economy keeps chugging along, nothing extraordinary, but enough to bring “Positive” numbers to over (40%), a percentage which reflects a kind of failure, but nonetheless also reflects a percentage that can win a majority government - in a province where the citizens don't expect too much from government - that is consistently average or less so for decades.
All of the fuss and frustration about the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion through the Lower Mainland of BC, has most British Columbians paying attention - exhausted by government’s inability to get things done or let things go - renewing the idea of a northern pipeline reconsideration is an easy winner, particularly when we know by anecdote that some of the “No” responses are for the TRMP expansion.
Monopoly of Mainstream News brands in television, radio, and newspapers, as well as massive influence in other influence on Government is owned (for profit {or not}) or conspicuously controlled by a few hands - mostly “J” persons. Across the country “JS” , a “J” ethnic family owns “S” Communications, as well as 80% voting control of “C” Entertainment which owns radio stations across the country in major and secondary markets, as well as “ G”Television which also operates in every major or secondary market in Canada.
Another “J” family “G” owns and control “P” Media which includes both Vancouver “S”and “P” newspapers. “S” Communications has head offices in Calgary, Alberta, where most major oil and gas companies also have head offices, and where the Head Office of Federal Government Canada regulatory oversight is also located.
British Columbia has little or no political influence in media from all other media in the Province essentially putting BC under the influence of mass media owned by in this case a few “J” families including “R” Cable which dominates Greater Toronto. An “S” family member is on the Board of Directors of “C”, until it was purchased back into the “S” family fold.
To this notation - “JS” Board of Directors 2008 at the same time a 3rd party was applying for a small scope radio licence the Lower Mainland of BC - aggressively defended by major radio “C...W” a long time political talk show. Three families - all “J” who without a shadow of doubt have too much control of media in Canada including particularly political media.
It should be noted that none of this Media does particularly well financially, and may be said to be a bad investment by any professional assessment (in the abstract). It is the Cable companies also owned by “S” and “R” families which ARE profitable, and who make it possible for the companies to control media and significant free speech from that industry. A number of British Columbians in this poll have “stopped paying attention to news”.
No one in their right mind would see this as a good situation for Canada, but given it is Canada, it is understandable that nothing is done as these families likely have more power than the Government itself, clearly the case in BC.
The problem with this captive market to a small group of ‘unrelated’ but known to each other owners of Media - as it pertains to BC - is that the media becomes a type of lobbyist. One noteworthy instance was radio station “C..” dealing with City of “S” who was getting rid of one police force to another.
During a number of radio shows whereby the mayor of “S” was more villified than other parties - professionally speaking, unfairly so The host failed to properly adduce the fact that her husband was a member of one force over another making her bias or perceived as bias to the circumstances to any reasonable person.
Media needs to be broken up under Competition Act and done so sooner than later, as ‘dying news’ exists most likely because the public doesn’t trust the political media in BC or Canada or in the United States. Severe pressure must be brought to bear to compel more Independent ownership of media, not the $650 million subsidy proposed by Trudeau, which will if found to be concluded will compel the removal of Justin Trudeau from Office in the next Election.
The concentration of media into a few hands known to one another - forms part of the Swamp in BC - Canada and is on the verge of ruining the US Republic.
Poll concluded December 22, 2019 Margin of Error is 3.3% @ 95% confidence (competence).

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