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RSR - Dec 19, 2019 Pennsylvania Poll Trump v Biden, English as 1st language, Israel ban - preferential treatment of Jews, What should Senate do?
  Dec 19, 2019

Question #1
Who do you prefer for President 2020?
Donald Trump, Republican    56 %
Joe Biden, Democrat    41 %
Question #2
Amend U.S. Constitution - English as 1st language of the country?
Yes    52 %
No    31 %
Question #3
Former President Obama struck 10 year special deal with Israel, President Trump proclaims Jerusalem Capital of Israel, now President Trump wants to ban federal funding to Universities & Colleges where Jews face racism? On this and your opinion do Jewish American receive better treatment than other races, including other minorities?
Yes    56 %
No    22 %
Question #4
Presuming Impeachment of President Trump, what should Republican dominated Senate do with it now?
Dismiss this nonsense out of hand    45 %
Full and complete Senate trial get to the truth    35 %
Impeach only on one count Contempt of Congress    17 %
Impeach, Remove President Trump    3 %
RSR Poll (landline) MOE 2% @ 95% confidence/competence.
Trump strong in Pennsylvania, will beat Biden easily.
English as 1st language for US has majority support.
Large minority say No to ban Israel and countries' business.
Majority of Americans believe Jews receive special treatment over other races.
Impeachment presumed failure in State of Pennsylvania.

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