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Glen P. Robbins letter to BC Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Austin Cullen, Van, BC (includes IRobbins v Cambridge, BCAG, Law Society of BC court fraud
  Dec 14, 2019

July 2, 2019 Glen P. Robbins
To: Associate Chief Justin Austin Cullen, Supreme Court of British Columbia, 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2E1
Re: BC Supreme Court file H130330 (Supreme Court of Canada 35772 IRobbins v Cambridge Mortgage Investment Corp (35302 G. Robbins v Law Society of BC).
The reasons for specific request for Associate Chief Justice Austin Cullen's involvement (Ed: court fraud, orders obtained through fraud, involvement of Chief Justice Hinkson - his boss - in the fraud) should become obvious quickly and for protection of our interests and haste of settlement we consider this to be personal service (upon you).
Please find enclosed Notice of Application of IRobbins and another, Requisition, Draft Orders and Affidavit of Glen P. Robbins.
We would ask you consider this matter as Urgent which is within your Inherent Jurisdiction to do.
Letter Signatures
Affidavit in support including request for filing of unfiled Stay of Execution order made April 7, 2014.
I Glen Robbins City of Burnaby, British Columbia MAKE OATH AND SAY AS FOLLOWS:
THAT I attended to the BC Supreme Court Registry 800 Smithe Street in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia on June 27, 2019 to obtain "Log of 6011CR072 (Court Clerk's notes) and note that at 10:49:55 AM on April 7, 2014 Madame Justice Kloegmann made order "So I would make the order stay of execution..until April 30, (2014)." (Exhibit "A" of Court Clerk notes.)
THAT the registry desk where Court Clerk notes are found (necessary for filing with Draft Orders for filing with registry for final signature of Justice) informed me that the tape of (the) proceedings is the final arbiter of order and that I listened to said tape of Proceedings in Chambers (Application for adjournement)placed at 10:50:47 by the registry officer and distintly heard the voice (identified as) and recognized as Madame Justice Kloegmann ordering a stay of execution until April 30, 2014.
That during my attendance to the courthouse I attended desk 205 to review the file and paid for a photocopy of the "Proceedings in Chambers" under file No.: H130330 for April 14, 2014 and note the following: (1) At page 16 lines 5 and 6 THE COURT stipulates" "Well, I would make the order and there would be a stay of execution until April 30th..."; (2) that at page 27 the presiding Court Clerk (after phoning Trial Scheduling) Asserts at line 7 and 8 "My Lady, she (Ed: Head of Trial Scheduling) says (Ed: existing dates of April 23 & 24 controlled by Glen P. Robbins, IRobbins and another) that is a bad week (Ed: can't accommodate the more than 2 hours to one day hearing required), (3) and further assert that on page 28 THE COURT stipulates at line 10 and 11 regarding the hearing date (Then just) "(S)et it down Mr.'s up to you." And make further note in terms of (3) that April 23 and 24th hearing dates are within the command and control of Glen P. Robbins, Ita Robbins and Frana Matich as Cambridge has failed to respond to documents served and thus forfeited under the Rules and requirement to be notified (attached hereto as Exhibit "B").
THAT I further confirm with Accounting that there are presently monies remaining in the Courts trust..."
THAT when I first attended to obtain court clerk notes for this hearing there was no Log available and only notes relating to stay of execution which I included in Affidavits provided to Supreme Court of Canada in intervenor application of Google v Equustek matter - as a result of respondents not being able to file further documents at Supreme Court of Canada under file number 35772 as a consequence of the (all too) convenient order of Chief Justice Hinkson made April 10, 2014 following improper application of Chief Justice Hinkson's former law partner Michael Kleisinger of Law Society of BC who I verily believe purposefully deceived the courts in order to obtain an order to assist law society member Ron Bakonyi and his client the petitioner Cambridge Mortgage Investment.

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