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RSR - Leader & Party Support @ Nov 20, 2019, More $$ for ICBC rates from BC Judge, dislike Alberta or Quebec, Housing and Gas prices - Respondents BC Homeowners and Drivers
  Nov 20, 2019

Question #1
Which BC Leader & Party do you support?
Horgan/BC NDP    32 %
Wilkonson/BC Liberal    30 %
Bolin/BC Conservatives    14 %
New Leader BC Greens    12 %
Question #2
If a brand NEW political party existed in BC, what type would you prefer
Center to center left    16 %
Center to center right    16 %
Further to the left    1 %
Further to the right    4 %
Existing parties are good enough    39 %
Question #3
What is your opinion of The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia ("ICBC")?
Good    37 %
Not very Good    48 %
Question #4
Would you be willing to pay an additional $125 per year on your Basic ICBC insurance to support the recent order of BC Chief Justice Hinkson in support of BC Trial Lawyers, which order according to BC AG Eby will cost $400 million?
Yes    12 %
No    82 %
Question #5
Do you support getting rid of ICBC's monopoly on Basic auto insurance in British Columbia?
Yes    47 %
No    29 %
Question #6
Which of the following responses BEST reflects your opinion of BC's Housing Market?
Housing market could collapse any time    23 %
Housing market is not strong    41 %
Housing market is strong    21 %
Question #7
If you were to put your home on the market today, do you believe you would get the net sales price you want?
Yes    17 %
No    60 %
Question #8
Would you support a ban on foreign ownership of BC homes?
Yes    48 %
No    35 %
Question #9
(Not a solicitation) Are you considering buying a detached home, townhouse or condo this year?
Yes    3 %
No    82 %
Question #10
How would you rate current BC government on the issue of solving housing inclusive of housing affordability?
Good    28 %
Fair    20 %
Poor    52 %
Question #11
On the basis of limited $$ for government from tax payers, which ONE of the following response choices BEST suits what you would like to see occur?
Make Alberta keep its original bargain of low gas prices for BC in return for Trans Mountain    33 %
Build Translink to UBC and through Surrey    23 %
Make sure Trans Mountain pipeline expansion occurs    14 %
Proper compensation for Transit workers, mechanics etc to avoid striking    13 %
Question #12
Which of the following Provinces of Canada from your political observations do you find more annoying, vexing and aggravating?
Province of Quebec    34 %
Province of Alberta    31 %
Both Quebec & Alberta    15 %
Neither Quebec nor Alberta    12 %
Question #13
Should BC Aboriginals who have an interest in the energy issues such as pipelines and other projects affecting them have a VETO, or final say on the matters?
Yes    23 %
No    47 %
Recent digit dialing RSR POLL with Margin of Error @ 3.6%, 95% competence. Respondents are both Homeowners and possess BC Drivers licence paying insurance to ICBC.

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