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Support BC pol, Support Fed pol, Fav Institution, Jody WR v., McLachlin CJ v Harper PM, Trump v Trudeau, Trans Mountain FINAL - Tax Google FBook?
  Sep 29, 2019

Question #1
Who did you vote for in the British Columbia Election in 2017? (Baseline)
Christy Clark & BC Liberals    40.37 %
John Horgan & BC New Democrats    40.27 %
Andrew Weaver & BC Green    16.83 %
Question #2
If an Election today in the Province of British Columbia, which of the following Leaders & Party would you vote for? (Adjusted numbers).
John Horgan & BC New Democrats    36.87 %
Andrew Wilkinson & BC Liberals    31.21 %
Andrew Weaver & BC Greens    13.56 %
Trevor Bolin & BC Conservative    6.07 %
(Undecided)    11 %
Question #3
Currently – during the lead up to the Election Call, the dropping of the Writ commencing the Canadian Federal Election and days subsequent to the Election call – if you had to make a selection which Leader and Party - who would you declare to be your favourite?
Jagmeet Singh & Federal NDP    27.76 %
Andrew Scheer & Federal Conservatives    25.61 %
Justin Trudeau & Federal Liberals    23.07 %
Elizabeth May & Federal Greens    9.94 %
Maxime Bernier & Federal People's Party    5.44 %
Undecided    8.2 %
Question #4
Which one of the following response choices BEST reflects which of the following State Actors (Institutions) you respect the most? (Provided from highest to lowest) (*Not necessarily provided in this order).
None of These    21.32 %
Supreme & Superior Courts    20.59 %
Media – Broadcasting    19.21 %
Elected Officials    18.75 %
RCMP “Police”    12.50 %
Public Service/ “Bureaucracy”    3.56 %
Question #5
(Push Question) Jody Wilson Raybould is Prime Minister Trudeau's former Attorney General – losing her position in Cabinet and in Liberal Caucus (the Liberal “Team”) after whistle blowing Trudeau's efforts to coerce or manipulate her into staying (stopping) a prosecution against SNC Lavelin against Trudeau's unethical actions to keep SNC jobs in Quebec – suggesting jobs would be lost if the JWR prosecution continued? If it were up to you as a 'British Columbian' – imagining yourself voting in Vancouver Granville where JWR is running as Independent – which of the following two candidates for that Vancouver City riding would you support from these two candidates only?
Independent candidate “Whistle blower” Jody Wilson Raybould    36.34 %
Federal Liberal candidate for Vancouver Granville Taleeb Noormohamed    9.29 %
Neither of these two candidates for Office    33.38 %
Undecided    18.26 %
Question #6
(Push Question) In a December 14, 2017 article in the CBC News, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada Beverley McLachlin confessed that she was shocked by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's account that she acted improperly by telephoning His Office to advise of eligibility Rules for Supreme Court of Canada candidates. Following the advisement – a candidate for the Highest Court preferred by Harper, who was clearly not eligible, was refused by the Supreme Court of Canada – prompting – by inference of the CBC article – Harper's comment that McLachlin Chief Justice of the top Court for 17 years – acted inappropriately. (Repeats) From this disagreement as described who would you be inclined to support?
Former Supreme Court of Canada Justice – Progressive Conservative & Liberal appointment(s) Beverley McLachlin    41.65 %
Former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper    22.28 %
Neither of these two    23.40 %
Undecided    12.20 %
Question #7
(Push) (Entertainment) Glen P. Robbins the Most Accurate Pollster in the World, and owner of our public opinion firm believes that all public opinion polls ought to be banned in the final 5 days of any Federal or Provincial Election in order to ensure polls and news sponsors do not manipulate public opinion. Would you agree with this Glen P. Robbins ban on public polls during the final days of any Federal or Provincial Election?
Yes    51.55 %
No    22.74 %
Undecided/Can't Answer    25.70 %
Question #8
(Entertainment) Of the following two National Leaders – President Donald Trump, USA and Justin Trudeau, Canada who do you believe works harder for the benefit of their respective countries?
Donald Trump, USA    47.37 %
Justin Trudeau, Canada    31.58 %
Neither    21.05 %
Question #9
Do you support a Final Solution of “Yes” to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to existing and long standing infrastructure of pipeline from Edmonton Alberta to Burnaby-Vancouver British Columbia for sale and shipment of oil overseas? (Numbers including “Undecided” Adjusted to reflect near 100% presentation to – I tended to round basis points to nearest half or whole – Undecided may be as high as (23%)).
Yes    43.95 %
No    36.45 %
Undecided (Offered)    20.15 %
Question #10
In your opinion should the Province of British Columbia tax companies like Google and FaceBook who are doing business in the province?
Yes    48.82 %
No    23.91 %
Notes from Question 2
John Horgan & NDP down (8.5%), Andrew Wilkinson down (22.5%), & Andrew Weaver & BC Green down (19.5%) - from 2017 totals. Left Wing BC NDP & BC Green currently possess (50.43%) of total BC Vote – while Right Wing BC Liberals and Conservatives possess (37.28%). As at BC Election 2017, Left Wing obtained [57.1%] of the BC Vote, whilst Right Wing obtained about [42%].
In our July 3, 2019 RSR ROBBINS Poll we found John Horgan and BC NDP @ (32.04%), Wilkonson and BC Liberals @ (29.09%), and Weaver and BC Greens @ (23.42%).
The BC Greens (Federal Greens) and BC Conservatives usually never show up at voting time/relative to the never ending push they get from mainstream media (in the case of BC and Federal Greens) – BC Greens polling in teens often resulting in disappointing vote outcome (well) under double digits – did (finally) show up in BC Election 2017 achieving nearly (17%) of the provincial Vote – double the usual number of votes received. This is important because RSR ROBBINS – the first to showcase a rise of the BC Greens in British Columbia to (10%) (when mainstream media scored them at {2%}) in Year 2000, also showcased BC Greens at (23%) in 2014 – and being spat on whilst suggesting you are popular – turned out to be true – just like the first time. Andrew Weaver and BC Green like Stephen Harper on that one imo (lmao). In any event – that ROBBINS poll predicted the first bona fide rise for BC Greens in 2000 – (notwithstanding the self doubt or reasoning intransigence baked into that party), and the second one in 2014 – (for 2017 Election). Now the mainstream press is predicting the same for Elizabeth May and Greens in the Federal Election. (Full disclosure – Glen P. Robbins had met with former BC Green Leader “AC” in 2005 about doing polling for BC Green – including subsidizing some of it – for research purposes - “AC” BC Greens couldn't contribute at all because they would come off AC's monthly income from the party (lol)). Somewhat ironically, the BC Greens which have BC NDP under Electoral Contract – with both Leaders located on Vancouver Island – have denied BC NDP government in BC Elections where they ought to have won given the gaffes, misplays and corruption of the BC Liberals.
Can longtime Opposition Members in a party such as the BC NDP simply become comfortable in Opposition? And In any event through the period prior to 2014 AC got elected Vancouver Councillor. It is nice to see that at least one job was created as part of that near two decade exercise in political shadowboxing. This September 2019 RSR ROBBINS Poll – may be foreshadowing BC Green support heading downward below double digits – as I expect BC Politics realigns back to more traditional contest between BC NDP and BC Liberals – with BC Green & BC Conservatives hiving off votes from left and right political flanks. (Or, alternatively BC Greens hiving off votes from BC NDP – and BC Conservatives running another game on the BC Electorate – (a kind of Trojan Horse – hiding vote support for BC Liberals) – who narrowly win in the end). A weak and uninteresting BC Politic Script that 'never ends' (not) like the Disney ride.
It is also important to consider that mainstream polling has Elizabeth May Leader of the FEDERAL Green Party rising up – with the possibility that her 2015 Election Total of [8.2%] in British Columbia may also rise as Andrew Weaver's did in 2017 in the BC Election. Fed Green Leader May oft under performs mainstream speculation about her rise – but she has hung in there and she is changing the planet because she has contributed greatly to Canadian political landscape particularly in terms of good stewardship of the environment - -you go girl- - –she obviously made an impact on politics because the environmental cause is further ahead in Canada --- but less than 3 Seats and (6%) for May's Greens after all of this love and hullabaloo is a failure in my opinion.
NOW (If) Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh – the best federal candidate in terms of attractiveness –skilful communication etc., so far in the current Election ( as @ September 22, 2019) – absorbs Elizabeth May's media fed electoral promise – such an outcome where Singh hits Mulcair's numbers @ [19%-2015], and beyond –national, would be action contrary to all media assessments of him going into the Writ period – and in furtherance of that theory being proven - may also support my stronger suggestion that Green voters will be moving toward more established parties which have good Green policies in the hope that their vote might have more meaning in capturing what Singh oft refers to as policy priorities. Imagine a Sea of (all matter) (of) Green Turbans?
Under (4%) and Elizabeth May wins her seat alone – abject failure. NDP' Singh attains (17%) with clear control of Minority Government then deem him to have been successful – over (20%) for Singh and NDP and someone somewhere on the political scene is being hurt, and being hurt bad to the Fed. NDP's clear benefit. Singh may have to take off May's head at some juncture if he mortally wounds Justin Trudeau – which a percent over (20%) nationally would infer—particularly with a large crowd of viable parties in the Province of Quebec - including the Bloc Quebecois and headquarters of People's Party Maxime Bernier – and the fact that NDP has fallen on hard times in that province of late – affecting on NDP national numbers by virtue of Quebec being Canada's 2nd largest province.
Notes Question 3
On 'net to net' basis, Jagmeet Singh and Federal NDP leads a close pack of Big Three Canadian Political Parties (“BTCPP”), and are currently in possession of (75.29%) of the net support total ascribed to John Horgan and BC NDP by RSR ROBBINS. Justin Trudeau possesses (73.92%) of the current support for Andrew Wilkonson and BC Liberals, while Elizabeth May and Federal Greens possesses (73.03%) of the current support for Andrew Weaver and BC Greens. Trevor Bolin and BC Conservatives have (23.07%) of current support for Andrew Scheer and Federal Conservatives.
On a prima facie basis (1st impression – accepted until proven wrong) – Maxime Bernier & Federal People's Party attract (89.6%) of BC Conservatives current net support. There is anecdotal evidence of Undecided British Columbian's supporting Maxime Bernier & Federal People's Party. Good set of Leaders for debate – excellent – might have a good turn out voting for a party (oddly).
Based on RSR ROBBINS POLLING outcomes totalled to (100%), John Horgan and BC NDP current support leads all Leaders & Party(s) @ (41%) (slightly above 2017), Andrew Wilkonson & BC Liberal are 2nd @ (35%) (5% below 2017), Jagmeet Singh and Fed. NDP are 3rd @ (30%), Andrew Scheer & Fed. Conservatives 4th @ (27%), Justin Trudeau & Fed. Lib 5th @ (25%), Andrew Weaver & BC Green 6th @ (15%), Trevor Bolin & BC Conservative (tied) 8th @ (7%), and Maxime Bernier and Fed Peoples Party (tied) 8th @ (7%).
Conservatives are very strong in the Okanagan – up Northern and Eastern BC. Stephen Harper is loved in these areas – people cry when they speak of him. Visitors from the Big City cry when they see and hear the aforementioned crying.
Notes Question 4
The Public Service/Bureaucracy (“PS/B”) takes a severe public relations beating by British Columbian's in this RSR ROBBINS Poll and currently rests at an untenable point of non confidence in the minds of Voters.
'Raising taxes for more services' –will be a difficult sell over 'more money in your pocket' – the successful mantra of Trump administration is the U.S.
This pitiful low percentage for “Public Service/Bureaucracy” where GPR theorized the word Bureaucracy may draw some negative inference to Public Service (with no evidence of the aforesaid) should be of major concern to 'all' even in Robbins Bully Mode (“Bully Press” (R))–
--there is an expectation among the Public – Voters particularly that Elected persons would spin, promote – or otherwise be dishonest or not forthcoming when information should reasonably be divulged - or at the very least exaggerate policy positions they advance – its politics, it is supposed to be about civilized people making or avoiding war mostly without guns – and to create peace and harmony for the betterment of society throughout the entire country – that fight decides the victor who gets the check book – the Public Service is not intended to be anything beyond neutral – events in the United States – with compromised Department of Justice – and in Canada with SNC Lavelin – (and the appearance of Privy Council Clerk) – (actually putting a 1st face upon that previous faceless impression) has brought the reputation of the Public Service in Canada to its (“beggar) knees” in terms of credibility.
This (+) combined with events at BC Legislature having all the moral appearance of a particularly deviant orgy of mostly unattractive persons.--- Clerks making up their own pension contributions – the excuse no law against – taking 'public' liquor home.. and as “Nina” says on Sesame Street - “on and on”. Imagine the deal with Biden's son – One Billion Dollars $$$ with China where you have no history of that kind of business – (Dems say it was already investigated – could I see details of that investigation – negotiations with China are ongoing), and imagine writing a pension for yourself without consult or something akin to actions acceptable to the reasonable ordinary person.
These events of non competence in BC Legislature, are further supported by RSR ROBBINS polling, indicating that only (37%) of British Columbians believe the (*x) former BC lawyer aka BC Supreme Court Justice Cullen's BC NDP Government Inquiry into broad based housing money laundering and Interest fraud will “result in any positive or meaningful change”. I assert there is a greater probability that Cullen will focus away from Institutional players and politicians in BC – particularly the BC Liberals whose lawyers and Attorney General appointed him. BC Lawyers knowingly filed a lot of fraudulent mortgage registrations. Cullen worked under current BC Supreme Court Chris Hinkson – a career Law Society lawyer- not looking stellar in Whistle Blow legal documents (IRobbins) well known and just registered mailed to Harold Munro and Ian Mulgrew – who wrote the original Robbins v BMO and Law Society of BC v Glen P. Robbins cases – with no phone call to Glen P. Robbins (lol) – given that we have submissions to Ass Chief Justice and former BC lawyer Heather Holmes served August 26, 2019. Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Richard Wagner served August 30, 2019, SCC Justice Abella served at or about September 14, 2019 – delivery to US Donald Trump (copy) – at or about September 19, 2019, BC Attorney General David Eby (Personal Service) September 24, 2019,
Post Media gets served about October 2, 2019.
It strikes me as more than a little ironic that the RCMP “Police” follows next in line to Public Service/Bureaucracy 'in (least) respect'. Both are supposed to be neutral arbiters of law and policy, but sure aren't perceived that way by the BC Public (Interest). In 1995, the RCMP permitted Disney to sell their brand Worldwide. The CBC, in article dated 2018, declared that at that time there was controversy because the RCMP product for sale and Made in Canada – would not be made by in Canada for Disney. Somewhat ironically to the brand value has plummeted in the last near quarter century. (Also the RCMP wants a Union – the Public Service has one). The RCMP brand in BC has been floundering (aimlessly) for some time (cast adrift) – the perception that the RCMP was once an untouchable- ((the Mounties) Icon -is long gone)) – and could run nearly autonomously without any accountability – this and the fact that many BC Cities – do not have an RCMP presence - leaves the impression with most British Columbian's that the RCMP is more a political and public relations institution than Canada's Federal Police Force. When an event occurs which does not look favourably on the RCMP (Tasering & Killing Polish man at Vancouver Airport – Sexual Harassment – unhappy rank and file – and of late – Surrey City expelling RCMP) (recently allegation that high up giving away State secrets-announced during Election period), civil members giving up secrets
Between the (Public Service Bureaucracy and RCMP) is less than (16%) “respect the most”. There is your accountability test on two distinct State Actors and RSR ROBBINS Public Opinion judges it a major failure.
On the other hand (Media & Elected Officials) garners about (38%) of 'most respect'. If the highest percentage 'None of These' is excised from totals nearly (46%) of the remainder has 'most respect' for (Media & Elected Officials).
There is much more respect for (Media & Elected Officials) than for (RCMP & Public Service Bureaucracy), because the Public has already factored in that both Media and Elected Officials are either colouring events for sale back to the public or alternatively are flat out liars for 'Entertainment' purposes. Respect for (Superior & Supreme Courts) runs (23%) higher on overall basis - than for (RCMP and Public Service) combined. Respect for (Superior & Supreme Courts) plus (Media & including Elected Officials) totals (58.55%) or nearly (70%) when “None of These” is excluded.
The difference between the Superior and Supreme Courts and the RCMP is the media and public can more easily detect a mistake by police than by the Courts. Greater transparency (any transparency really) involving the Courts might greatly reduce the perception of respect of the public towards the Courts lower than it currently rests in this RSR ROBBINS Poll-- which may explain why lawyers and the Courts like their World to be kept secret and their activities without proper Public Interest scrutiny. But as The Guess Who said – she (lady liberty in Canada) is “undone”, the door was kicked in by Jody Wilson Raybould – is she Blondie's “Maria” in this Federal Election?
Stephen Harper's numbers versus former Supreme Court of Canada nemesis former Chief Justice McLachlin ('looks like everything turned out okay' (Harper losing)) - statement by the former Chief Justice – may provide inference that McLachlin CJ was not too impressed with Harper, S. - and may provide insight into her opinion of the reality that Stephen Harper approved hordes of ideological often foolish or downright Constitutionally stupid judges – many with no knowledge or alternatively no interest in the Constitution or Charter Rights – a similar view taken by Harper – which I believe still dogs Andrew Scheer and will act as a weight suppressing his maximum scores in this Federal Election with Conservative voters, particularly in the Province of Ontario – who like their Courts. (British Columbia is its own story – often a unique circumstances – if BC wasn't in the Canadian brain we would a noteworthy less interesting nation. It is incredibly beautiful here – a person could live a full and complete life never leaving British Columbia no matter their travel – there should be some tax exemption for Seniors who want to RV – who document their intra BC travel – with notes - . I think that would be very cool – its burning fuel – let's be sensible. See BC get an RV. I
(This would tie in with Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – whose 'recovery' from Black Face – at least in its instant evaporation into the national elections was stunning-(some researchers are still ordering rounds)-of expensive hard liquor – to navigate shifting public opinion – there are 2-3 point creases between Federal Conservatives and Federal Liberals – the 2-3 point in vote share on the left particularly Federal Liberal and Federal NDP – with other strong influences like the Bloc Quebecois (Quebec only federally elected) – historically separation – distinct society – but always with a pro Quebecois nationalist bent – hello smooth talkin' Libertarian Maxime Bernier – the best looking politician in the country- - (except for Catherine McKenna Liberal Environmental Minister and future candidate for Leader should Trudeau falter and he won't,) though with a right side swing – and then there is Elizabeth May on the left --pollsters had her double and triple her normal election outcomes of 3-4 percent.
McKenna v Wilson Raybould? Anyhow
Basis points are going to matter – depending on good the ground games look – a perspective on that – from where have the leaders been – some take outs of the ample interviews and press conferences (very good to date) with analysis of that leadership level against early travel (including factor of Green Summit in Vancouver, BC 100,000 people, which I have not captured in this poll – with only the early fringe of the Tractor Trailer for forestry (my grandson loves these big trucks – their tires – their look and power)
The grouping of Institutions and the 'glue' of their mutual public relations and legal ties to one another – create a type of symbiotic relationship, as dependent as it is naturally mutual – intended to be distinct and elite from the Public's benefit (not to mistaken for Public Interest) – with a minimum of public awareness of those goings on – social media has changed the capacity for this entanglement of Institutions – and as this RSR ROBBINS Poll reveals – the ties that bind between them are fraying – making divide and conquer of the overall relationship like shooting fish in a barrel.
Notes Question 5
Former Federal Liberal Attorney General Jody Wilson Raybould (“JWR”) dominates this RSR ROBBINS push question – when contrasted against the actual candidate in one riding and a “Neither” option. On a 'BC basis' she is supported by near 4 times the number who support the new Liberal candidate in Vancouver Granville riding – who aims to take her seat from (H)er. (ED: the seat wouldn't have been my 1st choice).
Like so many RSR ROBBINS Polling questions – this one intends to kill (eviscerate really) many birds with one (huge) stone (as one might see in the sport of Curling). The first most obvious that JWR's independent 'Whistle Blower' brand is real. Wilson Raybould is more credible than RCMP in straight up support (intra) question - (and about equal when Random Score is factored). Slightly more than one in two respondents selects “Neither” or “Undecided”, while combined Independent Whistle Blower Liberal Jody Wilson Raybould and real Federal Liberal Taleeb Norrmohamed grab nearly (45.63%), a far cry from Trudeau Liberal totals in that federal Leader & Party match up Polling Question (PQ) #3.
Jody Wilson Raybould's Whistle Blower status emerging from well within the Federal Liberal Cabinet – the apex of political power is given a lot of respect – unlike obviously manufactured anonymous so called whistle blower claims in US News – always generated and regenerated from the same source (NY Times – Washington Post) is in my expert opinion denigrating confidence in Media and Government in the United States. The fact that Jody Wilson Raybould was aboriginal made this an extraordinary selection as she was the First. JWR was leveraged by the Trudeau government to keep Quebec jobs –JWR's reputation had been quietly denigrated following her foolish appointment of Marion Bennett – however Wilson Raybould's public image has not properly considered that appointment – and the lack of success of the Missing and Murdered Women – whatever it was – most of the public only saw JWR sacrificing personal power for the interest of transparency.
Now JWR possesses an interesting posture in public opinion – a great base of support – how to spin it just right and tight to dominate the Province of BC in this federal election, without appearing to suffocate it – which could turn the BC Public against her unnecessarily. As my father and mother would oft advise me and my six other brothers and sisters – and would recommend it from Bill Wilson to his daughter Jody - “losing isn't an option”. By BC Political Party BC Wide - here is how JWR's support rolls out: BC NDP (61%), BC Green (53%), BC Liberal (21%), & BC Conservative (5%). These BC Conservatives are likely Reformers – like WAC Bennett was – a protest against Ottawa – factor. Federal Liberal candidate in Vancouver Granville Taleeb Noormohamed – is supported by (4%) of BC NDP, (17%) of BC Liberals, (3%) of BC Greens, and zero percent of BC Conservativ
“Neither of these two candidates for Office” is supported by (25%) of BC NDP, (42%) of BC Liberal, (17%) of BC Greens, and (86%) of BC Conservatives.
“Undecided” roll out as follows: BC Green (37%), BC Liberal (20%), BC NDP (10%), BC Conservative (3%).
Notes Question 6
Former Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin – appointed by former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney – to the Supreme Court of Canada – AND later made Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada by former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien, trounces former Conservative PM Stephen Harper in our 'head to head political hypothesis' (judicial appointments are political appointments – thus of lower grade than being voted in (“the appoint-er”) - guided by 'support' from this RSR ROBBINS question.
Like Jody Wilson Raybould former SCC Chief Justice attracts support from progressives with near identical support from BC NDP supporters (61%) & BC Greens (74%). She also attracts (29%) support from BC Liberals and (18%) from BC Conservatives. The contempt for the Court in this instance comes primarily from the right side of BC politics.
Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper receives his 'support' from BC Liberal supporters (61%) and BC Conservatives (73%). Stephen Harper was never as popular in the Province of British Columbia as other Conservative Leaders such as Stockwell Day (Canadian Alliance) or Preston Manning (Reform). Like JWR – McLachlin (CJ) garners her 'support' from the more populous regions of the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island – while Harper receives his East of Hope (Alberta 2.0) lol. McLachlin's result betters Jody Wilson Raybould by (20%) - (42% to 33%), while JWR beats Harper by (20%) in our intra question analysis.
Trump's worth ethic for Americans and Glen P. Robbins ban on polling results 5 days before Election Day attract on average one in two BC Voters – the highest 'support' in the poll.
(Alberta might do well to annex – the eastern and northern parts of British Columbia as there is greater sense of kinship between Alberta and these regions of BC than Alberta and the Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island – or even eastern and northern BC and Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island).
While Canadian Prime Minister - Former Stephen Harper's attacks on Canada's top Court (and Judge) 'worked out' as the Former Chief Justice said in the news (inferring that Harper being voted out – underpinned things working out) – and further underscoring that in this Election – Andrew Scheer will have to show some progressive side without taking everyone's money as progressives are want to do - in the process or relinquishing ANY part of his based through this suggested undertaking.
Harper's support numbers won't sustain Scheer throughout BC – but they will East of Hope (end of Lower Mainland of higher population base) – he has a Right Wing ceiling of support right now in the neighbourhood provincially of (28%-30%) by my estimate – pinned by degree to the stale dated relationship between Federal Conservatives and BC Liberals that sustained their mutual symbiosis in unfettered fraud and corruption in BC for many years- and the modest application of statistical information from rural ridings often benefiting Conservative politics – presents the position that if Andrew Scheer does better than one in three Votes – – over 35 percent over performing in BC – given its modestly more progressive political nature- and has seats to commensurate with this good showing – he is also then the Prime Minister. If Scheer does less than (35%) he has failed.
Harper's numbers of support came in under (20%) in Surrey British Columbia. At this point in the Federal Election this won't bode well for Conservative candidates running for a Federal Seat in and around that BC City (or the Lower Mainland & Vancouver Island) for that matter, unless circumstances dramatically change unless the Trans Mountain pipeline numbers, or at least the numbers against it going down fast – can be sold in Surrey BC – the Conservatives may not take seats.
Families want more money – Businesses want more money – Everyone wants more money – real valuable currency – like their cousins in the US are getting (with cheaper foodstuffs and gasoline to boot). Ultimately it is for this latter reason that the Trans Mountain pipeline must be gotten on with. The points have been made – the legal framework of judicial decision is available – get on with the safety and security of the delivery of Alberta oil through the pipeline expansion – and the people get it – with many respondents who professed no love of Alberta – ultimately being the ones getting out of the way of the construction.
......On the other hand, former Liberal Attorney General Jody Wilson Raybould scores at (33%) (her provincial score) in Surrey - and the current Liberal candidate in Vancouver Granville is running at (11%) in Surrey. Can't be considered good – for Trudeau's Liberals in the region (either), particularly with 'Neither of These Two' and 'Undecided' in the majority under the JWR question – with a high minority of respondents in Surrey also asserting response choice “None of These” or “Undecided” in Surrey under the Judge McLachlin – Harper 'match up'.
Notes Question 7
Like our unpublished question about “merit” in polling during this polling process, (“merit” in polling beats 'media legitimacy' as more important test of confidence by 2 to 1) – a ban on public polls during the final days of any Federal or Provincial Election – “Yes” to the proposed ban attracts better than one in two respondents – (and nearly (70%) if grossed up to max by Decided calculation). Overwhelming public support. Another great idea from Glen P. Robbins & The Public Interest Band (TPIB)– taking away the mainstream press's ability to bandwagon or otherwise calculate their own self interest onto the Election process – (while pointing a finger towards Social Media as the bogeyman) – exalting their own right to magnified (and often hyperbolic exaggerated or dishonest) Free Speech (albeit under Government for profit licence), while attempting through that licensed advantage to downgrade the public's right to free speech. Eighty (80%) of BC Conservatives would support the Glen P. Robbins ban on polling in the last 5 days of any Election, while (51%) of BC Liberals support it as well (support it in office – don't like it now (lol)), Average for ban from Right Wing (60%). Left Wing parties BC NDP support the Robbins ban (53%) NDP support while BC Greens support it (76%) also (60%) support.
This one is Easy. Trump doesn't need Congress for this ban – people would love it.
Notes Question 8
I have been hiding Trump's work ethic numbers for some months now – they are always high – he appears to be working every day – another day at the Office - “a professional” like the Australian Prime Minister – like to see how Perth sets up for point of International polling – President Trump grabs good numbers in Canada – which would tend to contradict at least in context of the condition of the ask 'works harder for the benefit of country' – he beats Trudeau. Trudeau – benefits to the extent that the other numbers herein which might tend to impugn his opportunities in British Columbia this Election Cycle – are mitigated to the extent that nearly (32%) came to his defence against Trump is an unscientific hypothetical.
Trudeau achieved 'great success' in BC in 2015 with (35%) of the BC Vote. The Federal Liberal Party averages well under [30%] in Vote Outcome historically – in Federal Elections Province of British Columbia. I am suggesting Trudeau is about (20%) under Federal Liberal Party average – and (40%) under his 2015 BC totals – but (30%) below 2015 Decided Totals – however this is to September 24, 2019 and my guess is Trudeau's numbers may be better based on days following.
The fact is Trump's numbers of any positive in this case work ethic – because he is in the news everyday – (as is Trudeau now and frequently before) – it suggests to me Canadians are emotionally ambivalent about Trump – have moved on – but are willing to send a message to Trudeau using Trump – Trump has the same river of voters adding to his totals in the United States. Most Canadians who did not like Trump – and are ambivalent now – thought he was going to blow up the earth or be just awful – when he turned out to very competent – arguably phenomenal to many supporters – crazy Donald Trump has left the building. Canadians know Donald Trump works at the job of President – they don't what the heck is going on in their own province and own country. The way the Democrats in the United States are going on after Trump failure after failure is odd except its cheap news – like reruns of other comedies like Seinfeld and Fraser (watching Fraser currently)– you will see Donald J. Trump on most crosses in most US churches in 20 years time – a true resurrection (if you will) of a valid martyr.
The Democrats are behaving precisely the same as the Pharisees – that group of Jewish people who had fallen out with Jesus and subsequently placed him on the Cross. One doesn't have to be too abstract to see that pattern of determinism – with upwards of 160,000,000 Voters Expected in the US Presidential 2020- is similar. Rather than not vote as Jewish Canadians – and by the way on the subject of racism – here is my statement of Jewish people – if they were gone on the planet the rest of us would be throwing shit at one another in a month – so moving on – Jewish Americans are going to have to take the [2%] of the total Vote (and 22% of the loot lol) they possess and reallocate it to the President rather than the Democratic Party as they normally do to a trend of 70% and up. A reversal of these numbers with Trump (70%) of the Jewish Vote is a reasonable expectation as indirect benefit of politics (happens every minute of everyday) in the US Presidential race – in return for a benefit to Israel in affirming Jerusalem as a political capital of International legitimacy at all levels – with further carrot of security counsel at United Nations – and with good faith arguments going to US Supreme Court –
I don't believe Trump will need the Jewish Vote to win in 2020 – I can however already see the irony of a tight race where the African American Vote puts him over the top – however my inversion suggestion for Jewish Voters is likely a standard required expected from President Trump. I cannot speak for the President – but Israel will be paying full price for all its security – let's be serious on here. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a very good politician – he is as good as his Father Pierre – just in a different time, but similar standard. Pierre may have told you all to get stuffed – and pay attention to the issues – Justin is in fact – apologetic – he does that well – Patsy Cline is rolling over in her grave – However - His defence of jobs in Quebec – makes sense to many Canadians particularly in the Province of Quebec. People are colourful like Sesame Street – more positive in telephone response than one might think considering my harsher criticisms – Trudeau is getting – traction with Progressive Conservatives – in British Columbia – if those tires turn – who knows – he might be better than before.
Some people love apologies – its often a certain bridge to recovery in relationships – others do not – like so many – they are perceived as phony when over done – the former group is more inclined to Trudeau.
Andrew Scheer is good – he is very good – he is intelligent, attractive – kind – and respectable – I would say he is trustworthy – he is true to himself. If he is one half of Diefenbaker (Canadian Progressive Conservative Prime Minister – like Scheer- from Saskatchewan) – he is something – if he is one half of some Stephen Harper he's better off.
Can a Sesame Street type character get Elected to a majority in first try as Prime Minister (having won majority with Stephen Harper).
BC's Speaker – Plecas has exuded more than a little Independence – he might have been the only thing – that saved the Legislature from complete public doubt – a Whistle blower Speaker if you well – who went to – if he can Plecas and Fraser Valley – Okanagan BC Liberals and former Liberals ought to move over to BC Conservatives.
This extraordinary move could put the power of BC Government in the hands of a minority number of BC Conservative MLA's – owing to Plecas's (now a BC Conservative) power of tie breaking vote on Bills in the Legislative process – a real and substantial political move that put the contributing forces most particular (based on my numbers) the Fraser Valley – the Okanagan – BC's North – and Eastern BC – Kootenay would be in charge of the purse strings de facto – because of that tie breaker.
Sweet & Delicious Public Opinion Polling – (Women respondents only (Imagine the ad sell Ivanka) – lol -
Notes Question 9 & 10
At (44%) “Yes” to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion holds its net support in the Province over “No” by (5%). Also a majority of BC New Democrats (53%) in the Okanagan and North and conspicuous minority of BC Greens (18%) - East of Hope – support the Trans Mountain pipeline. The number against the Trans Mountain pipeline having moved to Undecided – has dropped “No” by (25%) or better – or (40%) of previous against – in a number of our regular polling questions on the subject and in our push polls on the subject – in this push question more reasonable toward Trans Mountain holds its support “Yes” while “No” interpreted as against the expansion – is lowered.
On balance of probabilities it is now safe in my opinion to declare that a majority of British Columbians support Trans Mountain with note of high Undecided remaining.
An order of BC Supreme Court a few years back in Google v Equustek (where my Intervenor application on the subject and related I Robbins v Cambridge was READ by Supreme Court of Canada Justice Brown – a 450 odd page in depth analysis of higher up malfeasance by BC Lawyers – misfeasance by government institutions and fraudulent court filing (been proved) with affidavit in support (which can be obtained for fee from S.C.C. - this order was later affirmed by the SCC with the limited fanfare the decision deserved – given the SCC's evidence that the BC Judge was known to have compromised her office in May 2013 by participating in a staged court fraud organized with two lawyers – one from BMO and one from Cambridge. The Supreme Court of Canada was later overturned in the State of California – the State of California where Google (and FaceBook) have head office was thus a court of higher authority than Canada's top court.
From calculation derived from telephone polling data on September 16, 2019 and September 19, 2019 and subsequent to Press Release sent to Glen (P.) Robbins on September 18, 2019 @ 10.05 PST from the West Wing which reads: “A Columbia Journalism Poll Review poll revealed that half of all Americans have 'hardly any confidence at all' in media, which beat out Congress as the institution for which the public has the least confidence.”
In this RSR ROBBINS Poll – we challenge respondents on questions of Leadership & Party loyalty and support – at both provincial and federal levels, aware of the Federal Election ongoing. We also challenge respondents to assess various elements of the State – the police – government – courts – elected persons – and thereafter to compare some of the outcomes of these first few questions to questions which follow.
Jody Wilson Raybould gets measured by Glen P. Robbins against the leader and party support and elements of the State – and does very well. Respectfully, I though I could trap her less known Liberal opponent in the riding – to lower numbers than I got.
Her numbers in support are slightly lower than the surprise achievement of the Trudeau Liberals in 2015.
We then measure the former Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice McLachlin – (BC) against former Conservative PM Harper – describing the Chief Justice as liberal and progressive conservative appointed – and pushing against Harper. Harper's Decided support is about (20%-25%) below what he achieved in the 2015 Federal Election. If we pushed more for Trump would he trend back to the 2015 Election Outcome he received.
Scheer's Decided numbers herein are slightly below 2015 totals – but net is further below – higher for Scheer in relative terms than for Harper – Scheer is perceived in BC as somewhat progressive conservative in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island without drifting left. BC's radical right exist in greatest numbers in the south east Okanagan and North and Central British Columbia however.
We then sell US 'merit' on British Columbians versus tried and true news media. The merit push took hold – as self serving as it was intended lol. More seriously, someone like Donald Trump might like to look to see about banning polls be published in the last 5 days of the Election – just advise before hand that all heart medication be kept up to date particularly in New York and Washington DC.
US President Donald Trump has good hooks in perception of work ethic both among BC 'Officious Bystanders and American people. I have polled this over (60%) with little publication – thought – why inform Democrats – this perception of Trump in context of People's desire to have more money – as British Columbians – like Americans ask their politicians – if you get any chance to deliver something to me – what do you promise – pledge to deliver to me? In the United States – American Voters are onto the Democrats and their search for a mutual benefit from Media – through complaint. No one down there likes a whiner and Canadians are pretty much the same. Money talks now more than ever.
We wrap a comprehensive and cool Poll on Trans Mountain Pipeline and Taxing Google and FaceBook in British Columbia – squeezing tired respondents.

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