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RSR ROBBINS - Most Accurate Public Opinion Pollster in the World: Trump USA v Jinping China, Trump v AOC, Trump v Biden, Trump v Michelle Obama, lower drug costs, lower Interest Rates
Featuring IRobbins v Cambridge Mortgage - Canada's largest Civil fraud involving high Office contempt of stay order of BC Justice Sanatove-Kloegman  Aug 10, 2019

Question #1
Based only on these response choices offered – who do expect will win the Trade War between United States and China?
Donald Trump, U.S. President    54.23 %
Xi Jinping, China President    29.58 %
Neither, both US and China's economies will be harmed    14.79 %
Question #2
Identification by ethnic background and race or religious affiliation (adjusted)?
Caucasian    63.35 %
African American    13.46 %
Latino/Hispanic    11.54 %
Mixed Race    3.85 %
Asian/including India    3.77 %
I am LGBQ    4.18 %
I am Jewish    1.97 %
I am Muslim    0.95 %
I am American Indian/Native    0.90 %
Question #3
Have you personally experienced a prejudice or a sense of dislike or hatred against you because of your race, religion, sexuality?
Yes    25.34 %
Question #4
Which US politician from the two offered do you admire more, if neither isn't an option?
US President Donald J. Trump (Republican)    57.67 %
US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democrat)    37.76 %
Question #5
In a hypothetical match up for US President who do you prefer to win 2020?
US President Donald J. Trump    55.72 %
Former US Vice President Joe Biden    43.04 %
Question #6
In a hypothetical match up for US President if these were the two competitors who would you prefer to win 2020?
US President Donald J. Trump    54.86 %
Former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama    44.91 %
Question #7
Would substantially lower prescription prices save you substantial $$$ (dollars) over the course of a year?
Yes    54.38 %
Question #8
Would more reasonable lower charge card rates – mortgage rates – or other costs incurred from Interest charged to you – substantially improve your budgets bottom line?
Yes    34.70 %
Poll “cull” (verb) from California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa & New Hampshire. Vote Outcomes from other States and Counties accepted (as is plus a modest factoring based on trend etc.) – based on final judgment of Glen P. Robbins “most accurate public opinion pollster in the World”.
Questions produced by Glen P. Robbins July 23, 2019 – outcomes completed on or about August 2, 2019. No adjustments to percentages beyond this latter date. Editing has occurred thereafter to publish date (August 10, 2019).
History of polling comparing January 2019 with today's percentages:
In our RSR ROBBINS 'Poll' of respondents and other statistical data from January 20, 2019 (“I/we”) matched Trump/Pence 2020 v Biden/Gabbard 2020.
We scored that contest at that time @ Trump/Pence 2020 (54.42%) and Biden/Gabbard (46.62%) a (7.8% win for Donald Trump) -decided totals.
In another hypothetical 'Poll” from January 30, 2019 (ten days later) we scored Trump/Pence (47.06%) to Clinton/Gabbard (41.39%). These outcomes represent a 'decided' best case scenario for Trump/Pence of (53.02%) 'decided'.
At the end of January 2019 Trump/Pence were (5.67%) ahead in public support over Clinton/Gabbard.
Biden/Gabbard was (2.13%) lower in public support than Clinton/Gabbard.
Since January end 2019 Joe Biden has entered the Democratic race. There doesn't appear to be any indication that Hillary Clinton is entering the 2020 race. Why not?
(Commence Black Crowes “Jealous” here):
Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaii Congresswoman and 2016 Bernie Sanders running mate – in Democratic primary versus Hillary Clinton – is also running in the 2020 Democratic race for Democrat nominee for president.
In that same January 30, 2019 'Poll” we placed Trump/Pence 2020 (45.57%) against Sanders/Cortez (33.88%) (Cortez is not eligible for President or Vice President – not of age) + included a third response choice combination of 'Independents' Michael Bloomberg/Schultz (14.18%).
If we gross up Trump/Pence (absent the percent for Bloomberg/Schultz) we realize Trump/Pence at most positive support light (52.03%) and Sanders/Cortez hypothetical (though not possible) support at highest point (38.64%) all at the end of January 2019.
In January 2019 Mueller still mattered (somewhat).
Over the past few months, and based on significant polling profiles in a number of US States, national polling published, and other consideration of outstanding issues as presented in news media connected to two main parties – and likelihood of outcomes, particularly following the end of Mueller – I have made the bold prediction that US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will win a second term.
Nothing in this RSR ROBBINS Poll leads me to believe anything different.
In this RSR ROBBINS 'Poll' we score support through “admire” (admiration) (with neither suggested as not being an option) - Congresswoman “AOC” (37.76%) and US President Trump (57.67%).
As a verb “admire” (an object, quality or person) means “with respect or warm approval”.
In this way – we are able to ascertain an approval rating for both Trump and AOC for context.
We believe AOC is seen as an ardent progressive Democrat and also believe that Donald Trump (although very highly approved by Republicans) – is also “admired” by persons (not Republicans). My point is that Trump adds value to his Party – it does not exclusively carry him.
(You got that right).
AOC has certainly added value to herself. Trump's attention to her and the Squad – really bumped their profile – and AOC handled it well – sharing the stage with the Squad (like Bono might do with other members of U2).
Cable News wondered where Donald Trump obtained the Tweeted Twenty percent support he ascribed to AOC.
Don't look now but AOC is admired by (97.72%) of the percentile of outcomes from Sanders/Cortez 2020 in the January 30, 2019 RSR ROBBINS Poll on her own.
nearly 4/10 American Voters admire AOC versus Trump who receives admiration from nearly 6 in 10. AOC`s admiration is nearly as high a percentage as support for Joe Biden (88%) or Michelle Obama (84%).
(While the Democrats are holding their nominee jamboree – with double the candidates as numbers of regulars on the old cowboy television show “Hee Haw” – Trump could debate AOC in Rio, New York & Hong Kong in the large stadiums there – ratings would be fabulous).
Support for political actors in this poll from data among race and religion Trump versus AOC is presented as follows:
Donald Trump, President – Caucasian (66%), African American (25%), Latino/Hispanic (42%), Asian (64%), Mixed Race (51%), American Indian/Native (14%), Jewish (71%), Muslim (20%), LGBQ (36%).
Cortez, Congresswoman – Caucasian (31%), African American (54%), Latino/Hispanic (56%), Asian (19%), Mixed Race (40%), American Indian/Native (62%), Jewish (27%), Muslim (40%), LGBQ (52%).
Trump beats Cortez by sufficient numbers of Caucasians to reflect the near (20%) difference between them.
Our numbers from January 2019 show US President Donald Trump in the low 50's percentile decided and high (40%) when Mueller was still 'infecting' mainstream news.
It appears from watching FOX news (at least), and generally considering the events I have witnessed, polling – laws and case law considered through media and by ROBBINS – including specifically Glen P. Robbins it appears the events which led to Mueller will on balance of probabilities be worse for Democrats or at least anti Trump persons and better for Trump-Pence.
The number of American Voters who believe Donald Trump US President will defeat Xi Jinping Chinese President in Trade War between the United States and China is well into majority territory at (54.23%).
The number that belief Xi Jinping will win the Trade War AND/OR that both countries will be harmed is (44.37%).
Based on Leaders Trump (US) and Jinping (China) 'support' alone Trump wins (65%-35%).
Positions on Trade War between the United States and China are lining up among party support lines, (but certainly not precisely so).
In our question placing US President Trump against Former US Vice President Biden we see as follows:
Trump – Caucasian (61%), African American (24%), Latino/Hispanic (52%), Asian (63%), Mixed Race (56%), American Indian/Native (21%), Jewish (68%), Muslim (21%), LGBQ (34%). Biden – Caucasian (35%), African American (71%), Latino/Hispanic (42%), Asian (30%), Mixed Race (34%), American Indian/Native (52%), Jewish (29%), Muslim (70%), LGBQ (56%).
From Cortez to Biden Donald Trump support goes from (66%) Caucasian to (61%) a loss of > (3%) nationally, his support among African Americans remains steady. However, Trump support among Latino/Hispanic classification increases (10%) from (42%) to (52%) Cortez through Biden. Trump's support among Asian American Voters remains steady in the low (60's percentile).
Being in the race for Democratic nominee isn't helping Joe Biden in my opinion. Within a margin of error, I suggest @ (1.75%) I believe the support I place on Joe Biden's candidacy is about as good as it will get versus Donald Trump.
Right now at this point in time (polling end August 4, 2019) my best case scenario of Joe Biden is (44.79%). Against him – at this point in time Trump's worst case scenario is (53.97%).
(This (53%) support for Trump pops up everywhere for me).
Trump commands a clear majority of Caucasian supporters 'at record levels'.
In addition, his support is deep enough into the 'visible minority population' to ensure Biden is not viable threat to take the presidency from (H)im. Democrats would require Obama type numbers among Visible Minorities to have a prayer. Not going to happen in 2020 (not even) with Michelle Obama who might perform well but would not come close to matching her husbands 2008 or 2012 numbers.
I do not believe in any instance of best outcomes Joe Biden if the nominee will exceed the [47.5%] Democratic Party average since the Modern Era beginning with John F. Kennedy (1960)--in 2020. I am doubtful that Michelle Obama would achieve the Democratic average – but would not say it is impossible for her do so.
Versus Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Trump scores as follows among race and religion:
Caucasian (64%), African American (15%), Latino/Hispanic (48%), Asian (65%), Mixed Race (61%), American Indian/Native (17%), Jewish (62%), Muslim (57%), LGBQ (64%), with Michelle Obama support as follows: Caucasian (34%), African American (81%), Latino/Hispanic (52%), Asian (28%), Mixed Race (31%), American Indian/Native (76%), Jewish (38%), Muslim (57%), LGBQ (64%).
From Joe Biden to Michelle Obama --- President Trump's support among races and religious groups scores as follows predicated on national assessment:
Caucasian (61% to 64%), African American (24% to 15%), Latino/Hispanic (52% to 48%), Asian (63% to 65%), Mixed Race (56% to 61%), American Indian/Native (21% to 14%), Jewish (68% to 52%), Muslim (21% to 8%), LGBQ (34% to 27%).
There is clear push back from Caucasian voters against Cortez and Obama both Visible Minorities, however Michelle Obama as nominee goes some way to persuade many Visible Minorities to go from Trump to her taking back about (1.75%) nationally from these ethnic racial classifications (with some smaller classifications setting off one another).
The bi partisan deal on raising budget ceiling to avoid future difficulties – Democrat Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer agreeing with President Trump's approach on trade with China – changes the political conversation on the economy and international relations. The Democratic candidates seem behind the current events – this made it easy for AOC to lift her profile in a positive way because more than a few American Voters believe AOC is a candidate for Democratic nominee – and some of these folks are going to be displeased when they come to realize she is not.
How did no one see this coming?
For the reasons cited about lack of viable message on the economy from Democrats – NOW – the disconnect between Trump and Obama has been made. (Imagine the man hanging by his fingertips from the 30th floor ledge and another stomping on those fingers).
If Michelle Obama were to 'come out and play' – she would have to do so now. Reason 1 – Democratic race is too many personalities – going on for too long (help save the party's rep) quite uninspiring to date. Reason 2 – The Economy – if Trump runs unimpeded on the economy it will be impossible to beat him – Michelle Obama can attempt to sell her husband's case (and legacy) and hook any deficiency to Bush (“W”). Reason 3 – Michelle Obama has charisma – (like her or not) and has the chops to sell herself beyond silly television shows and news which already supports her.
Caucasian American Voters (“CAV”) want “more clarity and less chaos” from Democrat politicians. Through America's 'sick period' during Mueller – President Trump achieved much. With that sick period apparently over (but who knows) Trump's accomplishments burst forward like beautiful summer flowers unencumbered from the character assassination and slander.
Remember when the Democratic Party and supporting Media including Cable – were calling Trump White House chaos? Trump's support among Caucasian voters will grow from 2016 to well over (60%) if the Democratic nominee is non Caucasian (in my estimation) an increase from his 58% support with Caucasians in 2016. Even if that candidate is Caucasian – like Biden I still believe Donald Trump will increase his 2016 totals by at least (1.34%) nationally (for new sub total Vote expectation of < (48%) from Caucasian vote (at least). Also, the Caucasian voter is motivated (already) and votes to a higher turnout than Visible Minorities.
Enough Visible Minorities are not going to risk gains they are making economically from Trump presidency – and if they cannot vote for Trump-Pence they may sit home. If this attitude persists Trump could win absolute landslide.
Michelle Obama is the only person in the Democratic Party who can attempt to make the case that her husband's White House created Donald Trump's economic opportunities and made the world peaceable for him to make the new trade moves he is doing, but this would create the circumstances whereby she would by inference (in making the connection) that the Trump economy is winning.
Measured against 2016 v Hillary Clinton – Donald Trump will gain (4%) nationally from 2016 Vote Outcomes versus Michelle Obama from Visible Minorities as follows: Under (1%) nationally from African Americans, gain (1%) among Latino/Hispanics, gain (1.2%) among Asians nationally – gain one third of one percent nationally from Jewish voters – and estimated two thirds on one percent from LGBQ community –J-LGBQ (1%) gain nationally-- “who may not particularly like Donald Trump but know he will try to protect them”.
In my estimation US President Trump's popular support is at (50%) before any addition of percent support from Caucasians.
Again, the (53%) current support for Trump I am very confident about.
We scored Michelle Obama and Democrats less than a year ago at (38%) support – since then she is reported to be selling a book – and conducting a successful concert type tour in support of that book's sale. I have her support up (17%) from her support totals last year. (Oprah Winfrey obtained mid to high 30's with me over a year ago). To go from entertainer to potential political candidate one must be (40%) or better.
(Perhaps Democratic candidates should be asked if Michelle Obama got into the race – if they would place a stay of execution on their campaign (for Canadians lawyers and judges and other cheaters 'stay of execution' means stop the process don't do anything more). (Used in a sentence to help Canadian lawyers and judges and other cheaters – it is unlikely that either the Governor of Texas or President Trump will offer a stay of execution to the El Paso devil human mass murderer). (In U.S. Civil Law – a stay of execution is defined as “a time period in which a judgment of execution is prohibited from being carried out”). (In Canadian Civil Law a stay of execution is defined as “the act of temporarily stopping a judicial proceeding through the order of court”).
(And so when Mighty Glen P. Robbins attends to BC Supreme Court Registry to listen to official voice dicta of Justice Kloegman (nee Sanatove) from hearing April 7, 2014 – (voice dicta is final arbiter) ordering a stay of execution that day (April 7, 2014) valid until April 30, 2014 – that should not be interpreted by lawyer charged with preparing and filing stay of execution order (BCSC H130330) with court registry with court clerk notes (available April 9, 2014) to go into court on his own to obtain orders anyhow).
Sanatove-Kloegman J. Appointed by Liberal Prime Minister – then buried by Stephen Harper appointee – Chris “Stella” Hinkson – conscious contempt of judicial order from hearing. Nice country Canada.
From British Columbia Courts Announcement: “December 2, 2009 - “The Supreme Court of British Columbia announced that effective immediately Madam Justice Deborah Satanove will be known by her married name of Kloegman”.
From British Columbia publication “The Georgia Straight” an article by Charlie Smith (December 12th, 2014) entitled “Years before U.S. Senate report on torture, B.C. Refused to hear case against George Bush (W).”:
“A private prosecution brought against Bush when he was on Canadian soil was called an abuse of process by BC Supreme Court Justice Deborah Kloegman (then Deborah Sanatove).” “Kloegman..claimed in her 2005 ruling that the lawyer who initiated it, had a political agenda.”
Chris Hinkson (CJ) former Law Society of BC 'hack' conspired with his old law partner Michael Kleisinger of Law Society of BC – Ron Bakonyi & clients Cambridge Mortgage to act in contempt of Sanatove Kloegman's order for stay and to further act in contempt of Supreme Court of Canada rules and to place current SCC Chief Justice (Wagner) and 3 other SCC judges in contempt of that order as well. Nice country Canada.
On July 14, 2014 when I Robbins home was taken by fraud on the court relating to stay of execution (among many other fraudulent filings) Kloegman retired. Very difficult to find Sanatove-Kloegman's original appointment or other type information from Internet. Hidden away like Epstein?
Next move continues to pinch down on BC Supreme Court and new (2018) assistant Chief Justice Heather Holmes a former court clerk (who will have to support I Robbins and file the stay of execution order of Kloegman J.) Anyhow – heads up here are the other recipients other than Holmes J. AND following leverage of former Assistant Chief Justice Cullen already appointed to head Public Inquiry.
Is the unsigned letter from Special Counsel at BC Supreme Court – Cullen's Special Counsel? BC Premier John Horgan had opportunity to settle matter for $14,500,000 (Canadian) with GPR willing to set aside any of his own litigation – which will include (more than a few) 'higher ups' including Hinkson CJ and others – at Federal Court of Canada seeking damages from them personally – will include arguments that abuse of office to help friends (other lawyers) escape criminally activity – does not constitute independence under the Constitution.
Further expose of actual application and appointment process – including no effort to properly vet some justices will be on trial as well. None will get past Judges Act. Kloegman J.'s order for stay of execution has yet to be filed – so BC Supreme Court/BC Court of Appeal and SCC (Rule 60 of SCC Rules demands that stay orders be filed at Supreme Court of Canada. (Write I Robbins the big fat check please).
(More Glen P. Robbins angling for Presidential Award – as “unknown soldier” fighting for democracy and such – Obama gave another Canadian – the Saturday Night Live fellow – such an award). (Perhaps we could use the RSR ROBBINS port at Robbins SCE Research for sale of pharmaceuticals – got the space for ads all ready to go – one word to my Go Daddy in Arizona – half price Viagra etc.) End GPR advert here.
These RSR ROBBINS percentages compared to current mainstream examples: (Bear in mind RSR ROBBINS was within one tenth of one percent on Trump numbers while mainstream average for Trump was {4%} nationally lower than what he achieved. RSR ROBBINS was thus (40 times) more accurate than mainstream polling in US politics). The mainstream polling for Trump inclusive of stout Margin of Error (but not including for potential bias to Democrat party through use of registered polling numbers – on the upside is about {50%}).
I contend that Trump actual public support among American Voters is generally at least (10) percent above than the percentages indicated by many mainstream polling firms – a similar circumstance as was experienced in the 2016 presidential election. (Trump is being “tithed” on his actual Voter support (wink and nod here). This tithing of Trump support (“tTs”) is being inferred upon Democrat support – a redistribution of public support by the mainstream media (if you will).
After all the 'goat talk' (new language to express derision at much foolish mainstream news presented as fact) (underestimating Trump's actual support – potential bias in respondent pool over representation of one party over another) I interpret suggested mainstream polling percentiles to reflect actual mainstream support of Donald Trump at (48.48%). (Disapproval cannot be necessarily interpreted as supporting another person or party - or lack of support for his re election while approval likely can be interpreted as support for his re election. This is important – because of the necessity to consider undecided and decided support results).
We identified approval through “admiration” – a higher personal standard than mere approval versus Cortez.
If an election were held tomorrow I speculate that US Donald Trump would defeat the Democratic nominee to the extent we can identify one by (6%-10%) in a head to head match up with no other person or party taking any votes away from the calculation. Here is how prejudice and other racist type behaviour affects Americans by Race or Religion by highest level of such negative experience:
Highest percentage descending- (1) Muslim (91%), (2) American Indian/Native (74%), (3) Asian/LGBQ (tied) (72%), (5) Jewish (56%), (6) African American (44%), (7) Latino/Hispanic (21%), (8) Caucasian (17%), (9) Mixed Race (16%). Save for response choice “Mixed Race” the pattern of prejudice-racism 'experience' increases the smaller the ethnic group total.
Save for response choice “Mixed Race” the pattern of prejudice-racism 'experience' increases the smaller the ethnic group total. On a national basis reflecting total numbers of population with Caucasian and Jewish persons combined reflects (11.87%) total - absent any percentage for LGBQ. Visible Minorities reflect (10.46%). If LGBQ is reflected on a basis equivalent to overall national demographics for ethnic background than overall Caucasian experiences of prejudice racism is (14%) to (11.5%) for Visible Minorities. In sheer population numbers Caucasians experience more prejudice – racism than Visible Minorities.
The average percentage to prejudice or racism experiences occurs more frequently among Visible Minorities at (34%) to (19%) prejudice racism against Caucasians (including Jewish persons). If Jewish person are excluded from calculation the experience of prejudice or racism is occurs almost twice as often among Visible Minorities by average than it does among Caucasians. Again – the smaller the ethnic group (in population) generally the higher the percentage of experience. One can only imagine how small communities of Visible Minorities
Here is how race and religion predicts for substantial savings from lower prescription drug prices. Caucasian (59%), African American (55%), Latino-Hispanic (31%), Asian (25%), Mixed Race (41%), American India-Native (31%), Jewish (59%), Muslim (28%), LGBQ (42%).
Trump's pursuit of lower prescription prices for Americans is a good policy choice. Questions were prepared before announcement that President Trump would permit Americans to purchase cheaper prescription drugs – (matter of coincidence) from Canada still reeling from negotiating Free Trade deal with Trump.
Lower charge card rates – mortgage rates – or other costs relating to Interest Rates improves bottom line in race and religious basis as follows: Caucasian (37%), African American (54%), Latino-Hispanic (71%), Mixed Race (29%), American India-Native (NA), Jewish (13%), Muslim (22%), LGBQ (27%). This suggests to me a new (eventual) Fed Rate under (2%) - and a policy of capping Interest Rates on charge cards – death penalty to discourage unconscionable interest rates (homes – vehicles) (see Canada standard practice) (lmao) would translate to 4 per cent growth with inflation not exceeding 4.25%. I am with Trump on the matter of Interest Rates – Interest Rates can make or break an economy.
(This is particularly true if you are an Interest Rate manipulator like Canada or currency manipulator like China).
Across the specific US States involving directly in this RSR ROBBINS Poll we see Donald Trump above (40%) in California – support in Florida and Ohio at or near (60%) and average support across Pennsylvania & Michigan (54%-53%) for Trump versus Joe Biden, and (59%-62%) in admiration contest versus AOC. Two mainstream pollsters have Biden ahead in Pennsylvania {54% to 44%} (average). The Margin of Error to these polls is about {3.5%} making Trump's best case with mainstream in Pennsylvania at near {48%} and his worst case about {42%}. Pulled out from these RSR ROBBINS overall MOE our Pennsylvania numbers have Trump's best case (57%) and his worst case (51%) - a (9%) difference than both mainstream pollsters “Q” and “E”.
From the mainstream polling site “RCP” and 2016 Election I see “Q” last polling Trump at {40%} off a shabby {15%} before cessation of polling October 2016. I do not see “E” participating in the 2016 prediction race, at least not at “RCP”. Donald Trump gains (1%) nationally just on gains in support from California and New York even if he does not win those States in 2020. I do not and have not seen a downward trend in any State – in this RSR Poll. The point here is that I do not see any obstacle between Donald Trump 2016 at 46.5% and (50%). Although it is feasible that someone could win less than 50% and still win the Electoral College, Donald Trump's winning electoral percentage (which I place at 46.5%) was the most efficient election result in modern history. It is difficult to believe that Trump-Pence 2020 vote get out efficiency will be any less efficient – and adding to that my believe Trump-Pence is destined to a 2020 election total in the 50 percentage I can only imagine a much higher College for Trump-Pence in 2020.
*I would note for some particular reader(s) that when I/We began to brand our polling company as “The most accurate pollster in the World” following our nailing Obama numbers this brand and our name would often appear on page 1 of Google links – went on for some time – doesn't happen since Trump was Elected (just saying).
GPR 30

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