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RSR ROBBINS Profile Canadian Federal Election - Political brand - Leaders and Party - Canadians responsible for Global Warming/Global Climate Change? Pipeline Fairness - $$ for Space
  Jul 28, 2019

Question #1
Which political brand best describes you?
Conservative    26.71 %
Liberal    26.39 %
Social Democrat    24.66 %
Environmentalist, Independent, Other    18.49 %
None of These/Other/Undecided    3.42 %
Question #2
Which Canadian political Leader & Party do you currently support?
Andrew Scheer & Conservatives    32.17 %
Justin Trudeau & Liberals    31.30 %
Jagmeet Singh & New Democrats    18.26 %
Elizabeth May & Greens    6.07 %
Maxime Bernier & People's Party    5.22 %
Yves Francois Blanchet & Bloc Quebecois    4.35 %
Jody Wilson Raybould & Independent Liberals    2.61 %
Question #3
Do you believe that Global Warming and Global Climate Change is something that Canadian tax payers should take responsibility for?
Yes    42.5 %
No    56.8 %
Question #4
(Push) Justin Trudeau's Liberal government approved pipeline expansion from Alberta through BC to the west coast but did not approve one from Alberta to Quebec – Justin Trudeau's own riding is in Montreal Quebec. Do you believe this is a fair decision to Alberta and British Columbia?
Yes    24.42 %
No    61.92 %
Question #5
Would you support the Government of Canada using tax payer dollars in cooperation with Canadian companies and investors in participating in space exploration?
Yes    54.82 %
No    40.67 %
Margin of Error (1.75%). Completed July 22, 2019
About RSR ROBBINS unmatched accuracy-
United States:
Most accurate of all pollsters private or public – 2016 U.S. Election Trump “winner” (one tenth of one percent).
Most accurate 2012 U.S. Election Obama “winner” (less than one tenth of one percent).
Most accurate 2008 U.S. Election Obama winner – (also picked Republican McCain to win (when mainstream polling for news scored him at the bottom)).
Most accurate 2004 picking “W” over Democrat John Kerry (radio) published.
RSR ROBBINS has already predicted US President Trump re election 2020 with potential for sweep. Most significant (bold) prediction to date which may change polling forever.
Most accurate in Canadian federal election 2015. On October 13, 2015 in RSR ROBBINS Poll entitled “Most Accurate Pollster in the World predicts Justin Trudeau and Liberal Party to win October 19, 2015 election”. RSR ROBBINS predicted Justin Trudeau (38.4%) that day (He achieved Vote Outcome of 39.47% six days later. RSR ROBBINS declared a Twiggy like Margin of Error of (1.12%).
Other pollsters - “EG” and CBC News on October 6, 2015 declared Conservatives and Liberals about even at {32%} plus.
Also on October 13, 2015 mainstream for news pollsters “Is” scored Trudeau/Liberals {37%}, “NR” scored Trudeau/Liberals {36%}. “E” scored Trudeau/Liberals {34%}. Margin of Errors however were fat at {3%} meaning “Is” was predicting {34%-40%} for Liberals, “NR” was predicting {33%-39%} for Liberals, “E” was predicting {31%-37%}.
On the same day (October 13, 2015) six days prior to the Canadian Federal Election RSR ROBBINS was predicting (37.3% to 39.5%) for Trudeau – a (2.2% spread)...
...while mainstream polling for news was predicting {31% to 39%} {an 8 point spread} for Trudeau Liberals.
To be clearer in assessment of RSR ROBBINS proclamation of most accurate – on the day following the historic RSR ROBBINS victory for truly independent polling – and merit (October 14, 2015) mainstream for news polling firm “NR” predicts Trudeau/Liberals @ {37%} with MOE @ {2.8%} or a range of {34.2%-39.8%} for Trudeau/Liberals. “E” scores Trudeau/Liberals @ {34%} with a {2.6%} MOE or a range of {31.4% to 36.6%}. Mainstream for news polling firm “FM” scores Trudeau/Liberals @ {37%} with MOE of {3%} or a range of {34% to 40%}.
So one day after the RSR ROBBINS historic poll Sniper like poll for Canada calling the Liberal majority far/far ahead of news or mainstream for news polling (and at the same time sending Conservative leader Stephen Harper to the political morgue) – mainstream for news polling firms have a range of {31.4% to 40%} for Trudeau/Liberals.
The subsequent day (October 15, 2015) mainstream for news polling firms produce these results for Trudeau/Liberals: “NR” backs off the previous day’s score of {37%} for Trudeau/Liberals by one half a percent to {36.5%} with MOE @ {2.8%} or range of {33.7%} to {39.3%}.
“E” continues its path of not being close scoring Trudeau/Liberals @ {34%} with an MOE of {2.3%} or range of {31.7% to 36.3%}.
On October 15, 2015 “MR” scores Trudeau/Liberals @ {38%} with MOE of {1.4%} or range of {36.6% to 39.4%}.
This RSR ROBBINS poll late July 2019:
WE score Trudeau/Liberals about (1%) below Scheer/Conservatives with these two mainstream parties more than (10%) below their 2015 combined Vote Outcomes. Although it is close the Conservative brand overall is about (1%) ahead of Liberals as well. RSR ROBBINS suggests Singh/NDP (5%) below 2015 Vote Outcomes.
In 2000, Robbins Sce Research (1998) (RSR) scored the British Columbia Green Party @ (10%) – while mainstream for news consistently scored them at {2%}. ROBBINS was the first to realize the BC Greens as a more noteworthy political force. Since then however (I) have been concerned about higher polling numbers for that party brand both at federal and provincial levels relative to that party’s ability to achieve the same at the polling booth.
Elizabeth May and Greens have been receiving some significant increases in polling scores from mainstream for news. Our own finds them at (6%) reflecting that some increase in support has occurred here. On the other side of the political spectrum I score The People’s Party featuring Maxime Bernier @ (5%) nationally. I have seen him higher months before.
Recent mainstream for news polling “Is” scores May/Greens @ {7%} while “RC” score @ {10%). These same mainstream firms poll Bernier/People’s @ {1%} to {3%} respectively.
The mainstream appears to score Singh/NDP at {10%} below 2015 Vote Outcomes.
The mainstream for news recent polling “Is” scores Scheer/Conservatives @ {37%} with MOE about {3%} or (again) a range of {34% to 40%}. Yet another mainstream for news poll “RC” scores Trudeau/Liberals @ {34%} to Andrew Scheer/Conservative’s {31%} with MOE @ {3%} or range of {31% to 37%} for Trudeau/Liberals and {28% to 34%}.
In our RSR ROBBINS poll inclusive of the non scientific response choices Jody Wilson Raybould (“JWR”) and Independent Liberals we have Scheer/Conservatives at (32.17%) to Trudeau/Liberals at (31.30%). Ex JWR we have Scheer/Conservatives at (33.03%) and Trudeau Liberals at (32.14%).
With our RSR ROBBINS Margin of Error (MOE) suggested at (1.75%) that places Scheer/Conservatives then at an RSR ROBBINS range of (31% to 35%) and Trudeau/Liberals at a range of (30% to 34%).
Canadians in a clear majority reject responsibility for “Global Warming and Global Climate Change”. Only Quebec opinion runs counter to the 'norms' of Canadians including in British Columbia where (48%) respond “Yes” and (51%) respond “No”.
The remaining provinces average well under (40%) “Yes” with Alberta and Saskatchewan in super majority “No” response.
In our Question 4 “push” – relating to Trudeau/Liberals “fairness” on regional allocation of pipeline approvals – the Canadian public lambastes him. The well publicized SNC Lavelin matter involving Trudeau/Liberals “JWR” (who at that time was herself well compromised on Robbins Cambridge matter anyway) provided to her in December 2015 – and had she taken action may well have served to stop the runaway real estate fraud occurring – has given Canadians the impression that Trudeau may not be even handed – and this reflects in this pipeline question.
Mainstream for polling firm “RC” suggests pipelines only matter to {6%} of Canadians. Considering that pipelines and tax matters attached to the environment (which captures the oil pipeline issue) and links to finance and the economy – I might suggest that the issue may play bigger in this Election than that particularly based on these results herein.
We piled on the Apollo anniversary news – with our space question and received what is essentially positive feedback for this issue – the inference for us is that the average person has more faith in things they believe they understand better – in this instance oil and space the former obviously the one that a majority of Canadians know best.
No one doubts that Mars and the Moon exist – (perhaps a few lol) – but there are many more in doubt (or denial if you like) about the concept of “Global Warming” or “Global Climate Change” which makes it easier for them – to not see large wide open with small population -Canada as responsible. This should be sufficient to get the oil discussion moving forward during the 2015 Election.

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