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RSR POLL July 3, 2019 - Profile Province of British Columbia - leader/party support, waive tuition fees for at risk youth in care, Trudeau's $600 mil media bailout, BC Election call, Cullen Inquiry into real estate money laundering fraud
  Jul 03, 2019

Question #1
Which British Columbia Leader & Party do you support today?
John Horgan & BC New Democrats    32.04 %
Andrew Wilkonson & BC Liberals    29.09 %
Andrew Weaver & BC Greens    23.42 %
Trevor Bolin & BC Conservatives    9.01 %
Independent candidate in my riding    3.60 %
(Undecided)    6.56 %
Question #2
Would you support a BC Government program that waives the payment of tuition fees for former youth in care?
Yes    67.54 %
No    18.25 %
Question #3
Do you support Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's $600 million bailout of media which includes appointment of union leader sitting on selection committee who described himself as 'Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer's worst nightmare'?
Yes    8.63 %
No    75.44 %
Question #4
Would you support a provincial election early next spring 2020 (BC 2020) Election to clarify matters and make more transparent information and party positions on Trans Mountain pipeline, corruption in BC Legislature and other important matters to British Columbians?
Yes    47.16 %
No    33.35 %
Question #5
Now that the BC Government has called a Public Inquiry into money laundering in BC, specifically its target in BC – which may involved BC State actors or sub actors – and is to be overseen by former BC Lawyer and now BC Associate Chief Justice Austin Cullen – do you as the person paying for it anticipate that it will result in any meaningful and positive change?
Yes    37.23 %
No    45.51 %
Both major B.C. parties including BC New Democrat government and BC Liberal Opposition have lost (at least) (20%) of BC Voter support since last provincial election over two years ago. The BC New Democrats have lost (20%), while BC Liberals have lost (28%).
Which parties have these former BC NDP and BC Liberals gone to?
Andrew Weaver and BC Greens have gained (28%) from 2017 BC Voters “lists”, while most of the Bolin BC Conservative support is almost all new. The Independent candidate response choice also claimed many BC NDP and BC Liberal voters from 2017.
With lower fund raising expectations for BC Liberals following the cessation to any 'rich corporation and their dog' – including Calgary oil - being permitted to fund BC Liberals– and to some extent BC New Democrats, the time is ripe for BC Greens to push for an Election.
Why are the BC Greens doing so well and BC NDP and BC Liberal not?
British Columbians are becoming sick of the way government is run and John Horgan's BC New Democrats have done nothing to improve the perception that if the BC Liberals were at the heart of the problem originally – the New Democrats have not offered any prescription potential remedy.
To many BC voters “They (sic) have no idea who is in charge”. This sense of empty chair leadership finds its roots in the Trans Mountain pipeline debate that rages on despite decisions of the Federal government – (Liberal) itself with largely diminished credibility) – confused with BC Liberals – who for all intents and purposes seem “not be at work”.
John Horgan and BC New Democrats maintained good polling numbers for most of the last two years on the basis of their ability to continue a working agreement with Andrew Weaver and BC Greens, but that novelty act has worn off and mostly BC Voters are just confused – given also that most of them have no idea who Andrew Wilkonson is or what he stands for.
Horgan's worse problem is that BC Greens percentages for support in this RSR Poll are more supported in political science than BC Conservative numbers.
On the other hand the chasm between federal Liberals and Conservatives within the shrinking BC Liberal tent – makes the BC Conservative Party a real threat to hurt BC Liberal percentages in any future BC Election.
Also, the Independent candidate response choice garners a noteworthy minority of BC Voters – overall disenchanted with the operation and function of the BC government. Ultimately the lack of any communicated end or resolve relating (again) to another debacle at BC Legislature leaves a long and thick skid mark on the credibility of governance in the province – the general consensus in protest derived from this that “they are in it for themselves.”
The BC Government program that waives the payment of tuition fees for former youth in care attracts an easy majority of BC Voters to support. (91%) of BC NDP supporters – also support this program as do (46%) of BC Liberals, (83%) of BC Greens, (54%) of BC Conservatives and (53%) of Independent candidate supporters.
As our RSR Poll in the U.S. State of Ohio revealed – British Columbians unequivocally reject Trudeau's “buy off” of the 'mostly eastern media' – and $600 media subsidy to it (with a BILLION per year going to CBC). The report of the Union representative to decider panel in light of clear political threat to federal Conservative Leader all but guarantees that this action alone may prove Justin Trudeau's undoing.
Highest support among major party labels for $600 million media bailout and accompany union leader political – hinged to the bailout process adverse to the Conservative Party of Canada comes from John Horgan and BC New Democrats (14%), with BC Liberals support at (6%), BC Greens (8%), BC Conservatives (0%), (with) Independents at (17%) support.
Fixty six percent of BC Voters 2017 support a BC Election before the Election Act mandates with (39%) opposed to this. The general consensus from those most interested is that “now they (the politicians) want to ensure they keep their pay checks longer” and others who claim it to be an “insider's game (politics) who which the average person isn't invited.”
BC Greens and Independents are hungriest for a BC Election at (63%), with BC Conservatives at (61%), with BC New Democrats and BC Liberals least hungry at (42%) and (40%).
The BC NDP and BC Greens are most positive about anticipated positive outcomes for the Cullen Inquiry (“Commission Inquiry”) scheduled to commence in mere months – at (52%) and (51%) “Yes”. BC Liberals are less enthusiastic at (23%), while BC Conservatives and Independents hold down Doubting Thomas positions at (19%) and (16%) respectively.
Margin of Error (Estimate) 1.75% up or down.

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