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RSR ROBBINS - Trump National Support -Profile South Carolina
  Jun 16, 2019

Question #1
National Poll: Based on what you know today would you support US Donald Trump re election in 2020?
Yes    51.08 %
No    43.06 %
Question #2
South Carolina Based on what you know today would you support US Donald Trump re election in 2020?
Yes    58.24 %
No    36.48 %
Question #3
Support U.S. President Donald Trump on economic policy since taking Office, negotiating trade deals like the USMCA deal and International affairs involving the Korean Peninsula, Middle East, China, Russia and other?
Yes    67.39 %
No    31.80 %
Question #4
Is South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham doing a good job?
Yes    70.04 %
No    28.52 %
Question #5
Do you support an abortion in the weeks following the birth of a child like another State does?
Yes    5.53 %
No    93.32 %
Question #6
Which response choice BEST reflects your position on U.S. foreign policy v Iran?
It’s important to change Iran’s behavior – the country is a bad actor    23.72 %
If Iran even threatens to bring harm to American interests than U.S. should respond with military force    16.89 %
If Iran attacks the U.S. or allies like Great Britain or Israel and others in any way than U.S. should respond with military force    28.98 %
Increase intensity of pressure with Economic Sanctions    20.05 %
Leave Iran alone, Donald Trump is the problem    5.15 %
Question #7
(Entertainment) Well known HBO Comedian and Political Commentator Bill Maher likely host of Oscars next year --calls political correctness a cancer. Do you agree with this assessment?
Yes    62.71 %
No    27.31 %
*Last Week collection of data Margin of Error/Estimate (National) (.74%). South Carolina (2%).
Donald Trump’s support among American Voters 2016 today is (51.075%) an increase in support of (11%) from the last Election.
Donald Trump’s National Support in my opinion is not lower than (50.335%) (Low net) and not higher than (53.287%) ‘Decided’ support using a ‘high multiple’ of (104.33%).
Based on this RSR Poll I reassert my position that U.S. President is set to win a lopsided victory in 2020.
I assert my credentials based on predicting Donald Trump’s vote outcome, the percentage of the winner – in the 2016 U.S Election. My RSR ROBBINS poll – and disseminated through gazette and other humble method promptly following the gathering of polling data - asking Americans ‘which candidate they supported’? -produced a support outcome of (46.6%) for Donald Trump from RSR ROBBINS “The Most Accurate Pollster in the World” (cue PT Barnum).
According to the website –“270 to win” [https://www.270towin.com2016_Election/ – Donald Trump obtained [62,980,160] votes of a total [134,771,204] or [46.7%] of all the Votes in the 2016 Election - I was off by ten ba$i$ point on Donald Trump’s FINAL winning percentage.
The historical record will show that I called Obama in 2012 WITHIN 125,000 Votes – again legally well disseminated.
Let’s look at how the multibillion $$ polling ‘got it wrong’ with the 2016 Election:
Bloomberg gave Trump {41%}, IBD/TIPP {45%}, Economist/YouGove {41%}, ABC/Washington Post {43%}, Fox News {44%}, Monmouth {44%}, Gravis {43%}, NBC Wall Street Journal {40%}, Reuters/Ipsos {39%}, Rasmussen Report (historical Republican pollster) {43%}, CBC News {41%}. Mainstream billionaires were off over {3%} the Margin of Error of a standard smaller sample size poll – certainly what was the expected advantage of aggregating the polling outcomes of the Cabals.
A person of any sophistication in polling politics would know that incumbents since 1960 do better the 2nd Election outcome. The only exception to that was Barack Obama who scored bigger vote numbers in 2008 than 2012. From his Caucasian list of voters Obama lost nearly [3%] nationally.
Obama also lost (2%) among African Americans – noteworthy given the dependence of the Democratic Party on the AA vote, but gained (4%) of Hispanics to his vote ledger – away from alleged part Mexican Mitt Romney. Obama also improved with the Asian vote – at the expense of Mitt Romney.
Donald Trump’s votes from African Americans were nearly double the average of Mitt Romney and John McCain. After Obama, the Republicans had scant credibility with visible minorities.
Trump has brought credibility and confidence to visible minorities – through his expressions of importance of keeping promises – pursuing the border wall vigorously/border security vigorously – but more importantly – on the economy – people in the middle and lower middle are experiencing better cash flowing – job opportunities have been dynamic.
In South Carolina – a State like Ohio with a higher than average African American population. Among Counties in South Carolina with lower costs of living like Lee and Hampton – smaller populations < 20,000 Trump achieved under [40%] in 2016 far below his SC vote totals. These counties are feeling bullish on US economy – because extra cash in the pocket with lower cost of living – as the baseline makes people more comfortable – and if they believe the best is yet to come – as I believe they do – then Trump could run up votes in these Counties – as he has in most States in Counties with smaller populations.
In our SCE target Counties Charleston and Greenville with multiple hundreds of thousands of voters – 2016 Baseline is Clinton [50.64%] to Trump’s [36.99%] in Charleston –I have Trump up (11%) remaining slightly below Republican historical support in the County. I have Trump up in Greenville by (5%).
2,000 votes here – another 3,000 there and more in larger markets creates an environment where the President’s numbers could explode upward – once the suffocation of the Media delusion – now in Clintonesque denial – gets off the stage and calls the game correctly.
African American Obama supporters owe no allegiance to Joe Biden – they were iffy on Clinton only taking her side because they remained uncertain about Trump as @ 2016 – they aren’t now – if they don’t like Trump’s act they like his results – like they actually hired a President who is working for them - not taking them for granted.
There is confidence in Trump on International matters – the trip to the UK was first rate – many Americans are in Trump’s corner following that – it was all establishment – structure organized and ordered and majestic and attractive. (A positive experience). Trump’s failings—unpresidential – Twitter etc./seen as successes by many (including me) – not saying the correct thing (according to the press) are ignored by those who like his effort and don’t like that stuff (or are sick of press focusing on it).
Credibility comes with fairness in anything one does. The mainstream press and much of Cable News – as I have repeated – were beyond unfair – not just to the President – but to the public generally. They owe the American people an apology. I am not sure how they do it.
I call my own assessment of American (and Canadian) Media – the Hysterical Person Model (“HPM”) (intended to be sharp & yes men are hysterical). I find the gender stereotype a better platform for launch.
This assessment (theory) on Media’s problem with Hysteria – is simply that they do not adjust the dials on the music board of political activity in a manner and method to actually connect with the American public. . They place the same level of volume pitch tone emphasis and time on less important matters as they do far more important matters or issues.
The Hysterical Person uses the same methods of distraction – misapplied volume – lack of focus to gain advantage – the technique has no valid place in merit – but is used all of the time. The Media may thus make sense to more hysterical persons – but not most American Voters – I would say that journalists Mollie Hemingway and Lisa Boothe (mes moments de jay pritchard)better articulate the voice of a large segment of Americans today.
The Voice the Media suggests of the American Voter is not what the American Voter Voice sounds like.
Democratic pollsters are suggesting pollsters are oversampling Democrats by {8%} skewing the numbers to Democrats favour – creating incongruence among Voters.
Media would tell you that different issues have different meanings to different demographics and some issues that may seem unimportant to some…blah blah blah – my point goes back to Mueller – the volume up every day on news – when it simply wasn’t up with the public – it is negative subject matter – and more about personalities than policy or function of government
The Media and Elected Politicians appear to collude on producing stories for consumption – and for revenue production (nothing wrong with $$$) but when that isn’t what the public actually wants-it creates a type of confusion among the public.
The press makes hay recently with Trump’s interview with George Alphabetous of ABC – and comments the president made about listening to a foreign leader on gossip of other matter involving president’s appointment. (President Trump did a lovely version of Big Bird’s voice for the television). Cable News makes big of it – following Mueller – (trying to run parallel promotion for impeachment silliness) – the public takes that in and says: ‘So are you going to get another Special Prosecutor for that?’
Donald Trump is always a couple of steps ahead of the press on the spin precisely because the press fixates on extracting blood from a stone and feels compelled to write incorrect narratives about the public is actually interpreting these actions.
Kelly Anne to White House Secretary – give the press to Mademoiselle Le Glouton – hatch a new deal – Ms. Sanders ate a lot of negative energy for the President – if she wants any Arkansas polling just have her or her father blink twice on the telly – or alternatively flick the earlobe.
As esoteric as this may be – the Chinese must model a Trump win based on real politick – but negotiate on the strength of FAKE NEWS in the American ‘democracy’
This simply permits President Trump the opportunity to slow down negotiations with China – without appearing to slow them down – why seal a deal now – China bashing works anyhow – and let China’s economics slip some more – while the U.S. continues to grow – China’s leader is a smart fellow and will do the correct calculations.
First – the ratification of USMCA.
How is possible that less Voters than what Trump achieved in 2016 would support him now? Taking averages of Elections since 1960 – we determined in recent polling that Republican and Democrat vote outcomes average nearly the same about [47.5%] to [47.5%] – (after juicing Republicans up again because of Ross Perot’s efforts in the Bill Clinton wins of 1992 and 1996).
Here is where I introduce the White guy Ali shuffling – let’s look at the net worth of these incorrect mainstream pollsters. Bloomberg is in the tens of Billions – polling part of that. Investors Business Daily (IBD) successful business worth multiple tens of millions, YouGove operating income 20 million pounds, ABC/Washington Post – worth Billions – and on and on-
Crushed by a country boy born in a North Country Manger- If RSR ROBBINS continuously outperforms these very rich polling news oligarchs – what value shall we place on RSR?-Glen P. Plenty. Stinkers rich.
Speaking of humble Senator Lindsey Graham is very popular in the Senate – Where I see International CEO of polling entity at 10 million per (not a solicitation nor stalking) President Trump may see as a new US Supreme Court Judge
Blues Saraceno describes my sentiment Vis a Vis self awareness in their tune – “Bad Man”----
Now look – at all that Trump has accomplished – and the ongoing Mueller excuse off the table – we see the Media Slow walk Shuffle on Trump’s polling numbers today: Politico {41%}, Economist/You {45%}, Quinnipiac (this organization has every Democrat beating Trump in 2020 – imagine that) {42%}, The Hill/Harris {45%}, Rasmussen Reports (finally came to their senses) {51%}.
So the mainstream is averaging Trump at the same value they gave him at 2016 Election {43%}.
As Mike Tyson has said: “That’s ludicrous”.
The Libertarian Party took away over [3%] from Republicans – Trump was under Republican averages since 1960 by 60 basis points. Do Libertarians vote left normally – I don’t think so.
In this RSR ROBBINS National Poll of American Voters – I see Donald Trump breaking Republican history of underachieving with minorities and increasing his support among Caucasians.
Support Trump 2020: (61%) Caucasian – up (3%) from 2016 or (1.98%) Nationally. Among African Americans –up (14%) or estimated increase for Trump nationally as a consequence of (1.68%). Hispanics (43%) up (14%) from 2016 or (1.68%) Nationally, Asians – Trump scores big time at (52%) or + (23%) for
To be fair – Republicans have not performed well since 1960 among African Americans. Since 1988 Bush Senior seems to perform best with [11%] African American support. Donald Trump received [9%]. Remember Trump has been featured in other polls as doing much better with African Americans now-this theory can be maintained on the basis of great economic numbers with African Americans now.
It also continues to toy with the theory that a sliver or so of former Obama voters not only supported Trump in 2016, but more support him now – ‘has to be economy’ all the people cried in unison.
In addition – Obama’s victory’s in 2008 and 2012 were absolutely dependent upon high percentage minority vote particularly from the African American community – as were Bill Clinton’s –the thing to know is that African American respondents are not clamoring in opposition to Trump/the ones on TV may be/ but Mainstreet USA is not – well into the majority of that demographic – but not Obama or Clinton totals
The African American leaders put forward to take Trump out – have lost credibility among all American Voters – “not in Obama’s class”. More African Americans will vote Trump in 2020 – whatever that final amount – will be sufficient in its adding to Trump and detracting from the Democratic opponent – even if that opponent is African American.
More of these Obama voters are now Trump supporters (as referenced with anecdote in most recent poll) are more than happy to abandon the Democrats and protect Obama’s legacy as they see it – positive – coming out of 2008 and a PTSD world and shaky economy post “W” – seeing Obama repairing US public relations image – and wanting to keep the bull market running with Trump – claiming joint effort in the success.
African Americans and Hispanics don’t want to be left behind on the economic gravy train. Asians on average do much better financially than all other demographics – and the specter of Socialism has them flocking to Trump like Canada Geese. He could win New York State on the basis of the Asian vote alone.
On security – Trump’s persistence on the southern border is well documented – Internationally Americans not looking for conflict – believe more that no other country wants trouble with Trump – feel secure with him – and ultimately this is what locks up 2020 for him
African American men particularly did not see Hillary Clinton as “a winner” and doubted her on matters of economics—this doubt has not abated from anything they see among Democrats now. Many minorities were holding their nose and voting Clinton – more are walking away from her memory – because unlike life as depicted by Media as not moving along – real life is chugging along – as post people live day to day – to keep balls in the air, food on plates, gas in cars – and still have time leftover for a dream or two -
The Media appears to be like the worst of what Marx and Engels referred to as the dangers of owners of means of production. Who thought the Media and Legal community were capable of such levels of Sedition (as opposed to treason)?
It isn’t a secret that persons of Jewish background dominate in Media – and News ownership – as talking heads etc – and historically their energies in Entertainment and Television have been exemplary – the application of Entertainment onto politics is not going over as well – as it doesn’t translate with the public.
My question remains – which is more dangerous – the regular media – or the wide open social media?
Those who benefit from use of regular media – politicians etc – will favour it – but the public is not so inclined – because of the disconnect of credibility between the public and the media.
I ask abortion questions in all of my polls – because it will come up in 2020 – and on the basis of the lineup of anecdote from Suburban moms who ask of the woman wanting an abortion “Did you not have money for protection?”
America will never go for forcing women from access in circumstances of rape – but this position in Georgia can be seen as a counterweight to our polling question about the demonic decision to abort (take the life from) a child outside of the womb.
What if the approach taken by pollsters and Media were more realistic placing Trump with higher support – and asking the Democrats what they intend to do to catch him? This narrative would make more sense to the general public – he’s the President – Mueller didn’t get him – Trump does not have Republicans against them – bringing in AG Barr – was the end of the feuding – only bitter Mitt Romney hasn’t figured this out.
The narrative the press is promulgating now with Biden was the narrative for 2016 – again, that Election is over.
Trump’s connection with Media is vibrant – interesting – entertaining – Biden’s look is faded 1990’s – a look that might come back in 2024 – but not now.
What historical advantage would either Obama or Clinton’s legacy be if Trump lost in 2020?
Obama glides into the history books as two time winner – Clinton was successful enough (save for the HP(W)M post election.
Trump’s other advantage is that Hispanics have voted Republican at the percentage ((43%)) I am suggesting for Trump now. “W” obtained [44%} Hispanic vote in 2004 – and once again this demographic is earning more money.
Like the Hispanic demographic – Asians have voted Republican previously at these numbers – with Bush HW grabbing [55%] of that demo vote. HW also scored a record high vote among Caucasians in 1988 @ [60%]. Trump’s 2016 vote of [58%] among Caucasians will increase for sure – possibly higher than the record [1988 onward] of (61%) I am suggesting Trump has now – that (%) may be inching upward too.

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