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RSR ROBBINS California State in Profile - Trump v Inslee, Environment, Abortion/Murder of Pregnant Mom-USMCA, Impeach/Imprison-Calif on AG Barr
  Jun 09, 2019

Question #1
Of the two following Tickets offered for U.S. President Vice President & White House 2020 do you prefer?
U.S. President Donald Trump (Florida)/U.S. Vice President Mike Pence (Indiana) Republican Party    47.06 %
Governor Jay Inslee (Washington State))/Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii) Democratic Party    49.63 %
Question #2
Which of the following response choices BEST reflects how to create a sustainable economy and environment?
You need a solid economy first then work to improve environmental sustainability    43.70 %
I support a strong economy and sustainable environment both as the goal    37.50 %
I support Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’ Green New Deal    19.31 %
Question #3
Position on Abortion from these five response choices:
I elect not to pay with tax dollars for abortions    19.86 %
I elect to pay with tax dollars for abortions    13.01 %
I believe in freedom of choice    28.77 %
No abortion after 3 months    23.78 %
No abortion whatsoever    14.38 %
Question #4
Do you support the efforts and commitment of U.S. Donald Trump with regard to securing the southern border and successfully negotiating new USMCA free trade deal with Canada and Mexico worth trillions of dollars?
Yes    63.98 %
No    32.08 %
Question #5
Do you support the idea of US President Donald Trump being impeached or imprisoned?
Yes    14.57 %
No    71.66 %
Question #6
A woman who is five months pregnant is murdered; the baby inside her womb also dies as a direct result of the assault. Should the killer be charged with 1 or 2 murders?
One Murder    27.66 %
Two Murders    64.20 %
Question #7
Do you have trust and confidence in United States Attorney General William Barr?
Yes    71.66 %
No    11.44 %
Comments Q 1- Based on my Wisconsin, Florida & New Mexico polls of late, combined with National polls over the last year (at least) I have PROJECTED a land slide win for the Trump/Pence Republican Ticket 2020.
None of the Mainstream polling and news and cable operations have expressed my optimism for public support – we have differed on average by about {6%).
Frankly I am delighted at the opportunity to be distinct and different – on the record particularly for 2020 – after witnessing the mainstream press Holocaust against Trump and his family – with nothing but name calling to support the charges – it’s paramount to be accurate (write like Frank Zappa but get the math like the owner of the corner store).
(I am certain a few of the more left Mainstream polling would have Trump losing to serial killer Gary Ridgeway – if it came to it).
Rasmussen – a long time political polling firm linked more to Republicans has long threatened to explode upward – hovering just under {50%} or @ {50%} for Trump.
Afraid to follow a rogue poll – Obama guiding light David Axelrod’s condemnation of Joe Biden’s flip flop on abortion – fractures Biden in the Democrat race – and makes him, at least in my view not capable of beating Donald Trump
The Vice President follows his President’s departure by running then, not waiting – the brand has had time to fade.
This RSR poll features two Democrat candidates from the Democrats, Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State – not dissimilar to Al Gore (and with political ties to Bill Clinton but long ago) – and Tulsi Gabbard – former running mate of Bernie Sanders from the 2016 Democratic leadership campaign – both from ‘west coast’ States
As at today’s publishing date I have California a ‘down to the wire contest’ in 2020. In 2016 Hillary Clinton (D) crushed U.S. President Donald Trump in the State of California [61.73%] to [31.62%].
Since Kennedy’s win in 1960, State of California Vote Outcomes reveal Democrat candidates average [3%] higher averages than Republicans. Based on Top 5 Democrat Electoral Outcomes compared with Top 5 Republican Outcomes – the difference is [5.5%]. The average of these two averages is [4.25%].
My assessment in this poll using one assured Ticket (Trump/Pence) and one speculated Ticket – the difference is [2.57%] close to my assessed Margin of Error of {2.25%).
Strategic targets for current evidence were San Bernardino and San Joaquin Counties.
In the former in 2016 Hillary Clinton won [52.12%] to [41.48%], while in the latter County Hillary Clinton won [54.03%] to [39.67%].
San Bernardino had 3 times the Vote Outcome as San Joaquin
Our recent “Support Score” in San Bernardino is Trump/Pence (46.47%), Inslee/Gabbard (46.18%) while San Joaquin “Support Score” is Trump/Pence (42.05%), Inslee/Gabbard (49.17%).
Adjustments are made for our Final Score Support Predictions intended on balance of probabilities be the final outcome following 2020 – predicted early, but for extraordinary circumstances (as deemed by me to be).
Strategically – when I am successful – forcing political life to become unhinged from the shackle of mainstream news concerned more with their investment in news stories including so called Fake News – it will be more difficult to pull off a Mueller stunt again – when I called him a sick and dying dog (context of politics) – the press would have put more pressure on him to conclude – had enough evidence everyone knew things were not on the up and up – Californians call on William Barr to get to the bottom of it – many not entirely sure who the main ‘future culprits’ –
But that trend in thinking suggests to me that AG Barr is perceived as separate from the Trump Administration and is perceived as the person getting to the bottom of it – in a non partisan matter. This then suggests to me that presumed innocence precedes guilt or judgment as it ought to be (must be)-also suggesting to me that the public has let go Mueller – save for anything that might emerge – at the bottom of it and are sick of the legal system being co opted by the political one – misleading reporting – for benefit of filling time – pictures of Mueller – ‘experts’ espousing slander and malice -
Much of the anti Trump sentiment that existed on the left has now morphed into an agreement between former never Trumpers that Washington and not HE is the problem.
THAT Trump was right along. Right indeed.
Speaker Pelosi could not be any faster at feeding into the bottomless pit of narratives not supported by the actual public.
Her call for Intervention on Donald Trump – at the time she was scheduled to negotiate in good faith on Infrastructure and her subsequent call – following a bleachbit clean Mueller discontinuance-that Trump be deemed a criminal – is, to me, bad faith (at least not good faith), and not even politics – she hasn’t got the support of the public for impeachment or imprisonment – there are more who accept AOC’s New Green Deal – neither are anywhere near 50% - or higher –
I conservatively believe President’s national support to be a solid (52%-53%) and possibly higher
Nearly 43 of 100 Californians believe a good economy is 1st necessary BEFORE action can be taken on the environment – this percentage likely reasonably reflects Trump/Pence’s 2020 ‘bottom end’ number based on (81.82%) of respondents choosing this also selecting Trump/Pence from Q 1.
Nearly one in five California Voters support ‘left wing Democrat’s take ownership of support for “Her New Green Deal”- Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Green New Deal.
The Green New Deal remains a healthy minority voice –the Democrats days of ‘fake it until you make it’ are done. The next Leader of the Party will have to be listening to AOC (not directed by) – who can fit into the mainstream of the Party but also carries all of the credentials to take over the party-and ensure a national Democrat popular vote is over (45%) – talk win of course – but don’t expect it.
Fox News has everyone crossing over – to expand its market – in the hole Mueller and the crazy press left.
Democrats to go left – if this occurs will win by a historical landslide and the Democrats will rebuild in a new image – maybe Mike Pence wins two as well – a 4 peat for Republicans.
Inslee might be able to do something about this – manifesting more liberal policy of fairness and equity through efforts on the environment
I have had OAC’s support numbers some time ago at high 20’s – 30’s% - she is branded with Green New Deal (Hispanic Roosevelt) – tell me – where is the economic depression or even recession – what need promotes the New Green Deal forward?
Can Americans --many just starting to make ends meet and enjoying a little gravy with their French fries – afford the luxury of a return to a world lost according to Ilich where the bicycle was all anyone needed (and the community (the person) was better for it
How can infrastructure programs go forward – if road improvement and development – absolutely necessary and now – are abolished?
What happens when all fossil fuel and other energy deemed unfit has a cease and desist order against it – is their Green Energy right there to replace it so the economy doesn’t collapse. Greens/Democrats must explain how this works to the average American – the onus is on them to do so.
Would there be no military?
If Trump can explain how adjustments and accommodations can be made with a view to reducing pollutants and toxins into the atmosphere – clean water – before the Democrats explain their New Green Deal –even more ground in the middle will be given to Trump.
Why doesn’t Bernie take his Socialism the whole way and lead a Socialist Party? Ocasio Cortez has nearly (40%) of Democratic caucus by virtue of her New Green Deal in California. Her and Bernie could scoop half of the party using many bright colors – imagine -
Jay Inslee can counter these aforementioned threats with his Green credentials honed nicely over two decades, and his need to focus on the West Coast first “connect with friends throughout the Cascade States”. Inslee can also easily fill Al Gore’s void on the climate change account and establish a beach head with opportunity to engage AOC – as it were.
Jay Inslee would require early support (tonight) from Al Gore and possibly Leader of the Green Party – don’t get mixed up in Israel – though – I note Governor Inslee’s ties to a successful lawsuit in Washington State – against Trump – on immigration related to refugees – where the cause of action was brought about based on Trump’s desire to ban immigration from specific countries that sponsor terror – the lawsuit asserted Trump’s policy was prejudicial to Muslim people who happen to be dominant in many of the targeted terrorist sponsoring states.
I warn Governor Inslee – because it is my belief that Donald Trump could win every State in the Union in 2020 and so that he won’t do what Joe Biden did – moving about in a leisurely awkwardly matter – and getting steamrolled because of it.
Honestly how can a person out of politics for 7 years and with 3/10 support apparently among his own (Democrats) be polling ahead of the incumbent – now exonerated –(a bounce) doing trade deals – negotiating successfully all over the planet?
How can Democrats having accomplished nearly nothing over the same period of time be even close to Trump – because of his Tweets – silly geese in the news.
Trump could win California. He changes the game exclusively on name recognition alone – his performance at an Apex – people who forgot they called him bad names – have since changed their minds and focus on the positive – that is some of the Voter.
According to Tom Murse in ThoughtCo “The Most Lopsided Presidential Elections in U.S. History” the definition of a Lopsided Election Win (LEW) is “375 electoral votes” {70%}.
Since 1960 Reagan is the big winner taking 525/538 electoral votes (1984).
Bill Clinton (1996), Reagan again in (1980), George H.W. Bush in (1988), Nixon (1972), Johnson (1964) round out all of the winners of lopsided electoral wins since 1960
California is up earlier in the Democratic primary.
This move by Inslee with Gore’s support would finish Biden, (Hillary Clinton), and maybe Bernie Sanders in one fell swoop—Is there a method by which a surging Inslee could see OAC in the Speakers Chair-following their ‘bargain’?
A good point from which to pivot for the Democrats – not to mention that Starbucks and Howard Schultz are Seattle based. Can Inslee explain to Howard how a Green Deal – can accommodate those of us desirous of becoming Billionaires like Howard and Donald?
One half of the respondents who want “a strong economy and sustainable environment” (an inferred equality to the objective) (some call it a “milquetoast” response choice mirrors the charge in the question), (30.31%) – are also Trump/Pence supporters, (despite Donald Trump not being a believer in Climate Change per se (human or natural) –
“It’s just another hoax” from the left – assert a growing many on the right.
Mueller has made anything out of the left – a suspect in a political hoax.
One can see even ‘Green California’ has a strong contingent in the low (40’s%) who see and hear Green – and think about cash (I look at my paycheck if it’s up I am happy”) and the economy as being more important and out in front of the environment, this, plus a lovely foothold in the concept of a tie (“a strong economy and sustainable environment”) – an accommodation – Trump is going to surprise – and encourage Green things – “without the sermon”.
Inslee needs to bust a move – needs $30,000,000 to start. Use Seahawk colors – if you are able to do so.
Q 3 on Abortion reveals nearly 6/10 respondents either through rationale of their tax dollars or their direct opinion – hold for some type of limit on “freedom of choice” for a woman’s right to choose, while nearly 2/3 support some type of opportunity for a woman to choose to have an abortion. This latter number grows much higher if we presume that not using tax payers money does not necessarily preclude a woman from choice (outside funding etc.).
My Q6 deals with a killing as we generally understand murder to be – (but can be connected also by inference) – revealing that in the circumstance elucidated, 2/3 Californians see the death of the five month old *“baby” described as including a direct assault killing the “baby” – as a “murder” as well.
*(Baby in womb may be considered bias)
Q6 captures (70.04%) of “Decided” Californians - //in Canada on June 14, 2006 under Conservative government - Conservative MP Leon Benoit MP from conservative Province of Alberta introduced our ROBBINS SCE Research (1998) poll--- into discussion relating to proposed legislation Canadian Parliament Hansard (Transcript Record)---indicating that (78%) of Canadians “supported a separate charge in the death of an unborn child”.

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