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Glen P. Robbins- RSR ROBBINS -STATE OF OHIO IN PROFILE: Trump v Biden,Mueller closing up, USMCA, Media subsidies (Canada), DC lawyers, U.S. Economy, Trump Int. Relations & Border Security
  Jun 02, 2019

Question #1
Which leader has more of your confidence today?
President Donald Trump, Republican    56.79 %
Former Vice President Joe Biden, Democrat    40.70 %
Question #2
Robert Mueller Special Prosecutor’s Mandate into investigating Trump campaign collusion with Russians and obstruction of justice is closed and no longer funded after spending upwards of $50,000,000 (U.S.). In your opinion should your tax dollars now be used to fund an impeachment of President Trump in Congress?
Yes    13.21 %
No    75.44 %
Question #3
Do you support USMCA (United States, Mexico, Canada) Free Trade Agreement recently ratified between Canada and the United States and set for Congress to also ratify – Mexico too?
Yes    72.83 %
No    26.54 %
Question #4
Canada’s Liberal government is set to subsidize media, and journalist unions to the tune of $2 Billion. In equivalent dollars this would be like President Donald Trump giving subsidy of $20 Billion to media, and journalist unions. Would you support a $20 Billion subsidy to US Media and Cable news including their union workers?
Yes    9.66 %
No    87.30 %
Question #5
Which of the following response choices best reflects your opinion of lawyers – with your decision confined to your opinion of Washington DC lawyers particularly?
I have a pretty high opinion of them    38.98 %
I don’t really have a high opinion of them    61.02 %
Question #6
Which of the following response choices best reflects your opinion of the U.S. Economy?
Good    71.15 %
Fair    20.79 %
Poor    7.08 %
Question #7
How would you assess U.S. President Donald Trump’s performance on International relations, negotiating trade deals for U.S. benefit, national security including whether or not you believe Donald Trump has kept his campaign promise to secure the US Southern Border?
I think the President has done an exceptional job on all accounts described    70.59 %
I think the President has kept his promise on US Southern border but faltered on International relations and trade deals    21.85 %
Undecided/No Opinion    7.56 %
FOLLOWING our strategic calling and investigation of voting ‘environment’ of Hamilton County (and including the City of Cincinnati Ohio), and the State of Ohio generally – we discover that in 14 United States Elections from 1960 to 2012, Republican candidates for U.S. President achieve near [11%] higher vote totals than Democrat candidates.
Over the last 7 U.S. Elections for President in Hamilton County that Republican average advantage is cut in half to [7%].
The State wide advantage for Republican candidates over Democratic candidates is [2.5%].
Ohio is well known for picking the President – choosing a Republican one [60%] of the time.
Since 1960 and inclusive of Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 Ohio has been correct 14/15 times [93.3%], while Hamilton County has been correct 10/15 times [66.67%].
In 7 Elections from 1988 until and including 2012, Democratic average vote totals have equaled Republican vote totals @ [47%].
Hamilton County has double the African American population percentage that Ohio State has (overall), while Cincinnati is nearly 4 times that by comparison.
I score this RSR poll as utilizing [32%) African American vote and reinterpreting percentages for overall score to match with demographics for Ohio overall but with what we believe is a significant foothold in the African American vote, factored voter turnout through “RSR Special Rinse” ™ – and placed a basis point factor to migration out of north to south by African Americans.
(It is my objective (motive) to achieve an accurate prediction of vote outcome within basis points – and to do so well ahead of the 2020 U.S. Election for President to (on merit) CONTINUE to be better at predicting presidential outcomes than the multibillion dollar media and institutional polling – and making me better than the guys with the $$--more $oup for me – in a real economy).
Donald Trump achieved [8%] of African American vote in 2016 and despite ‘weak state’ mainstream media connecting the racist dots to it, Reagan and George W. Bush achieved only [9%].
Former two -term President Obama reduced underperforming victims McCain and Romney on the vote with African Americans with those two ‘white guys’ achieving a paltry [4%] to [6%] among African Americans.
I say from the outset that no Democrat candidate in 2020 will do as well as either Obama or Hillary Clinton with visible minorities – I say that with certainty.
The loss of support among African Americans – even if it is -5%- only knocks a national percentage off that total for Democrats – and if it transfers to President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and the Republican Party that turnabout alone is near -2%-nationally.
I do not believe that the Democrat ticket in 2020 will achieve Democrat average of [47%] +.
I believe the amount of visible minority losses the Democratic Party will endure will amount to a much larger transfer of vote than -2%- nationally in 2020.
The national Libertarian vote is similar to that which the Libertarian Party achieved in Ohio around [3%] give or take, a similar percentage as found in Cincinnati and Hamilton County. I am certain that Trump/Pence 2020 will take most of that vote.
If Trump kept the vote he obtained in 2016, and then added the Libertarian vote (alone) he would be around [54%/-in this RSR ROBBINS poll President Trump’s ‘decided support’, no matter how you factor the undecided = to or > than (58%).
If this transfer of African American vote occurs to the extent that we are witnessing in Ohio –NOW-and in 2020 – and to the extent we witnessed it in New Mexico recently Trump/Pence will run over ANY Democrat ticket in 2020:---like former [Washington Redskin] running back John [“Diesel”] Riggins----
“Glen P. Robbins - RSR ROBBINS Poll - Profile State of New Mexico (Hispanic Voters) Trump v Pelosi on jobs/good economy-Conservative journalist Mollie Hemingway abortion is an assault on woman's womb? (English & Spanish)” –
-we asked this question of Hispanic voters comparing U.S. President Trump with Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the economy—
Question #1 Who is better on jobs and a good economy President Donald Trump or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? (Quien es mejor en emploleos y en una Buena economia, el president Donald Trump o la presidenta de la casa Nancy pelosi)?
President Donald Trump/Presidente Donald Trump 71.68%
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi/La Presidente de la Camera de los Representantes Nancy Pelosi 26.88%
Trump will challenge Reagan’s 1984 national vote – or Nixon’s 1972 wipe out win of Democrat challenger.
Prior to the New Mexico poll we Profiled the State of Florida:
“Glen P. Robbins RSR ROBBINS Profile State of Florida: Trump v Biden, Jerusalem Israel, Confidence in FBI/DoJ, USMC, Trump Rally-Rolling Stones theory”
Question #2
“Glen P. Robbins RSR ROBBINS Profile State of Florida: Trump v Biden, Jerusalem Israel, Confidence in FBI/DoJ, USMC, Trump Rally-Rolling Stones theory” Question #2 At this point in time with 18 months to go- who do your support for U.S. President 2020? Donald Trump, Republican 54.82 % Joe Biden, Democrat 43.29
Prior to Profile of Florida we conducted this poll in Wisconsin “RSR ROBBINS - Profile State of Wisconsin - with PROJECTED 2020 Winner”
Question #5 If Election for President were held today who would you support? Donald Trump, Republican 50.19 % Joe Biden, Democrat 43.55 %
This snapshot of a Northern U.S. State (Ohio) with a higher visible minority mixture in the culture that is comprised more of African American visible minorities than other minorities including Hispanics (Latinos) {or Mexican as Florida is} – provides an overall culture of information in Strategic States once again affirms our position that President Trump/Mike Pence Republican ticket are HIGH odds favourites to win 2020 and further reasonable odds to post record high popular vote in so doing.
Cincinnati and Hamilton Country have seen a significant increase in African American population since Ronald Reagan. The average family in Cincinnati earns $5,000 more per year than Ohio State average, while Hamilton County is only slightly above State average.
Forbes online article does not reference Cincinnati in its 2018 list of American cities with high percentage African Americans earning good money (i.e Washington DC, Atlanta Georgia). 2016 asserts that the City of Cincinnati is the “fastest growing economic power in the Midwest”.
In this RSR ROBBINS poll we present the State of Ohio featuring U.S. President Trump with (62%) Caucasian support, (30%) African American support, & All Other support (56%). We have former Vice President Joe Biden with (36%), (58%), All Other (37%) along the same categories.
In 2020 Donald Trump will receive (3%) in Ohio total support from African Americans along with another (one percent) statewide from other non Caucasians (at least). If the economy continues to perform well –good paying and full time jobs continue to grow – fewer Americans will be willing to place their vote against “a real good buzz around the country”.
They have a President who not only leads the charge – but is himself that charge. “There is no doubt where the buck stops with Trump…and he likes it that way”.
To this point – I have been saying – and continue to say that I believe Donald Trump’s national support has been around (50%) or better for well over a year – and is now moving toward mid (50’s) while Democrat support is in decline.
I cannot imagine what type of human misconception could have a hold over any rational person that would permit for the presentation of the case for impeaching Donald Trump following Mueller – but after documenting news daily through this 2 year period + – (and it was awful) (Canada too sometimes verbatim –‘slander’) of Donald Trump = anything is possible (with the media & not the American people).
Mueller Democrat supporters may - plausibly - possibly - might be wearing T - Shirts stipulating: SORRY I AM AN ASSHOLE.
Accounting for modern day – psychological studies of human capacity to lie for money (1950’s) suggests that people will tell a lie if paid to do so at a threshold of ($150) (Canadian lol) [the original study involved $20]. What I have witnessed in media over the last two years knowing this – suggests to me that if there is to be oversight over media – it isn’t social media that is the problem – it is the mainstream licensed media.
Being a member of a union including a journalist’s union (or the apparent ‘legal cartel’) in no way mitigates against those scientific facts and conclusion as a consequence.
To the question about Canada’s media and subsidies for that industry – this was a fair question to ask in the United States given the afore referenced incompetence and lack of professionalism exhibited by northeastern controlled cable and regular news over the same period of time as Mueller – and Canada’s heavily subsidized media accounts performed in lockstep with cable news like CNN and MSNBC—for me -to have diarized it – as well –(for review) makes me frightened and concerned for the state of journalism (and law) in both countries.
Neither the journalists nor the lawyers are doing well in the public opinion. [Mueller’s end] set off a political charge that I expect will cause quite a rupture in the way things are done going forward in both areas of so called public interest.
To see Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wanting to add hundreds of millions (Billions – U.S. equivalent) to some media and to have a large union organizer of journalists decide who should receive it – or the matter of criteria to be followed before payment – (the same thing) on its face – is ugly – looks like what we accuse Russia and China of doing – and is clearly unacceptable to Ohio voters –in their self assessment.
Ohio is a 6 hour drive to Toronto.
One can see how I trimmed the Socialist Sail (“SS”) by invoking Canada (presumed by many Americans as more socialist than the United States) and the journalist subsidy – among Ohio respondents already looking at media in that country with some bitterness.
[Canadian Conservative Leader (Opposition) Andrew Scheer has taken the position that subsidized media in Canada should not be talking about Donald Trump politics (GPR: Like an arm of Liberal-Democrats in the US media)].
Notwithstanding whether or not Donald Trump is making these significant gains among visible minorities based on conspicuous success relating to economy, international relations, border security and USMCA deal with Canada (now awaiting Congress & Mexico) –
Joe Biden is not achieving anywhere near the support either Obama or Clinton received among minorities and Caucasians who form higher numbers of eligible voters are coming to Trump in higher numbers. This anecdote suggests some interesting conjecture (inference):
“I voted for Obama twice – couldn’t vote for Hillary – had my doubts about Donald Trump – but took a flyer (why not) and he has outperformed my expectations of him by quite a lot”.
Whether more minorities have bought into /Donald Trump - the person/ is no longer relevant to many respondents, they have bought into his reshaped role of President and his obvious (and vigorous) desire to make America successful and this is most important – believe he will “pull it off”.
This type of response anecdote – suggests to me that many American Voters in the State of Ohio and right across the country, particularly post Mueller, are giving Donald Trump – the power of attorney with their vote’ because they were unsure of the economy going into 2016 but moving like a rocket ship now – were unaware of strategies necessary for success (China – not important to Biden), but “get it” now – {some} were unsure where Trump was heading himself – and now with Mueller coming to a screeching halt – are spilling ass over teakettle into the Trump Tent – and not intending to leave.
All the real action is in Trump’s Tent.
Trump’s base is smug – in the knowledge that they knew Trump was “a winner” for America. It’s a sweet cocktail of success blended in America right now for Donald Trump, and many Americans are welcoming the “relief” it brings to them.
(Imagine- if you will- how Churchill must have felt after beating back Hitler – and then crushing him- “Oh what a feeling --- what a rush”).
The end of the Mueller Report – the ugly hangover from knowledge that those investigating (including those being paid from tax dollars who are perceived as being in conflict – including Mueller) have behaved corruptly or illegally -- has become like a springboard for increased support for President Trump with many converts now giving Trump their additional blessing for being an innocent person unnecessarily dragged through the mud.
In a similar situation as that which the President endured – through high office fraud on him personally (Donald Trump) and upon the Office of the Executive (President) – any other leader would have wilted.
The point here is to suggest that many Americans voted Trump because they knew he was tough and strong – and believed Hillary was weak – but didn’t articulate this more basic assessment – and these voters are now proud to see their instincts validated particularly when they-[as my wife says] “shock faint” – they realize President Trump is “very competent” (sic).
The point here is to also say U.S. (and Canada) could do with a wholesale clean up (not cover up) in media, journalism – and law don’t give it more money (Canada).
U.S. President Trump’s support is solid and will be very difficult to overturn no matter the length of time until 2020.
Most importantly, I would also speculate that but for Mueller and ugly media bias (in my view intentional fraud) – Trump’s favorability ratings would be somewhere near (70%) as President Kennedy’s were 1960-1963.
Margin of Error (2.25%)

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