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Glen P. Robbins RSR ROBBINS - Profile City of Surrey, BC - New Police Force-Should senior government have right to overturn City decision, What party most responsible for money laundering real estate fraud - Regulating BC Gas prices
Brave New World - Greta Van Fleet  May 24, 2019

Question #1
Do you support or oppose the new Surrey City Police Force?
Support    47.38 %
Oppose    24.72 %
Undecided/Can’t-Won’t Answer/Other    27.90 %
Question #2
Should senior governments like the Province of British Columbia have the authority to overturn the decision of Surrey City Council to create a new Surrey Police Force?
Yes    19.80 %
No    55.05 %
Undecided/Can’t-Won’t Answer/Other    24.52 %
Question #3
The BC Government recently declared a Public Inquiry into money laundering in B.C., including in the real estate market and in phony and criminal mortgages filed at BC Land Title Office whose authority admits to not checking documents filed there. Which of the following political leaders or parties, if any, do you suspect will be found to be most responsible for allowing these events to occur?
BC Liberal Party    37.03 %
BC New Democrat Party    12.96 %
*Stephen Harper & federal Conservatives    12.53 %
Justin Trudeau & federal Liberals    8.64 %
BC Green Party    7.65 %
Jagmeet Singh & federal New Democrats    5.18 %
Undecided/Can’t-Won’t Answer/Other    16.62 %
Question #4
(Push)Do you support the Regulation of BC Gasoline prices in keeping with Alberta’s original Trans Mountain (Kinder Morgan) approved application in the 1950’s to construct pipelines to BC’s Coast in return for continuous and inexpensive gasoline?
Yes    47.49 %
No    28.62 %
Undecided/Can’t-Won’t Answer/Other    23.11 %
Question 1
Just prior to the Civic Election last October 2018 – one in which the change of police forces from RCMP to Surrey City Police Force was front and center, RSR ROBBINS asked Surrey respondents this question:
Surrey currently has the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as its police force. The RCMP is legally answerable to the Federal Government and Provincial government (under contract). A Surrey City Police Force would be answerable to the mayor and city council as it is in the City of Vancouver. Which do you prefer? (Presented as net Total)
Continue with RCMP 34 % New Surrey City Police Force 46 % Indifferent to Issue 6 % (Undecided/All Other) 14 %
Doug McCallum achieved [43%] of the vote for mayor October 2018 – (3%) than my predicted support for “New Surrey City Police Force”. The mayor had experienced my dead accuracy many years earlier – wisely followed it during the October 2018 Surrey Civic Election– and now dominates Surrey City Council.
RSR ROBBINS is “Like Owning a Crystal Ball” (“LOCB”).
Since that Civic Election – every manner of lobby and public relations has been asserted against McCallum’s decision – based on cost – with coverage by news – predictably bias against McCallum.
This RSR ROBBINS poll reflects good news for McCallum as our numbers in support of the new Surrey City Police Force reveal an increase in support for the new police force by (1.38%) – heading steadily toward (50%) support whilst support for the RCMP staying on has tumbled (27%) downward from (34%) to (25%) now, and there is no coming back from this.
McCallum’s opponents also covered the police transition question with positions that did not call for RCMP to be removed – both losing badly as a consequence.
McCallum’s success on the transition from RCMP is predicated on (1) The RCMP not being popular enough to defend the change (in the 1st place); (2) The anticipated belief that a new community police force may better serve the community; and (3) that –“the deal is already done – there is no going back now”, (4) Institutional players – government and media crowing against the change – which promotes even more animus toward the RCMP brand.
Question 2
This question poses a major problem for John Horgan’s New Democrats – there is simply not enough credibility with either senior government (provincial or federal) – most particularly the BC Government – (whose (own (h)ouse) [Legislature] is a mess) to overturn Surrey City Council’s decision.
This position is strongly supported by decision of former SCC Chief Justice McLachlin – as against BC Legislature Court Clerk paying himself pension in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, buying suits, going to sporting events – buying other items – liquor a disturbing distraction – and cover for delay on dealing with massive money laundering and real estate fraud in the British Columbia housing market.
Add to this bonfire of less than meritorious vanity – a wide open Public Inquiry relating to the aforementioned money laundering and real estate fraud and one has an easy decision for Surrey residents to hold for the mayor on his decision to change policing - given that was just elected rather than either senior government – with less than stellar credibility with each government’s future’s less certain in the short term than Mayor McCallum’s.
Surrey is an important City for politics at all levels. The federal Liberals have an election coming and a number of seats there they want to keep. Provincially – all things being equal – Surrey decides the composition of the BC Legislature.
Question 3
*Stephen Harper is not Conservative leader now – however he and his party have been closely linked with BC Liberals – including much of the same fund raising personnel including (Calgary Alberta) where Stephen Harper’s riding is. Also, much of the corruption occurred during the time period when BC Liberals and Stephen Harper Conservatives were in office.
There is plenty of blame offered (acceptable to a convincing majority of respondents)-5/7 blaming BC Liberals or Stephen Harper.
[Anytime causation is found to occur at both provincial and federal levels, the Federal Court of Canada is available for damages].
There is circumstantial evidence of (at least) misfeasance by higher ups and elected officials already that a colluded effort was undertaken by Stephen Harper Conservatives and Christy Clark Liberals to permit laundered money into mortgages – in that neither properly policed and more likely facilitated the antitrust aspects of mortgage and non bank lending in the provinces most particularly British Columbia, including and involving BC Lawyers- not (yet) well known to the general public- the point being that the respondents are in synch with the time period more recently involved and the parties likely to be blame.
Play Johnny Cash prison music here-
There is also circumstantial evidence as well that the interests of another province, namely Alberta were served by BC Liberals on behalf of Conservatives – in negotiations with China (oil – the housing market scam) insofar as significant donations were received by BC Liberals from Oil firms in Calgary, Alberta and others with an interest in that area.
Current Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is largely responsible for the little known disabling of Canada Pension Disability (see Globe & Mail 2015) – which benefitted CPP Secretariat investment in China.
This occurred while Calgary Alberta was funding the BC Liberal Party and a scheme was likely hatched with Chinese investment (legal and illegal) to promote a false housing boom in British Columbia.
Question 4
The City of Surrey is a great place to measure demand for BC Premier John Horgan’s musing about regulating gasoline prices in British Columbia. Nearly 6/10 Decided respondents buy into the proposal.
The Premier has more opportunity for success on this public policy than he does crying out from Victoria about Surrey’s new police force.
Recent - 1.75% Margin of Error.

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