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Glen P. Robbins presents RSR ROBBINS - Leader & Party, Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, getting rid of BC Casinos, Public Inquiry BC Land Title & BC Lawyers, Demand for Prov. Election
Talk Talk - Its My Life  May 05, 2019

Question #1
If an Election were held in the Province of British Columbia TODAY for which leader & party would you caste your ballot?
John Horgan and BC New Democrats    36.19 %
Andrew Wilkinson and BC Liberals    31.48 %
Andrew Weaver and BC Greens    22.49 %
*Trevor Bolin and BC Conservatives    9.52 %
Question #2
Should the Government of British Columbia agree to do everything in its power to see that new United Conservative Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney gets his Trans Mountain pipeline through the Province of BC to BC’s Coastline?
Yes    43.56 %
No    47.12 %
Question #3
(Push) With all of the negative news coverage of money laundering in BC Casinos linked to fraud in BC real estate and corruption of many BC Institutions including well reported willful blindness on the part of both of NDP and Liberal governments relating to the matter, and the refusal of BC Government to pursue a public inquiry of the corruption, would you support removing Large Casino operations in BC altogether?
Yes    50.11 %
No    36.58 %
Question #4
(Push) It has been reported in news media (including social media) that money laundering combined with criminal lending by non bank lenders, and involving BC lawyers and other mortgage registrants, has led to further accusations and suggestions that there are thousands of illegal or otherwise unconscionable mortgages filed at State sponsored Land Title Offices in British Columbia with those registries admitting to not reviewing them as they are filed. Would you support a combined Canada Revenue Agency – BC Government public inquiry for $10 million into mortgage registrations including audit of lawyer’s offices dealing primarily in Land Title filings on the basis that the known casino money laundering and its impact on BC Real Estate may also be discovered from the land title registration back to the lawyer or mortgage filer to source of funds?
Yes    59.01 %
No    29.03 %
Question #5
Do you support a BC provincial election this fall in order to sort out the direction that BC Voters want to go on important matters such as housing – corruption in real estate and other BC Institutions, and expansion of pipelines?
Yes    54.74 %
No    37.03 %
John Horgan and BC New Democrats are down in public support (9.5%) from 2017 Election totals - in this RSR ROBBINS poll of decided British Columbia respondents.
On Vancouver Island BC NDP scores RSR public support of (42%), Lower Mainland (including Surrey) (42%), Fraser Valley (31%), North & Interior plus Kootenay (28%).
Andrew Wilkinson and BC Liberals are down (22%) in RSR public support from 2017 Election totals.
Andrew Weaver and BC Greens are up (34%) from 2017 Election totals featuring support as follows: Vancouver Island (30%), Lower Mainland (22%), Fraser Valley (31%), North & Interior/Kootenay (25%).
(ED: The BC Conservative Party remains on probation with me given their pitiful track record at election time and no support from the senior Conservatives who consistently work with BC Liberals).
The BC Conservatives support is (once again) seen to be highest in Fraser Valley and North & Interior/Kootenay columns (18%) & (13%) respectively.
It remains to be seen if the BC Liberals and their federal Conservative friends in the Fraser Valley and in the Interior and North remain in ‘close touch’ with fund raising and political advice, or whether they split because of noteworthy differences of opinion on Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, and because a super majority of BC Conservatives want a public inquiry at land title registry to help tie money laundering and mortgage fraud in real estate purchase while significantly fewer BC Liberals do not – (See Questions #2,3 & #4 data).
John Horgan and BC NDP have operated government in cooperation with BC Greens since the 2017 election however these RSR ROBBINS numbers suggest that Andrew Weaver and BC Greens may be benefitting more from the relationship with John Horgan’s NDP ‘traditional working man’ labor union party taking most of the heat (from BC Greens) for finishing Christy Clark-Rich Coleman’s work on LNG industry in the North of BC and featuring massive tax credits to foreign governments for their investment in BC – and for (in many parts of the province) resisting Alberta’s expansion of Trans Mountain pipeline through the lower mainland.
John Horgan and BC NDP are weakened particularly in Lower Mainland of BC – the most populous region of voters also experiencing moderate declines in support on Vancouver Island but also where (along with Vancouver Island) opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline is highest).
Andrew Wilkinson’s BC Liberals are not doing as well as that party has done historically in in-between Elections polling [and at the ballot box] and subsequent to its 2017 loss to the BC NDP, BC Liberal numbers have been impacted negatively by support for the BC Conservative Party and to a noteworthy extent by BC Greens as well.
The good news for Wilkinson is that John Horgan and BC NDP have now been taken down a peg or two and where the (18%) support in Fraser Valley and (13%) in North & Interior/Kootenay for the BC Conservatives is more likely than not to never materialize, suggesting by presumption of second choices that another (4%) or (5%) could well end up in BC Liberals vote column resulting in BC Liberals and BC NDP in dead heat at around (36%), and modest advantage to BC Liberals who are (historically) more efficient at getting the vote out.
It is worth noting that the combined NDP/Green support (center left) is now (59%) while the combined BC Liberal/BC Conservative (center right) support is (41%).
In past questions on Trans Mountain conducted by “sondage maestro” – “izborni maestro” Glen P. Robbins, where in context of those questions, settlement consideration is provided by Federal Government of Canada, Province of Alberta, benefitting Oil companies (etc.) in the amount of $5.6 Billion to the Province of British Columbia as compensation for Alberta breaching its original contract with British Columbia in original Trans Mountain application (approved by Federal Government) requiring Alberta to ensure inexpensive gasoline prices to British Columbians, and for other surety to make sure BC was properly equipped to protect itself – approval numbers go upward for Trans Mountain well over (50%). (Trudeau government gave away $4.6 Billion in subsidy to Province of Alberta already).
When the polling question is asked in the manner it was in this RSR poll – where the BC Government does “everything in its power” to “see that new United Conservative Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney gets his Trans Mountain pipeline through the Province of BC to BC’s coastline” (and not everything in its’ power to resist featured as John Horgan’s position), the percentage to the “No” (to expansion) takes a narrow lead over “Yes”.
There are further political messages behind these percentages as well.
First as John Horgan and BC NDP’s support begins to slide downward the percentage of “Yes” to pipeline increases among NDP supporters increase (from teens to twenties percentage) to (38%) with (52%) saying “No” down from (70%) just months ago, as some NDP voters from 2017 make the choice to NOW support BC Greens.
The BC Liberals have a similar (but less difficult) internal disagreement with (28%) of that party support saying “No” to Alberta’s pipeline expansion and (64%) saying “Yes”.
The BC Conservative support pipeline expansion is (“Yes”) is (92%), while the BC Green resistance (“No”) to the pipeline expansion is also (92%). One can see the obvious split between and among BC Greens and BC NDP on the one hand and BC Liberals and BC Conservatives on the other.
Of the two splits – the implications for the BC NDP are worse given the (relative) high (%) of BC NDP in North & Interior/Kootenay who support the pipeline expansion and the increasing percentage of BC New Democrats moving to support Alberta’s oil getting to tidewater.
Alberta Premier Kenney must also consider the unusually high BC Green support is established well in the North & Interior/Kootenay (25%), (12%) higher than BC Conservative support in the same region(s), however the BC Liberal & BC Conservative combined support in this region is (47%) with (64%) of respondents in that region (from those two parties) supporting the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.
(40%) of BC NDP support in the North Interior/Kootenay region supports the expansion of Trans Mountain pipeline. Only (60%) of BC Liberal support in the Lower Mainland region supports the pipeline expansion however. Once Jason Kenney’s pipeline advocacy hits the more populous Lower Mainland it tanks to well under (40%) including in BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson’s riding where support for the expansion is (38%).
In the case of the corrupt Large BC Casinos – of- BC Greens & BC Conservatives (on opposite sides of the political spectrum) three in four of respondents who support these parties affirm a desire to be rid of them altogether.
“Yes”/”No”: BC NDP (52%), (38%); BC Liberal (29%), (62%); BC Greens (76%), (22%); BC Conservatives (71%) (26%).
In the case of the corrupt Large BC Casinos – of- BC Greens & BC Conservatives (on opposite sides of the political spectrum) three in four of respondents who support these parties affirm a desire to be rid of them altogether.
The BC Liberals are the only party where a majority of respondents wants to keep them, not a surprise given the BC Liberal government benefited for the longest time from proceeds of the corruption.
Better than one in two respondents in this RSR ROBBINS poll are for getting rid of Large casinos altogether could be construed to mean all Casino’s.
(Ed: It is worth noting in our RSR ROBBINS poll Profile in Port Coquitlam we see a desire for Glen P. Robbins micro casinos (under 100 seats) in cities and towns – and for custody and control of these enterprises and proceeds of lawful marijuana sales going to City Hall and not to BC Province where perception of lack of credibility for both BC NDP and BC Liberals is growing).
On this push question see the average of (54%) of respondents supporting BC’s top political parties for an inquiry into money laundered and otherwise criminal and fraudulent mortgages at Land Title (that government knows well exists) – and the much higher (82%) “Yes” from BC Greens and BC Conservatives.
Tells you all you need to know about what British Columbians really think. However the near 7/10 BC New Democrat respondents demanding Inquiry with no discernable position taken by John Horgan’s BC NDP – suggests that something other than public opinion has Premier Horgan frozen in fear from making the correct decision and initiating some type of Inquiry(s) or Discovery that British Columbians are quite clearly demanding.
BC NDP – Yes-68%, No -29%; BC Liberal Yes-42% No-54%, BC Green Yes-84%, No-11%, BC Cons Yes-76% No-9%
The theory explaining his behavior may well be that Premier Horgan is more interested in protecting the public service and government institutions (from where he has buttered his bread for years) rather than protecting the public interest (which voters are obviously more interested in).
By anecdote, BC Liberals in support of the type of targeted public inquiry (Land Title Office-lawyer’s (most likely participants in mortgage registration) believe much of the blame (better placed at their feet) can be diverted to blame against the Horgan NDP government which has proven to be “incompetent on this file” from Cabinet, and more specifically to Attorney General’s and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth (the latter proving (no RCMP officers actually working on file for a year and none of them were working on it) to be the most incompetent of all), without a wit of criticism against him from BC’s Alberta and Ontario owned- & (un)free mainstream press.
Both BC NDP and BC Liberal respondents – are @ slightly higher than (50%) “Yes” to a “BC provincial election this fall” with (45%) of BC New Democrats and (41%) of BC Liberals resisting a fall election.
(72%) of BC Conservatives and (63%) of BC Greens are willing to fight a fall election with only (19%) of BC Conservatives and (22%) of BC Greens resisting one.
Quite obviously, a clear majority of British Columbians want a provincial election this fall to clear the air – which stinks of corruption and to set the table for British Columbians following the Alberta election of United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney.
Margin of Error from respondent collection from Glen P. Robbins Rebel Pride ™ of America is 2% plus or minus.

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