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RSR ROBBINS - Profile State of Wisconsin - with PROJECTED 2020 Winner
  May 03, 2019

Question #1
Baseline (Adjusted from data) 2016 U.S. Presidential Respondent.
Hillary Clinton, Democrat (Wisconsin 2016)    46.5 %
Donald Trump, Republican (Wisconsin 2016)    47.5 %
Question #2
The Wisconsin Economic Outlook remains rosy "with tight Labour Markets pushing up wages and unemployment consistently below low national rates since 2008". Who do you believe is MOST responsible for Wisconsin’s positive economic look?
U.S. President Donald Trump    43.80 %
(Former) U.S. President Barack Obama    28.36 %
Both President Trump and former President Obama have positively contributed equally    16.80 %
Undecided    10.91 %
Question #3
Do you support Wisconsin Court of Appeal decision to prohibit (ban) mandatory membership in unions?
Yes    48.52 %
No    35.59 %
Question #4
According to Forbes article dated August 8, 2019 Global Security for Corporations and others “will exceed $124 Billion in 2019”. Yet, the same article proclaims that the average person can do very little to protect their private information. Would you support a federal regulator to preside over the conduct of Social Media giants like Facebook most particularly as this concerns the misuse of private information of citizens?
Yes    50.92 %
No    37.50 %
Question #5
If Election for President were held today who would you support?
Donald Trump, Republican    50.19 %
Joe Biden, Democrat    43.55 %
About (52.2%) of Wisconsin (Voters 2016) respondents give President Trump credit for Wisconsin’s “positive economic look”, while just less than (36.76%) give the credit to (Former) President Obama.
(57.90%) of ‘Decided’ respondents give the credit to President Trump.
A recent CNN Mainstream poll gave Donald Trump a {56%} support score on the economy nationally I see this support closer to (60%).
The aggregate of all Mainstream polls scores Donald Trump at {45%} nationally, while I see this support closer to (50%).
According to Monsieur Andrew Soergel Senior Reporter @ U.S. News October 28, 2015: “Over the last six decades or so, history has tended to favour Democratic presidents in terms of economic performance.”
“The country’s unemployment rate has been lower at the end of every Democrat’s tenure since Kennedy took office in 1961.”
“Ronald Reagan meanwhile is the only GOP President since Dwight Eisenhower took office in 1953 who can say the same.”
In RSR opinion Donald Trump will be (only) the 2nd GOP President to make the same claim – and it is my professional opinion that Wisconsin voters will reward him in 2020 with highest popular vote and College for that “Tipping Point” State.
Regulator for Social Media Giants:
“Yes”-Caucasian men (51%), women (53%); African American men (41%), women (62%); Hispanic/Latino men (43%) women (52%); Asian/Other men (53%) women (61%) (Adjusted).
“No”- Caucasian men (42%), women (37%); African American men (50%), women (21%); Latino/Hispanic men (34%), women (41%); Asian/Other men (27%), women (25%).
History U.S. Presidential Election (Wisconsin):
Ronald Reagan, Republican [1980] [47.80%], Jimmy Carter [43.18%]; Bill Clinton, Democrat [1996] [48.81%]; George W. Bush [2000] [47.61%], Al Gore [47.83%]; George W. Bush [2008] [49.32%], John Kerry [49.70%].
Barack Obama, Democrat [2012] [52.83%], Obama, Democrat [2008] [56.22%].
U.S. President Trump scores big in this RSR ROBBINS poll of the State of Wisconsin with at least (50%) of 2016 Voters Wisconsin giving Trump credit for the current economy, (nearly 6/10 ‘Decided’ respondents).
Former Vice President Biden is (six percent) behind Trump @ (44%) with RSR declared M.O.E at (1.25%) plus or minus.
Joe Biden scores higher in support than former President Obama scores on perceived contribution to positive Wisconsin economy (“look”), while President Trump scores support slightly less than his perceived contribution to positive Wisconsin economy.
In 2016 Presidential Election Donald Trump’s average vote get by County is [51.94%] to achieve [47.22%] of Vote, while Hillary Clinton averaged [41.88%] to achieve [46.45%].
RSR ROBBINS PROJECTS that U.S. President Donald Trump (VP Mike Pence) will win the State of Wisconsin in 2020. Our reasoning is predicated on our SCE Research confirming Donald Trump’s support in large Counties like (City of) Milwaukee where I/We recognize Trump’s support there @ (41%), well above the support he achieved in the 2016 U.S. Election for President [25.58%].
All things being relatively equal this would add at least another 60,000 to Donald Trump’s 2020 totals or (49.05%). This coupled with Trump currently holding support in the numerous smaller Counties at or higher than he achieved in 2016 – and our belief the *(3.58%) the Libertarian Party achieved in Wisconsin in 2016 (slightly above national average for that party) will be much less adds to our opinion that the Trump/Pence ticket will win the State of Wisconsin over Democrat Joe Biden/VP choice (or any other Democratic candidate and VP choice).
*(In contrast to Libertarian Party the Green Party achieved [1%] in Wisconsin – less available to the Democrats).
Ronald Reagan (Republican) was elected for 2nd term as President of United States in 1984 achieving [42.9%] in Milwaukee County while winning over [54%] of the State wide vote and easy victory over Walter Mondale, the Democratic candidate for President that year. George W. Bush achieved [37.44%] in 2008 in Milwaukee and barely lost Wisconsin College to Democratic challenger John Kerry by just less than [20,000] votes State wide.
If George W. Bush had done as well as Ronald Reagan in Milwaukee he would have beaten John Kerry.
I see Donald Trump heading more in the direction of Ronald Reagan’s 1984 Election Totals in Milwaukee than I do George W. Bush’s however even if Donald Trump only gained George W. Bush’s totals of 2004 in Milwaukee (alone) he would be nearer (49%).

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