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Glen P. Robbins presents - RSR ROBBINS - Most Accurate Pollster in The World on Federal Election Canada - Leaders & Party, Pipelines & USMCA
  Apr 26, 2019

Question #1
Who did you vote for in the 2015 Canadian Federal Election? (Adjusted)
Justin Trudeau & Liberal Party of Canada    39 %
Stephen Harper & Conservative Party of Canada    32 %
Tom Mulcair & New Democratic Party of Canada    20 %
Gilles Duceppe & Bloc Quebecois    6 %
Elizabeth May & Green Party    3.5 %
Question #2
From the following response choices which Leader & Party would you vote for if the Canadian Federal Election were held today and not October 2019? (Adjusted)(Decided)
Andrew Scheer & Conservative Party of Canada    35.15 %
Justin Trudeau & Liberal Party of Canada    29.65 %
Jagmeet Singh & New Democrat Party of Canada    20.05 %
Maxime Bernier & People’s Party of Canada    7.94 %
Yves-Francois Blanchet & Bloc Quebecois Party    3.90 %
Elizabeth May and Green Party of Canada    3.84 %
Question #3
Do you agree or disagree with this position? If new Premier of Alberta and his Province are not able to get their vast wealth of oil to the west and east coasts of the country for export Canada’s economy will be damaged and unable to keep pace with the U.S. Economy (which is booming)?
Agree    53.67 %
Disagree    31.32 %
Question #4
Would you like to see the Canadian Parliament ratify (complete into law for Canada) the USMCA deal made with the United States and Mexico?
Yes    61.31 %
No    27.90 %
According to this RSR ROBBINS Poll Justin Trudeau and Federal Liberal Party of Canada are down nearly (25%) from 2015 general election totals, while at the same time Andrew Scheer and Federal Conservative Party are up (10%) from 2015.
Jagmeet Singh and New Democratic Party are polling even to 2015 totals as is the Federal Green Party of Canada. The Bloc Quebecois Party which run candidates in Quebec is down (25%) from 2015 while new federal party, The (New) People’s Party of Canada led by former candidate for Conservative Party of Canada leadership Max Bernier and with origins in Quebec is polling at (7%).
The Mainstream pollsters combined averages as at April 23, 2019 reveal Liberals @ {33%}, Conservatives @ {35%}, NDP @ {5%}, Greens @ {8%}, and Peoples Party of Canada @ {3%}.
This RSR ROBBINS poll suggests the Conservative Party of Canada would with these numbers win certain minority government (and possible majority government), while the mainstream polling suggests the Liberal Party may be in the hunt for another (minority) government.
These are two entirely different accounts of support for main leader and parties in Canada with RSR ROBBINS poll suggesting that if Trudeau Liberals believe in mainstream –they could be setting themselves up for a big failure.
The Conservative side of the political ledger in Canada after the 2015 federal general election revealed [32%] for Conservatives. This RSR ROBBINS poll reveals a combined Conservative Party of Canada – People’s Party of Canada support of (42%) a (31%) increase from 2015.
This RSR ROBBINS poll reveals that since our mid March 2019 poll Trudeau Liberals are down one half of a percent (Nationally) to less than (30%), Scheer Conservatives are up (3.5%) (Nationally) (with nearly half of that increase coming from Prairie Provinces).
Bernier People’s Party of Canada is down (2%) (Nationally), Bloc Quebecois is down (1%) (Nationally), and NDP are down (1%) (Nationally) since March 2019.
Alberta (Prairie) Oil and Resources and need for pipeline expansion has the attention of Canadians, but likely not for anything the Province of Alberta has done or said. Alberta’s fortunes have changed in large part to the success of the TrumpU.S.Economy which is rolling along beautifully.
The current window of politics sees Trump’s public support growing (RSR has it consistently over (50%), with 6/10 or better approving his performance on the economy. The end of Mueller (for purposes of common sense) has lifted a weight of voters looking for any excuse to change loyalties and pile on the Trump Success Express. Canadians understand this and want Alberta to succeed (even if many Canadians find the province and its leadership obnoxious).
Canadians in overwhelming numbers want the USMCA deal ratified by Parliament.
This RSR ROBBINS was conducted recently and is represented as having a (1%) (one percent) Margin of Error plus or minus (95%) competency.

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