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RSR ROBBINS University & College grads on Trump v Clinton - Taxation, Mueller, Illegals to Sanctuary Cities
Your Time Has Come - Led Zeppelin  Apr 20, 2019

Question #1
American Voters 2016 – College or Better (following political events closely or somewhat closely including news relating to Mueller Report and Attorney General Barr’s “conclusions”). Baseline – 2016 U.S. Election (Adjusted)
Donald Trump, Republican (“Winner”)    44 %
Hillary Clinton, Democrat (“Loser”)    51 %
Question #2
Based on what you know or believe about political matters in U.S. politics, and with a view to U.S presidential race 2020, if the 2016 election were (re)held TODAY which candidate would you elect?
Donald Trump, Republican    55.74 %
Hillary Clinton, Democrat    34.75 %
Question #3
In your opinion when an American citizen earns $250,000 per year which of the following (%’s) in taxes relative to those annual earnings should he or she pay?
0-10%    14 %
11-20%    18 %
21-30%    25 %
31-40%    20 %
Over 40%    18 %
Question #4
Which of the following response choices BEST describes your impression of the Mueller Investigation and Final Report – released not long ago with subsequent conclusions of U.S. Attorney General Barr and follow up voluntary press conference?
Thank goodness it’s over    29.77 %
Never should have started in the first place    24.81 %
Let’s see what impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump brings    12.41 %
The events up to and including the entire Mueller investigation need to be investigated    32.73 %
Question #5
Would you support a U.S. Federal Government policy implemented as a response to emergency at U.S. Southern Border (“U.S.S.B.”?)– which would see the delivery of tens of thousands of ‘ illegal migrants’ to Sanctuary Cities such as San Francisco California, and New York, New York with the objective of ensuring greater safety and security for both the U.S. Southern Border and those illegal migrants?
Yes    40.36 %
No    56.21 %
Donald Trump, Republican ethnic support as follows: Caucasian Men (72%), Women (58%); African American Men (71%), Women (17%); Latino/Hispanic Men (56%), Women (45%); Asian/All Other Men (72%), Women (51%).
Hillary Clinton, Democrat supporters from 2016 have lost (32%) support while Donald Trump, Republican supporters have increased support (in context) by (27%) among American Voters with College or University degree(s).
This RSR ROBBINS poll provides me with further certainty that U.S. Donald Trump, Republicans are having success in many larger Urban Counties throughout the United States and consequently that U.S. President Trump’s National Support --- (adjusted for outcomes relating to higher (lower) incidence of College or University completion (or better) – for ethnic background degree of success ---) to be about (3%), or (at least) (50%) support for the President at this point
(Thirty percent or less) tax on $250,000 represents (60%) of response choices for Random (3/5) baseline for this question, attracting (57%) of respondents while better than (30%) – (40%) to Random (2/5) attracts (38%), pretty well balanced at half Americans either side of (30%).
According to journalist Tina Orem at “NerdWallet” in Social Media “There are seven federal tax brackets – 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35%, & 37%.”
An American citizen earning “$0-$9,525 would pay {10%], $9,526 to $38,700 {12%], $38,701 to $82,500 {22%], $82,501 to $157,500 {24%], $157,501 to $200,000 {32%], $200,001 to $500,000 {35%], $500,001 or more {37%]”.
On this question our RSR ROBBINS poll basically asserts the theory that among American Voters with College or University degree(s) at least one half of respondents (and higher) believe a person earning $250,000 per year should pay (30%) tax or less –while slightly under one half believe the tax should exceed (30%) with one half of this latter group believing the tax % on $250,000 per year should be above (40%).
In context, and for comparison purposes between Mademoiselle Orem’s recital of actual taxes on earnings for U.S. tax payer and this RSR ROBBINS, it appears that American persons earning above $200,001 or greater average ({36%] ‘actual’ taxes payable, are paying too much Income Tax.
There is enough evidence in this RSR ROBBINS poll to suggest that American Voters with College or University degree(s) would easily agree to a reduction to tax (%) owing on earnings up to $250,000 annually to a “maximum” of (32%), a reduction to many in that tax bracket of about (3%) annually with an increase to (40%) on earnings at $500,001 or greater.
Furthermore, I do not believe that it is possible that American Voters with College or University degree(s) would support Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘new 70% tax bracket’ even at much higher earnings (million$ per year) based particularly on the 1/3 American Voters with College or University degree(s) in this RSR ROBBINS poll who are of the opinion in response choice that people earning $250,000 annually should pay (20%) or less in taxes.
Based on these numbers I do not believe Bernie Sanders (at least) can find any discernable pathway on the economy to beat Donald Trump in 2020.
The commencement of any process which the Democrat led Congress may initiate to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump is certain to fail given the Republican’s control of the Senate. This is a Statement of Fact just as certain as President Trump’s legal authority to fire his Attorney General or any Special Prosecutor.
The public relations exercise for political benefit (impeachment is political) for Democrats appears fraught with the peril (that a “unsubstantive” plan normally attracts) – given the energy (political capital) necessary to roll that huge ball forward and upward by high degree into what is known to be certain (and absolute) failure.
“Stupid is as stupid does”.
About (one in eight) American Voters are serious about impeachment while 3/10 appears “exhausted” following the Mueller “saga”. (“Thank goodness it’s over”).
There are nearly 3 times as many American Voters with College or University degree(s) who agree that “The events up to and including the entire Mueller investigation need to be investigated” than who appear to demand impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.
Nearly 6/10 American Voters with College or University degree(s) either want the Mueller investigation to be investigated or don’t believe the Mueller investigation should have commenced. In my professional opinion at least (45%) of American Voters with College or University degree(s) want the Mueller investigation itself investigated with that number more likely over (50%).
*The new conspiracy theory ‘leaking out among College and University graduates’ is that the Democrats are actually performing poorly to make Trump look good and to get him Elected again in 2020 – with plans to take back White House at 2024 from Mike Pence.
This question attracts a lot of cross over support for President Trump’s consideration of policy to send illegal migrants to Sanctuary Cities with (36%) of Republicans supporting the policy suggestion and (52%) not doing so. Nearly 1/3 Democrats (32%) support U.S. President’s bespoke policy consideration with (60%) against.
However (45%) of Independent” respondents support the transport of ‘illegal migrants’ to sanctuary cities with (42%) who do not.
U.S. President Donald Trump’s squeeze// on the Democrat led House vis a vis his Southern Border National Security Emergency – now widely acknowledged by a majority of American Voters and Institutional actors on both sides of the political sphere as a necessary emergency – //tightens// given (from anecdote) that many Republicans, Democrats and Independents (responding “NO”), don’t want see the policy as any element of border solution.
In other words, Trump has invoked a bespoke message on Immigration policy that has (even) well educated American Voters from all major political name brandings moving about ‘all over the place.’
Gasoline on an already out of control fire – (as it were).
A 'scientific poll' with Margin of Error of 2.19%

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