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Glen P. Robbins presents - RSR ROBBINS - over British Columbia - leader & party, carbon tax, blame for lack of policing and oversight on money laundering and fraud - and surprise solution opportunity
Suspicious Minds - Dwight Yoakam (the Lindsey Graham of country)  Apr 14, 2019

Question #1
If an Election were held in British Columbia today which leader and party would you cast your vote for?
John Horgan and BC New Democrats    41.41 %
Andrew Wilkinson and BC Liberals    33.50 %
Andrew Weaver and BC Greens    20.14 %
Trevor Bolin and BC Conservatives    6.72 %
(Undecided/All Other)    11 %
Question #2
How would you rate BC Premier John Horgan’s BC New Democrat government performance on the money laundering and fraud issue hampering BC’s housing affordability issue?
Good    22.91 %
Fair    25.64 %
Poor    49.70 %
Question #3
Do you support carbon taxes?
Yes    39.42 %
No    60.55 %
Question #4
Do you believe that the Province of Alberta and Trans Mountain Pipelines – Gas and Oil companies have kept their side of the agreement made years ago to be granted original pipelines in BC in return for keeping BC gas prices low?
Yes    12.82 %
No    80.85 %
Question #5
Recently, BC Attorney General David Eby proclaimed that in fact, none of the RCMP he believed were working on the casino and money laundering – fraud in real estate market in British Columbia were working at all – in essence doing no work at all –who is to blame?
BC New Democrat Solicitor General Mike Farnworth in charge of RCMP in Province    24.07 %
BC New Democrat Attorney General David Eby in charge of Law in Province    29.17 %
The RCMP is responsible    32.41 %
All 3 – SC Mike Farnworth, David Eby and RCMP are responsible    14.35 %
None of these 3 response choices are responsible at all    0 %
Question #6
(Push) Which of the following response choices provides the best solution for the reported high level of criminality in BC and Canada’s real estate market?
PM Justin Trudeau government pays for dedicated RCMP force to investigate    5 %
PM Justin Trudeau government pays for high end accountants and auditors not RCMP to investigate    26 %
PM Justin Trudeau government declares a National Emergency to find out culprits and name names    53 %
BC NDP policies will help sort out the problem    11 %
Poll results Vancouver Island (and all Islands), Lower Mainland of British Columbia & Okanagan/North & East. Lower Mainland (Vancouver to Hope) is generally deemed 3 times values (pop) of other two regions. John Horgan & BC NDP (43%) Vancouver Island and Islands, (45%) Lower Mainland, (35%) in Okanagan, North & East. Wilkinson BC Liberals (24%), (34%) & (35%) (Respective to regional categories). Weaver BC Greens (27%), (17%) & (18%) with Bolin (no relation to T Rex lead singer) & BC Conservatives (6%), (4%) and (11%).
Our top line question on leader and party support reflects an easy majority for BC Premier & BC New Democrats TODAY. The questions underneath reflect storm clouds on the horizon however.
Andrew Wilkinson is not inspiring British Columbians – but he hasn’t collapsed yet, in part because BC Voters are starting to take a hard look at government – and BC NDP help him to buy time and get distance from Christy Clark.
Weaver and BC Greens – are performing well – but historically Greens underperform to polling. A deeper analysis might reflect how all parties are doing in raising money. To attain these numbers BC Greens would need to earn about $2 Million per year in donations.
For background ROBBINS SCE Research was the 1st to poll Adrianne Carr and BC Greens in 2000 at (10%) when the rest of mainstream pollsters had them at {2%}. Over the subsequent years BC Greens often polled well over {10%) but seldom attained better than [7%] in Elections – just enough to keep current BC Liberal Finance Minister Carole James out of Office. Many BC New Democrats have resented BC Greens for years because of it.
On the other side of the equation the BC Conservatives have been political garbage for many years occupying the brand but not putting a real effort to win. (The worst of that being John Cummins $20,000 Trojan Horse), meaning Cummins and well known Reformer under Stephen Harper pretended to mount a serious campaign when the true intention
New BC Conservative Leader Bolin has a chance – only if his Directors and others have no ties or connections to Harper Conservatives – (kids and such nepotism), take a real fresh step, can raise money and actually run in every seat.
Ryan Warawa as President of the Party with the new leader closer to Edmonton than Vancouver – respectfully – is not a sign the BC Conservative Party is operating in ‘good faith’ to compete with BC Liberals (more a hiding spot again for BC Liberal supporters until election than ha ha on pollsters).
The current Secretary (from Vancouver) should be President, as a beginning, if I am to believe anything worthwhile is going to erupt from Fort St. John – for now Mr. Bolin is Jason Kenney’s proxy and a watchful eye will be put on polling results.
John Horgan’s (BC NDP) numbers on “performance on the money laundering and fraud issue” – linked to “housing affordability” are not good with “Poor” performance more than double “Good” performance.
A big blowback against carbon taxes – (likely the only reason Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has not overtaken Kenney with his scandal plagued run for Premier).
Really difficult to believe mainstream news doesn’t cover the original deal between Alberta, Trans Mountain and British Columbia. After all, pipelines are under Transportation – in the Canadian Constitution – not a standalone thing like Interest Rates are (with virtually no time spent in media looking at Canada’s problems there).
If the public was made aware of this fact – and these gas prices the push back against the Province of Alberta would be massive.
High gas prices in BC – highest in North America creates severe resentment on one hand with Alberta government – and another threat of resentment – unrelated to the former resentment against those who get in the way of the pipeline expansion. This question provokes more respondents against Alberta than the other.
2 New Democrats and RCMP are getting all of the blame. With BC NDP and Horgan appearing willing to absorb the obvious malfeasance of BC Liberals – one has to wonder who is running that agenda. Why would they take all the blame?
Given PM Justin Trudeau’s problems with SNC Lavelin and the $12 million on eco fridges for Billionaire grocer Loblaw’s- it is incredible notwithstanding this is a push question – that British Columbians would be so willing to take on his solution –I suspect that David Eby’s call for federal $$ is the inferred predicate along with recent admissions of failure by BC government – that something must be done or Trudeau must be part of the problem.
A great opportunity for BC Green Leader Andrew Weaver or even Maxime Bernier – context of national public interest not being close to being met.
Just peer at this April 1st, 2019 prognostication from journalistic marvel RSR ROBBINS with commentary from Glen P.
“Jody Wilson Raybould comes off as the young(ish) jeune fille who got past the French speaking guards – distracting them – while- slipping into Trudeau’s castle home—sliding past the dozen or so refrigerators filled with food.”
The 2nd up on this story is Global News with federal NDP Niki Ashton: The $12 million for 12 fridges was published April 9, 2019. (“I’m pretty as a schoolgirl” (M. Ali).
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