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Glen P. Robbins & RSR ROBBINS - Most Accurate in the World - Trans Mountain, LNG, ICBC, Budget, Charter Rights?, Jody Wilson Raybould hero or fool, Trust Jody or Justin?, BC Court of Appeal, Trump's USMCA
Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple.  Apr 01, 2019

Question #1
Which of the following political actors and position on Trans Mountain pipeline do you support most?
John Horgan, BC NDP Premier against Trans Mountain pipeline    23.84 %
Rachel Notley, Alberta NDP Premier for Trans Mountain pipeline    15.82 %
Andrew Weaver & Elizabeth May, Provincial and Federal Green Party against TMP    13.82 %
Andrew Wilkinson and BC Liberal Opposition Leader for TMP    12.28 %
Former BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark for TMP    7.81 %
Jagmeet Singh, Federal NDP Leader against TMP    7.13 %
Justin Trudeau, Federal Liberal Prime Minister for TMP    5.92 %
Jason Kenney, Alberta United Conservative Leader for TMP    5.27 %
(24%) Repeat     %
Question #2
Which of the following political actors and position on Liquefied Natural Gas industry with significant tax credits to foreign actors do you support most?
John Horgan, BC NDP Premier for LNG and tax credits to foreign interests    55.07 %
Andrew Weaver, BC Green Opposition against LNG and tax credits to foreign interests    23.78 %
Andrew Wilkinson and BC Liberal Opposition for LNG and tax credits to foreign interests    19.08 %
Question #3
What is your impression of the efforts put forward by BC Attorney General to begin the repair of Insurance Corporation of British Columbia?
Mostly Positive    52.85 %
Mostly Negative    41.78 %
Question #4
What is your impression of British Columbia’s Finance Minister Carole James and recent BC NDP balanced budget?
I am impressed    55.43 %
I am not impressed    28.44 %
Question #5
Which of the following choices best reflects what you expect from Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms?
That all Canadians are to be treated equally under the law    77.69 %
That all Canadians have equal rights, however minority groups and aboriginal have special rights    12.08 %
Question #6
(Push) Former Federal Liberal Attorney General and Minister of Justice Jody Wilson Raybould has been proved to have ignored the rule of law and person’s charter rights in (at least) two legal cases in British Columbia courts, where a Chief Justice of Aboriginal Court, and at least two British Columbia Supreme Court Justices used their office to obstruct justice. In one case Jody Wilson Raybould was made aware of ongoing mortgage fraud at BC Land Titles, and further fraud upon the court to cover it up and had Jody Wilson Raybould taken action when she was made aware of these events (2015), and it been properly reported in the press and well known to the public (2015) BC’s housing crisis (2015) might have been averted. If you were convinced of the truth of this allegation which response choice would you select to best define your position on the matter?
Jody Wilson Raybould should resign as Member of Parliament immediately if this is true    37.33 %
I would need to have more proof of this allegation to make a decision    23.94 %
Jody Wilson Raybould is a hero no matter    9.65 %
Too much Fake News    17.85 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer/All Other    13.68 %
Margin of Error Estimate on this Question (3%)     %
Question #7
Which of the following two Liberals in the spotlight do you trust more at this point in time?
Liberal leader and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau    15.59 %
Former Attorney General Jody Wilson Raybould    19.27 %
I don’t trust either of them    65.14 %
Question #8
BC’s Court of Appeal is currently deciding a Trans Mountain pipeline case brought before it by the BC NDP Government – which is resisting the pipeline. As reported by news the BC Court of Appeal has a lousy record at the Supreme Court of Canada – suggesting that a win for the BC Government at BC Court of Appeal will on balance of history will turn out to be a loss at Supreme Court of Canada, or alternatively a loss for the BC Government at BC Court of Appeal will turn out to be a win at Supreme Court of Canada. With this possibility in mind what outcome would you prefer from BC Court of Appeal?
The BC Court of Appeal must approve the Trans Mountain pipeline    25.38 %
Settle the Trans Mountain pipeline and get it out of the BC Court of Appeal’s hands    52.17 %
The BC Court of Appeal must reject the Trans Mountain pipeline    22.46 %
Question #9
Which is likely better for British Columbia?
Ratifying U.S. President’s UnitedStatesMexicoCanadaAgreement (“USMCA”) including with existing tariffs for steel and aluminum    53.76 %
Scrapping U.S. President Trump’s deal and starting over a new negotiation with him    22.08 %
“For” Trans Mountain pipeline (5) response choices (62.5%) and “Against” Trans Mountain pipeline 3 response choices (37.5%).
Random @ (9%), with various political past and present state actors featured as “For” Trans Mountain pipeline estimated equivalent to Random, while actors against Trans Mountain are found to be (65%) above Random.
BC New Democrat Premier John Horgan (Energy Gretsky) is (2.7) times above Random, Alberta New Democrat Premier Rachel (oil’s gonna flow/love BC’s environment though) Notley is (1.67) times above Random, Greens Weaver & May (not a law firm) (1.56) times above Random, BC Liberal Leader Wilkinson (Where’s Andrew?) (1.38) above Random, former BC Liberal Premier Clark (11%) below Random, Singh (22%) below Random, Trudeau (31%) below Random, Kenney (33%) below Random.
Before becoming BC NDP Premier – John Horgan became an expert on the British Columbia Energy file – long history of knowledge on BC Timber as well. (His understanding of the energy file would be equal to Andrew Weaver (BC Green Leader) so communication on subject should expect to be a higher level).
There are 3 ‘NDP’ response choices 2 ‘against’ the Trans Mountain pipeline (Horgan, Singh) and 1 ‘for’ (Notley). The two against occupy (31%) support and represent two ridings in the Province of British Columbia while the 1 ‘against’ occupies (16%) of response choices and the Province of Alberta (and Eastern BC), crowding out largest pockets of Jason Kenney support.
There are 3 Liberal response choices and one (United) Conservative response choices all ‘for’ the pipeline occupying (31%) of responses (Wilkinson, Clark, Trudeau & Kenney).
There is one Green response choice held by two leaders ‘against’ the pipeline &LNG (with tax credits) (Weaver and May) occupying (14%) of response choices.
The two NDP response choices and 1 Green response choice (3 in total) against occupy (45%), while the three Liberal, one Conservative and 1 NDP (5 in total) ‘for’ the pipeline occupy (47%).
Two of three response choices are for LNG, one response choice against, with Random @ (33%). Horgan and Wilkinson are (5%) above Random.
BC NDP Premier Horgan is above Random by (23%), Weaver is (25%) below Random, while Wilkinson is below Random by (42%).
The BC Green position against LNG and tax credits on proportional representation allocation are rejected by 27 of 87 constituencies in the province.
Support for BC NDP Premier John Horgan in Q#2 from Q#1 BC NDP (94%), Alberta NDP Premier Rachel Notley (87%), Andrew Wilkinson BC Liberal (24%), Christy Clark (former BC Liberal Premier) (62%), Jagmeet Singh Fed. NDP Leader (72%), Liberal PM Justin Trudeau (85%), Jason Kenney United Conservative (89%).
Why are (former) BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark’s ‘supporters’ moving to John Horgan “For” LNG and not current BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson? Is it (simply) because Horgan and BC NDP are running government and Horgan’s interests are Christy’s interests – or do BC Liberals want Christy back (after a short stint at Playboy Mansion)?
Or will Andrew Scheer run Christy Clark against Jody Wilson Raybould in the Vancouver region already cratered by Christy Clark and the BC Malfeasance Band - as Premier, a crater that JWR has been walking around for 4 years? (“It’s a long way to the top (if you want to rock n roll))” – ACDC.
April 1st, 2019 is when ICBC goes into policy repair mode – with high ambitions of saving a Billion dollars per year. The test of this will rest on whether (or not) ICBC acts in good faith with new policies (number of settlements earlier obtained – proper fulfillment of Part 7 Benefits).
(This should take a little pressure off WorkSafe BC in some cases – still robbing plenty of BC injured workers (unless RCMP volunteers)).
(Wasn’t Justin Trudeau’s Carla Qualtrough – a player through WorkSafe BC through the main thrust of the lying period…intended to run concurrent with carbon tax going forward?).
The public interest for ICBC to be absolutely transparent with this process of policy change is paramount given the lack of credibility of BC’s Institutions over the past decade.
Look at the money spent on BC Place – for what exactly? An empty barn with Cables and a few very rich (former premier) Gordon Campbell chums. It’s right there in front of your eyes.
Get me Sam Kinison on the phone – he’ll take my call.
“Impressed (Carole James Budget) “from Q#1 – JHorgan BC NDP (96%), RNotley Alberta NDP (76%), Wilkinson BC Liberals (21%), Christy Clark (former) BC Liberal Premier (46%), Jagmeet Singh NDP Leader (91%), Justin Trudeau Liberal PM (76%), Jason Kenney (5%), Andrew Weaver/Elizabeth May (39%).
Someone leaked like Comey might do right here in Canada – that Jody Wilson Raybould recommended Manitoba Chief Justice Glenn Joyal for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada – knowing that Joyal was not compromised by the gross miscarriage of justice that infected at least four current Supreme Court of Canada justices including the new Chief Justice Richard Wagner – whilst under the stewardship of former CJ Beverley McLachlin (IRobbins v Cambridge Mortgage).
I have read Joyal’s work – simply put he is a Bill of Rights Libertarian – “Canadians are to be treated equally under the law”, from this poll --I see nothing in JWR’s history that truly shows her standing anywhere near Joyal’s ground.
Was it because JWR believes minorities and other refugees coming to Canada receive better treatment than Canada’s First Nations?
Glen P. Robbins (“GPR”) – can be said to be much closer to Joyal’s work as evidenced by this comment in recent poll on Canada by our RSR ROBBINS: ‘Canada… according to one former soldier in Canadian Military – is’: ‘A Libertarian experience confused with a Nanny State’. (I would respectfully ask President Trump to maintain tariffs on Canada until we awake from this slumber).”
Let CJ Joyal determine the damages in IRobbins v Cambridge and rescue the credibility of the Justice System – now raw and exposed in SNC Lavelin like a sick person in a pocket of West Nile Virus?
The Supreme Court of Canada did nothing for Canadians of any material value over the past 25 years in particular in relation to consumer rights – or predacious lending or access to justice (which federation of swamp liars don’t really want) – until about 2014 (Bhasin v Hrynew) in terms of establishing calculation of inordinate powers for state or other larger powers versus the ordinary citizen with little or no access to justice – we are as one respondent said “backward”.
Jody Wilson Raybould’s SNC efforts appears in context to shining the light on a Quebec Corporation when some of those Corporations lenders and lawyers in BC (see FICOM debts owed) are 10 times worse – given the pitiful access to justice in the country.
She taped a Public Servant who knew no ethical harness – ran it past a former Prime Minister (who presided over the worst elected defeat in federal politics in 50 years – and who found it suitable to go the press and call US President Donald Trump “a predator” – appears like JWR’s control issues were as bad as Wernick’s or Trudeau’s – doesn’t it?
Resign if true (JWR Q) is (1.86) above Random, more proof is (1.20) above Random, hero no matter (one half of Random), too much Fake News (11%) under Random.
Journalist Anthony Furey’s headline in the St. John’s (Newfoundland & Labrador) Telegraph newspaper that “Wilson Raybould’s credibility skyrockets with damning audio”, commencing the article text with “The SNC Lavelin mess had up until now, been a “she said, he said story.”
Furey goes on to say “Wilson Raybould has always had the upper hand, but on Friday (taped conversation with Privy Council (ED: ‘stalker’) (Wernick DBA as Justin Trudeau)..her credibility skyrocketed.”
JWR’s (sic) adds: “If compelled or asked to participate in a judicial, investigation…I would do so.”
Writer Furey closes with this: “Trudeau’s defenders frequently point out it was Wilson Raybould herself said..she didn’t believe anything illegal happened.”
(ED: Street Translation on JWR said he said – ‘JWR affirms Wernick has the trouser snake harnessed’ – a good comedy show would have a ‘Wernick Character’ (“WC”) trying to ask ‘Jody Wilson Raybould Character’ (“JWRC”) on a date for the PM (but really for himself) – “No I said fucking No” would say JWRC – ‘But how about your lovely hair – what do I do about that – I mean…. Rather… what does Justin to about your lovely hair’? retorts ‘WC’).
The allegations that JWR abandoned ordinary British Columbians obviously abused by high ups using high state office and the Justice System to perpetrate that fraud (knew or ought to have known) could send her support numbers (in her own political backyard) into the toilet (porta potty by now).
Unless Andrew Scheer and Conservatives in BC want to give JWR a “pass” because some of the crooked higher ups happen to be Stephen Harpers appointment(s) – and a Conservative lawyer who got Veterans a settlement (JWR did not want Veterans) is also in her riding.
The very last thing British Columbians (or Canadians) will get behind is a person playing the victim who is also a hypocrite.
The most interesting question is whether or not Trudeau is willing to do the right thing in BC and fix up the legal messes here involving ordinary Canadians obviously tramped by people in high office whose actions cannot be condoned – that BC cannot or will not remedy and integrate himself along with trust among ordinary Canadians – for non Avenatti - amount offered to John Horgan (In Personam) of the $14,500,000 Offered in IRobbins v Cambridge.
The payment would come from insurance – and not directly from tax payers like the terrorist settlement was done with so easily.
Or does he take instructions from faceless lobbyists and donor who tell him – that miscarriage of justice in Canadian Institutions and Courts can only corrected by a lawyer or a judge, even when everyone knows including Jody Wilson Raybould?
Do anonymous people come to his home and tell him he will be forced to lose the election and permit Andrew Scheer – a majority government to keep the control of (servile) Canadians?
I have given Trudeau an opportunity to do the correct thing and blow Wilson Raybould out of the water in a province – where seats are on the line. What choice will he make?
Are minority rights – the only actual rights that matter under the Charter?
Is Canada run by a crooked legal bureaucracy?
Is the SNC Lavelin debacle to be used as some type of all encompassing negative commentary on the Justice System intersection with Parliamentary democracy – and away from the massive consumer fraud permitted in the country? Odd how the spectacle is limited to state actors.
PM Trudeau’s actions going forward will tell you everything one needs to know about HIS Canada and HIS view of what he believes Charter Rights (under Canada’s Constitution) are intended to mean.
Will the answer continue to be – a hair above not too much?
The Constitution does call for the Federal government to be responsible for both Interest Rates and Transportation (pipelines).
The Federal Competition Bureau (in the cases involving Criminal Interest and Interest fraud and corruption (IRobbins v Cambridge Mortgage)) is responsible to oversight on Mortgage Investment Corporations (“MIC’s) which are also specific to federal Income Tax Act and matters involving cross jurisdictional issues as are: Chartered Banks (BMO), Lawyers for Chartered Banks – and Land Title registrations which call for declaration of Interest Rates pursuant to the Interest Act.
The Competition Bureau had barred Cambridge Mortgage of one incarnation or another since 2002 but insisted that FICOM in British Columbia should handle questions of two party (non arm’s length) dealings, and corruption and antitrust. In fact, there was never any oversight in BC from 2013 until present day.
The Federal government is also responsible for BC Superior Court Judges including complaints against Judges.
BC Mortgage Brokers were self regulating and outside any bona fide regulation that would conform activities of its members with federal statute and the Constitutional obligations of the Federal government.
Perhaps Jody Wilson Raybould doesn’t know the law so well. If she believed that Wernick were speaking on behalf of Justin Trudeau, Wernick would be outside the bounds of his authority as offering advice to the PMO’ s Office (Elected Office) and speaking to her as Trudeau’s agent/deal maker, and both Wernick and Trudeau would be acting contrary to Section 122 of the Criminal Code “Breach of Trust by Public Officer”.
Why would a competent person apparently trained in law (and wanting to project an ethical standard for herself) still go to the same church where the pastor is (and she believes) humping the church lady?
“Every official who, in connection with the duties of his office, commits fraud or a breach of trust – and indictable offence—whether or not the fraud or breach of trust would be an offence if it were committed in relation to a private person.”
If Trudeau did not direct Wernick to JWR as he insists than Wernick was attempting to defraud – using his office – the Justice System andHthe administration of Justice Jody Wilson Raybould. The tape that makes the case for her – “Courage” (Tragically Hip), is also the same evidence which to me - questions her understanding of the law in the situation.
Inducing Wernick into a taped conversation where JWR obviously felt Wernick – who she should not have been talking to – entrapping Wernick essentially into the breach of trust – and then claiming nothing happened to ‘have it both ways as it were’.
Liberal PM Justin Trudeau and former Attorney General/Justice Minister/non binding Mediator Jody Wilson Raybould combine for support totals consistent with 2015 general election outcomes for Trudeau and Liberals in the Province of British Columbia.
That total, is [30%] above Federal Liberal Election Outcomes. However, the short end of the stick is apportioned to PM Trudeau, notwithstanding the vast majority of British Columbians would love to give them each/both – “a good fruiting”.
Jody Wilson Raybould (politically speaking) walked into Trudeau’s office and shot him. He isn’t quite dead in BC (yet). It is difficult to know whether or not Jody Wilson Raybould benefitted from her Charlotte Corday style political assault on Justin Trudeau, witnessed by the high majority (%) that don’t trust “either of them”. (One would have to see what Trudeau’s negatives were prior to SNC (in British Columbia).
Christian proverbs might, may, plausibly say (Galatians 6:7: “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for what a man (women) sows, this he will also reap”.
Judaism Job 4:8 “Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity and sow…The idiot is punished by his own deeds, like one is scorched by fire.”
In Muslim teaching – ‘a person who performs a good deed for the purpose of drawing praise for their actions for that good deed is deemed to have acted worse than if they had not performed the good deed’.
Or as one Vancouver suburban businessman recently stated – “I don’t like politicians –won’t do business with them – if I know they are a politician.”
Justin Trudeau appears to British Columbians to the current moral equivalent of the late U.S. Senator Kennedy in Chappaquiddick car accident. Running away faster than Jussie Smollett has with Chicago justice system or U.S. President has with ownership of Institutional credibility with the Democrats possessing none – and getting no documents anymore – so exactly who are you going to complain to? Robert Mueller –
(Har de har harr har de har har – Adam Schiff – you’re such a stiff).
Jody Wilson Raybould comes off as the young(ish) jeune fille who got past the French speaking guards – distracting them – while slipping into Trudeau’s castle home—sliding past the dozen or so refrigerators filled with food.
Now Trudeau needs Stephen Harper’s BC Court of Appeal to give him an affirmative decision on the Trans Mountain pipeline. The (%) of British Columbians who support Trudeau’s specific endorsement of Alberta oil for transport through BC to tidewater – is low anyhow – he needs a settlement to claim the win along with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and BC Premier John Horgan (presumed to be a further ally vis a vis the settlement).
What would such a settlement do to the fragile joint governance proposals John Horgan has with Andrew Weaver and the BC Greens?
Overall Margin of Error/Estimate (2%).
cc W/House DJT

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