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Glen P. Robbins RSR ROBBINS U.S. March 2019 - US President Trump Support-Sovereign Golan Heights, US Supreme Court, Mueller/AG Barr (Witch Hunt/Hoax), Dems Ante Semites/Israel?, Trump v Clinton 2020, Biden, O'Rourke, Kobuchar, Sanders, Harris.
Wishing my Grandson Nathaniel a Fabulous 1st Birthday.  Mar 25, 2019

Question #1
Baseline Support 2016
Hillary Clinton, Democrat    48 %
Donald Trump, Republican    46 %
All Other    5 %
Question #2
Support President Trump for a 2nd Term in Office as President of the United States – 2020?
Yes    56.67 %
No    40.79 %
Question #3
Support President Trump’s decision to recognize the Strategic Golan Heights (SGH)-, a disputed territory between Israel and Syria, as Sovereign to Israel alone?
Yes    59.74 %
No    31.86 %
Question #4
Support increasing number of U.S. Supreme Court Justices from 9 to 15?
Yes    34.16 %
No    63.37 %
Question #5
On the subject of the Economy, two Mainstream Cable Shows recently scored President Trump’s positives on the Economy as follows: CNN {71%}, Fox News {51%}. From the following response choices, which best depicts or describes your impression of these TrumpScores on the Economy?
Positive CNN TrumpScore on the Economy @ {71%}    28.49 %
Positive FOX TrumpScore on the Economy @ {51%}    26.93 %
Trump is higher than CNN’s {71%} on the Economy    14.67 %
Trump is lower than FOX’s {51%} on the Economy    16.43 %
Question #6
(Push) The Mueller Special Counsel is delivering its Report on alleged Russia Collusion in the Trump Election Campaign 2016, (and prior to that) at a total cost of nearly $30 Million U.S. Do you expect the Mueller Report will exonerate President Trump completely, unequivocally, and without any doubt?
Yes    73.09 %
No    18.67 %
Question #7
(Push)Do you support a bi-partisan effort by both Republicans and Democrats with support from U.S. President Donald Trump to plan, develop, construct Highways and Bridges all over America?
Yes    61.73 %
No    35.74 %
Question #8
Should the Final Report of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller be made public without reserve or redaction or should it follow due course of the statute (law) and applicable regulations?
The Final Report of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller should “be made public…-    35.74 %
The Final Report of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller should “follow due course…-    60.08 %
Question #9
Do you support President Trump’s oft claims that the Robert Mueller Investigation was either or,( or both) - a “Witch Hunt”/“Hoax”?
Yes    57.15 %
No    41.86 %
Question #10
Do you support President Trump’s assertion/statements/Tweets or Twitters –saying- Democrats are ante Israel and ante Jew?
Yes    50.59 %
No    44.43 %
Question #11
(Entertainment)-If an Election were held between Donald J. Trump, Republican & Hillary Clinton, Democrat for whom would you caste your ballot for NOW?
Donald J. Trump, Republican    57.21 %
Hillary R. Clinton, Democrat    32.44 %
Question #12
(Entertainment)-Which one of these following Democrats do you believe could defeat Donald Trump in 2020?
Joe Biden    10.20 %
Beto O’Rourke    8.12 %
Amy Kobuchar    7.96 %
Bernie Sanders    7.42 %
Kamala Harris    7.13 %
None of These/All Other    58.47 %
(In my continued quest toward becoming a Billionaire) – (CNN valued @ US $10 Billion, Fox News valued @ $12 Billion)…Learjet to Florida - News (“Perfect Strangers” – Deep Purple). (No collusion).
This Glen P. Robbins – RSR ROBBINS Poll of Americans (2019) captures Americans who voted in the last U.S. General Election. “I/We” Used “calculations for adjustment” to achieve the following: A baseline nearly consistent with the Outcome of the 2016 U.S. Election presented as: Hillary Clinton, Democrat [48%], Donald Trump, Republican [46%], All Other [5%].
(These numbers may differ from others made public following the U.S. Election).
From that calculation for adjustment were made to a demographic standard relating to American Ethnicity from U.S. Institutions (not media relating to U.S. Election 2016) or more specially: Caucasian (68%), African American (14%), Latino/Hispanic (Mexican) (12%), Asian American (All Other including Native American (5%). Lastly, “calculations for adjustment” were made to ensure Gender was reflected to a (50%) Female & (50%), It should (also) be noted that traditionally Caucasians Vote in America to a higher [%] than all other categories of person.
U.S. President Trump’s current support is (23%) higher than that [%] he received from American Voters 2016 [48%]. His current support is (25%) higher than support for Hillary Clinton Today, than it was in 2016. (“It’s A Beautiful Day” - U2).
Trump’s Support in California @ (48%) currently, and is [15%) higher than the vote he achieved in 2016 (in and of itself responsible for nearly (2%) (adjusted) national increase in his support “Now” over voting outcome 2016). (“Seven Wonders” – Fleetwood Mac).
If an Election were held for President today it is plausible, possible that U.S. President could run the table and win every State of the Union. (“Do You Believe in Magic” – Lovin’ Spoonful).
Two of three “Decided” American Voters (2016 and Today) agree with U.S. President Trump’s decision to recognize Golan Heights as Israel territory over Syrian claims they should have it.
Two thirds of American Voters want the U.S. Supreme Court to stay at 9. (“Time Has Come Today” – Chambers Brothers).
Better than 4/10 American Voters recognize U.S. President Trump’s positives on the Economy as {71%) or better while one in four see his performance as being above {51%) or better. (“Money” – Pink Floyd).
Americans want Attorney General Barr to take over the Mueller Mess – with a bushel of anecdote that it does not want Congress and its handmaiden Cable News with any more fodder for “political fables”. (“Lies”- Knickerbockers).
Nearly 6/10 American Voters perceive the Mueller Report as a “witch hunt” and/or “hoax”. (The “net” support for Donald Trump is slightly lower than net response choice that Mueller Report is a “witch hunt or hoax). (GPR has scored Mueller support this year at under (30%) and through (Justice) Kavanaugh period -- much lower still. During the same period mainstream news polling had it over {60%}. (“Sara” – Fleetwood Mac/Bob Dylan).
(Har de har harree).
(55%) of Decided American Voters believe the Democrat Party is anti Israel and anti Jew. (“When the Levee Breaks” – Led Zeppelin).
U.S. President Donald Trump would crush Hillary Clinton in our theoretical election – overnight American Voters in a crystal clear majority support (near) everything Donald Trump says while rejecting nearly everything Democrats say (or their news proxies promote). (“Laugh Laugh” – Beau Brummels).
Glen P. Robbins Final Five Democrats combined can barely muster (40%) against Trump (with Hillary Clinton @(32%). (“It’s Over” – Roy Orbison).
This Glen P. Robbins – RSR ROBBINS Poll accuracy is estimated at (1.75%) plus or minus - @ 95%.

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