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IRobbins v Cambridge Mortgage - complaint to Canadian Judicial Council Re: BC Supreme Court (Court of Appeal) Justice Laurie Fenlon (formerly Fasken Martineau)
Trudeau, Wilson Raybould, Morneau to be served following In Personam to BC Premier Horgan (twice)  Mar 19, 2019

Ita Robbins
Canadian Judicial Council, Ottawa, Ontario K1A OW8 Fax: (613) 288-1575
Complaint to Judicial Council:
Ita Robbins (et al) plus Glen P. Robbins
RE: Complaint Against BC Supreme Court Justice Lauri Anne Fenlon (now of BC Court of Appeal) Case File No: H130330 (Vancouver Registry) – Cambridge Mortgage Investment versus Ita Robbins et al and Ita Robbins v Cambridge Mortgage Investment (Peet & Cowan Financial Services), BMO S.C.C. 35772
In May 2013 a petition for foreclosure was filed by Cambridge Mortgage against Ita Robbins et al, BC Supreme Court, Vancouver, B.C. under file No.: H130330.
A response to the petition was filed.
The petition sought an order nisi for foreclosure of Ita Robbins home (of 23 years). Ita Robbins had two daughters living at home where she resided with Glen P. Robbins.
(The Notice of Hearing document was filed legally incompetently containing false representations. The BC Court (BCGEU) registry knew the document was incompetent. The Notice of Hearing document asserted a 5 minute was necessary).
The Affidavit owner of connected parties Cambridge Mortgage and sister company Peet & Cowan Financial Services, (both owned by the same two persons) – failed to disclose potential issues as it is required to do.
(Affidavit evidence is not generally considered to be prime evidence).
The respondents filed a response to petition within the time limits arguing the original contract for loan made between Peet & Cowan and Ita Robbins for ‘loan’ featured a criminal Annual Percentage Rate of 98.7%. This A.P.R. was declared at the bottom of page 3 of that loan…
(The original criminal loan was provided on paper using Government of British Columbia letterhead. The Christy Clark BC Liberal government had permitted unregulated lenders to be self regulating).
(Glen P. Robbins has researched the Vancouver housing and fraud problem and believes there are upwards of 20,000 of these criminal so called mortgage loans made over the past few years. He further believes there are 20,000 to 30,000 homes in Vancouver that are empty (sitters), not the 8,500 the BC Government admits to).
…(l)ater Peet & Cowan ‘rinsed’ the criminal loan through its sister company Cambridge Mortgage Investment at Land Title Office, New Westminster BC disclosing the federally regulated Interest Rate of of 8.9% and 9.2% on the 1st mortgage, obviously a constructive fraud by lawyers (the State) at a state run Institution.
[Ita Robbins received NO Independent Legal Advice relating to the transfer of obligation from the criminal/unconscionable loan to another lawful appearing loan].
Registrar Leadership at Land Title Office New Westminster admits (like BC Court Services) that they do not review filed documents – only to see names and signatures (a recipe for disaster at both venues).
The Hearing:
(The Legally Incompetent Notice of Hearing negligently accepted by BC Court Services Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC was not served).
At hearing May 9, 2013 Glen P. Robbins attended to Court on behalf of his wife. He informed the court clerk that he would require more than the 5 minutes (unilaterally) imposed upon the respondents, and was then sent to another court to await a judge.
There were clearly grounds to send the matter to trial, and had it been, the criminal rate of the original contract would have been discovered.
The complainants believe that Fenlon J. knew the contract was a criminal loan but assisted in covering it up given the implications it might have overall of fraud in the real estate market, something we now know was rampant.
We might not be debating a Speculation Tax had Fenlon J. properly conducted herself and her $400,000 per year salary.
Glen P. Robbins was informed by the clerk in the new courtroom assigned where the Cambridge/ Robbins was the only case that they were awaiting a justice, and that morning Fenlon J. had another case ‘ongoing’.
The Petition was a single subject substantive matter involving the petitioner seeking a foreclosure order.
Glen P. Robbins attended after Ita Robbins was personally served with Court Index regarding the foreclosure hearing 3 days prior to the hearing. (the ambush).
The foreclosure petition was interrupted by lawyers for parties adversarial to Ita Robbins, namely Ron Bakonyi (Cambridge, Peet & Cowan), and Robert Ellis (BMO Bank of Montreal), who (falsely) advised Fenlon J. that an order pursuant to section 15(5) of the BC Legal Professions Act, made against Glen P. Robbins October 2011 in Law Society of BC v Glen P. Robbins (S111171 later other file #’s unknown to GPR) (Glen P. Robbins v LSBC @ S.C.C. 35302) {“commence, defend and prosecute a claim”}…
… was intended by Grauer J. to deny GPR a right of audience in any case.
This was a fraud on its face and the complainants herein believe Fenlon J. knew it all along (was part of the overall fraud inclusive of being presiding judge (an hour delay before hearing commenced enough time to make arrangement).
In fact, the Reasons made by Justice Grauer October 2011 castigated the poorly written provisions of 15(5) referring to them as “clumsy”. The breach occurred at filing registry and was unrelated to Fenlon J.’s authority of discretion to reserve or withhold a right of audience.
The procedural matter of GPR’s right of audience was a fraud knowingly made by Bakonyi and Ellis upon the BC Supreme Court. (later Bakonyi would act in contempt of a BC Supreme Court order (Kloegman J.) and stay of execution order made April 7, 2014 valid until April 30, 2014 and used this contemptuous criminal act to obtain 3 Legally Incompetent orders during that stay of execution including an illegal vacant possession order – later using that order to secure private bailiff and (not so) Royal Canadian Mounted Police to exercise the contemptuous vacant possession order including detaining GPR).
It is worth considering that prior to Bakonyi’s criminal activity regarding the contempt of stay of execution order Ita Robbins had filed an appeal of this matter before the Supreme Court of Canada where a file number was assigned March 18, 2014 (35772).
(Under Rule 66 of the Supreme Court of Canada Rules Bakonyi (Cambridge) had an obligation to disclose the stay of execution order to it. He did not do so. Ita Robbins had sought a stay of execution in her S.C.C. filings).
(Consequently, four justices of the Supreme Court of Canada were conned by Bakonyi including current Chief Justice Richard Wagner who shut down the case on application of Bakonyi, permitted to cover up his crime.
Ita Robbins made every effort to notify the SCC of the criminal activities involving Bakonyi but could not do so. Glen P. Robbins filed an Intervener application in SCC matter Google v Equustek (36602) to inform the court which was read by Brown J. of that Court).
It is worth noting as well that Justice Nathan Smith signed the vacant possession order in the courtroom thus short circuiting the process of filing an order with court clerk notes. (Awfully convenient).
Prior to the criminal actions undertaken to ‘steal’ the home and property (no amounts of hundreds of thousands of dollar in equity have been returned to date to Ita Robbins, nearly 5 years afterward)
(GPR: Quite sickening)
In fact In a simple 14 page double spaced Reasons for Judgment, Grauer J. in fact asserted that the Law Society of BC had no business involving itself in a right of audience matter or interfering with Glen P. Robbins right to seek audience on his wife’s behalf.
Fenlon J. admitted on transcript not understanding what section 15 of the LPA was.
Glen P. Robbins begged (crooked) Fenlon J. (a former colleague of Fasken Vancouver lawyer Elizabeth Lyall who acted for Law Society of BC in the original matter before Grauer J.) to read the obvious position asserted in Grauer J.’ Reasons during the afternoon recess.
Fenlon J. had Reasons for Judgment in her hand and would have seen Fasken Martineau (as they were then) and Elizabeth Lyall on the front page of those Reasons and should have recused herself. In a December 2015 ICBC case before Grauer J. (unrelated) the original justice recused herself because a cousin was on the witness list. Elizabeth Lyall would have been Fenlon J.’s superior at Fasken.
Fenlon J. failed to make good choices and denied the procedural matter of Glen P. Robbins ordering the foreclosure order on the substantive application.
The BC Court Registry for foreclosure did not have court clerk notes beyond the order nisi and indication that NO ONE ATTENDED (for Ita Robbins). To wit(less): The foreclosure became an ex parte petition.
Nevertheless, Law Society of BC members Bakonyi and Ellis prepared an Order After Application (a substantive procedure) and filed it under H130330 without court clerk’s as required under the law), when no such application was ever made.
In that Order Cambridge and BMO asserted that Fenlon J. had denied GPR a right of audience on the basis of a substantive application reinventing Grauer’s Reasons to mean that GPR could not ever speak on behalf of (his wife) Ita Robbins.
This fraudulent Order Made After Application later acquired Fenlon J’s signature even though she could not have had court clerk notes to support it as she is required to do.
This fraudulent Order Made After Application was later used In the Law Society of BC’s member’s court confidence scheme at application for conduct of sale order before Master who accepted that the Order Made After Application actually occurred as presented – when it never happened – at all, or ever.
It is relevant to note that the controversial provisions of section 15(5) (as they were at the time of Grauer J. (Oct. 2011) castigated by Grauer J. in his Reasons for Judgment as clumsy legislative drafting) were amended in 2012 (without notice or awareness of GPR), but in any event the order referred to at May hearing before Fenlon J in May 2013 contained different language that assumed different meaning to other association provisions under the general section 15, and were no longer viable at 2013.
Both Ita and Glen Robbins seek a direction or order that Lauri Anne Fenlon apologize for not doing her job with proper due diligence and in keeping of the standard expected of her, ultimately causing Ita Robbins massive harm because of the misfeasance/malfeasance.
Ita and Glen Robbins are seeking an apology from Justice Fenlon as well as a recital of her errors made at hearing (and thereafter) and action on her part to correct her mistakes which left unresolved remain a gross miscarriage of justice and possible claims of abuse of power.
It should be known to the Canadian Judicial Council that a court action was filed against Fenlon J. in the interests of protecting litigation possibilities against her as this relates to time limitations.
Ultimately, the Federal Court of Canada can hear an action against Fenlon J. (and others) as the running of time continues with each day something is not done. This would include those receiving In Personam service with opportunity to fix the problem, State recklessness run amok.
A Federal Court case would seek record damages. Lesser cases in the U.S. are seeking upwards of $500 million (US).
Ita Robbins (GPR) 1st obligation is to exhaust every method and manner to resolve this debacle made by so called professionals, in this case operating under the Judge’s Act.
A stay of execution draft was signed and sent to BC Attorney General, to BC Chief Justice Bauman, and to BC Ombudsperson (responsible for BC Court Services). Nothing was done. The stay of execution order made by Kloegman J. April 7, 2014 has still not been filed.
Prior to heading to Supreme Court of Canada (an appeal court) Ita Robbins and Glen P. Robbins served Premier John Horgan (Executive/Cabinet) with analysis and Offer to Settle. Premier Horgan is aware a crime was committed in BC Courts. Another Offer to Settle was similarly sent to Horgan.
Former Canada Attorney General Jody Wilson Raybould was also made aware of the details of the activities and illegal goings on from the Vancouver Smithe Street Court.
Ita Robbins asserts that she believes a hate crime can be established given that the lawyers involved Bakonyi, Ellis Roadburg, (Michael Kleisinger) and all 3 Justices of the Supreme Court of Canada are of Jewish background, and (quite clearly) published materials in the Vancouver Sun referencing the Ita Robbins (GPR) matter referenced Ita Robbins Catholic background.
An intelligent and necessary response by the Canadian Judicial Council on the matter of Fenlon J.’s ‘poor judgment’ would go great distance to solve the entirety of this matter.
An apology by Fenlon J. is a de minimus response necessary in the Interests of Justice.
Lastly, I note that the Canadian Judicial Council can secure the Court Transcript of the embarrassing events (for the professionals) of May 9, 2013. If not, I have a copy I can send.
This and any other material is sent to other government parties and will be sent to Washington DC as well.
Glen P. Robbins and Ita Robbins can be reached at
A further complaint will be made to the Canadian Judicial Council regarding BC Chief Justice Chris Hinkson (and Hinkson’s former prodigy Michael Kleisinger of Law Society of BC) and former Law Society Director Tim McGee – working in conjunction with BC Attorney General’s office for their roles in using their Office in pursuit of aiding and abetting Ron Bakonyi’s criminal activities.
One element of the recent Offer to Settle made to John Horgan, now responsible in British Columbia as Premier and “In Personam” (having knowledge) for the apology sought herein, as well as resignation of Chief Justice Chris Hinkson. That offer inclusive of without prejudice offer of Glen P. Robbins to abandon any further monetary claims against persons involved expired February 14, 2019.
Lastly I/We note that the Executive Director of the Canadian Judicial Council is the husband of former Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin (now a Judge in Hong Kong post retirement), which on its face is quite conflictive. I/We further not that current Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Richard Wagner now heads the Canadian Judicial Council but remains implicated in the criminal activity which occurred in BC Superior Courts and is inextricably connected to the grotesque fraud committed against Ita Robbins at Supreme Court of Canada 35772 (Ita Robbins v Cambridge Mortgage et al).
Ita Robbins, Glen P. Robbins (signature(s))
DATED: February 19, 2019
John Horgan “In Personam” Langford-Juan de Fuca Community Office, 122-2806 Jacklin Road, Victoria, BC V9B 5A4 Fax Service: 250 391 2804
David Eby “In Personam” 2909 West Broadway Service:
Carole James “In Personam” 1084 Fort Street Victoria, BC Fax Service: 1 250 952 4586
Mike Farnworth “In Personam” 107A-2748 Lougheed Highway Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 6P2 Fax Service: 604 927 2090
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