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RSR ROBBINS Mar. 13, 2019 Canada Election Poll: Scheer, Trudeau, Singh, Bernier, May, Blanchet & Jody WR; On banning Lobbying, Abortion afterbirth, CanJury on Media & Donald Trump; Edmonton to Montreal pipeline; Social Media trumps Mainstream
Joey - Concrete Blonde  Mar 13, 2019

Question #1
(Baseline) – Which leader & party (respondent) supported in 2015 Canadian Federal General Election.
Justin Trudeau & Liberal Party of Canada    40 %
Stephen Harper & Conservative Party of Canada    32 %
Tom Mulcair & New Democratic Party of Canada    20 %
Gilles Duceppe & Bloc Quebecois    5 %
Elizabeth May & Green Party of Canada    4 %
Question #2
If the Canadian federal election scheduled for later this year were held today which leader & party would you support if you must pick one?
Andrew Scheer & Conservative Party of Canada    31.72 %
Justin Trudeau & Liberal Party of Canada    30.34 %
Jagmeet Singh & New Democratic Party of Canada    21.31 %
Maxime Bernier & New Peoples’ Party of Canada    9.52 %
Yves-Francois Blanchet & Bloc Quebecois Party    4.21 %
Elizabeth May & Green Party of Canada    3.92 %
(Undecided)    3.17 %
Question #3
Would you support a Private Members Bill declaring “Lobbying of Government Officials” at any level of Government to be unconstitutional and against the interest of the public – illegal, and subject to the Criminal Code of Canada?
Yes    90 %
No    8 %
Question #4
Based on what your opinion is of the government and opposition leaders & parties operating in Ottawa today – with a view to the Canadian federal election this October 2019, what type of government would you prefer following the Canadian Election in 2019?
Majority Government    37 %
Minority Government    47 %
Question #5
Do you support the State of Virginia’s Governor who advocates for a mother’s right to take her newborns’ life after delivery of the infant under any circumstance, as good public policy for Canada as well?
Yes    5 %
No    88 %
Question #6
Based on the current on goings in US Politics, as compared to previous two years; at least as media coverage is concerned - would you say that President Trump’s persistent claims of media bias against him were/are valid?
Yes    46.53 %
No    42.56 %
Question #7
(Push) Would you support an All Parties Bill in the Canadian House of Commons calling for the Government of Canada- following its purchase of pipeline from Edmonton Alberta to Vancouver British Columbia – to construct, own and have custody of a pipeline from Edmonton Alberta to Montreal Quebec and oil refineries in the region- a big shot in the arm to Canada’s economy?
Yes    61.57 %
No    38.08 %
Question #8
From which media source do you get most of your news and information personally?
Newspaper, Radio, & Cable    21 %
Other Media including Social Media, Podcasts, Facebook, Tweets and all other    51 %
Neither of these or very little of either/Undecided/All Other    28 %
In my RSR poll of Jan 11, 2019 I placed JT and Lib @ (31.44%) support among Canadian Voters, AS and Con @ (29.37%), and Jagmeet Singh @ (16.60%) – Worst Case Scenario for each. In that same RSR poll Best Case Scenario’s were: JT & Lib (36.14%), As and Con@ (34.11%) and Jagmeet Singh @ (18.65%). My Final Support Score from that poll 2 months ago is: JT & Lib (33.8%), As and Con@ (31.5%) and Jagmeet Singh & NDP @ (17.8%).
Andrew Scheer and Conservatives retain the same support in this RSR poll as they did in the Jan 11, 2019 poll and sit firm and fast on 2015 Electoral Totals. Scheer, a former Speaker of the House – (who MUST know a thing or two about rules) – and must – by now – have come around to the idea that his former boss Stephen Harper appointed a number of very crooked BC Supreme Court Justices – in an environment of an association with crooked BC Premiers Gordon Campbell & Clark BC Liberals – crooked to the hilt – ‘plan B if no LNG in BC’. The Real Estate Robbery Song.
What other poor cross country judicial appointments did Harper make to spoil Canada’s courts? What an effort Harper put forward to disassemble the Supreme Court of Canada. (Highly educated you be – only a few threads of different color (not very long) to connect).
I have no idea about the relationship between the Registrar and Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Canada – other than there is one specified in Statute that the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada reports directly to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. I am uncertain as the role of the Clerk of the Privy Council – the PMO’s Office, the Prime Minister himself, Cabinet, and the House of Commons featuring folks who were elected and not appointed.
When the Law Society of BC, Attorney General of BC (Attorney General of Canada), Justices conspired between and among themselves to use high office of the State to commit fraud – against IRobbins et al that S.C.C. Chief Justice McLachlin (S.C.C. 35772) knew all about the criminality, and miscarriage – she’s in BC now overseeing BC Legislature misadventures. Hopefully cleaning up IRobbins as well.
Is another BC Rail like Institutional cover up in the offing – in the last province to hold NDP office in the country?
A few of the other genie us’ in the crew – told me – ‘these poor pricks didn’t you see you comin' Glennie’ – wiped out the credibility of an entire justice system – compelling two senior levels of government and the justice system to pull down their gender trousers and stare at each other’s junk for 5 years now.
That is the quality of the standard of what I can only describe as a collective of people paid by the government – in cheap cahoots – showmanship either negative or positive, but controlled none the less- for self benefit – polls notwithstanding – an early bust with many months to go yet – and other events to follow, unless everyone digs in and impresses more than just a little journalism & archeology as is properly requisite. Corporate stooges. The Garbage of Political Spectacle yet unresolved.
The recent testimony by Privy Council before House Committee did not inspire ‘GPR – Your True North Star- on either account of the PMO-Privy Council or Supreme Court of Canada.
I am aware though that in 2015 over 30 organizations – companies and all levels of government were served with application to Supreme Court of Canada – it is documented by Supreme Court of Canada stamp (File No.: S.C.C. 35772 IRobbins v Cambridge). These documents are also filed as exhibits to affidavit in application by GPR in Google v Equustek – documents impugning credibility of BC Justices Fenlon, CJ Chris Hinkson – and roping in 3 more BC Supreme Court Justices and 5 – count them FIVE Supreme Court Justices by direct miscarriage of justice and read by Justice Brown of the S.C.C.?
(Little wonder Downton Abbey script provided for only one Canadian character – a First World War soldier – cousin- burned up and crazy with post war PTSD).
Absolutely unquestionable crooked behavior – irrefutable and government --for little more than what Trudeau Jr. paid a terrorist (who has moved to Edmonton – {you could not script this better}. ‘Oh No he (ex terrorist) has a home here’ – {near the oil fields in Edmonton} – makes sense in Trudeau Canada. (Son – you can join the Canadian Military or if you choose through your freedom of choice become a terrorist and try to kill us all – but when you are down – come home – we will steal a few ordinary folks homes and give you the proceeds… …Uhhh Canada). Paul Henderson was a hero (1972) – that’s something.
US President Trump must keep tariffs on the creepy current Canada - SOB’s until the State makes this right. Once done – apps for GPR et al U.S. Citizenship – California here we come.
IRobbins – win is relief and liberation for all Canadians – from the awful suffocation of incompetent government and justice. Is former SCC Chief Justice McLachlin able to see her way through to Hong Kong (China) courts through all of those cobwebs?
Pick the “Neo Shylocks” or “The People” - - - it is what it comes down to-gpr-djt.
The People are not in the Media – not an accurate reflection or depiction.
Conservative Andrew Scheer is good – sometimes very good, but he his only above average at most more focused times – when had he been very good – he might be looking at certain minority government today, yet he is not. Trudeau isn’t going to resign – why ask – so early?
Justin Trudeau is down nearly (4%) Nationally from my Jan 11, 2019 poll to this poll, and down at least (10%) nationally from 2015 Election Outcome. The Trudeau Liberals were never better than (36%) in my opinion despite the run on [40%] Electoral win in 2015. The higher [%] cause for a little longer Little Honeymoon (and some distance from Harper whose last (majority) term), felt like 20 years Gone (“Ten Years Gone” - Led Zeppelin). There is (nil) (see: pedantic soccer language only appropriate to a Brit {not living in Canada}) chance that Justin Trudeau and Liberal Party of Canada will win a 2nd majority government.
During Trudeau Jr.’s Time - in Office- the Queen’s family name “Cambridge” has been reduced to Five Star (out of Five) Garbage. (Some of the investments appeared predatory in nature?). Pierre Trudeau and her Majesty the Queen now well into her 90’s – what has happened. (“Good Times & Bad Times” – Artist: Led Zeppelin).
The 90 year old man sitting at a table in Safeway today about 90 years old invites me to his ‘disabled’ table and then tells me in broken English that he loved to work in the field as a child with “mommy” & “daddy” in the old country because they all knew they would eat dinner that night. He beamed thinking and talking about it. “People who did not work in the fields were not ensured a meal”. He tells me he wishes “little ones” would love “mommy” and “daddy” more than they love money ($$). He was longing for simpler days of socialism. “People in prison had to work and beg for food from those of us working in the fields that were going to eat that food too/we were sharing our food with the prisoner – today the (sic) prisoners have television and soccer…” It’s the message and not the messenger (“Singer not the Song” – Rolling Stones).
What is it that Theresa (m) ay do with the Kaiser’s clutches upon her-again? Isn’t Brexit all about the ‘Benjamins’ – if not, what then? Another vote – after already holding The Vote – the process of separation has benefitted the EU over the English – aided and abetted by governments and press calling for another vote. Not good democracy.
Would Canada’s Privy Council prefer me to rewrite the Canadian Constitution for them? I am Conservative/I have a free afternoon – I won’t make many changes – just the ones required to Make Canada Great (someday) (1 day).
I defeated every nook and cranny of lawyer court chicanery from BC Supreme to Supreme Court of Canada who sit and stew in the most obvious case of bank and state fraud against a couple of regular citizens – anywhere in the western world. Like Trump had no political history, and finessed, cajoled and bullied his way in around and over the Swamp Grid to the President’s Castle – -In a typical Canadian model – I – (and my family) beat the hell out the justice swamp in Canada. It’s a great parallel. It’s fabulous. It fits history. Look at how jealous, weak & greedy – the institutional inhabitants (the State) are – and how it’s been exposed by two ordinary apolitical persons in the United States (Donald J. Trump) and Glen P. Robbins (Dominion of Upper and Lower Canada and some other known provinces too). Now those are two premier cases of heroism, grit and courage.
Wrote a song about it – goes a little like this: (ED: “Har De har har” sounds faintly like Honky Tonk Woman {Rolling Stones} – whilst conventional lyrics should hear Donald Fagen (Steely Dan) with two African American and one Blonde American singing those in backup – real smooth like (Just My Imagination)) (Temptations 1st, Rolling Stones 2nd) “Well a harrrr de har har --- hardy har har Justin Trudeau -- your Team is so slow, Well a harrrr de har har -- hardy har har Gerald Butts – no chin, no nuts, Well a harrr de har har –hardy har har Mr. Wernick you’re such a (choose from menu)”
{Musical interlude}
Will place “Donkey Song” ----on flip side of 45 featuring expected big big hit about grandson Nathaniel in 100% height and weight. 25% taller and heavier at 9 months than average than for one year. Given one half of the primae facie factors of genetics would include both Croatian and German height averages – Nate could be 7 feet tall. (Renewed interest in basketball – left handed big league pitcher), and/or a happy person.
Anyhow goes a little like this (previously published ‘rockabilly’ ala Buddy Holly): “I know a boy they call the big old chunky, He’s got more moves than an Amazon Jungle Monkey, He’s so cool, He’s so fine, I’m so glad big old’s mine. Chorus: Nathaniel’s gonna go – Nathaniel’s gonna go to the show……”
Some of the wrestling techniques I have put my grandson prior to the beginning of walking, when he was still crawling – indicate to me that he is eager and willing to struggle through obstacles and frustration to meet his objective. Nathaniel won’t be stopped - unless I emphatically invoke “mommy” or “daddy”, at which point he retains the temerity to negotiate anyhow, though with greater cognitive discipline.
Like a big NFL running back that runs directly at tacklers – come and get it ‘Ladies’.
Infants understand incongruence according to the scientists – Blew my mind – Blew my mind. Enter Mr. Glenfire.
According to Suzuki’s Nature of Things (CBC) – Laughter in babies is cognitive – even at an age when they are not speaking yet.
Imagine the level of denial that overrides folks in politics and law most very highly educated – they cannot see the incongruence that relatively speaking the infant can see – that makes me ‘laugh my ass off’ – they are adults so weak of character and personality?
My grandson laughs all of the time without any social prompting from “mommy” or “daddy”. You would choose to remove such a life after your consultation?
To make a Billion dollars and create thousands of high paying jobs – one cannot live in Canada – the ceiling is ‘way way’ too low in the psychology of the country and it’s owe my soul to the company leadership. GPR’s got to go to the United States of A. Canada remains a half a dozen people talking to a half a dozen people and everyone moving on direction to adhere to orders from that ‘Devil’s Dozen’, absent Nathaniel’s voice to the One.
Canadians know that awful taste they had in their mouth from majority government with Harper – 1st minority working hard, and then well earned majority – then 'presto chango'. The effort required to get rid of former PM Stephen Harper (described in some places of the country as being like smelling “ass” up real close like) – and aren’t about to wait about to have another 4 years of Trudeau with the majority whip in play to experience that taste (with a little hair on it).
Anyhow had JWR deliberated and made a final decision? Did she convey Reasons to anyone? Did Jody Wilson Raybould hit the Rita Robbins standard of 7 Mensa fashioned children –with a family history predating Confederation in Canada-and every right to speak as they please? On SNC. I/We all need to know – and Horshack et al should bring JWR back to let us see if she has passed any part of the test (where everyone else has failed)? Jody Wilson Raybould becomes a major player with RSR ROBBINS – for BC and Canadian Politics - if she unilaterally holds a press conference and lets it all go down. I would thus and then seek her hand in politics from her father – in the old way-from this Tramp Shining (Richard Harris). Unlikely.
The rest of the obstacles to the SNC Leveling are ‘triple d –dogshit’ (no JWR influence on language) – it’s not entertainment – until free and open questions in French and English apportioned (20%) francophone, (80%) allophone.
This poll reveals an increase in National support for Jagmeet Singh and New Democrats of (30%) from my Jan 11, 2019 RSR poll (worst case scenario) and (20%) higher support from (best case scenario) ‘similarly’ applied.
A polling site alleged to be capturing all Mainstream polls (which RSR is not) asserts recently calculated average Mainstream support for Conservatives at {37%} or {5%) higher Nationally than I/RSR score Conservative support. Jagmeet Singh and NDP are scored at just under {15%} on Mainstream national average, {6%) under my RSR poll of (21%+). The Mainstream scores the Green Party @ {7.2%} while I score them just under (4%). There is no real evidence to suggest that {7%} is a likely outcome for Green. The overage I (re)claim against the Mainstream and Green Party conjunctively would thus be easily and fairly applied to Singh & NDP totals (de minimus (3%) Nationally or (18%) with “NN Mainstream” producing a (19%) response). The Mainstream site average does not account whatsoever for Maxime Bernier and People’s Party of Canada.
Has Mad Max (by far the most interesting of the leaders), not paid ransom to the ‘Swamp Grid’ or alternatively, did his battle with certain special interest groups prior to his big number [11%] Vote from the recent Burnaby BC by election – way across Canada from Quebec where his party started (and where Maxime is holding a party to end all parties) (See Swamp Grid as defined over Tweet by Trump)- Cost him attention in the Mainstream Media? Know what I mean? Oh Man, Omar.
One specific pollster “NN” at March 5, 2019 has Conservatives @ {35%} {3%) more than RSR for the AS Cons – {34%} for Liberals – {4%) more than RSR, {16%} for NDP – {5%) under RSR (%) – People’s Party @ {1%} or {8%) under RSR for Maxime Bernier, with Greens at (‘coked up’) @ {9%} at least {5%) higher than RSR. Not even close between the Rogue pollster Glen P. Robbins, the RSR ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Cowboy Band and Mainstream – (Cable News) and (all) other. CP says “What - Pardon…Dumbpeachment in 2019?” – Population @ Krakow (late 30’s early40’s) says “what bad smell of burning flesh?” (Many of those in the incinerators back them were Slav (Germany’s fear of socialism emerging from Russia – after the fall of the Monarchy there), many were disabled, many were dissidents, and many of course were Jewish. The U.S. Media made Trump – the symbol of new type of Holocaust – where persons unfit to the SwampGrid – are humiliated and shamed – so the weaker leaders within the grid might prevail. That is no merit sister – Socialists got 1% of Vote in U.S. in the 1950’s – knocking on (40%) now.
Remember though – prior to the First World War – Austria – Hungary Empire was licking its aggressive lips at the territory currently known as Serbia (former Yugoslavia) other linked countries – Croatia (more proximate to Italy) with stronger Western European historical influences upon it (French – also signs of Scottish kilt 16th Century if my memory is on-not kidding). Anyhow – the Empire had lots of cash – the most beautiful buildings on the planet (Budapest Hungary the most fabulous circa 1910) and unbelievable Military. The Serbs had pitchforks – few weapons. To intimidate the Serbs the Austrian – Hungary Military would randomly to into the countryside in Serbia and hang hundreds of country Serbia people without cause – many of them women while children watched and were often murdered as well. All unarmed. Was a noose brought in to discuss SNC with Jody Wilson Raybould?
It’s not millions of people – but my point is well made. Remember countries like Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia (comprising the country formerly identified with Croatia) featuring Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Muslim inference – had war – ethnic cleansing during the 1990’s when Bill Clinton was President of the United States. In order to achieve efficiency and turn a failing country around – Stalin (Soviet Union) is known to have killed more than 60 million of his own people. China’s Mao a hundred million. These atrocities occurred following the 2nd World War and Holocaust. Rwanda – atrocities and genocide in many places around the Globe – as if people are “ants”. Think about it – and refresh the world with an objective of not keeping adults as children –if we are going to talk about genocide let’s tell the truth and let people figure it out. Deal?
Why didn’t Wilson .Raybould cross the floor to the New Democrats? She no longer fits into the smaller Liberal tent like a skinny suit on a fat guy – when the NDP already bronzed a statue for her as their favorite (Other) ‘Indian’. Why not repatriate to British Columbia and run for BC NDP with Nathan Cullen. As BC Supreme Court Justice Grauer said about Glen P. Robbins arguments at trial involving sacrament of marriage and right to defend family interests: “Glen P. Robbins - It’s a nice touch”. Trudeau’s father Pierre was originally an NDPer. Perhaps JWR’s lack of Greenness pedigree – would make her unsuitable.
Nobody likes lawyers – lawyers hate lawyers – there are line ups of lawyers for substance abuse treatment. Why? Because well intentioned idealists – became (only) earners (for their client of course) – and sad because of it. Really spectacular lawyers – earn a million $$ and more per year. Why would you want to take a justices pay of $395,000 per annum – huge to most, but not to the cat making a million – it’s a cut in pay – the 3 ex wives take up the 1st $500,000 anyhow. Bring in Stephen Harper’s handpicked thugs to the Court.
Canadians are sad for aboriginals – some resent them though, Alberta has significant animosity toward aboriginals because of resistance to oil pipelines and court decisions favoring them. Having shipped plenty of asshole judges with Alberta education to BC – the takeover of my prostrate province was easy. Essentially BC sits on the sideline doing someone else’s bidding.
Had one of my Gmail takers – ask to be taken off list (not a politico) – after I took the video of the aboriginal approaching the Catholic School Kids directly and the Catholic School Kid not moving his position (responsibly). (Like a smart basketball player would do). A very – very – double raspberry GQ lawyer has launched a $250 million dollar lawsuit against media – for defamation and will settle with CNN for $144 Million (U.S $$). The poor fool did not like my treatment of the aboriginal who turned out to be a fraud and liar in subsequent days. When I see this person next, I have a right to pat him on his head like a pet.
That is why I calculated by taking a Canadian litigation tithe of 10% for my wife IRobbins at $14,500,000 – a perfect offer to imperfect and poor actors.
Lawyers are procrastinators – so our politicians. Trump is not a procrastinator – and this is why he has established a type of template for others to follow. An actor on a political state from the legal system -when push comes to shove- will lose more votes than they will gain, when disputes in the law of credibility arise. The People expect something greasy from lawyers and when it is delivered piping hot and their expectations thus met – it’s immediately cemented in their mind. Garbage. You have become Garbage. Me and OAC – and the big boss DJT can use garbage – because it sounds correct in our hands. (Now Alexandria Ocasio Cortes (Socialist) – easily the most popular Democrat – but too young to lawfully run for President of the United States & uses the word “Garbage” like Big Daddy Robbins – there is ‘no metaphoric food - no substance – a declaration of garbage in public forums is definitive to point).
Caucasians and African Americans never mixed at all. Leave Israel out of it – they are our most serious strategic partners at this time! Former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister -Mulroney is correct – how can you keep these people (JWR & Philpott) in your caucus? How he must be so proud of Maxime Bernier, but like John Fogerty must declare so in a higher octave – (because of the agreement made between former Progressive Conservative leader McKay -- and well you know who).
BC Supreme Court Chief Justice Chris Hinkson orders a contract with another Judge and longtime Children and Families Advocate Turpel-Lafond – which the BC Legislature claimed jurisdiction for – deemed it an ordinary contract which HIS court could hear for damages (c’mon down fellow judge social or not we’re all in this together) – just between us judges, – after laying ground cover for Law Society to cover up Interest and Land Title Registry fraud and court fraud of a mortgage contract of 98.7% (IRobbins) from unregulated lenders Mortgage Brokers– propped up by BC Government, realtors – and Law Society of BC with an ordinary run of the mill Canadian in IRobbins. The Province of British Columbia supplied the crooks with BC Letterhead. Their heads must operate on a spring. No wonder Harper appointed Hinkson – one asshole sees himself in the reflection of the other asshole. Given what has apparently happened to both media and the justice system – should we consider banning lawyers from politics to arrest the ruin it puts upon public trust?
The Populism that Canadians are craving does not exist in front of them in Canada – anywhere…at all.
I have MB & PPoC nearly doubling their support from my Jan 11, 2019 poll (5%-9%). Mainstream sees a blip – Mainstream is always wrong – what will happen in the Canadian Federal Election 2019 with MB & PPoC? In British Columbia I have Andrew Scheer and Conservatives @ (29%); Mainstream average is {33%}. I reckon that is about a {0.564%) National difference. The basis points at up like the 70% chartered banks mistakes which benefit the bank – when 50-50 might seem like a more authentic outcome. Cheater cheater pumpkin eater. I have Justin Trudeau @ (22%) in British Columbia while Mainstream has him @ (32%) (After all of this trouble with Jody Wilson Raybould who is from BC – and a [35%] vote outcome 2015 – how ridiculous is that?).
Generally, federal Liberals average about [27%] in British Columbia in federal elections. That difference from 2015 “lucky” totals Trudeau achieves represents about (1.5%) National difference. The Mainstream suggests the Federal Liberal MP’s in BC might lose a couple of seats – this RSR poll suggests the Liberal Party of Canada is more likely to lose all 17, (which I also believe would be working toward a just outcome for 2019). To acquire them and then to lose them. It’s a righteous and appropriate loss. No real Canadian Voter heads to the Italian butcher looking for phony baloney but it happens from time to time and more frequently as each generation passes.
The Mainstream has Singh& NDP @ (20%) in British Columbia. I have Singh/NDP @ (36%) in British Columbia - The reality is that Jagmeet Singh’s by election win in Burnaby BC attracted [38%] (populous lower mainland B.C.) Vote – and a sister provincial NDP Party doing well and over (40%) (By most accounts) in the Province of British Columbia. The Mainstream and RSR ROBBINS have a (4%) National difference of opinion just in the Province of British Columbia where RSR ROBBINS has produced some 700 polls in two decades. In this RSR ROBBINS Poll - Andrew Scheer & Conservative Party of Canada take the lead for the 1st time since the federal general election in 2015, but retain slightly less than what the Party attained under Stephen Harper. A good Papa builds a business for his children and grandchildren to own.
A wing has come off Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party Airship // – he has lost (25%) of his 2015 Election totals. Is it a Boeing? My children and grandchildren cannot afford Trudeau’s Airline. Surrealistic Pillow Plane (certainly not a My Pillow). Will new microdot techniques using LSD help with acute alcoholism like ‘Bobby S’ says? (See Trudeau Government). Former Liberal Party leadership candidate Marc Garneau (from a distance) is calling for the House of Commons to consider (admit the SNC hysteria) not signing the USMCA (former NAFTA) and renegotiating the deal with U.S. President Donald Trump. (See ‘Bobby S’) - “Well a harrrr de har har – Hardy de har har.” “Marc Garneau --has stubbed his toe”
Jagmeet Singh is fresh off a by election win in Burnaby BC – and apparently Benching 300 lbs during workouts (Now that is muscular) – showing leadership with young people and particularly young Sikhs – and all Indo Canadians and other persons of color (but not Liberal Chinese), known to be much more hard working than Canada’s very own Indigenous aboriginals—having sweated it out in the heat for decades making Canadian farms work all the way from the rural suburbs to the Interior of the Province of British Columbia.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one day in the True North, ordinary Canadians did not see aboriginals as (almost) exclusively victims? The Eastern Canadian Media and Mainstream pollsters didn’t like Obama when he ran against Hillary (for likely passively racist reasons) in 2008 – only RSR ROBBINS figured it out (early). (More camouflage for GPR now than you know who from you know what). This RSR real politik expose of Canada’s federal government, bureaucratic and justice system (really – only Liberals or Conservatives), as really a few clowns short of a circus, may also explain what I see as connected suppression of the Singh support or at least Singh and New Democrats.
The Harper Conservatives had way more money than all other parties, way more – Trudeau had resuscitated the comatose Liberals – with far less money. All those donations for Conservatives to move an inch – burning cash for basis points only. Pretty inefficient. Some Canadians still see Sikh’s as terrorist types – because of Air India – but that group is likely as small as the those who understand the Holocaust. It’s a shame because atrocities and genocide are awful – but there are many more as bad and worse than the Holocaust. And that history is melting away? Who wants to think about such negative things in a new Autonomous Vehicle?
Does Canada need a Private Member’s Bill to recognize the injustice to Sikh people – along with Jewish people, Middle Eastern people, Aboriginal people – Albanian Canadians, Japanese Canadians, Asian Canadians (not money laundering)? Fox News in the U.S. had a poll (prior to him (apparently lying again) to Congress) of former Trump lawyer Cohen (“COHEN”) -having higher support than US President Trump – at the same time Congress was pushing against Congresswoman Omar on ‘all about the Benjamin’s’ (Also See Israeli Boss on our Gmail) – as hurting the feelings of Jewish Americans overly sensitive (we are told) to historical negative messaging about their ties to money. Boo Hoo – its Mr. McGoo. I found the entire affair – too much to take, from people who cannot seem to get things done (Congress) – as we are experiencing here in Canada.
To be quite clear - Israel is the United States best ally in the Middle East probably the World – if and when they are not back dooring the U.S. with Intellectual Property. There are mostly Jewish People in Israel. There will never be a two State solution. (And although I thought Noam Chomsky was better than one of my favorites Alan Dershowitz in debates on the subject of 1 & 2 State solutions) – the unit of analysis for Socialism – hot on the media griddle – at least in the U.S., can fairly attract criticism of the few hands of persons with common interests, religion and heritage – organizing to own or control segments of strategic interest like media, courts and other of upwards of 10 times their population – & has to be disconcerting – close to a national emergency. Benjamin Netanyahu is a Hawk’s Hawk – and needs re election this time around. The ownership of means of production is a valid argument and for purposes of appropriate public interest response – Elizabeth Warren filled it professionally (so I can take her again) with comments about breaking up – Google, Facebook and other 'monopolistic' entities - all owned I believe by Specifically Identifiable Ethnic Interests (“SIEI”). (The filling of the vacuum being the most important 1st thing).
(The Fox News poll about Cohen was very disturbing to me – I cannot imagine he would ever attract (10%) support with the criminality around his neck. Smell ‘Neo Shylockian’ influence in Media there for sure).
Many Canadians are feeling more despondent after one//two grueling week(s)//weak of influence peddling spectacle or after one Trudeau apology or another – (& never the right one). Imagine the lack of critical thinking that enters into the point of decision to take action and make apology to Inuit people with old timers in media asserting how important it was – yet no one condemning the timing as being so proximate to Trudeau’s government credibility problems – to actually diminish the important announcement to the poor people. What a shitty shame that was. As New York Police Commissioner Reagan (Tom Selleck) says in Blue Bloods episode “What did I just see?” Trudeau isn’t as modern as he wants Canadians to believe – he is instead passively Hammy Fisted. ‘Real men and women’ Canadian Voters can endure neither Liberal Justin Trudeau nor his party any longer. The Liberal label has gone from premier attraction to a word associated with Jethro Tull and snot content. Shit happens in politics & public relations.
If Singh is able to somehow have some real men and women disconnect his left wing younger people policy approach – with a show of force or three – he may capture more of the northern regions of provinces – in a populist way. He possesses the acting latitude and cerebral competency to accomplish this – it would depend on who is in his ear-if they are weak, then he may stumble. A little Viggo Mortensen from “Greenbook” – would go a long way. (Watch it without audio like cable news).
In the 2015 Election Liberals and New Democrats totaled [60%] in Vote Outcome. Liberals & Conservatives attracted [70%]. RSR ROBBINS asserts the combined support of both federal Liberal & New Democrat parties now at (51%) and Liberals and Conservatives at (60%), in large part because of Maxime Bernier and People’s Party of Canada. (Bernier is a low garbage higher quality Canadian politician with good fund raising skills – and not a one dimension party like Green or Bloc Quebecois – with Bernier coming from Quebec). More Progressive Conservatives who voted for Trudeau and who were hanging around the periphery, particularly small business owners waiting for relief (the doctor’s example) – without a home, are now with Andrew Scheer or Maxime Bernier. For the record I am stating that Andrew Scheer might be further ahead save for losses to Maxime Bernier. However Scheer might also know Bernier is picking off Canadian Voters here and there including from the Liberals- 'Liberalatarians'(?). Is that where that word comes from?
Andrew Scheer and his Conservatives have the Democrat’s ‘Biden Problem’ – who do you believe the mainstream or RSR ROBBINS? Mainstream averaging has Scheer on cusp of majority – while RSR has him looking through old broken binoculars at possible minority government. Andrew who? Elizabeth May and Greens are off slightly in this RSR poll – from 2015 Election Outcomes – the higher polling numbers ascribed to her ‘in times like these’ by mainstream news & polling, should be seen as precursor efforts (I believe) of ALL self interested mainstream actors in the news looking for future handouts from the government in return for (relatively) flimsy efforts to keep the Ottawa Swamp appearing rationale (or at least) not insane, despite this recent undue influence debacle more closely aligned (by any reasonable person) with the latter evaluation. The Mason’s Jar – the Gorilla Glue in the ‘ear exchange’ (Also see Cybernetics and L. Ron Hubbard). Greens - God bless them – never – and will never-- meet the higher expectations of polling numbers (save for the 2017 BC Green electoral ‘success’). It’s called the Green Party – if it isn’t about the Benjamins it must be about the Environment. Imagine a party called Glen P. Robbins White Party intended to mean a clean slate – a Tabula Rasa – you would have every color available to you including green.
Highest “Yes” for banning lobbying: Maxime Bernier/PPoC (97%) – Singh/NDP and May/Green ties at (96%), Bloc Quebecois (95%), Scheer/Conservatives (92%), Trudeau/Liberals (81%). Obviously whoever is in power will graciously accept lobbyists better than those outside of it, or, at least that’s Canada’s history of things. It has gone on for years but the ordinary citizen back in the day was ignorant of the malignancy on our political institutions having a devout reverence for political institutions that is nonexistent now, perceiving any untoward commentary on the subject as conspiracy – something the mainstream press is still employing as a sword in defense albeit outdated – like the bad hairdo of the Lady physiotherapist in Seinfeld episode looking to meet a man (always kissing Jerry).
There are many factors which have caused me to assert this conclusion. In the day (before Stockwell Day), communications was nothing to what exists today. Television was the most family connected media, before that radio. At one time getting around on a bicycle was the greatest way to get to one place or another and to meet others. Faster than walking. Before that horses. And now there’s Elon Musk and the autonomous non fossil fuel cars – which my friends all want to buy. They like the expensive Tesla as much as they like the new Bentley’s – the latter a lot more expensive. One researcher “KS” remarked how insurance companies are delighted by the advent of the autonomous vehicle – the claim they make is that automobile transportation will become safer – injuries and deaths way down because computers will make far fewer errors than humans. It is no surprise then when “Other Media including Social Media” clobbers “Newspaper, radio & Cable” as news source ((51%)-(21%)). I have been expecting this since 2002 when I 1st put My Will into action. Trudeau subsidizes or otherwise provides legal authorization to cable companies – (largely also owners of media) – who clip Canadians like stock dividends – and yet provides virtually NO protection for Canadian consumers. Harper and his assistant “Lurch” did the same thing. Was simple to figure out.
Canada… according to one former soldier in Canadian Military – is “A Libertarian experience confused with a Nanny State”. (I would respectfully ask President Trump to maintain tariffs on Canada until we awake from this slumber).
New babies are learning to say “Fake News” before “mommy” or “daddy”, and this is the clincher. The older new babies who grew up with computers and clever all purpose cell phones use social media – Joe Rogan (unless they are delusional) – but you get the point. This culture of demographic has extended now for many years and thus affected the olde schoolers – (who aren’t the very oldest), like a quickened lava flow. “Newspaper, (r)adio & Cable” is dying (dead) – but is tightly held stock nonetheless (see lobbying-antitrust in Canada), and the wagons have circled over the last few weeks on that account, with Billions at stake for ad revenue in the United States as 2020 has already taken off – and nearly 20 months for that big U.S. Election – (Google won’t accept political advertising? Well thank you Elizabeth Warren)-the disconnect is palpable. The Liberal in Jean Chretien’s government who wanted the Federal Government to put the Internet everywhere – particularly in rural regions had a good idea. But as one 5 year old recently told me in causally inference anecdote: “That is stupid”.
These RSR numbers suggest overwhelming support for banning lobbying. The Spectacle unfolding recently commencing with Jody Wilson Raybould and involving the Prime Minister’s Office – the Privy Council of Canada was sufficient evidence of a justice system either weak or incompetent (GPR says – For certain pick the latter). Jody Wilson Raybould was aware of two cases of persons in high office committing criminal offenses against individual ordinary citizens – the 1st involved former small claims judge and recent Missing Murdered and Woman Chair Marion Buller Bennett ADA Marion Bennett – (who appears whiter than Michael Jackson) – who once lost a Court case to have her bank charges and interest declared unconstitutional because of her aboriginal %. MBM made an order in an application in small claims for all future judges to ignore evidence of an order from a Superior Court (BC Supreme Court). She had no authority to wipe out the history of the Superior Court and court orders. Not a Judge – but a connected cheater with a law degree. {Getting my DNA checked – a lot of high cheekbones in the family – maybe aboriginal enough to be in line for big bucks? Yippy yiyay I say}. MB & B - used her ‘high office’ to please the very greasy Attorney General of Canada and obtained her plum position as Chair of MMIW – and Jody Wilson Raybould facilitated her and her friend’s political interests over the rule of law. A garbage decision with a garbage process and no tangible result. Jody Wilson Raybould was aware of BC Law Society lawyer & shylock (See Hungary) Ron Bakonyi ignoring and subverting a Stay of Execution at (where else) BC Supreme Court and fraudulently and with contempt obtaining 3 orders from that court – without the unsuspecting parties aware of the gross fraud and malfeasance – but did nothing because the lawyer lived in the area of her constituency…from a ‘neighborhood’ that donated heavily to Justin Trudeau.
Sean Hannity of Fox is a tough dude. I respect Him been reciting the Clinton Fisa story for 2 years without showing the pain – along with Comey’s testimony – what happened to Trump was despicable.
Simple squeeze a pimple rule of law in Canada. Puss is everywhere. Of Courts – lemonade stands, Foundations/finance and charity --- all controlled from JWR’s riding (but with JWR having no control over them- a faux symbol – who has figured it out only half of the distance), (yet). Hinkson made an order for vexatious litigant on behalf of his former law firm colleague Law Society Officer Michael Kleisinger (who has been squirreled away beneath the floorboards) who knowingly and with malice aforethought brought the application improperly in order to hasten possession of the order to run cover for court fraudster Ron Bakonyi (not to be confused with Cohen) who both Hinkson and Kleisinger knew had obtained court orders during the stay. Reminds me of the huge electrical contract awarded by Britain decades ago – in the controversial Middle East. You know my little brown sister Omar- you know. If Jody Wilson Raybould were a “hero” as BC NDP MP Peter Julian suggests – she might have done something seriously heroic right at home in British Columbia. She made it about herself. Her credibility an inch above Trudeau, his Office & the Privy Council – at ground zero. She is still in the Liberal Caucus? So is Philpott – the real cute older chick on Soloman’s CTV show wants a better explanation for Philpott and so do I. Run as Independents – cross the floor – or quit altogether…now that’s class.
Trudeau is discovering history so he might find apologies to bugs or any other creatures when he runs out of apologies to make to humans from yesteryear. Might harvest all those votes apparently hiding with Greens {according to Mainstream}. Younger people (under 35) are disconnected from older misdeeds – they understand earlier then older people do – that life is short – so get at. It isn’t cruel – it is as it should be. Trudeau Liberals and Scheer Conservatives support majority government to (50%) & (51%) respectively. Both parties supporters are hedging their respective ‘bets’ on the future government with (40%) of Liberals and (45%) of Scheer Conservatives choosing minority government. Singh NDP, Bernier PPoC, and May/Green Party can barely (1%) support among them for majority government, while (31%) of Bloc supporters choose majority government and (52%) choosing minority government. Not sure I understand the Bloc – does this mean that large minority of Bloc Quebec Voters see a majority government in Canada as easier to ‘negotiate’ with).
This means that other than the Liberals & Conservatives there is no expectation to become government in 2019 – ((Poor Tom Mulcair got hustled by the Institutions he still believes in, after being used like garbage to dispose of Stephen Harper)). Tom Mulcair is a lovely and intelligent man (really). He can join RSR with (most courageous) version of JWR if he likes. Set up great phone room in Sechelt eh?)) – The Ocean view coming into town Tom is fabulous on a Sunny Day & 2nd to none.
The Federal NDP had no business expecting to keep 50 seats in Quebec.
Here for all you little baby “chickadees” (Ed Sullivan prior to introducing the Beatles like Red Robinson in Vancouver) is an opportunity for all parties to come together (Beatles/Youngbloods) – on something the public would welcome. Highest “Yes” JT and Liberals (7%) – 2nd highest Bloc and NDP (5%). Lowest “Yes” Bernier & PPoC (1%) and Scheer and Conservatives (2%). Highest “No”: Bernier PPoC (96%) and Andrew Scheer (94%). Lowest “No” JT and Liberals (83%). Elizabeth May & Green Party “Yes” (4%), “No” (84%). On Trump and News (Canadian Jury): JT & Liberals “Yes” (40%), “No (52%); AS & Conservatives “Yes” (76%), “No” (21%); Singh & NDP “Yes” (40%), “No” (53%); Elizabeth May & Greens “Yes” (25%), “No” (72%); Maxime Bernier and People’s Party of Canada “Yes” (84%), “No” (8%); Blanchet & Bloc “Yes” (52%), “No” (21%) {Some lost in translation}. All Parties vote for government owned pipeline from Edmonton to Montreal on government: JT & Liberals: “Yes” (52%), “No” (43%); Scheer & Conservatives “Yes” (92%), “No” (7%); Singh/New Democrats “Yes” (48%), “No” (44%); Elizabeth May & Greens “Yes” (15%), “No” (84%); Maxime Bernier & PPoCan “Yes” (84%), “No” (8%), Bloc Quebecois “Yes” (52%), “No” (21%). Conservatives Scheer and Bernier (People’s Party) don’t care who owns pipeline – get oil moving particularly to the East Coast (Quebec) with Refining capacity.
CC WHouse -30-
Margin of Error/Estimate - 1.25% last week.

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