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RSR ROBBINS Trump/Pence 2020 versus Biden/Klobuchar 2020, Is President Trump a Russian Agent? United States Space Force, Southern Border Wall.
Brave New World - Greta Van Fleet  Feb 24, 2019

Question #1
Baseline (this poll):
Hillary Clinton    52.17 %
Donald Trump    48.17 %
Question #2
From these two 2020 Teams, one Republican and one Democrat – no other choice, who would you support based on what you know today? (Adjusted Decided).
Donald J. Trump (NY), Mike Pence (Ind) 2020 Republicans    52.72 %
Joe Biden (D), Amy Klobuchar (Minn) 2020 Democrats    47.01 %
Question #3
In your opinion what is the likelihood President Trump is a Russian agent?
Very Likely    3 %
Not Very Likely    83 %
Question #4
Would you support an additional $20 Billion for a new “United States Space Force”, initially part of the US Air Force, intended to protect US Assets now or in the future in Space from attack from Russia, China or other countries not friendly to the U.S.?
Yes    53.36 %
No    44.91 %
Question #5
US law permits any President to make his or her own determination in relation to declaring a National Emergency. U.S. law stipulates that a national emergency is only required to meet a standard of “conditions beyond the ordinary.” Knowing this, would you support President Trump’s Emergency Declaration to secure funds (H)e deems necessary to secure the countries southern border including those monies to finish those areas that require a Wall of some type?
Yes    54.71 %
No    33.12 %
To Trump/Pence 2020 versus Biden/Klobuchar 2020
Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar Team 2020 run (10%) behind baseline of (52.17%), for an ‘actual’ (net) score of net (43.86%) based on Hillary Clinton’s actual Election Score of (48%+).
On Jan 30th, 2019 I published Hillary Clinton Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii Congresswoman) Team 2020 (net) (41.39%) versus {Trump/Pence Team 2020} at (net (47.01%). In that Jan 30 2019 Poll the baseline was consistent with 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Outcome or all things factored Hillary/Gabbard at Jan 30, 2019 about (1%) less support than Biden/Klobuchar NOW, with neither Team 2020’s Scores good enough to beat Donald Trump/Mike Pence Team 2020.
On January 20 2019 I published a Poll wherein Joe Biden to Tulsi Gabbard (Bernie Sanders running mate in Democratic primary 2016) were hitched – in that Poll Biden/Gabbard Scored (net) of just less than (40%) and best case scenario at under (43%) (Unadjusted).
On February 10, 2010 I published a Poll intending to capture the ramp up of more Socialist – Green News, Amazon leaving with Billions and Billions (See “The Rock” for emphasis) off the table in New York & (far) more left of centre generalized policy sprouting from the Democratic Party, as well as some roll out of various Democratic campaigns to date, with Clinton baseline @ (50%) and Trump @ (47%).
Team 2020 of Bernie Sanders and Ocasio Cortez Scored (42%) and Trump (58%) (After cross multiplying (R) to (50%)). Obviously the ‘Independent Bridge’ of (14%+) for Bloomberg and Schultz provided potential access to the nearly 6/10 voters ex those two Independents from the calculus, a huge initial Cost to Democrats in order to gobble up (2%) Green (at least theoretically) – which if actually true would bring Secretary Clinton’s 2016 (48%) totals closer to (50%) and increase her score by theoretical influence, only if no Democratic 2016 support was lost in the process, (which I believe in fact has been lost to Trump for some time now).
Two weeks following that initial Feb 2020 Poll (light years at political speed) the left of the Democratic Party is talking big changes, while 2016 ‘American Voters’ have returned to a view of the 2020 Election Contest more consistent with my January totals (without any influence from Independents).
The Margin of Estimate® of my RSR Poll of January 20, 2019 is (1.5%); the January 30, 2019 is (1.25%), February 10, 2019 at (1.65%).
I cannot stress enough that at all times and in situations and circumstances NONE of my Polls have been remotely similar to any Mainstream polling used by Cable and other news on the same subject matter.
In a September poll 2018 Trump at (50%) {High Undecided v Clinton}, November 2018 Trump over (50%), with Mainstream at low 40’s%.
On December 17, 2018 I published question on ‘Positive’ or ‘Negative” consequences of Free Trade deal between US and China – Scoring well above (60%). I scored support for The Wall at over (56%), in that same poll I Scored Trump at (51.04%).
I now believe Trump/Pence 2020 Support at solid (52%) if election were held today.
At this point both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton need to ask themselves who or what in the news they ACTUALLY believe.
If they believe the Mainstream News & Polling will they be risking the production of a narrative in response to Trump predicated on faulty and false information?
Would Biden moralize like an Anglican Priest/Reverend about Trump when I believe that horse has well left the barn?
If they believe me, when I say, Trump/Pence are almost unbeatable in 2020.
On what basis would Biden and Hillary go after Trump? Would they say – the task is uphill and not downhill – in 2020 – that’s the truth of it – and push to impress the need of experience against Trump.
Or has the Democratic train sped past Biden and Clinton already barreling toward 2024?
Trump/Pence 2020 Samples from National (Raw #’s): California (43%), Texas (55%), Florida (54%), New York (42%), Ohio (52%), Pennsylvania (47%), Iowa (54%), New Hampshire (47%);
Biden/Klobuchar 2020 Samples from National (Raw #’s): California (49%), Texas (43%), Florida (43%), New York (54%), Ohio (44%), Pennsylvania (48%), Iowa (43%), New Hampshire (51%).
Nationally, Trump/Pence 2020 now possesses 2016 ‘Clinton baseline’, while Biden/Klobuchar have Trump’s baseline numbers.
A reversal of fortunes.
I believe Biden/Klobuchar (may, might, its plausible) offer the Democrat’s only hope at White House 2020. Biden has already been Vice President of the United States for 8 years. He has lost two presidential bids – can he imagine the President debating him while he (Trump) frames up the Letter “L” with forefinger and thumb on this forehead (lllloser), while millions of Americans roll on the ground in laughter?
The smart bet (I would say only bet) remains Trump/Pence 2020 – watch out for Klobuchar though – Joe Biden will bless me when I say if you adore Joe Lieberman – (h)e is back – as a Jewish woman (see Amy Klobuchar) who has White House ‘class’ if she doesn’t beg to the left too-T00 much or become too scorched for her Leona Helmsley manner with Her Proletariat?
On Likelihood President Trump is a Russian Agent.
The left wing Cable Media has been running a legitimized scam on this account impo. All of it…
…for two (2) years. (Canadian Media as well – hurt them on NAFTA – USCMA impo).
(See differences of opinion between RSR and Mainstream on leadership question).
(See compare RSR %’s to Mainstream).
On U.S. Space Force.
By Gender: Male “Yes” (62%), Female “Yes” (46%), Male “No” (35%), Female “No” (51%).
On Trump determining necessity of funds for Border Wall.
By Race/Ethnic Background: “Yes” African American (52%), Latino Hispanic (61%), Caucasian (61%), Asian/All Other (74%).
FOX News – ‘so called right wing news’ has support for Emergency provisions at (36%). Fox is (17%) lower than RSR ROBBINS. Mainstream averaging (6-8%) lower polling Scores for US President Trump than RSR.
Margin of Error: 1.07% (Sample 8,352 US Voters (respondents)); in National Election for President of the United Sates – 2016). When? Recent.
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