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Glen P. Robbins $5.6 Billion Deal - BC + Federal Leaders Power Score, BC Crown Prosecutors, Trans Mountain, PM Trudeau v. Jody Wilson Raybould MP (Christy Clark witness)
Abus de pouvoir - Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune  Feb 18, 2019

Question #1
Which of these Leaders & Parties do you most support right now? (Province of British Columbia) (2 polling streams fused for Leader & Party presentation (avec adjustments).
John Horgan & BC New Democrat    47 %
Andrew Wilkinson & BC Liberal    34 %
Andrew Scheer & FEDERAL Conservatives    32 %
Jagmeet Singh & FEDERAL NDP    30 %
Justin Trudeau & FEDERAL Liberals    25 %
Andrew Weaver & BC Greens    15 %
Elizabeth May & FEDERAL Greens    7 %
Maxime Bernier & FEDERAL Peoples Party    4 %
Other    1 %
Question #2
When a British Columbia Crown Counsel represents the Crown against an individual the Crown is seeking a criminal conviction against, which of the following entities is the Crown Prosecutor representing in your opinion?
BC Prosecutors ‘Union’    3 %
The British Columbia Government Premier John Horgan and Cabinet responsible    9 %
The Federal Government Government of Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Cabinet responsible    19 %
The Citizens of British Columbia    67 %
Undecided/Don’t Know/All Other    3 %
Question #3
Do you support the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline transporting oil from Edmonton Alberta to Vancouver BC tidewater in exchange for the Government of Canada, Government of Province of Alberta, Oil Companies and other parties (who may benefit In the pipeline expansion and transport of oil) paying the Province of British Columbia $5.6 Billion payable upon completion of the pipeline expansion?
Yes    49 %
No    46 %
Question #4
Which of the following response choices best depicts which political actor or entity do YOU take LEAST seriously right now?
Justin Trudeau and PMO’s Office    31 %
Former Canadian Justice Minister & former Veterans Affairs Minister Jody Wilson Raybould    23 %
Ottawa Politics “The Canadian Swamp”    24 %
The Quebec Company in the criminal scandal charged with bribing officials in Libya Africa    20 %
Undecided/I don’t know/Can’t Answer    3 %
Question #5
BC Hydro has over $5.6 Billion in debt generally hidden from full public scrutiny or not well known by the public. ICBC has over one Billion in debt. Who is to blame for this financial mess and copious debt?
BC Liberals in government for 16 years    34.28 %
BC NDP in Opposition for 16 years    11.43 %
Both BC Liberals mainly & BC NDP partially    37.14 %
BC Green Party    4.29 %
None of These    5.36 %
Justin Trudeau and PMO’s Office tops this RSR POLL question asking who British Columbians ‘take least seriously’ on dispute about suggested undue pressure of an official in Cabinet - news reports at (31%), with Jody Wilson Raybould taking about two thirds of the PM’s total (for herself on top of Trudeau).
Ottawa Politics “The Canadian Swamp” was 2nd highest of 4 response choices, one percent higher than Wilson Raybould-nearly at full swamp herself (without uttering a sound), along with Trudeau who is at full on Ozark. (Start Greta Van Fleet “Highway Tune” here for maximum reading pleasure).
The good news for Trudeau is that the contra inference of those who take him more seriously than three other response choice amounts to (69%) – oddly, a good outcome.
The Quebec Company (Lavelin) that is the subject of the original controversy manages to grab one in five British Columbians who take it “least seriously”, with the PM/Office and Wilson Raybould COMBO attracting (54%) of British Columbians, who take them least seriously, and Ottawa Politics “Swamp” and Quebec Company COMBO attracting (44%).
There is blame enough to go around – it disseminates easily. Justin Appleseed gets a bump to the right off the back of Jody Wilson Raybould – (whispering: aboriginals won’t vote for a Sikh Leader will they)?
Wait – Jody Wilson Raybould Green Leader – Elizabeth May moves on? No…
“(T)ake LEAST seriously: J. Horgan BC NDP: Justin Trudeau and PMO’s Office (24%), Jody Wilson Raybould (22%), Ottawa ‘Swamp’ (24%), Quebec Company DB in Libya (21%);
Andrew Wilkinson BC Liberal: Justin Trudeau et al (35%), Jody Wilson Raybould (31%), Ottawa ‘Swamp’ (8%), The Quebec Company (14%);
Andrew Scheer Fed Conservative: Justin Trudeau/PMO (42%), Jody Wilson Raybould (28%), Ottawa ‘Swamp’ (7%), Quebec
Jagmeet Singh Fed NDP: Justin Trudeau/PMO (42%), Jody Wilson Raybould (12%), Ottawa ‘Swamp’ (31%), Quebec Company (8%);
Justin Trudeau Fed Liberal: Justin Trudeau/PMO (11%), Jody Wilson Raybould (42%), Ottawa ‘Swamp’ (7%), Quebec Company (10%);
Andrew Weaver BC Green: Justin Trudeau/PMO (31%), Jody Wilson Raybould (16%), Ottawa ‘Swamp’ (34%), Quebec Company (17%);
Elizabeth May Fed Green: Justin Trudeau/PMO (29%), Jody Wilson Raybould (8%), Ottawa ‘Swamp’ (37%), Quebec Company (7%);
Maxime Bernier & People’s Party: Justin Trudeau/PMO (24%), Jody Wilson Raybould (20%), Ottawa ‘Swamp’ (46%), Quebec Company (4%).
One can see that the most important category to Justin Trudeau (his own party) is the lowest (%) of all to see him to be taken “least seriously” at (11%). That percentage is far too high a percentage of supporters and required Voters not taking you seriously – placing (2% to 3%) {At least} and ‘open season’ for other parties –
- In the upcoming Burnaby by election where Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is desperate to win a seat in the House of Commons.
On the other hand it also makes ‘quick work’ of Jody Wilson Raybould among Justin Trudeau & BC Liberals. (Hints of Sam Peckinpah).
I can see that Jody Wilson Raybould grabs her fair share of derision on ‘least seriously’. It originates (mostly) from men ((57%) (M)) and ((43%) (W))…
many of whom are ‘Trans Mountain and Cash’ for BC supporters…
and who perceive JWR as a likely problem –
she was federal justice minister, a federal court ordered the most recent obstacle –
+ when the anecdote is compiled starts to agitate some British Columbians frustrated that there will be no high paying jobs.
A handful or score of same of (W)omen do work in oil patch and the energy business – but it is mostly men who do these manly masculine Big Truck owner kind of jobs.
If Prime Minister Trudeau can cut a ‘Robbinsesque’ (my great great grandmother was Belgian) deal with Alberta, Big Oil et al and BC Premier John Horgan – moving oil through expansion safely – and compensate British Columbia – then a better general sense of balance will occur among the meatier sections of BC voters.
This might ultimately save Rachel Notley’s NDP government in Alberta – in total – big news during an election year possibly making the difference on whether or not Justin Trudeau is still Prime Minister in October 2019.
{The BC NDP are skyrocketing now (in BC 50% is almost unattainable) – many who voted for other parties in 2017 are finding safe harbor here – we all knew once real money was on the table to ensure British Columbians were looked after with sufficient resources to put on securing environmental and oceanic concerns including an honest respect for other living inhabitants – what is the number $$ to makes this happen}.
Horgan got real lucky, but one has to be good to lucky – his head and a vice will come due – likely sooner than later just as Jagmeet Singh’s (Fed NDP Leader needs Burnaby be election), PM Trudeau, MP Jody Wilson Raybould, Ottawa Swamp, (see also Andrew Scheer Leader Fed Conservatives)are in said Vice grips now}.
Federal Court demands consultation with aboriginal groups in British Columbia as cause for stay of the project. No matter the fact that Stephen Harper Conservatives screwed up the process for approval (and operated in my opinion in a very greasy and grimy way), Trudeau is in the High Chair now and gets primary blame in BC.
Many complainants ask Trudeau why Quebec was spared a pipeline. This is one piece of the pie where Albertans agree with many moderate environmentalists in BC – but not for the same reasons….it works for negotiation – in the abstract way mediation necessitates – not the cover of personalities – filler for news – but common ground. Why exactly was Alberta to Quebec spared?
Now Quebec wants 9,000 jobs kept because jobs trump the rule of law.
There are more respondents on Leader & Party in Federal streams in British Columbia – who are Undecided and (F)emale.
What is interesting to me though is not so much that Trudeau & Jody dominate combined “least seriously” – @ mid (50’s%)…
{ I have many recent polls in BC with Trudeau Liberals at or near (60%) against by one method of determination or another}…
{Sixty five percent did not vote for him in (BC) Federal Election}…
…It is that Trudeau has managed to spread the derision against him (or his government) from Ottawa “Swamp” (some for you (2) Andrew) to a trailer load of the blame spewed like ‘puke’ at a red wine testing party for ‘overloaded’ suburban housewives and now projected back upon Jody Wilson Raybould, (making me wonder how much intentional planning went into this – for political spectacle benefit).
Many young suburban moms like their hubbies earning $100,000 with overtime. It makes for a good life when you are renting a condo in Vancouver costing you $30,000.
(Could an aboriginal woman inevitably play the role of Stephen King’s Carrie?)
Is this a cooked up spectacle to hide other bodies being buried (including Trudeau) possibly hoping to further blame Quebec and ameliorate some of the blame. To the end result, it appears Trudeau was quite successful. SNC Lavelin is a distraction from Quebec – a long way from where the real problem occurs – in British Columbia & Alberta. Quebec possesses (22%) of the country’s population – British Columbia & Alberta about (27%) combined.
The Corporation is at fault for not filing an application for a Quebec pipeline – and focusing all of its aggressive efforts on British Columbia pipeline – the bigger fault is Trudeau and his Office for these decisions and Ottawa Swamp inclusive of Stephen Harper – enjoined in gross incompetence on this mutual file.
Now when Quebec claims for 9,000 jobs at stake over the SNC debacle – most British Columbians aren’t too worried – an environmental not in my backyard has almost overnight become not in backyard economics.
Stephen Harper’s – Conservatives, lacking aplenty in finesse or finish (leading to mutterings about knuckle dragging white men and women conservatives round the world) - were at fault for poor National Energy Board ‘charge’ now the reason for the delay.
Conservatives in Canada – like Democrats in the US often seem incapable of seeing beyond what they think is right and true (alone).
Aboriginals and Environmentalists are ‘at fault’ for interrupting energy industry in the north of the province and in the lower mainland (Trans Mountain pipeline) simultaneously – while crazy things were going on in BC government – with an AG’s office (at least) having been in perceptual mode of bad faith in alignment with courts and BC lawyers – (for so many years now it seems normal) – people aren’t comfortable with that accumulated chaos – and want to keep it simple.
Socialism talk and New Green Deal on the table in the United States---with the United States now energy sufficient, has turned British Columbians sufficiently to approve of the expansion but only with CA$H on the barrel. Nobody cares about the Constitution of Canada – hang your head in humiliated shame in Ottawa – because it’s true .
Every BC Voter has a federal ass of one nature or another to make fun of and blame – and it’s an Election year. (American Sniper on his best day never had prospects so good – GPR).
Fish in a barrel – get to sample some higher end techniques.
BC drivers pay too much for gasoline (less of late), Ratepayers see BC Hydro debt at $6 Billion the debt hidden in deferred accounts’ as something that will detrimentally affect their bottom line from winnowing net cash flow, high personal debt, a BC real estate market (at least) in insolvency – and shift demand onto energy projects where these projects benefit British Columbia more significantly than the vacuous pledges of benefit made to date.
(ED: During polling period BC Hydro got (8%) rate increase).
Money talks again in BC – but this sentiment is on tenuous ground.
Horgan has the intellectual class to handle this --- at least I am quite confident of this. Whether or not his team does – because NDPers by reputation (most politicians in BC generally) aren’t business street seasoned. Would not know how to build something from the ground up (before politics), politics has become their lifelong livelihood, so they rely on lobbyists to help them sculpture legislation – but like the mainstream press – they don’t really know what the public opinion is – their operational system like politics and law exists in a masons jar –.
The original Kinder Morgan (Trans Mountain) pipeline agreement intended for cheap gasoline to flow to British Columbia – that legal outcome was never honored (Expletive about Alberta here). The link between high gas prices in BC and rejection of Alberta’s pipeline to Vancouver and Pacific Ocean – cannot be ignored.
So, was this part of some other plan to salvage Jody Wilson Raybould’s Vancouver riding seat containing BC’s incompetent BC Supreme Court? Was JWR sent to the 2nd tier portfolio of Veterans Affairs (more specific group of Canadians unlikely types to support JWR) – because she caused more damage than improvement to access to justice for Canadians, (a principle at the heart of Solicitor Client privilege where JWR…
… leaving her in a position that she would not be able to continue on protecting dirty BC justices and lawyers including abuse of office Murdered and Missing Women’s Chair - Marion Buller Bennett a fellow UVIC alumni - who JWR knew to be a dirty judge, along with other criminal matters that Wilson Raybould knew well was ongoing, but failed to do anything about).
British Columbians are compassionate – but will pick economic sustainability over environment and aboriginal matters if they get a little nervous (like now).
Dirty for dirty. What if RSR ROBBINS influence & aboriginal rocker Link Wray (“Rumble”) – could see JWR now?
JWR’s papa is a tough strong man.
I say JVR goes tough and strong and with love – in the manner I described my extraordinary mother Rita Robbins (Burns) 13 years Catholic education in Halifax Nova Scotia at St. Patricks Catholic School at her funeral two years ago (Love you Mom).
Tough and strong and with love – the Gold Standard.
I asked her one time what is was like to be one of 16 children and watch the undertaker take 8 of your brothers and sisters to the morgue after barely escaping death herself with Scarlett Fever. “You get used to it” she told me. Told me all about the Halifax explosion.
Having said that I don’t turn Nova Scotia Peter McKay off the television anymore. I saw him interviewed a year ago and said Peter looks very good– looks real posh – some wonderful suits and combinations-- and is smart.
He’s the best conservative interview right now. (Rugby is a sport of team loyalty without the pious morality).
The Conservatives support of JWR made primae facie sense, but not actual good political sense.
I had many great coaches but the best I had was brother Barry. He trained to win. Like Bob Billichick.
Can you imagine this Billichick – wins his 6th Super Bowl ignores the trophy in lieu of his granddaughter.
That is why winners are winners – they are winners all the way through. Anyone can do it…
Anyway…if there were groovy olde school it would ascribe it to my brothers Barry and Gord.
As a young boy I went on Trudeau’s Constitutional Train – history of Canada – greatest thing I had ever seen.
Arrogant, smug…competent? Trudeau’s been on TV talking a ‘thousandteen’ times – JWR – a couple – it’s where I learned her favourite word was “substantive” – makes me think it is at this level she actually views solicitor client privilege – not the constitutional one she and Trudeau have bought time with.
Daisy Chain out the backdoor of Premadonna House – no Constitutional Train is this.
JWR has no protection now– Ottawa is a long way from her riding – an automatic last line of defence politically and legally for her as an MP. Will MP’s be claiming solicitor client privileges with former Supreme Court of Canada – Justices. City councilors hiring Wally Oppal.
With new SCC Chief Justice Richard Wagner – caught in the vice of BC Law Society, BC Court Service court fraud upon the Supreme Court of Canada in IRobbins v Cambridge (ED: personal interest here) – in fact right in the vortex (noun whirlpool) of that fraud through no fault of his own – and with him being from Quebec was it that Jody Wilson Raybould could not understand what ‘abus de pouvoir’ meant.
The event precipitating this melodrama – permitted PM Justin Trudeau the opportunity to take out his Justice Minister in September like poor Old Yellerette – and install early loyalty – and ruthlessness pre election.
Nothing would produce more shame in Justin Trudeau than losing the Prime Minister’s Office and sitting in Opposition. His father Pierre quite a stud did it – when he broke with the uknowwho Lobby – the relatives at the CP get a call – and well you know. And losing it to Andrew Scheer –cynics call him Harper’s backup goalie.
Stephen Harper would be everywhere again. You are aware of this possibility aren’t you?
Will Finance Minister Morneau be next for failing to a national enforcement of Interest Rate laws under federal authority of the Constitution – an integral part of the overall housing affordability problem in Vancouver and across the country – along with – money laundering, dirty chartered banks, dirty non bank lenders in cahoots with dirty chartered banks – corrupt and incompetent courts and legislatures?
Likely not.
Not the underpinnings of a strong nation or province though. Constitution leads with peace, order and good government. Wow. Press is financially strapped and must coddle whosoever is in government. Sad – sometimes you need to throttle the politician – treat them like garbage to get to the truth like a cop on the street. Half measures journalism doesn’t sell too well.
Does the U.S. Government know that Canada is running a game on Interest Rates – creating to economic models – the one the world sees and bets on – the other underground where the culprits, the MIC’S who makes these loans realize tax fee returns beneficial and apparently for the survival of them and the Canadian chartered banks that sponsor them.
Does China know?
The Liberal Canadian media went too deep into defence for Jody Wilson Raybould – without any ‘substantive’ skin from her in the contest (yet) – with naturally raised an eyebrow with me – something isn’t right beyond the rhetorical rationales plied thick like poor tasting porridge from the Federal Government or the empty vessel of ‘I am a lawyer not a politician from JWR’.
Figure it out lady, this is political not legal – like paper to rock, and the legal protections only buy time, which goes AGAINST the silent, unlike in criminal legal cases where in a good defence silence is sacrosanct.
JWR’s (I might have done the same thing)FATHER made reference to JWR being demoted as a knife in the back type of action by Trudeau suggesting to me that this spectacle might be a delayed response to that demotion – apparently a surprise that might have hurt Jody Wilson Raybould’s pride, not sufficient rationale for this hysteria.
The Prime Minister has the prerogative to what he pleases with his Cabinet – in the best interests of the party with a view to attracting more not less Canadians to its policies. Whether there were grounds for doing so is between his office – best bets are that PMO’s office has been pissed with JWR for some time – beyond SNC –.
Perhaps JWR’s father is unaware of some of the shortcomings of his daughter’s time as Justice Minister.
‘No one’ believes there is any logic to Trudeau’s statement that had Treasury Secretary Scott Brison not retired, JWR would still be Justice Minister. (Only Newfoundland Screech Rum could accommodate this).
The Swamp derision exists in BC about Ottawa – but not all of that is to be owned by Trudeau.
In doing so, Trudeau and Fed Liberals BC numbers are down at least (20%) from 2015 Election Totals, however as I have previously stated, I polled him/them at these lowers totals before.
Some pro pipeline supporters have projected blame for pipelines not moving forward on Jody Wilson Raybould - -.
Jody Wilson Raybould (“JWR”) may yet rise heading toward the Easter period, as former BC Liberal Leader and Premier Christy Clark did recently ‘politically’ making a slick effort to execute (doubt upon) JWR on CTV Friday Feb 15, 2019.
JWR is more beloved on the further left of the political spectrum HEREIN – no surprise to anyone, her problem however is that there are pockets of the left that perceive her least seriously over Trudeau and other options.
Christy Clark was a Paul Martin Loyalist, more to the business side of the Liberal Team –and by emptying a few ‘political rounds’ in JWR on Bell’s CTV - she assists Trudeau in the process of getting rid of JWR and puts political capital in Paul Martin’s pocket more than Jean Chretien’s’.
Christy Clark has also closed off the possibility that JWR write herself in the role of victim-the genesis of most of her support in the aforementioned CTV interview –
The former premier is many things in my opinion – not so good, but a victim she is not.
If I were a cartoonist I would draw a picture of JWR in full aboriginal dress – with Christy dressed in short skirt as a cowgirl burying a Tomahawk in the back of JWR’s noggin’ – (harsh but necessary to boil off the passive aggressive press accounts).
Caption – what’s the difference between a BC Liberal and a Trudeau Liberal. If you need me just call Christy – I’ve got Scheer on the other line.
Margin of Error/Estimate - all of British Columbia (1.35%) plus or minus.

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