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RSR - Most Accurate - Trump/Pence 2020 vs. Sanders Ocasio Cortez vs Billionaires Bloomberg and Starbuck's Schultz; Const amend to lower age 4 President; Flat Tax on earnings' Global Warming -Science(?) to you
  Feb 10, 2019

Question #1
Baseline to RSR ROBBINS Poll: 2016 American Voter
Clinton    50 %
Trump    47 %
Question #2
Actual 2016 U.S. Election Result:
Clinton    48 %
Trump    46 %
Question #3
Which Presidential 2020 ‘Political Dream Team’, (from the following response choices), do you most support TODAY? (Raw Numbers)
U.S. President Donald Trump and US Vice President Mike Pence, Republican Party    45.47 %
Senator Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez*, Democrat Party    33.88 %
Billionaire News Magnate and Politician Mike Bloomberg & Billionaire Starbucks owner Howard Schultz- Independent Party    14.18 %
Other    1.44 %
Undecided    6.42 %
*Ocasio Cortez is barred from U.S. President Eligibility because she is too young     %
Question #4
Which Presidential 2020 Dream Political Team do you most support? (Grossed up to ‘Decided’)
U.S. President Donald Trump and US Vice President Mike Pence, Republican Party    47.79 %
Senator Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Alexandria Cortez, Democrat Party    36.05 %
Billionaire News Magnate and Politician Mike Bloomberg & Billionaire Starbucks owner Howard Schultz, Independent Party    15.05 %
Other    1.48 %
Question #5
Imagine you earn(ed) $1,000,000 per year from income for your work. Would you support a 10% Flat Tax on all earnings above $1,000,000 per year with no recourse to reduction through loophole including any raises you might receive beyond the $1,000,000?
Yes    55.58 %
No    33.51 %
Question #6
The U.S Constitution asserts that a presidential candidate must be a natural born citizen of the United States, a resident for 14 years, and 35 years of age or older. Would you support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution lowering the age of eligibility to that of voting age in the United States, and the age of eligibility to fight in the U.S. Armed Forces?
Yes    55.58 %
No    20.41 %
Question #7
What is your present position on the subject of Global Warming given these response choices offered to you?
Its’ too political for me    21.42 %
Global Warming is a scientific fact    26.54 %
American should clean up its own backyard    40.12 %
This is an RSR Poll:
Three Billionaires & three Jewish Leaders all in one RSR ROBBINS Poll.
One Billionaire is Republican; two (2) Billionaires are Independent.
One Jewish Leader (Bernie Sanders) is a Democrat (a Social Democrat to be more specific). Both Independent candidates (Bloomberg, Shultz) are Jewish and are also Billionaires.
(Fifty percent) of candidates of the six total included are Jewish and Billionaires.
Five of the six contenders are male – while the other, by far the youngest of the group is female.
Donald Trump is the first billionaire President of the United States. After a couple of years Americans have gotten used to Trump being President.
A U.S. Presidential 2020 “Match Up for All The Ages 2020”. (Nice trailer for 2024).
The two teams with the Billionaire leaders, the Republicans and Independents, Trump, Pence, Bloomberg and Schultz attract (60%) of American Voters 2016 Today. Bernie Sanders Ocasio Cortez + Bloomberg Schulz attract (48%).
I polled former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg recently, but his name was included in a larger group of Democratic candidates then.
I believed he was about (7%) (Nationally) in that poll, and considered statistically on the basis of Random (might), {may}, [plausibly], have scored him at (35%) – he was nonetheless about equal to Kamala Harris (D) (California Senator), a Democratic candidate seeking Democratic nomination for President.
At that time Mr. Bloomberg’s name as a candidate for President had been conspicuously floated in the Media –
Mr. Bloomberg has polling apparatus available to him and has made reference to this of late in media reports – his recent media acknowledgements of donations in the hundreds of millions he has made doesn’t really matter to Americans – put more of your personal earnings (not your net worth) towards the US Government Treasury SAY AMERICANS.
Bloomberg did say he would put his news holdings under some arrangement vis a vis Conflict – a statement suggesting a serious demeanor, and sufficient cause in this particular time period to place him in this way with Howard Schultz who has to be considered a ‘walking progressive brand’.
Michael Bloomberg has historically only threatened to run for President – obviously that grants no sense of purpose or press to mainstream news producers. Howard Schultz consciously advanced the possibility (including) most recently.
Trump/Pence look good Today.
RSR Researcher “KJ cites Nietzsche quote when contemplating U.S. Donald Trump’s current good fortunes:
“Assess the power of a will by how much resistance, pain, torture it endures and knows how to turn to its advantage.”
Starbucks is an Institution as venerable to Americans as the Cartoon series “The Simpsons” – Schultz is an interesting person – the combination of Bloomberg Schultz are viable relative to the hypothetical nature of the 2020 Teams examined (herein) because of the instant believability of American Voters that these men could mount a serious Team for 2020 which Glen P. Robbins believes will see 4 times donations to 2020 campaigns than totaled in 2016 and more importantly, because I believe at this moment in time – a narrow opening exists to be filled as described by Mr. Bloomberg and Mr. Schultz.
My 2020 Hypothesis (plural) is ground up and considered as follows:
The “trickle down” criticism is on hold in America – Americans will take a little (or a lot) more for themselves thank you in advance, and whether the Billionaire is up or down is immaterial to them (unless its GM).
Just keep making more Billionaires - - right?
The Democrats have plummeted in public opinion and frankly they begged for it.
All that was required was to create a competent alternative to 2016 Voters, other than Trump.
No word from Biden – Clinton et al. Former DNC boss Donna Brazile appears to be busy – spends more time on Fox News than President Trump.
Now and moving forward the likelihood that Mueller hurts Democrats – didn’t the DNC advise Biden that he had a January 31, 2019 deadline? Biden ignored it. What is he waiting for? What does Hillary have to say?
There is a hole in the Democratic is Party as Hillary Clinton left it.
People in Canadian news continue to recite claims that Donald Trump is in political trouble CNN and CBS – two networks that call Trump as garbage have his State of Union Address support in the low {70’s%}.
This is a phenomenal score for Trump from his ‘enemies’.
These RSR ROBBINS respondents watched the State of Union Address. In total 21 million people watched the State of Union Address on known “US Cable networks or otherwise saw highlights on other stations or on the Internet” while over 40 million overall watched it.
This RSR ROBBINS Poll follows the two polls of cable news normally (unnecessarily) negative to Trump.
That is how US Politics is – in the Era of Trump – every move or statement Trump makes causes some of explosion in America –
Because of the sheer force of political personality – and some incredible successes – the list is simply amazing.
And now the majority of these explosions are for the good and betterment of the country as promised –
-while the more negative explosions remain necessary to push back on tricksters in news media –and to create necessary divide between Republicans who are all in with Swamp – and Independents who are not.
Independents don’t support the Swamp.
I doubt there is any evidence of collusion between Trump/Pence & Bloomberg/Schultz.
I doubt a Special Prosecutor will ever be appointed again anyhow.
I am not entirely sure why Michael Bloomberg would chase the Democrat nomination at this point – to save them from Socialism?
Is it because producing an Independent Team would cost too much? Place the cost upon the DNC?
Are the Democrats willing to take the hit in public opinion support in order to keep distance from the Bloomberg-Schultz type ‘ hostile takeover’ of the Democrat Party-with one Billionaire (Trump) already dishing up ‘fits’ for them.
Numbers for Bloomberg-Schultz Dream Team in State of California (12.02%), (26% in New York), (17% Florida), (5%) Ohio
Suggested Margin of Error Estimate: (1.65%) Plus or Minus.

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