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RSR - Most Accurate - Trump/Pence v Clinton Gabbard; Left & Right in USA, Southern Border Wall pre State of the Union
  Jan 30, 2019

Question #1
Baseline (2016 U.S. Election) Who did you vote for?
Hillary Clinton, Democrat    48 %
Donald Trump (Republican)    46 %
All Others    5 %
Question #2
On a political spectrum functioning from (0% to 100%), where the lower the percentage the more left of centre to very left of centre you are, and the higher the percentage the more right of centre to very right of centre you are, which category of (%) best describes where you sit overall NOW? (0%-10%), (10%-20%), (20%-30%), (30%-40%), (40%-50%), (50%-60%), (60%-70%), (70%-80%), (80%-90%), (90%-100%)?
0%-50%    51.34 %
50%-100%    48.56 %
Question #3
If a Mock 2020 presidential election were held tomorrow in the United States of America and you were say paid $100 to participate in this Mock election, which of the following Tickets for President /Vice President would you caste your ballot? (Statistically adjusted)
President Donald Trump (New York), Vice President Mike Pence (Indiana) , Republican (2020)    47.01 %
(Former) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (New York), Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, (Hawaii), Democrat (2020)    41.39 %
Question #4
Glen P. Robbins Declaration of the 2020 Presidential Election occurred today Donald Trump, Mike Pence Republican versus Hillary Clinton Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat (after a judicial factoring of Undecided):
Donald Trump & Mike Pence Republican (2020)    49.47 %
Hillary Clinton &Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat (2020)    47.24 %
Question #5
Do you support all of President Trump’s efforts to date in pursuit of Southern Border security including monies for a fence or barrier wall and other monies for US National security at that border? (statistically adjusted).
Yes    46.86 %
No    46.74 %
Question #6
Baseline to RSR ROBBINS Poll: 2016 American Voter
Clinton    50 %
Trump    47 %
Question #7
Actual 2016 U.S. Election Result:
Clinton    48 %
Trump    46 %
Question #8
Which Presidential 2020 ‘Political Dream Team’, (from the following response choices), do you most support TODAY? (Raw Numbers)
U.S. President Donald Trump and US Vice President Mike Pence, Republican Party    45.57 %
Senator Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez*, Democrat Party    33.88 %
Billionaire News Magnate and Politician Mike Bloomberg & Billionaire Starbucks owner Howard Schultz- Independent Party    14.18 %
Other    1.44 %
Undecided    6.42 %
More American Voters 2016 currently describe themselves as (0-50%) left of centre, very left of centre to centre point on the political spectrum @ (51.34%), while (48.58%) describe themselves as centre point on the political spectrum to right of centre to very right @(100%).
The three percent (3%) lead of (0%-50%) categories over the (50%-100%) categories exists because the (0%-30%) (the more to most left) categories attract > (3%) more respondents than (70%-100%) (the more to most right) ((19.31%)-(16.01%)).
The centre point to (50% -70%) attracts ½ of one percent more respondents than (30%-50%).
So very close.
Overall, the (30%-70%) categories occupy (<) than two thirds of all 2016 American Voters in this RSR Poll.
The percentage(%) influence (“the weight”) on the very left of centre to centre point (50%) on the political spectrum is greater than the influence of centre point to very right of centre in terms of ‘general ideology’.
However this difference ‘in influence’ occurs to the highest percentile in the three most left categories (0%-30%).
For instance, (0%-10%) attracts (4.41%) of American Voters 2016, while (90%-100%) attracts (2.21%).
I suggest there are more American Voters 2016 who support all of President Trump’s efforts on border security and the Wall in the (0%-10%) category @ (8%) support of left, than the successively more moderate left at (10%-30%) categories (3%).
President Trump is as ‘right as rain’ in saying the Socialists are CURRENTLY running the country (as a type of proxy excuse for Speaker Pelosi), though he would, in context, be just as correct, in saying the very right are complicit in permitting them to do it based on border security matters to date.
Donald Trump is winning ‘the intellectual debate’(more than the ideological) over border security and the Wall.
(10%-20%) attracts (6.07%) the exact same percentage as (80%-90%). (20%-30%) attracts (8.83%) while (70%-80%) attracts (7.73%). (30%-40%) attracts (14.91%) while (60%-70%) attracts (13.80%).
Yet, when the two categories nearest centre point on the political spectrum are examined (40%-50%) & (50%-60%), the (50%-60%) category attracts more respondents than the (40%-50%) by (1.65%) (Nationally).
The (30%-40%) attracts (1.11%) more than (60%-70%), leaving a residual gain for (50 %+) = one half of one percent through the more moderate left and right categories.
Of all ten categories, the one attracting highest (%) of respondents is (50%-60%) @ (18.77%).
(2.07%) {Nationally} of the (0%-50%) categories support President Trump’s efforts while (1.71%) in the (50%-100%) do not. The (0%-50%) categories also has (1%) more “Undecided” than the (50%-100%) categories; however the (0%-30%) categories average (2.5%) “Undecided”, while the (70%-100%) categories average (5%) “Undecided”.
Perhaps the most important percentage to consider is this: THAT in the (40%-50%) category of respondent support @ (17.17%), or (12.11%) of them, (or better than (2%) Nationally), support for President Trump all of (‘olive’) efforts (“Yes”).
As top conservative researcher “KJ” asserts:
“The Socialist history in China and Russia involves the murder of over nearly 200,000,000 million persons – intentionally in the last 80 years alone”.
“What is in the American experience? Well it sure isn’t that.” (Something was working eh?)
Three percent (3%) in the (10%-20%) category or nearly one fifth one percent nationally supports President Trump’s efforts as do (4%) of the (30%-40%) category. In combination these two categories add nearly (1%) Nationally in support in Trump’s “Yes”, (followed up by the ‘huge’ raid by Trump on the (40%-50%) category previously mentioned).
My polls from a couple of weeks ago suggest that many of Cortez’s associates want border security they go *HOT for Donald Trump if he even mentions DACA (*may have been watching Sophia Vergara at the time).
The point here is that ‘all in’ with nothing else added -some of AOC’s ‘theoretical’ supporters support Trump now – not many – but a few – no one on the (50%-100%) through specifically the (90%-100%) category would seriously be supporting Cortez because they do not support DACA or anything else to do with increased government supervision.
Public opinion generally declares for law and order, in this instance I refer to order in terms of “procession”. Many Americans see themselves in a procession of automobiles when moving at higher speeds on the highway. Most to all want order and predictability a lowering of the risk.
So a person is a bona fide citizen of the United States believing like others that this citizenship is valued. The evidence is in the footage of Caravans to get to the United States. So there is a visceral connection between the citizen and the migrant in the Caravans.
However this connection is interrupted by forces of a desire for “procession” – specifically when the citizen is aware that many other people from all over the world are trying to come in the legal way, and others who were born in America and have been living there for decades – now adults (DACA) – he or she then realizes there are two other groups more worthy of his or her empathy than those in the Caravan. From there – some Americans see the person arriving legally as a citizen equal to them and more equal than the DACA and more equal yet to those who sneak over the border.
The persons coming over the border illegally are ruining the game – running naked in the middle of the Super Bowl – breaking the natural rhythm of the operation of the country including society.
So who has interviewed someone who has applied to come to the United States – or who has asked an anonymous DACA candidate – their impressions on border security. Can the news handle this honestly?
How is it possible then in the midst of these efforts that President Trump ‘end ups’ with (47%) “Yes” support in a near tie with “No”?
President Trump’s own GOP Republican Party Team failing him (again).
Of the 53 GOP Senators – 47 of them supported President Trump’s ‘efforts’, while (6) six of them did not.
These GOP Senators:
Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), Susan Collins (Maine), Cory Gardner (Colo.), Johnny Isakson (Ga.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), and (Really?) Mitt Romney (Utah) all moderate Republicans (presumed on the (50% +) side of the political spectrum) –
And find themselves completely offside with constituents – by likely (10%-30%) and higher.
If, after witnessing the behavior of Congress for so many years Donald Trump doesn’t believe he has an emergency (on that basis theoretical basis alone), and reviewing all of the reasons he sought the presidency – I mean why did he bother get into politics in the first place, wasn’t it to clean up the Swamp?
–and after reviewing the historical record of ‘Washington’ Elected Officials misfeasance on (NOT) solving sensible border security – the President does not believe the cumulative historical total is not an emergency…what difference does the best polling in the World – the best political judge ‘proffer’?
The discernable number of people from ‘Trump’s side’(Republicans) already lighting their hair on fire at the prospect of President Trump bringing the military to build the southern wall –(a ‘Forest Gumpian’ decision if there ever was one) – and doing so - in unison with media and mainstream polling, may be as much of a national emergency as Congress alone has become, as the Democrats efforts to keep Trump from border security that all Americans want (despite what you might hear) – the symbolism alone – is more important to America than it is to Trump’s personal gratification – at this point in time – American Voters know this –
you have to lead, and only the President appears to be doing so - based on what appears to those of us (not too busy counting receipts) – a smart and successful 2016 platform pledge-
in light of the real emergency on the southern border which exists and Washington’s failure to (ever) deal with it – at least as the word ‘emergency’ may be construed considered or measured from the Legislation – and compared to President Obama’s own emergency declaration relating to Swine Flu emergency.
To wit: I believe the President continues to be gamed by Institutional forces including (people wearing the same Team uniform as he)-- as he was prior to winning in 2016, and was once again when he had control of both Chambers of Congress (and as he remains now). (Statement Res Judicata previous equivalent impressions cited by GPR)……
America works – as researchers have been telling me – the death rates and murders around the world at all times – and the relative peace of a country of 340,000,000 people nearly double the economy of its nearest rival (China) – but this simple negotiation does not work – it is simply taking too long.
I believe on balance President Trump has a duty now to construct the wall no matter. If he doesn’t, the malfeasance argument spills onto him.
The military constructing a Wall –with TV Show documenting it, including interviews with border agents, people in the affected areas, capturing the events, the drugs stopped by police etc - whilst reviewing the topography of the southern border will be fascinating to many viewers.
Last I heard there were 400 miles of border requiring a barrier or fence (“30 feet not two feet”).
Plenty of excellent Border Wall Television.
So how much to get it done is what American wants to know? How much of the 400 miles of barrier occurs in which States? How did US President Donald Trump perform in those counties where the barrier is required?
I would find that very interesting.
I cannot see how NO to every proposal from the President will be looked upon as acting in good faith in the public interest, which is the anchor point whereby citizens overall control the actions of elected officials under more general law universally accepted at the highest courts aka the public interest.
The question isn’t whether border security is an emergency or not, the question is whether Trump invoking laws giving him to clear avenues of authority to go it alone.
I would say at this point – does border security rise to public interest in the first place? (Pretty clear evidence it does) Does it rise to extraordinary public interest – meaning would it be at or near the top of any list of issues that are top of public interest and likely have been over an extended period of time? (Pretty clear evidence). Lastly are there specific events that bear out a unique set of circumstances that would make building the wall barrier and fence more necessary? (Caravans – ambiguity of U.S. message).
I take the contrary position and believe the President’s overall support is higher and hardening – and that he benefitted modestly but did not lose (at all) over the January battle.
These percentages suggest to me that the debate will be won or lost nearer the middle of the political spectrum and to that point, I believe the President’s current negotiating position to be better than when this ‘debate’ over border security and funds for the Wall began-and that if President Trump either got his money from Pelosi or declared an emergency – any serious response against either outcome would be next to nil, lest it be manufactured.
This is ‘kind of’ where America is right now with the border security in my opinion and wall barrier fence issue as this relates to perceptions about mainstream media coverage.
Swine Flu Emergency Declaration: President Obama October 24, 2009 as described by New York Times:
“President Obama declared (sic) the swine flu outbreak a national emergency.”
“The declaration came as thousands of people lined up in cities across the country to receive vaccinations, as federal officials acknowledged that their ambitious vaccination had gotten off to a slow start.”
“Only 16 million doses of the vaccine were available – some states (sic) requested 10 times the amount they have been allotted.”
The (sic) Swine Flu virus has killed 1,000 Americans and hospitalized over 20,000.”
“The emergency declaration, has to do only with hospital treatment, not the vaccine.”
“Government officials emphasized that Mr. Obama’s declaration was largely an administrative move that did not signify any unanticipated worsening of the outbreak of the flu.”
“This is not a response to any new developments”.
“Mr. Obama’s declaration was necessary to empower Kathleen Sebelius the secretary of Health and Human Services to issue waivers that allow hospitals in danger of being overwhelmed…to execute disaster…plans..including transferring patients off-site.”
“The department required (sic) the separate presidential declaration…to waive federal laws protecting privacy and to ensure they were not discriminated against on their source of payment for care.”
It is worth noting that 72,000 people die every year in the United States from drug overdoses. This cannot all be blamed on the southern border – but a goodly sum can be.
In the Swine Flu circumstance the Obama administration fouled up and created the ground of the emergency – it is thus not an authentic occurrence as the border wall is. An authentic occurrence involving national security and health and welfare issues must be seen to be more the emergency in weighing of the two.
The response that some espouse regarding a unilateral decision of the President, entirely his to make, fearing a go it alone decision might provide precedent to future Democrat governments is a little lame when you really think about it?
It is also worth noting that the Obama Administration declared the emergency within language calling it an administrative decision which give linkage to the actual two legal provisions providing President Trump’s unilateral authority to fund the Wall and use military either through legal provisions of emergency or legal provisions more benign but providing equivalent authority nonetheless ,
There are two primary pieces of evidence why Donald Trump Republicans attracts more support than the Clinton Gabbard Team (2020). The first is that in the (0-50%) categories the Undecided/No Opinion average is (16%), while the (50%-100%) categories feature an Undecided/No Opinion average of (5.5%).
The second is that Trump Pence Republican (2020) takes (2.89%) support from (0%-50%) categories while Clinton & Gabbard only 8/10ths of one percent from (50%-100%).
Average age per category is interesting: The highest support for Secretary Clinton & Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard @(84%) occurs at category (20%-30%) age 42. The highest support for Trump Pence @ (96%) occurs at (80%-90%) age 32.. The lowest support for Gabbard & Clinton occurs at (0%-10%) @ (72%) age 26.
The average age of Trump and Pence is early 60’s (male), while Clinton Gabbard is 50’s (female).
The young Trumpalites say: “Generation Z will be the most conservative generation in a century…their rebellion against the mainstream/their parents will be hardcore conservatism….like the hippies in the 60’s but Puritan.” Another – from the 27 year olds: “Another Victorian Europe for modern times is on its way.”
“Orthodox Jewish commentators suggesting Democratic Jews use ante Semitism as cover for other objectives.”
You don’t hear that kind of talk in the mainstream, it occurs on licensed radio – and other legitimate forums – the left different but no different – it’s a different conservation. It likely occupies (15%) of Voters at either end.
Fully realized of all reasonably allocated Undecided/No Opinion I would assess Secretary Hillary Clinton & Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat 2020 @ (47.24%) and President Donald Trump Vice President Pence @ (49.47%).
Deficiencies: Analysis relies on information circa 2016 (and in some instances prior to that) and will not identify young people who are not eligible to vote, but were not eligible in 2016.
I am pleased to estimate MOEstimate at (1.25%) if 2016 (2017) (2018) were today.

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