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RSR ROBBINS - Most Accurate Pollster in the World - 2020 Trump/Pence versus Biden/Gabbard - PLUS All along the Border Wall - you heard me - Wall.
  Jan 20, 2019

Question #1
Baseline (2016) American Voter:
Hillary Clinton, Democrat    52 %
Donald Trump, Republican    48 %
Question #2
Which political ticket (both real and imagined) would you support for President & Vice President of the United States if an election were held today and this was The Ticket to the 2020 Election? (California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, New Hampshire outcomes).
Trump (New York), Pence (Indiana), Republican    53.72 %
Biden (Delaware), Gabbard (Hawaii), Democrat    47.11 %
Question #3
Which political ticket both real and imagined would you support for President & Vice President of the United States in an election were held today? (California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, New Hampshire) (Adjusted to National score from 2016).
Trump (New York), Pence (Indiana), Republican    55.12 %
Biden (Delaware), Gabbard (Hawaii), Democrat    45.36 %
Question #4
(How do you respond to this statement): I trust mainstream and cable news covering US Politics(?)
Yes/Agree    36 %
No/Disagree    48 %
Question #5
Which of the following response choices (as negotiating positions) related to the Southern Wall and Border Security, and impasse relating to funding of wall and reopening government best suits you right now?
$25 Billion for a Wall, DACA “Dreamers” relief from fear of deportation, open up government    32 %
$5 Billion for a Wall, open up government..Keep it simple    22 %
$2.5 Billion for a Wall, I’ll meet you part way    21 %
$25 Billion for a Wall finish it    15 %
Not one dollar for a Wall, or fence or any type of barrier    11 %
Score between Trump/Pence, Republican and Biden/Gabbard might have been closer but ((I believe) Pelosi has hurt his chances in California where I have him within (2%) of Donald Trump.
Last week ORourke/Harris revealed a (7%) bulge for ORourke/Harris: Trump Pence/Republican-50.9% O’Rourke/Harris/Democrat-48.1% Undecided/Other @ (6%), shown as Decided – California highest Undecided (12%) – concern for O’Rourke Harris despite higher support than Trump in State of California.
I believe Nancy Pelosi may have been using the negotiations with White House to shore up her own base popularity in order to cement her position in Congress,
and to cause harm to Biden which I believe has occurred. Biden will need California – and I am unsure he can win it – remember, California is up earlier on the Democratic primary docket this year.
Fox News {two days} ago stated Trump was up to {50%) support from Latino/Hispanic a bump in support from 2016. I have that support at (53%), bearing in mind I have historically reflected Latino/Hispanic support at mid to high (40’s), whilst the Mainstreet & Cable News have placed it in low (40’s) or worse.
Fox News Polls have reflected slightly lower support for Trump than I have historically.
– my position being that he has never been lower than his election totals and is now he and VP Pence and the White House have a good thing going on at better than (50%) support.
If we ascribe an {8%} increase in National support for Trump among Latinos since 2016 Elections, than an additional {1%-) would move Trump closer to (48%}.
I have (28%) African American support for Trump with (42%) of overall African American support – adjusted to question 3 at (14%) (but no adjustment for national election turnout) wanting a Wall at $25 Billion. This means of the total of the total of one third of respondents wanting $25 Billion and DACA (19%) were African American – /which “if true”/ – would add another (3%) to the Trump/Pence locomotive National totals – or just less than (51%).
My average of Decided Caucasians and raw total for Caucasians shows Trump/Pence at (61%) brings Trump numbers from 2016 to subtotal of (52.15%) (inclusive of African American, Latino/Hispanic, Caucasian). After adding Asian support at (56%) – this further stacks the Trump/Pence advantage to (54%) support Nationally.
(Keep it on the down low Mike (?) – but see if an early deal on Champagne can’t be reached with Dom).
Biden needs the African American support at (80%) Democrat – to even consider winning. Michelle Obama was lurking around that percentage but always below it.
Suburban women are asking what is Nancy Pelosi doing? What is her problem. Cher said it 1st – she is going on tour – and all the women I know are going to her concert. If true – isn’t this then science?
Biden cannot exist with these numbers. He has two choices now: Either blow up the whole Democratic Mainstream Cable sham and announce he is running on Fox, or slide awwwwayyy from this obvious accident in progress’.
Kamela Harris’s (Democratic Senator California) base one week ago was least generous to Trump (in the minority) on border money, but she is NOW in my opinion the de facto leader from California – -, and she has to move now – on 2020 or Trump Pence will moonwalk up Mainstreet America in 2020.
I believe Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have been completely outfoxed by President Trump and Mike Pence, or is Nancy holding the party for Hillary?
Trump and Republicans wanted $25 Billion – for a Wall – a year ago – it is well disseminated and well understood by American Voters (to a quasi deterministic sense of things) that Republicans shot themselves in the foot over this when they controlled both sides of Congress.
Pelosi now has Trump at $7.3 Billion (with $5.7 Billion) related to the Wall. She has 3 years of relief for DACA.
At this point – good Conservatives go silent – can we all do this?
Pelosi should take the money and the heat. After all – she will have negotiated an $18 Billion reduction toward the Wall – now that’s some horse trading. $18 Billion isn’t nothing.
‘The entire place is aflame Madame Speaker – with only one way out’. ‘Well no thank you Mr. Biden’ that is you in the fireman’s outfit isn’t it Joe’?
Americans are willing to give more money for a border Wall than Donald Trump is asking for- about $15 Billion. In my Quick Acidic Ratio – Pelosi takes the deal and saves at least $7 Billion on the Wall. From my perspective that is a 50/50 bargain.
Well done.
There is condition attached – easily supported by American Voters. Neither Donald Trump/Mike Pence need adhere to any backroom or base – they easily have Americans on board.
(This is a lesson in dealing with otherwise intelligent people who are not able to see the forest for the trees. President Trump stepped out of his comfort zone throughout this negotiating period with partial government shutdown – while few to none of the Democrats – could be found).
--From ‘Goin South’ with Jack Nicholson & Mary Steenbergen – “poultry’s just another name for saying chicken.”--
By doing so – Donald Trump extended (imposed) himself on the other side of the aisle and the rookies didn’t see the velvet hammer coming (Walk softly and carry a big stick).
Donald Trump is Teddy Roosevelt 100 years later – a few atoms changing hither and yon.
Brilliant, like a beautiful painting or scenic landscape (in my humble opinion).
But wait – if Pelosi takes the deal offered by President Trump he and Republicans will have been snookered by Pelosi – she would be accepting far less money than was available to Republicans a year ago – when they were a little less certain of their love for President Trump (some dry cleaners were refusing to clean their suits and dresses).
Politically she would be dead however, though she may well be in any event of the foregoing.
All of the response choices offered refer to a Wall (no fence, barrier linguistics) – (no negotiating on that here). Trend is not going in Pelosi’s direction at all.
In the 4/5 {80%} of response choices money ($$) is referenced in conjunction with “a Wall”. Support in these four attracts (89%) across both parties.
RSR Ranking support (56%) for money of some type from response choices (that average < $15 Billion).
$25 Billion for a Wall with or without condition is offered in 2/5 response choices {40%} and attracts (47%) or RSR Ranking support of (59%).
$5 Billion, $2.5 Billion (no other condition) {40%} response choice attracts (43%), a (54%) RSR Ranking, while NO money for a wall (Speaker Pelosi’s position) receives a (27.5%) RSR ranking support.
Mainstream press and cable credibility is sinking like a stone among 2016 American Voters. (My personal suggestion would be “incompetent”, a more legally emphatic assessment).
This RSR Poll is offered at (1.5%) percent Margin of Error.

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