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Glen P. Robbins Top Twelve Democrats -Dems and Independents- likely to beat Donald Trump in 2020/$$$ for Barrier-Fence aka Wall and DACA deal
  Jan 04, 2019

Question #1
Likelihood to defeat Trump in 2020 (total of %s over 100%).
Former U.S. Vice President under Bill Clinton, nearly President (2000), well known environmentalist Al Gore    31.71 %
Former First Lady, Author, Lawyer Michelle Obama    31.10 %
Former U.S. Vice President under Barack Obama, former Senator Joe Biden    26.22 %
Well known celebrity, author, actor, talk show host, businesswoman, producer, philanthropist Oprah Winfrey    21.23 %
Runner up to Hillary Clinton in Democratic competition for nomination US President 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders    16.47 %
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo    15.12 %
Daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, former news correspondent with Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative Chelsea Clinton    14.02 %
Senator from Massachusetts Consumer Advocate Elizabeth Warren    10.37 %
Former Florida mayor Democratic nominee for Florida Governor Andrew Gillum    6.67 %
Former New York mayor Billionaire news owner, author-philanthropist Michael Bloomberg    6.34 %
California Senator, Lawyer Kamala Harris    6.20 %
U.S. Congresswoman Hawaii and running mate with Bernie Sanders-- Tulsi Gabbard, served in US fighting forces    2.44 %
Question #2
Support plan of action on U.S. Border Security (Southern border with Mexico) calling for $5 Billion per year for each of next 5 years, or $25 Billion, to construct where appropriate and necessary (based on assessment from professionals responsible for border security) barriers, fencing aka a Wall, as well as other method where best applied for ensuring better border security in exchange for former undocumented children now undocumented adults (DACA) who have been living in the United States for many years inclusive of paying taxes and living for years in the same community given legal authority to stay in the United States?
Yes    49.11 %
No    30.14 %
Question 2
Highest Yes Michael Bloomberg (61.21%) versus No (24.31%). Lowest Yes Kamala Harris (28.58%), No (62.37%) (Adjusted Harris). 2nd highest Yes Tulsi Gabbard (59.21%) v (34.21%) No. Bernie Sanders was 3rd highest at (58.10%) Yes.
Al Gore Yes (52.78%), Michelle Obama Yes (50.01%), Joe Biden Yes (49.88%), Oprah Winfrey Yes (53.44%), Andrew Cuomo Yes (32.97%), Chelsea Clinton Yes (41.27%), Elizabeth Warren Yes (38.22%), Andrew Gillum Yes (53.62%).
Joe Bidens Yes (49.88%) equivalent to overall outcome, No is (30.64%) however.
Respondents are current Democratic Party supporters (81.18%), Independents (18.45%) who say they voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Recent polling - response choices NOT all offered together in one offering. Margin of Error/Estimate 1.5% up or down.

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