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Official Survey of the Province of British Columbia (RSR ROBBINS), Confusion and Chaos at BC Legislature, ‘Alberta Pipeline’ (‘AP’) (Adjusted) -Blame for Housing Affordability – (Nanaimo provincial by election called for end of Jan 2019).
  Jan 03, 2019

Question #1
Voted in provincial general election for (2017):
(John Horgan) BC New Democrats    40 %
(Christy Clark) BC Liberals    40 %
Andrew Weaver, BC Green    17 %
Question #2
Leader and Party supporting now (Decided including “None of these 3 choices” (adjusted)):
John Horgan – BC New Democrat    34.45 %
Andrew Wilkinson – BC Liberal    27.75 %
Andrew Weaver – BC Green    17.08 %
None of these 3 choices    12.48 %
(Undecided/All Other)    7.63 %
Question #3
(Leader and Party up to (96%)) Best Efforts Prediction if BC Election ‘Today’
John Horgan, BC New Democrats    39.84 %
Andrew Wilkinson, BC Liberals    35.42 %
Andrew Weaver, BC Greens    19.49 %
Question #4
From these 3 response choices reflecting main political parties in the Legislature – which do you blame the most for the disruptions and general confusion about the operation and function of the BC Legislature occurring in the months of November and December 2018 and as yet unresolved and unexplained?
BC New Democrats    12 %
BC Liberals    8 %
BC Greens    1 %
I blame all elected persons at BC Legislature from BC NDP, BC Liberal and BC Green    47 %
Not paying Attention at all    14 %
Undecided/Other    17 %
Question #5
Do you support the expansion of existing pipelines of pipeline for crude oil from Edmonton Alberta to Vancouver’s coast for sale primarily to China and Asia and not the United States?
Yes    30 %
No    41 %
Question #6
Which of the following response choices – represents who you ultimately blame for real estate and housing affordability problems in British Columbia?
BC Liberal Government under Christy Clark    42.33 %
BC NDP Government under John Horgan    11.68 %
BC NDP – BC Green coalition government    18.55 %
Crooked Asian investors, Fraud and Money Laundering in BC Casinos, Poor Financial Regulation, general Province of BC corruption – crooked lawyers – crooked government/name it likely crooked    20.56 %
No one is to blame – all market forces    6.85 %
2% Margin of Error/Estimate - recent RSR Poll
(Decided Score (%)) (not adjusted for (best efforts gender)- BC New Democrats: South Vancouver Island (Victoria and region) (43%), Mid Vancouver Island (Nanaimo, Duncan Chemainus) Parksville (37%), Vancouver City, Richmond City, Delta, North Shore (Vancouver) (37%), City of Burnaby (40%), City of Surrey/New Westminster (40%), Fraser Valley Nicola Valley includes Tri-City, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, Langley City – Hope to Merritt) (35%), Okanagan and Kamloops (31%), PG Central Interior plus Kootenay (34%).
(43%), (37%), (37%), (40%) (40%), (35%), (31%), (34%). BC Liberals in same order of region as above: (26%), (29%), (33%), (32%), (30%), (36%), (40%), (37%). BC Greens: (23%), (26%), (18%), (17%), (18%), (15%), (14%), (16%).
In Victoria South Vancouver Island, BC Greens are down – while BC NDP and BC Liberal remain about the same as in 2017 provincial general.
In Mid Island, (see Nanaimo by election) BC Green is the only party with higher support than 2017 vote (increase of (10%) from 2017 BC Green totals).
In Vancouver City, Richmond, Delta & North Shore BC New Democrats are down (20%) from 2017 averages across this (mostly) - BC Liberals are down (12%), while BC Greens are up (20%).
In Burnaby City, BC NDP is down (20%) from 2017 totals, while BC Liberals are down (10%) and BC Greens are up (30%) from 2017 totals.
In City of Surrey/New Westminster BC NDP is down (20%) from 2017 totals, BC Liberals are down (25%), while BC Greens are up (40%).
In Fraser Valley including Tri Cities, Langley, Langley City, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, & Merritt – BC NDP are up (20%), BC Liberals are down (25%) while BC Greens are up (5%).
In Okanagan – Kamloops BC NDP is up (10%) from 2017, BC Liberals are down (25%), while BC Green is up (17%).
In combined North Central and Southeast “Kootenay” region BC NDP is down (15%), BC Liberal is down (25%), BC Green is up (30%).
BC NDP rounded 1,900 ‘Support’, 1,680 BC Liberals, 930 BC Greens.

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