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'Colonel' Glen P. Robbins presents: U.S. President Donald Trump-+ his guests: Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Socialist, Libertarian, Green, Independent, U.S. troops from Syria, Trump as commander in chief-China-Canadian hostage taking.
From American Voter 2016 - The Changing of American Trump Presidency 2016-2024  Dec 28, 2018

Question #1
Baseline American Voter 2016 Baseline for Poll
Hillary Clinton (Democrat)    48 %
Donald Trump (Republican)    47 %
Question #2
Which party name – label –identification best describes you at this point in time in US Politics? (Highest to lowest – rotated response choices- right left – Independent always last in recital) (adjusted from Q#1).
Republican    26.36 %
Democrat    24.22 %
Conservative    21.44 %
Socialist    12.61 %
Independent    8.53 %
Green    4.12 %
Libertarian    .99 %
All Undecided    6 %
Question #3
If you were a candidate in an election would you prefer voters “approved” of, or “supported” you?
Support    52 %
Approve    29 %
Question #4
Support for withdrawal of estimated 3,000 U.S. military persons from Middle East conflict with Syria?
Yes    54 %
No    33 %
Question #5
Does the U.S. President have the Constitutional right to bring troops home from Syria – following defeat of ISIS or at any other time?
Yes    75 %
No    11 %
Question #6
Do you support U.S. President Donald Trump as commander in chief of the United States?
Yes    63 %
No    28 %
Question #7
(Entertainment Question) Support for U.S. President Donald Trump (generally) - would you SUPPORT him in 2020 if the Election were ‘magically’ held today?
Yes    50 %
No    40 %
Question #8
A Chinese Chief Financial Officer was arrested in Vancouver Canada December 1, 2018 – on behalf of the U.S. Government, in relation to assertions that this Chinese company had obtained huge bank loans on the basis of false declaration concerning important Iran sanctions. This CFO was given a bail hearing and is under house arrest in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Do you approve or disapprove of China detaining 3 Canadians without notice of wrongdoing or fair hearing?
Approve    6 %
Disapprove    61 %
It is Canada's business with China    21 %
The methodology used in this RSR ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Survey (poll is random) - is intended to 1st identify Random (R) from baseline question (#2), following adjusted baseline question (#1).
(R) Is identified by dividing 100% by 7, (the number of responses choices of [better known] political party parties, labels, etc., offered in the question) (not including “Undecided-Other name-label-ID), and to compare those outcomes with outcomes involving both Republican and Democrat labels from RSR ROBBINS Polls conducted November 15, 2018 and December 17, 2018 where 3 response choices are used and where the only other respondent in those two polls was “Independent”.
In those two earlier RSR Polls, Republicans were seen as (4%) ahead of Democrats in support – with Independent the 3rd response choice in each.
In this RSR Poll (94.94%) of respondents selected a brand-label-ID. (Undecided may be slightly higher than the difference from 100%-(94.94%)).
Of these, (26.36%) selected Republican brand, (24.22%) Democrat. Of ‘polling’ total of American Voters who supported Hillary Clinton, Democrat in 2016 (47.32%) support Democrat brand in this RSR Poll. Of those that supported Donald Trump, Republican in 2016 (52.68%) support Republican brand currently.
Rather stunning isn’t it given Democrats want to run a couple of dozen candidates for 2020 – (good luck with that hey I have an idea – give Donald Trump a similar format for selecting our candidate that decimated all other Republican candidates opposing Trump in 2016).
Trump ‘disapprovers’ by anecdote didn’t think he would make it through 2017 – then did not believe he would make it through 2018 and particularly would never make it through Mid Terms – with much smaller diminishing anecdote suggesting now that he won’t make it through to 2020.
Now there are people in news reporting in mainstream news U.S. – who have fomented the likelihood of President Trump being thrown from office in months.
This poll, the fact that 2019 will feature Senate hearings for new Attorney General and Secretary of Defense – for the United States while Maxine Waters screams impeach 45 – and the daisy chain of new victims for Trump’s machine gun tweets – suggests to me that Donald Trump will be unstoppable in 2020.
The two main party brands Democrat and Republican attract (50.79%) of all response choices.
U.S. President Donald Trump average (93.02%) of Republican, Conservative and Libertarian support in this RSR POLL. He also attracts (60%) of Independents. After modest adjustment for overstating baseline Trump Republican American Voter % in baseline 1 question – and adding back Independent support I DECLARE President Trump support at (50.61%) among all American Voters 2016.
Where discovered in anecdote herein, “approve” appears better connected to a member of a party voting for leader of a party etc., while “support” is better connected to voters in a general election (NB Mainstream Pollsters use “approve” including in last day to Mid Terms 2018 and U.S. Presidential 2016. Republicans “support”/”approve” (48%/32%), Democrats (45%/39%), Conservative (61%/23%), Socialist (75%/23%), Libertarian (56%/24%), Greens (48%/41%), Independents (71%/26%).
(Sixty four percent) Decided American Voters say “Yes” to withdrawal of U.S. Military personnel from Syria, a number. “Support” as follows: Republicans (42%), Democrats (47%), Conservatives (67%), Socialist (82%), Libertarian (72%), Green (93%), Independent (52%). Look at ‘lower’ “No” response.
Ordinarily, American Voters in my polls may be presumed to rather talk about anal fissures than the Middle East.
Saudi Arabia’s murder of journalist Khashoggi – coupled with Israel Prime Minister and SuperHawk Benj Netanyahu asserting Israel can manage security in the region (its good will trade ties with China now negotiating with Trump USA) the belief that Trump has been successful with Isis makes this surprise Christmas announcement (Pentagon didn’t know) a winner with American Voters 2016.
A clear majority of American Voter(s) 2016 understand it is the President’s decision as commander in chief to make decisions regarding withdrawal of troops from regions of conflict, and underscores the swift unequivocal power of the Office.
The succession of questions beginning with one regarding the withdrawal of troops, the next one affirming the authority of the President of the United States, and the ‘3rd’ revealing support for U.S. President Donald Trump as commander in chief of the United States reveals not only the extraordinary power of US President but also provokes what I believe is an honest assessment by American Voters that U.S. Trump is grade A on International matters.
I personally believe that the Mid Term outcome was the best last gasp of Democrats ‘to get’ Trump. (Too much money with no great return on investment – a bluff in perpetuity).
Best now for the Democrats, Socialists, Greens to get on with the real politik of the situation than carry on with phony news war against Trump.
Exhibit in support would be data on turnout for U.S. Presidential Elections among all demographics of Race & Ethnicity. This 3rd party data of Voting Outcomes over many Elections stipulates without doubt that Visible Minorities do no turnout and vote to the same extent as Caucasian voters.
This would mean that data from recent Mid Term votes is anecdote against historical norms based on the high turnout for many African Americans particularly where an African American was the candidate, in regions of the country with high African American voter representation and relentless further public relations in cable news that Democrats have a Blue Wave.
A (wise) betting man would say there is no chance in hell the Democrats and African American contingency of respondents supporting Democrat label in this RSR Poll (29% - double actual population nationwide) can turnout like they did nationwide –iowd’s- repeat it –, and considering the open cheque book of the Democrat candidates during Mid Terms – the fact that California’s elections distort overall percentages by 6% - and the fact where Trump helped his (Decided) numbers are well over (50%).
AND the overall Democrat [52%] -[Republican [47%] Mid Term Outcome nonetheless --- linked to Democrat promotion of election campaign finance informs me – Democrats currently have next to nothing in response to Trump other than Fake News – invisible (silly) investigations and other that American Voters are sick of.
THAT I Glen P. Robbins do verily believe my polling numbers suggesting Trump is unstoppable – for 2020 and predict nearly two years in advance – a Trump/Pence 2nd Term.
In contrast to my prediction today – CNN and MSNBC believe the President won’t make this spring (2019).
Again, I am certain Trump/Pence (all other matters and things of equal value) will win 2020 – Billion dollar cable news believe his presidency has weeks to months to exist.
Factors plus (Exponential Kavanaugh) has NOW Balkanized the Democratic Party as Hillary Clinton left it.
Moderate and Conservative Democrats who supported Hillary Clinton. The Republican Party includes Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, and Independents with Republicans and Conservatives receiving more response support than the remaining two in this RSR Poll.
Hillary Conservatives support Trump de facto (and in facto). This – the lack of attention to a wide opening Trump gave on the environment – one which innovation believes it will fill faster than carbon taxes – entrepreneurs win, governments lose-makes the Green vote vital for Democrats, but I suggest not easy to earn back.
This suggests to me that dissatisfied Democrats are leaving to either Trump or Green.
Less than one half of existing Democrat vote supports removing troops from Syria with similar numbers to Republican brand on this one, and lower support than Conservatives on the subject.
Conservative support for Donald Trump is much higher for withdrawing troops.
I believe Democrat intransigence on border wall – martyrs Trump in effect with his base – which I believe is now in the 40’s not the 30’s as in many of the fables offered by mainstream pollsters.
Obviously, the Chinese government reacted poorly to the arrest of CFO Officer of huge Chinese multinational which has been linked to fraudulent bank loans. Seven in 10 Decided American Voters Disapprove of China’s actions against 3 innocent Canadian citizens.
RSR ROBBINS Margin of Error/estimate: 2.18% (estimate from 'known quantity' - survey not poll). (I do not believe support for Donald Trump in 2020 is less than (49%) or greater than (53%) etc. GPR

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