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“Christmas 2018 Donald Trump v Michelle Obama (2020) – U.S. v China Free Trade, Border Wall, James Comey – George H.W. Bush’s AG rises—again.”
  Dec 17, 2018

Question #1
In your opinion is a concluded Free Trade Agreement between the United States and China – a positive or negative ‘outcome'?
Positive    61.15 %
Negative    25.93 %
Question #2
Do you support U.S. Donald Trump hiring former (late) President George H.W. Bush’s Attorney General (from the early 1990’s) – to be President Trump’s Attorney General in 2019? (AG Ball’s name left out).
Yes    47.83 %
No    40.77 %
Question #3
At a cost of 1% of total U.S. Military Budget – how Important is national security inclusive of a completed U.S. Border Wall to you?
It is Important    55.59 %
It is not Important    40.01 %
Question #4
Entertainment (Bias) Question – Which of the following 2 political personalities is the greater political villain in your opinion?
U.S. President Trump    27.62 %
Former FBI Director James Comey    50.68 %
Neither Donald Trump nor James Comey are “villains”    15.48 %
Question #5
Entertainment Question -If by Magic the 2020 U.S. President Election were held today – you were determined to vote – and the candidates were Donald Trump (Republican) – Michelle Obama (Democrat) – which candidate would you choose? (Adjusted from data obtained following U.S. States: California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Iowa).
Donald Trump (Republican)    51.14 %
Michelle Obama (Democrat)    41.05 %
Question #6
Which well known political label – brand do you most associate yourself with?
Republican    40 %
Democrat    37 %
Independent    18 %
Other    3 %
Question #7
Entertainment – Given that a Special Prosecutor was assigned to investigate collusion between Russians and Trump campaign – is it fair NOW that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now also be investigated by Special Prosecutor?
Yes    46.64 %
No    29.72 %
GPR-In my previous poll “Glen P. Robbins - United States Poll (National) 'Then Came Nathaniel' Featuring: Trump, Pence, Pelosi, Michelle Obama, Clinton, News, Legislate or Loot/ Muellar” published November 15, 2018 – the Essential Target – Donald Trump (President Trump) {a constant response choice in all of our US polling}, the subsequent Target – was Michelle Obama.
In that poll of American Voters to a relatively even portrayal of left and right {and so on}-First Lady Melania Trump received (68%) Decided support among all parties including Republicans, Democrats and Independents.
In that poll <(52%) Decided American voters also supported U.S. Vice President Mike Pence.
(85%) of Decided American Voters (avec high Undecided) are of the opinion ‘Democratic Party should be making legislation to help move American forward – > (15%) Decided who said Democratic Party should be making trouble for the President.
In that poll (38%) Decided American Voters believed Nancy Pelosi deserved to be Speaker.
(22%) believed Muellar Investigation Important AND where (30%) of American Voters supported Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and (27%) of Decided Voters supported Hillary Clinton -run for U.S. President (2020).
*(A Fox News poll showed continued support for Mueller {52%}).
In that poll (34%) of American Voters supported former First Lady Michelle Obama run for President 2020.
(51.45%) of Decided American Voters currently support U.S. President Donald Trump (@ Nov. 15, 2018).
In that RSR ROBBINS (1998) poll American Voters (68%) of Decided Voters (circa 2016 origin) supported the response choice “Mainstream Cable Political News – part of the problem in America”.
That was the picture as I saw it at November 15, 2018. That poll was intended as my U.S. National Polling Prediction ®.
This Christmas poll of American Voters (2016) attempts to take a closer look at Michelle Obama receiving modest but noteworthy attention for her book tour – if sales mean something – looks like a winner. Why not?
Conducted through the news period where discontent Democrats backed off removing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker – followed by a (smart) meeting with the President and Vice President in the White House – relating to Border Wall and government shut down.
This show of ‘balance’ perhaps (less of linguistics than basic television optics) among – the four leaders – three establishment politicians (then add in President Trump who has invented a new classification) has quieted the far left influence.
Michelle Obama holds up well against Donald Trump.
(The ‘establishment’ is thus in charge – Donald Trump may want nothing to do with the Swamp – but this is U.S. Politics and everyone gets a little swampy where gators gather).
In my Question 2 “Nathaniel U.S. Poll of November 15, 2018” I asked how American Voters self identified with response choices provided before response – (36%) said “Republican”, (33%) said “Democrat”, (31%) said “Independent” – while (7%) were Undecided and for any reason did not produce a response.
In this Donald J. Trump v Michelle Obama (2020) poll this is how American Voters see themselves:
Which well known political label – brand do you most associate yourself with?
Republican-40% Democrat-37% Independent-18% Other-3%
Republican/Democrat American Voters have increased their self identity (in context) (as) Republicans by (11%), Democrats have increased (12.3%) relative to own baseline (Nathaniel US poll of Nov 15, 2018), while Independents have DECREASED (42%), “Other” a similar response choice to the Nathaniel US poll of November 15, 2018 “Undecided/Can’t Answer etc.---” DECREASED by (52%).
In State of Iowa President Trump support is currently running ahead of his 2016 finish here @ [51%] – NOW (57%). (Raw data saw Trump Nov. 2016 score {204} – rise to 228). In New Hampshire Trump baseline 2016 [42%] NOW (46%).
Pennsylvania - Trump @ (57%) Caucasian, (23%) African American.
In New York State Trump baseline (2016) {33%} – NOW (40%) including (52%) Caucasian & (19%) African American. Florida Trump baseline (2016) {49%} NOW (51%) – Texas (2016) {52%} – NOW (55%), California 2016 {31%} – NOW (41%).
In Iowa former 1st Lady Michelle Obama (-3%) from [2016]{crushed by Trump}.
-however– New Hampshire (even with Trump).
Michelle Obama down (4%) to (43%) from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 [47%] in Pennsylvania – (37%) Caucasian (73%) African American.
In New York Michelle Obama is down (5%) to (54%) from 2016 {59%} – In Florida Clinton [48%-2016] – Michelle Obama (36%) down (12%}.
In Texas Clinton 2016 [43%] – Michelle Obama (41%). In California Michelle Obama drops (15%) to (47%) from {2016) where Clinton achieved (62%).
In Pennsylvania where a sell off Republican stock occurred @ Mid Term (without Trump on the ticket)–support for Donald Trump et al has ticked up. Specifically (57%) Caucasian, (23%) African American, (42%) Latino-Hispanic-any mix of races not Asian or Aboriginal-41% - Trump 2016 baseline [48%] – now.
Question 1 of this RSR ROBBINS (1998) Poll – Donald Trump v Michelle Obama (2020) asks American Voters about the Chinese trade agreement.
Is a concluded Free Trade Agreement between the United States and China – a positive or negative outcome in your opinion? (Rounded)
Positive-61% Negative-26%
(53%) of Decided American Voters support the ‘unnamed’ former Attorney General of (the late) President George H.W. Bush as Attorney General for Donald J. Trump.
Nearly 6/10 Decided American Voters are willing to spend 1% of Military Budget for national security presented as including a concluded Border Wall.
My 1st Entertainment Question (Question #4 in poll) (note also Trump v Obama is also designated as Entertainment Question – use of word(s) in question like “magical” to bring 2020 to now – is unscientific), –has (28%) of American Voters casting President Trump as Political villain while better than one in two give that role to former FBI Director James Comey. One in six do not see either of the two men as Villains.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – in my estimation has general generic support – at (25%) – between 4 and 5 out of 10 American Voters are not satisfied that nothing relating to origins of Mueller Special Prosecution – has provided proof of connection between Russia and Trump – and don’t believe the Hillary Clinton’s role in nefarious goings on was ever properly dealt with.
Clinton’s ‘enemy’ is Comey – not Trump.
Jeff Flake’s ‘enemy’ is Comey – not Trump. Marco Rubio – Mitt Romney’s ‘enemy’ is Comey- not Trump.
A completed Border Wall within the envelope of National Security – and within context of $900 Billion Military Budget – Border Wall fares well for Trump. ‘He owns the road’ on this.
RSR ROBBINS (1998) “The Most Accurate Public Opinion Pollster in the World” (We predict Presidents)- Proclaims this “Christmas 2018 Donald Trump v Michelle Obama (2020) – U.S. v China Free Trade, Border Wall, James Comey – George H.W. Bush’s AG rises—again.”
Conducted research – Week (or so) preceding – Margin of Error (not Random) estimated at 2%. I do not believe President Trump’s approval is less than (50%) and further believe it to be higher than that. Average of other mainstream polls for Trump support (46%). I expect to see Senate Investigation into Mainstream Media – particularly non compliance with FCC and Federal Campaign laws commencing sometime concurrent with China Free Trade Negotiations.
GPR 12/17/2018 11:19 PST.

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