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Surrey Mayor & Council - RCMP; New GM Electronic and Autonomous Vehicles Plant in Surrey BC, Surrey says NO to Trudeau Media Subsidies/Surrey split on carbon taxes.
  Dec 05, 2018

Question #1
(Push) Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum promised -(during the recent Surrey City Election)- to terminate the RCMP in Surrey, and to replace them with a ‘Made in Surrey BC City Police Force’ ---and VOILA – on the first day of the job he and his council colleagues kept that promise putting RCMP on legal notice – it’s over in Surrey for you – ‘a bientot’ (good bye). (“Fun with French – caused a few repeats – “bien”). Do you respect and admire Mayor Doug McCallum -and Surrey city council for keeping their election promise to replace the RCMP with Made in Surrey BC City Police Force?
Yes    60 %
No    31 %
Question #2
(Push) General Motors is shutting down auto manufacturing plants in Oshawa Ontario – saying it wants to move from producing petroleum automobiles to electric and autonomous ones. BC Premier John Horgan recently cut a $40 Billion deal involving Liquefied Natural Gas – in Northwest British Columbia . This massive economic deal involved tax concessions in the Billions of Dollars to a Malaysian company, in a very competitive market, and he and political partner Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver just introduced a plan to make BC all in on electronic and autonomous vehicles in the coming decade or two. Would you support BC Premier John Horgan offering General Motors One Billion Dollar in tax concessions like he has Malaysia - including opening up Offices on the Agricultural Land Reserve or make other accommodation in order to bring General Motors electric and autonomous car production to Surrey, British Columbia?
Yes    58 %
No    34 %
Question #3
(Push) Prime Minister Trudeau and Government of Canada – pay $1 Billion per year to CBC – and now his government is intent on giving Media – including for profit newspapers, radio – television – inclusive of non profits of related employees, friends and associates $600 million more. Which response BEST reflects your impression of these massive subsidies to Canadian Media also earning Billions of Dollars from advertising revenue.
I don't like it    78 %
I like it    21 %
Question #4
Do you support a carbon tax on gasoline and other petroleum products in British Columbia?
Yes    44 %
No    42 %
Question #5
(Push) Which response BEST reflects why Canadian Prime Ministers enjoy giving Media and related pollsters, lobby and pundits Billions of Canadian Tax Dollars in free money?
(Push) They want to ‘buy off’ the press for favourable coverage    65 %
(p)They want to promote journalism in BC and Canada    17 %
Question #6
Which project is MOST important to you?
(Push) Bringing General Motors Electric and Autonomous Car Production Plant to Surrey British Columbia including high paying jobs    55 %
Ensuring Canada’s Trans Mountain pipeline is built    14 %
Doug McCallum and Surrey City Council have the admiration of nearly 2/3 Decided Provincial Election Voters (2017) keeping their Election promise to oust the RCMP during vote of recent council. (Any time – any politician has approval in the sixties on any issue (RCMP ‘support’ down (20%) – Trump your cap to them).
A ROBBINS 9/10 BIG WIN -on the Trumpeteer Scale (TS) of keeping Election Promises. Isn’t Surrey BC (part of 2,500,000 lower mainland population base (phenomenal little league (Whalley in Surrey, BC)), and all of Surrey baseball simply the perfect place for a new General Motors electronic and autonomous car plant? What Chevy Volt Stadium - ??
BC isn’t squeezed like traditional car producers in Ontario –NOW in a Ted Nugent type “Stranglehold” – with Trump Tariffs on Aluminum and Steel hanging over it’s head – following Secretary of Commerce advising U.S. President Trump – that he ought to raise these tariffs on national security basis (it was advice of Cabinet not some outlandish prank as described by mainstream press (vertigo and reason).
BC could take the Tariff hit no matter and create circumstances whereby GM could reinvent itself to Green –Independent vehicles – in a jurisdiction (B.C.) already ‘legally regimented’ to initiate this GM – Environmental/Autonomous Vehicle Plant in Surrey, British Columbia.
(This and the 60% decided support for a major league baseball team in Surrey, BC – short drive from Seattle - /makes Surrey – ROBBINS Target (last poll Target Michelle Obama)), who contrary to some opinion pieces is not bored about trade.
The citizens residing and voting in Surrey BC - are eager to see real high paying jobs coming to their City in the form of environmentally friendly cars – British Columbia the only truly Green Province in Canada (Ontario bless its soul waves it hand in the general direction of the environment (waves briskly to the Queen) – too institutionally embroiled.
– Quebec – less sure than BC now, on where its sits on the environment – wants to protect it –some want oil – Alberta – Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario loading their carbon tax weapons-French got the weapons – lots of change – evolution really.
‘Where the hell did BC get to’ asks former Football player and Ontario Premier Doug (is in the building) Ford (big charisma on tele-) to other Premiers including Alberta NDP Premier Rachel Notley who, confronted with a provincial election – as Freddie Mercury says “Under Pressure” - on Oil and Gas/Trans Mountain pipeline – lit fuse with purchase of railcars in furtherance of the 10 fold increase in railcar transport – despite knowing its higher incidence to catastrophe – and some of that danger runs right through Surrey – BC.
I could successfully promote a Surrey City v Calgary ‘streetfight’.
The political winds in Quebec have turned a chilly nationalist – which may foster promotion of Quebec self interest in all facets of political life including most particularly commerce.
BC Premier John Horgan appears to be “the Greenest Conservative in BC history” – and it also appears to be on the way to working out – but there is much distance for him to travel – for the length of time as Premier – one would normally hope for in the circumstance.
If Premier John Horgan is willing to give Malaysia Billions in Tax Credits – why not a few more bucks for GM to open up In Surrey, British Columbia?
Prime Minister Trudeau’s plan to give for profit and their pals another $600 million in fraternal aid to corporate media in Canada is not well received in Surrey, British Columbia. The response pick of ‘buying off Media for favourable coverage’ – is easily gobbled up – by respondents, who, also suggest they “don’t like” the massive Media subsidy handout from Trudeau’s Liberal government in ‘companion question’.
The carbon tax debate is split in Surrey BC – with neither side within sight of 50% support—and the General Motors Electronic and Autonomous Car Production Plant in Surrey, BC attracting 4 times ‘support’ as response choice “Ensuring Canada’s Trans Mountain pipeline is built” in our final Question.
(Ironically, International business experts are calling “Data” the new oil and gas). Surrey Mayor McCallum would be certain to tell you that good intel from data – is worth its weight in Gold.
British Columbians do not support subsidy to Media and friends lurking in non profits – which the public believes should be above such patronage –
and also believes there isn’t sufficient benefit to them - from Media
as there would be with many big dollar jobs right smack dab in the middle of the Greater Vancouver -and Abbotsford airport right next door – and NHL Hockey coming to Seattle (I would call them the NHL Team The “Seattle Coasters” – I thought of the 60’s musicians first ironically – then the obvious “Coast”).
The subsidized General Motors electronic and autonomous automobile concept is far more popular in Surrey BC than Canada’s Trans Mountain pipeline– with anecdote suggesting many Surrey Voters aren’t buying the jobs aspect Canada’s Trans Mountain is promoting.
To be fair the GM electronic and autonomous automobile concept – targets Surrey specifically – (but also includes a subsidy (for a known not paying (defaulter??)) for that automobile producer.
How would another federal subsidy to mainstream Media in Canada – (“for profit” and “(related) non profit”) – like the GM subsidy – go over as federal handout to Alberta for (“It” has no doubt) [arguably] getting screwed over by Trudeau government - they feel is fleeing the guaranteed loss of most lower mainland seats – including in Surrey, British Columbia – BC’s Golden Political Egg-implicated in a big way in the upcoming 2019 Federal General Election.
The first row of dominoes to fall – an expression of likely loss (at least) of majority government for Trudeau Liberals. With organizer/fund raiser extra ordinary politician People’s Party and Maxime Bernier – in the Mix – votes for other parties are certain to be further squeezed tighter and tighter – like a Stranglehold. A host of songbirds in harmonious complaint.
Who will acquire more votes in that Federal Election? Jagmeet Singh (NDP Leader) or Justin Trudeau – Trudeau may be willing to pull out any and all stops to keep charismatic Singh from entering the House of Commons ring – through the vacant Burnaby seat – right next door to (Guess Who?) - Surrey BC.
Means Trudeau is scared here. Ontario will become gong show in Federal Election – (see Gangs of New York). Some roughhousing might sexy Ontario up a bit – could use it. What if Bernier explodes in Quebec?
I see the colours Orange, Yellow and Green splashed everywhere in the lower mainland and creeping up higher and higher in Surrey – BC. Where is the Red colour? Where is the Blue colour?
(The Surrey Bleach Blonde Concept (SBBC) is gone now - forever).
It matters to Voters that Politicians they Elect - keep their promises – U.S. President Trump made that happen for people everywhere – Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum got the message and Surrey voters say “formidable”).
Recent interviews – Margin of Error 2.09%. GPR 12/5/2018

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