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Canadian 'Values', Maxime Bernier's 'Extreme Multiculturalism', Pay Equity
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Question #1
When you hear a Canadian Member of Parliament or other Elected Official speak about “Canadian Values” (“CV”), which of the following response choices BEST reflects how you interpret that elected person’s intended message?
(a) The Official is speaking about generally understood values – known to most Canadians    35 %
(b) The Values of the Elected Official(s) belong to them, not to me    46 %
(c) I don’t interpret Political Values as much of anything    19 %
(d) (Undecided/Can’t Answer)    7 %
Question #2
CBC writer John Paul Tasker wrote an article August 13, 2018 about Maxime Bernier, former Quebec Conservative Member of Parliament, and now Leader of NEW People’s Party of Canada – who accused Prime Minister Trudeau of engaging in “extreme multiculturalism”, emphasizing the value of diversity over other important matters and issues. Do you agree with Maxime Bernier’s criticism of Justin Trudeau on multiculturalism?
Yes    63 %
No    26 %
Question #3
Which public policy approach relating to pay equity BEST reflects your view or what you personally believe to be more fair and equitable?
(a) I support equal pay for work of equal value    32 %
(b) I support equal pay for the same or similar work    52 %
Q1-Highest response choice (a) Alberta (39%), 2nd highest Manitoba/Ontario (36%), lowest (a) British Columbia (21%).
Highest response choice (b) Quebec (57%), 2nd BC (56%), lowest option (b) Saskatchewan (41%).
Q2-Highest “Yes” Saskatchewan (76%), 2nd Quebec and Alberta (71%). Lowest “Yes” Manitoba (50%), 2nd lowest BC (54%). Highest “No” BC (38%), 2nd Manitoba (36%). Lowest “No” Alberta (12%), Quebec (15%).
Q3-Highest (a) Quebec (43%, 2nd BC (41%). Lowest (a) Saskatchewan (21%), 2nd Manitoba (23%). Highest (b) Alberta (60%), 2nd Manitoba (55%). Lowest (b) Quebec (44%), 2nd BC (48%).
Last week - 2.5% Margin of Estimate/Error

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