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RSR ROBBINS - Glen P. Robbins - Are You For or Against President Trump, Republican, Democrat, Independent, who is to blame for discontent?
  Oct 28, 2018

Question #1
Which political party or political type from these better known response choices do you consider best reflects how you see what the United States most needs at this time? (Shown to Decided (100%)).
Republican    42 %
Democrat    39 %
Independent    19 %
(Undecided/All Other)    5 %
Question #2
(Push) Are you “more FOR” or “more AGAINST” your President – Donald J. Trump?
More For    54 %
More Against    42 %
Question #3
Who is ‘more to blame’ for so called split in American political culture – and upheaval – discontent?
U.S. President Donald Trump/Republicans    28 %
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton/Democrats    37 %
U.S. Cable Political News – Corporate News Media generally    33 %
(Ninety seven percent) of those who choose “Republican” in Question 1 are “More For” (their) President – Donald J. Trump as do (53%) of “Independent(s)”.
Seven percent of respondents who chose “Democrat” are ‘More For’ President-Donald J. Trump.
Question 1 provides 3 response choices (other than being “Undecided/All Other”) or Random @ (33.333%). Question 2 provides only 2 “For” or “Against” against a (100%) target subject – President Trump with Random (50/50).
Relative to transitioning random @ (33.333%)from Question 1 to compare with Question 2 {@ (50%)}, we calculate baseline 33.333% as 33.333% is to 100% and 50% is to “X” where 33.333% is equivalent to 50%.
Transitioning from Question 1 to Question 2 using Random response choices “Republican” & “Democrat” or (63%) for “Republican” & (59%) for “Democrat”.
As to “Democrat” and “Republican” we have a % total of (122%) (Not possible). Calculated to reconcile at (100%) with “Republican(s) (51.6%) and “Democrat(s)” at (48.4%).
It is necessary then to distill the “Republican” and both “Democrat” transitioned totals from the fact that (24%) of American Voters 2016 did not choose either party (opted instead for “Independent” or “Undecided”). Simply (and crudely) put- Republicans’ achieve (76%) multiplied by (51.6%) or (39%) for Republicans and (37%) for Democrats.
If we total only the (39%) and (37%) back to 100% for purposes of predicting potential vote outcomes we have Republicans at (51%) to Democrat (49%).
I suggest President Trump @ (54%) or (55%) high total “For”. With (46%) “Against”.
My traditional ‘asset test’ for purposes of speculating Vote Outcome is take Leader at (25%) and Party @ (75%). In this calculation President Trump would be (54%) x [25%] OR (13.5%) and Republican (51%) and (75%) or (38%) with combined total (51%).
But this is Donald Trump –
my preferred calculation is Trump/Republicans (50/50) or President Trump (27%) and Republicans (26%) or (53%).
So…Trump and Republicans (51% to 53%) or (52%) average.
The Democrats have no leader (I assert the elephant in the room finessed by partisan media {genital politics} for 2 years now).
I would assess Democrat at (49%) and (48%) (-remaining following Trump/Republican calculation…suppositions).
Using (my percentages) I see Trump/Republicans (3.5%) ahead of No Leader/Democrats.
This poll compared to ‘Others’ published at “Real Politics 2018” {Mainstream Polling Outcomes}.
For purposes of comparison of my polls’ use of “For” and “Against” - - as compared to Mainstream Polling using “Approve” and “Disapprove” (in terms of President Trump).
“For” (Preposition – usually following a noun) (from Merriam Webster) “indicates the place someone or something is going to or toward” “used to indicate the person or thing (ED: a noun is a person place or thing). “Used as a function word to indicate (an) intended goal”.
“Against” (preposition) “in opposition to” – “AS A BASIS OF DISAPPROVAL”.
“Approve” (verb-action word): “to have or express a favorable opinion of”; Disapprove “to pass un judgment of”.
There is a growing trend of a noteworthy basis points of Voters - culture of Americans who in the past have seen Donald Trump ‘the man’ (unfavorably) who are setting that personal judgment aside and seeing his skill as an administrator – in keeping the peace – and keeping promises – on the economy against what they see as an unnecessary and negative campaign by Democrats – leading many on the fence to deduce that Trump gets the economy and Democrats (and many Republicans) do not.
To wit: Trump the business mind is bringing some more 2016 ‘American Voters’ over to his flock.
I believe President Trump’s support has in fact been steadily growing over the past 2 years – particularly the last 8 months, contrary to all other polling, not going forward and backward – depending on whether mainstream polling and associated means of production in the news has had enough of his tweets.
I assert that heading to Mid Terms in about one week + – prepositions “For” or “Against” better define where American Voters are going at or about October 25 and 26, 2018 –
“approve” and “disapprove” appear passé and do not NOW properly capture the full picture of American Voters in Motion – heading to polls.
My RSR ROBBINS ‘poll’ (private survey of 2016 “American Voters” (President) actually)- suggests opposite outcomes for National USA Voters ™ - - than do mainstream polls provided by Real Politics – a website of many mainstream polls. The President of the website/company is often seen on Cable News.
My numbers indicate President Trump & Trump Republicans are in fact ahead of Democrats and not behind as the mainstream (inclusive of Rasmussen (Bush Republican pollster)) would suggest.
This places my poll in a similar Rogue position as I was in 2004 when former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (Democrat) was running to become President versus “W”– in 2008 - mainstream saw Kerry out in front – ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) said – I don’t think so – the Texas Tornado “W” leads (and wins).
This places my poll in a similar Rogue position as I was in February 2008 – publishing a poll conducted to determine who was most popular in that Democratic race to be the nominee. I paid a lot of money (a country boy with 6 brothers and sisters - born in a manger above a large farm)..
for a poll suggesting Barack Obama was ahead of Hillary Clinton by (4%).
The mainstream polling had Barack Obama in 2nd behind Secretary Clinton – by {12%-20%}.
Watched CNN over (70%) of the time back then for analysis – what the hell happened?
‘Cracker Fool’ is what the boys in my FightClub called me – outcast – (tears here, here and here).
Screams of derision from others – people in Canada – pretty much controlled by Clinton proxy media and polling – on the cusp of racism in their sentiment of animus toward Obama then – -.
Why did Barack Obama get himself caught in the middle of the Clinton Democrat hysteria? (Researcher Note: One third of female have degree of hysteria/anxiety, better than 1 in 4 male – degree of hysteria/anxiety – one third of each of those two groups uses their hysteria/anxiety to manipulate and control – see better scientific research).
What’s the point to that? ---first – I believe Hillary Clinton obtained as high a percentage as any female could have achieved (48%) – factoring basis points of bias in voter psychology – secondly – this bias owing to hysteria stereotypes, supported in part by science, when applied over the body politic and considered in conjunction with the Kavanaugh (spectacle media abortion) hearings for U.S. Supreme Court – she failed knowing her Strategic Calling Environments – but Kelly Conway and then candidate Trump did not fail.
NOW an overwhelming majority of men from all ethnic backgrounds – nominally (at least) doubting the competence of women leaders over men—evidence of nearly (70%) Caucasian males in the Southern States (largest % of population when Texas and Florida are included) heading Trumpward ™.
(More political bomb(z)bbbs were caused by Feinstein – Democrats – from Kavanaugh and I have no problem piling on media suggestions oft (at Fox News particularly) – that the Kavanaugh hearings may be the Democrats undoing).
This places my poll in a similar position as I was when mainstream press said the late Senator John McCain was in last place in the race for the Republican nomination for President (2008) – without as much as a pot to pee in – yet my Robbins Sce (Strategic Calling Environments) Research (1998) rogue poll showed him on top of the field.
After the mainstream media got my knack – ‘It’ rained money for Presidential candidate McCain thereafter.
I correctly picked Obama over McCain – long before the final vote was cast in 2008 (though I had become fond of them both). (ED: Rod Stewart Mandolin Wind start here).
This places my poll in a similar position as I was when – after the 2nd Presidential Election debate – just weeks before that 2012 Election – when mainstream bumped Governor Romney (Republican) over Barack Obama – my polls (rogue again) indicated Obama was running ahead and closing the deal with voters.
My ROBBINS Sce Research poll -as dead on as Liberty Valance when Duke Wayne shot him (see Gene Pitney) as a function of Election Outcome was an estimated 125,000 of 130 million +.
Unrivalled well disseminated accuracy. Means of production and Billions can’t get it – too blinded by the ad cycle. Polling is supposed to be above news media – like a Prince was once long ago to a scribe.
Like the Royal Family is to U Gov--. You get it.
The 2008 and 2012 polls in context should have put me in the Smithsonian Institute. (They were well disseminated). No mind. Remain a humble Modern “Prince”.
This places my poll in a similar position as I was when – everyone – his dog – relatives abroad believed Hillary Clinton would win – and in that process (then) Republican candidate Donald Trump would be trounced in the process BECAUSE – ALTHOUGH BOTH HE AND HER WERE BOTH UNPOPULAR – HE WAS MORESO.
Really – was he?
I polled President Donald Trump to numbers within basis points of what he achieved in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election – and although Ms. Clinton’s popular vote was marginally higher- she was crushed in the College (a sure sign of being beaten (efficiency of get out of the vote) –
and have continued over the past two years either just under (50%) or just over it.
(ED: Mrs. Clinton’s nails on chalk board communications approach (the late comedian Sam Kinison screaming help me dear Jesus) to assuage her hurt ego following the election – and books and more aggressive commentary about the President (and not likely productive) methodology – likely set free at least (12%) of her 2016 Vote support – for good) – and gives the appearance more of a woman who didn’t get what she wanted in a divorce and sets up to make her ex husband miserable to compensate).
If true, where do Democrats make up this loss owing to a constant hysterical message/ – when mainstream polls show Joe Biden at (33%) support among Democrats – the balance of (%’s) sufficiently balkanized through other Dem response choices to reinforce the thump of this poll – no leader for Dems)?
The mainstream has polled President Donald Trump over the same period as I, at high (30’s %), low (40’s %) to mid (40’s %) – now averaging about (46%) (Decided) just over a week prior to Mid Terms.
Many billions of dollars have been spent on media over this period!
From Friday October 26, 2018 Rasmussen has President Trump (Decided) ‘approval’ @ less than {48%} and Disapproval (Decided) {52%}, nearly exactly inverted to my own polling numbers suggested here.
I have President Trump’s “For” numbers (9%) higher than (more recent) NPR/PBS/Marist polls. Using my methodology in combining President Trump’s “For” percentage and my Republican % versus NPR/PBS/Marist – I have President Trump/Republicans (8.5%) above NPR/PBS/Marist.
The Real Politics 2018 website shows mainstream average of what it has coined polling average reflecting Democrats nearly (8%) ahead of Republicans.
Lastly, of the 3 options for blame – for trouble in body politic – all Institutions save President Trump (the Swamp continues to negotiate with Trump for a compromise) attract blame – no one sits the Question out. Between Hillary Clinton/Democrats – Media 7/10 blame – they continue to scream at Trump dressed up of late in full reasoning and presidential outfit – (and his numbers are rising as a result).
Trump’s own Institutional Media of the President – created by him – has added capacity to the Bully Pulpit aspect of the job – uncontrolled by Institution(Swamp).
I continue to hold for President Trump Republicans better results in Mid Term than conventional wisdom which itself holds for Democrats – with my position based primarily on the fact that many Americans in the Middle are sick of Democratic antics – no merit just racket (see hysteria/anxiety).
I place my Margin of Error Estimate at 1.5%. (Last 2 days) -
GPR 10/28/2018.

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