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RSR ROBBINS - Nationalism v Globalism, and once again - How is the U.S. Economy doing?
  Oct 24, 2018

Question #1
Which of the following response choices BETTER reflects your current world view and priorities?
“Nationalism”- described online at Wikipedia as “a political, social and economic system characterized by the promotion of the interests of a particular nation especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining sovereignty over (‘the United States’) (sic)    56 %
“Globalism” – described by Google Dictionary as “the operation or planning of economic and foreign policy on a global basis (‘of cooperation’) (sic)”    27 %
Undecided/Can't Answer/Won't Answer etc.    17 %
Question #2
How would you (currently) assess the U.S. Economy?
The U.S. Economy is fabulous and will continue to hum along nicely    61 %
I am cautiously optimistic about the U.S. Economy    17 %
The U.S Economy is unstable, unsustainable and unfair to too many Americans    22 %
Question 1 reveals “Nationalism” (at least as portrayed) (more benign), as occupying a conspicuous majority of Americans as a “BETTER” reflection of their current world view and priorities (more stretchy than tight) with “Globalism” (again) as described – just better than one in four world view (but quite solid).
Globalists used to be Republicans (and Democrats) now they appear to be mostly Democrats – (at least by Officious Bystander legal standard).
Question 2 shows (78%) of Americans very or cautiously positive about the Economy. The Globalists fit in well with “The U.S. Economy is unstable, unsustainable and unfair to too many Americans” – occupying (72%) of that category along with a mixed bag of “Undecided” et al, and a sprinkling of “Nationalists” hither and yon in that minority (barely discernible) composition.
In previous poll of 5 response choices Economy comes up first at (30%) - Simple Random @ [20%] therefore – would score (under my method) Economy @ (75%). Even if I misappropriate fairness and average the (30%) with the (75%) – I get (52.5%).
“Nationalism” at least I suspect as an approach to designing a successful economy and drives the response choice “U.S. Economy is fabulous”.
Wealth is an exciting driver to many Americans even if it means ‘a little more wealthy’. $300-400 per month in some pockets – (and I believe inextricably perceived to be linked to President Trump) is not chump change to a family.
It is (and will remain) a very attractive draw.
“Globalism” – does not have near the strength and power as “Nationalism” at this time. This suggests the opinions of other countries about America’s direction – are not meaningful to Americans.
Simply put, Americans easily prefer their own opinion of their countries values and principles over the opinions from other countries. More simply put- I believe U.S. President Trump has a new base of hard core supporters – with a fraction of those who (may) (say) (some days) they don’t like Trump – {because of all of the bad things they were saying and thinking about him previously to friends or on a date}.
– but now realize he is better than competent to do the job of President - that is both their interest and the countries interest.
If this is how nationalism is articulated by ‘its promoters’ including promoter in chief Donald Trump--- against the contrary news files of swastikas and Klan members – certain to clutter many news broadcasts—to conflate and confuse - the actual main street and coffee shop opinions in America - then it will assist Trump and Republicans do push their candidates over the finish lines in tight races.
(Money Talks Bullshit Walks in America –Today).
Globalism numbers are lower than average – and trending downward.
Both Bill and Hillary Clinton are modern archetypes of well known Globalists. In their capacity as Globalists – they would attract this type of support – good for business perhaps, but not the political business.
Lastly, attacks on the armor of economic nationalism including as a contrary response to the “promotion” of safe borders/freedom for America/compassion of nation of immigrants – will not bear juicy fruit so long as economic numbers and stock market performance look positive particularly in the midst of rising rates, and the United States is promoted as firm but (not cruel at borders) and as fair as possible. (*GPR).
Some attention to other countries particularly in Europe – and then South America, Central America – Mexico –southern border – economies of South America – review of high level of meritorious applicants (applicants with high education in South America) during George W. Bush era (pay off with high integration of Caucasian and Latino Hispanic demographics) – makes the selling of nationalism a good platform for the President – so long as it is properly and wonderfully adorned – flowers over scaffolds.
Most Recent - (1.75%) Moestimate.

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