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RSR ROBBINS - British Columbians respond to Questions on Horgan-Trudeau $40 Billion LNG Project
Blowin in the Wind.  Oct 20, 2018

Question #1
According to the Financial Post from Malaysia Chinese and Korean companies are hooking up with Royal Dutch Shell and other companies to produce a $40 Billion LNG Project for Northern British Columbia creating thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in other economic opportunities. On the face of this – do you support this deal?
Yes    57 %
No    24 %
Question #2
According to International pollster and researcher Glen P. Robbins, the $40 Billion Project will be subsidized by British Columbians' relating to preferential tax credits offered to the LNG Project to the tune of at least $5 Billion. Do you support this LNG Project knowing this?
Yes    48 %
No    28 %
Question #3
According to conservative environmentalists – the controversial Site C Dam – at a total cost of $14 Billion to BC tax payers, will be used to provide free energy to the Asian companies – British Columbia LNG project – paid for by BC Hydro rate payers. Do you support this LNG Project knowing this?
Yes    39 %
No    40 %
From Question 1 to Question 3 support for Justin Trudeau and John Horgan’s $40 Billion LNG Project for Kitimat loses (30%) of original support following the introduction of a tax credit subsidy and possibility of further subsidy by BC rate payers. “No” increases (60%) through the same process.
This huge drop in support will be tested by Andrew Weaver – given Premier Horgan’s promise of no increases to Hydro – on the back of phony promises on MSP (and other confusion experienced by BC Voters through Marijuana legalization – already being hailed as a complete flop).
Andrew Weaver has a huge opportunity here – but communication and distraction could balkanize his message –and if it fails against a project that is generally popular – then he could hurt his chances spinning his wheels and flailing about --.
If BC Voters all had these questions in their mind including subsidies – and the issue got a lot of air time and publicity he could be looking at (25%) to (30%) support as the NDP and BC Liberal supporters are easily brought down from the initial ‘high’.
At Question 1 Horgan/NDP are (68%) “Yes” and (21%) “No”. Wilkinson/BC Liberal are (78%) “Yes” and (11%) “No”. Weaver/Green “Yes” (17%) and (40%) “No”. At Question 2 Horgan/NDP are (53%) “Yes” and (29%) “No”. Wilkinson/BC Liberal are (67%) “Yes” while Andrew Weaver/Green rises to (74%) “No”. At Question 3 Horgan/NDP are (44%) “Yes” and (38%) “No”. Wilkinson/BCLiberal are (57%) “Yes” (37%) “No”. Andrew Weaver/Green “Yes” (3%) and “No” (82%). At Question 1 Horgan/NDP highest “Yes” {Prince George – North} (78%), highest “No” Vancouver City and Kootenay region (31%). Question 2 brings South Vancouver Island from (76%) “Yes” to (54%). Question 1 Wilkinson/BC Liberal highest “Yes” {Prince George-North} (91%) – highest “Yes” at Question 2 (Prince George – North, Richmond City (82%).
What appears at Question 1 to be a major winner for BC Premier Horgan and his partner Justin Trudeau in the $40 Billion LNG Project begins to fade when the subsidy issue is raised in Question 2. If the public is made to believe that there is real possibility that they might be subsidizing the LNG Project for the benefit of Asian companies (with most Trans Mountain pipeline crude oil being shipped to China) – then all bets are off on support for the project.
Last two weeks - 10,125 British Columbian Voters (General Provincial) (2017) with Horgan BC New Democrats (41%), Wilkinson BC Liberal (33%), Weaver BC Greens (21%). Undecided at (11%). MOE measured against Vote (2017)-(.98%).

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