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RSR ROBBINS Glen P. Robbins - City of Surrey: BC leader/part support, Fed leader/party support, Major League Baseball in Surrey, Skytrain-LRT, RCMP or Surrey City Poll, McCallum v Gill,should BC NDP Sol Gen Mike Farnworth recuse himself in Casino/sub prim
  Oct 02, 2018

Question #1
City of Surrey (no White Rock) baseline (adjusted) 2017 BC Provincial Election. Who did you support? (Adjusted to est baseline)
(John Horgan) BC New Democrats    48 %
(Christy Clark) BC Liberals    40 %
(Andrew Weaver) BC Greens    11 %
Other    2 %
Question #2
Which BC Provincial Leader and Party do you support currently? (To 100%)
John Horgan, BC New Democrats    52 %
Andrew Wilkinson, BC Liberals    32 %
Andrew Weaver, BC Green    14 %
Other leader & party    3 %
(Undecided/Can’t Answer)    3 %
Question #3
Which Federal Leader and Party do you support currently? (To 100%)
Justin Trudeau Federal Liberal Party    40 %
Jagmeet Singh/Federal New Democratic Party    28 %
Andrew Scheer/Federal Conservative Party    26 %
Maxime Bernier and People’s Party of Canada    5 %
Elizabeth May/Federal Green Party    2 %
(Undecided/Can’t Answer)    11 %
Question #4
(Push) Surrey British Columbia has a great baseball and softball history with many community organizations and tournaments enriching the City. Whalley Little League produces some of the best young baseball players in the World and has done for decades. Major League Baseball – which includes Toronto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners is interested in a major league team for Vancouver – which does not have an appropriate stadium, requiring a new one to be built. Would you support a new major league baseball franchise for Canada located in new development in Surrey British Columbia? (Presented to 100%)
Yes    55 %
No    34 %
Indifferent to Issue    11 %
(Undecided/All Other)    21 %
Question #5
Do you prefer above grade Skytrain or at grade Light Rapid Transit? (Grossed up to near Decided)
Above Grade Skytrain    46 %
At grade (road) level Light Rapid Transit    35 %
Indifferent to Issue    16 %
(Undecided/All Other)    14 %
Question #6
Surrey currently has the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as its police force. The RCMP is legally answerable to the Federal Government and Provincial government (under contract). A Surrey City Police Force would be answerable to the mayor and city council as it is in the City of Vancouver. Which do you prefer? (Presented as net Total)
Continue with RCMP    34 %
New Surrey City Police Force    46 %
Indifferent to Issue    6 %
(Undecided/All Other)    14 %
Question #7
Port Coquitlam BC New Democrat Mike Farnworth is BC’s Solicitor General – the Top Cop in the Province of BC. This means that any further Reviews or Inquiries relating to already discovered money laundering, sub prime and criminal mortgage broker lending, and participating of BC Law Society members in filing illegal mortgage registrations – all linked to BC Casinos and BC Real Estate announced by BCAG David Eby – will touch upon the Solicitor General’s Office. In the late 1990’s when BC NDP was in government Mike Farnworth was Minister for Casino’s and approved a dubious casino licence which ultimately led to criminal charges being laid against then BC Premier Glen Clarke, later acquitted. Should Mike Farnworth be forced by Premier Horgan to excuse himself from duties as Solicitor General when it involves reviews and police investigations, reviews and inquiries of anything related to Casinos? (Grossed to 100%)
Yes    62 %
No    32 %
Indifferent to Issue    6 %
(Undecided/All Other)    6 %
Fresh - "Voters" senior elections - MOE 2.5%

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