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RSR ROBBINS - U.S. Poll - Maine State USA - Trump v Kerry, Confidence in Economy- Ford (et al) v Kavanaugh, MeToo Movement
  Sep 24, 2018

Question #1
For which candidate for President did you vote in 2016? (Adjusted & Rounded)
Clinton, Democrat    48 %
Trump, Republican    45 %
Johnson, Libertarian    5 %
Question #2
If an election were held for President of the United States which of the following candidates would you support?
U.S President Trump, Republican    51 %
Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Democrat    42 %
Question #3
Do you have confidence in the U.S. Economy?
Yes    72 %
No    24 %
Undecided/All Other    4 %
Question #4
Are you more Republican or Democrat?
Republican    45 %
Democrat    45 %
Question #5
At this juncture of the process of confirmation for Judge Kavanaugh (male) to the U.S. Supreme Court and allegations against him of sexual assault 36 years ago by Lawyer Ford (female) – which of the following response choices BEST reflects your current impression of the most likely ‘truth of the matter’?
Judge Kavanaugh (male) is telling the truth    32 %
Lawyer Ford (female) is telling the truth    20 %
They are likely both lying    21 %
Lawyer Ford claims are exaggerated by media    17 %
Judge Kavanaugh is not being fully transparent    6 %
Question #6
Which response choice best reflects your impression of accusations of sexual assault accounts that are decades old?
They should be believed as if the event occurred yesterday    17 %
We must be wary of the complaint until evidence is in    31 %
In America, a person is innocent until proven guilty    47 %
In America, a person accused of sexual assault is guilty until proven innocent    5 %
Question #7
The American MeToo Movement is a movement against sexual assault and sexual exploitation of women not only in America but around the World. No reasonable person would deny the object of the movement – to eradicate violence and sexual assault of women. How important is this movement to you personally in terms of the amount of attention you give to it – day to day?
Very Important    21 %
Somewhat Important    26 %
Not Very Important    38 %
Undecided/All Other    14 %
Question #8
If you were on a jury to confirm or deny Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court and had to vote today on what you knew, believed you know, or your instincts, feelings and general impressions of this important issue – which way would you vote?
To affirm Judge Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court    48 %
To reject Judge Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court    24 %
Seek a continuance of proceedings until more information is available    12 %
Undecided/All Other    14 %
Trump has Bush 2004 Election support as current ‘Voter (2016) support’ at (51%) (net) and (55%) Decided support versus former US Secretary of State and close call finisher to GW Bush In the 2004 US presidential race.
Some Libertarians and Democrats from 2016 are now supporting Trump in 2018 in the State of Maine, U.S.A.
Trump thumps former Secretary of State John Kerry. (RSR has Trump beating all well known Democrats: Sanders, Clinton, Biden – (even) Obama (last few months).
I am wondering if the Kavanaugh resistance is more about Democratic concerns about mid terms—is there really a blue wave coming?
To be fair – this poll better reflects what Voters in American 2016 think of the situation now, and may not capture new political sentiment. Where our polls skew in collection is usually to older voter, however the older voter turns out in higher numbers.
I note that President Trump gave very good speeches on television – covered more by Fox News (of the Cable political news). I/We did not research what news (if any) Voters in Maine watch (Cable) – or how they obtain their news generally – so it is likely that a few responses may be based on the information in the question provided.
To be fair – we did influence respondents on issue of sexual assault – (no reasonable person would deny claim) and traded that with ‘day to day’.
This poll captures “Maine Street USA” – the State of Maine. We note that most of the local polling during the 2016 presidential election – scored Donald Trump as Republican nominee at [35%].
Nearly 8/10 respondents are wary of unheard (advertised) allegations-or believe a person is innocent until proven guilty following an expeditious hearing.
Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation is a legal hearing he is as entitled to have his hearing as any complainant is entitled to hers (his).
The MeToo Movement has a hold on some of the American Voter 2016 ‘awareness’ – it simply is not as “Important” as the Economy – American security. My take is that the cause matters – the approach does not ingratiate itself to older Voters including particularly women – more than a few ‘married to a very good man’ who imagine their husbands in Kavanaugh’s shoes – themselves in the Judge’s wife’s shoes – and they sure aren’t pleased with the spectacle they see.
American men generally don’t like claims “by ambush” they view timing in Kavanaugh case – “odd” “suspicious” etc. Among many men and some women too – they are resentful of Ford – the whole anonymous to Feinstein to last minute revelation is other anecdotal ground for dismissing the claim.
The loudest call in support of Kavanaugh are time limits for complaints – this a line of resistance which might shock MeToo – however I believe it may be the Movements Kryptonite.
There are a noteworthy minority of Americans who tend to support unsubstantiated and untested news reports of complaints – with the caveat of wanting to hear complaint tested by examination for credibility or who have a general impression that ‘men are like that’ – occupying that silent space of well it doesn’t sound like rape – no hidden criminal past.
A lot of anecdote wonders why the vetting of a U.S. Supreme Court before the nomination – did not capture the complaints (ED: the sense of Americans that the government can identify anything it wants to anytime it chooses).
This tends to punish Lawyer Ford the complainant – and the in between interlude of so called anonymous possession (In Trust for the Mid Terms) – however some kickback occurs about lawyers, liars, the Swamp and such – which hurts Lawyer Ford and Judge Kavanaugh both equally.
President Trump kept (relatively) reserved and more presidential – through this and it seems to have helped him and Republicans (based on mainstream national ‘generic’ polls with Democrats ahead by {7%}.
State of Maine from closer County races only ending September 23, 2018 – MOE 3% plus/minus. Business Insider ranked Maine's economy 27th in the USA with GDP per capita 10th worst in the country. Bureau of Economic Analysis ranked Maine economy 31st with personal income in 2007 and 2017 ranked 42nd.

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