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RSR ROBBINS - Glen P. Robbins -B.C. Poll/Leader/Party support/BC Speculation Tax/Doug Ford in BC/TransMountain/the Mad Max (Bernier) Factor/Full Inquiry into Money Laundering Sub Prime Mortgage fraud
  Sep 14, 2018

Question #1
Which B.C. Provincial Leader & Party do you currently support from these choices (Decided):
John Horgan & BC New Democrats    42 %
Andrew Wilkinson & BC Liberals    32 %
Andrew Weaver & BC Greens    19 %
Leader/BC Conservative    3 %
(Undecided/All Other)    8 %
Question #2
The BC NDP propose a speculation tax on properties which property owners neither live in nor rent out in the ordinary sense of renting. In light of how your perceive Vancouver/B.C.'s housing and real estate problems, do you approve or disapprove of Finance Ministers' speculation tax?
Approve    49 %
Disapprove    33 %
Indifferent to Issue    8 %
(Undecided/All Other)    10 %
Question #3
Would you support new Legislation in British Columbia decreasing the number of persons sitting on city council like Ontario Premier Doug Ford is doing with the City of Toronto?
Yes    47 %
No    42 %
(Undecided/All Other)    12 %
Question #4
The Federal Court of Canada recently quashed the approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline based on the National Energy Board located in Calgary Alberta - decision to approve and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's decision to go ahead. Would you support an all BC aboriginal (no foreigners) purchase of the entire Trans Mountain pipeline project including all ships and assets for $15 Billion?
Yes    48 %
No    44 %
(Undecided/All Other)    8 %
Question #5
Quebec MP and former Conservative Party leadership candidate 'Mad Max' Bernier - wants to start a new political party in Canada. A Federal Election is upcoming in 2019? Would you seriously consider this new federal party?
Yes    19 %
No    51 %
(Undecided/All Other)    30 %
Question #6
Would you support a Full Scale British Columbia government Inquiry into massive money laundering in BC Real Estate including massive sub prime and fraudulent mortgage registrations?
Yes    53 %
No    31 %
(Undecided/All Other)    16 %
Big winners in this 6 Question RSR random poll of 2,381 respondents throughout higher population centers in the Province of British Columbia.
The Margin of Error disclosed is 2.15%.
Number 1 Success: Full Scale Inquiry into money laundering in real estate (casinos) and sub prime mortgage fraud - and registration in at least 100,000 BC homes - many of these empty and kept off the market (to hold back growing supply).
The BC New Democrats have no choice but to call Inquiry lest they be tarred with the same brush as BC Liberals - considering New Democrats were in Opposition for 16 years and not a peep was heard.
This is one issue which is most likely to blow up NDP hold on power.
Number 2 Success is Carole James Speculation Tax at (55%) Decided (2nd time polled).
The No to Spec Tax are the same people essentially who support BC Liberals (and BC Liberals now supporting BC Greens). I can see how Oak Bay (and longtime New Democrat) Nils Jensen might be self serving enough to believe the BC NDP speculation tax - he and BC Green Leader Andrew Weaver - don't like, might benefit him - if the opposition forced an election over it - in fact, NDP would win majority - but Green could win more seats. Its minority government for BC Liberals on account of speculation tax or proportional representation.
Number 3 is approval of the Doug Ford Ontario Conservative decrease size of city council.
Given that city council is so close to people in the community - why are negatives always so high?
Next highest is (51%) approval of All BC Aboriginal $15 Billion buy out of Trans Mountain - ships and all assets. This is the only way the deal will be accepted in BC. Not Chinese partners - not American partners. The Aboriginal buy solves their entry into big league industry country to country. Success here could only breed a furtherance of beneficial deals.
(45%) of BC Greens support this deal with aboriginals. Many BC Green are Undecided about it. Some presume the aboriginals mean good for the environmental - others think the opposite and some BC Greens against just hate pipelines.
Fifty six percent of BC New Democrats accept the deal also with some Undecided as do (72%) of BC Liberals.
Last - but certainly not least - one in four British Columbians say they will seriously consider Maxime Bernier and his new party (ED: People's Party of Canada).
The Failures in the bargain include: (1) No to Inquiry into real estate/casino money laundering, sub prime mortgage fraud infecting in 100,000 BC residential and commercial properties, AND No to speculation tax - both real estate issue matters - not to hard to figure out the road map here eh?

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